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    Hi I had my surgery through The cosmetic institute in Sydney and they are amazing! My surgeon was Dr Peter Val and he is just terrific I love what he has done for me.
    I am about 6 days post op I was going to go to Thailand but seen advertisements for TCI and couldn't go to Thailand after , there are so many things that could go wrong in Thailand why take the risk when you can get it done here for the same price and in a safer environment and I didn't know that you can't even drink the water over in Thailand so I dont know how clean the hospitals will be. I am so happy with my results Im still in a air bit of pain but that's normal cause I got a bigger implant. I also am in love with Dr Val ha ha ha he was awesome and so professional and very polite and made me feel good about myself and comfortable with him.
    All the staff are lovely and make the whole experience even more settling by being so friendly and talkative. I am very impressed to think that I have had a breast augmentation by an amazing surgeon in an accredited facility in Australia for only $6125. I cannot believe my results they are awesome. I am so grateful to Dr Peter Val for the great job he did on my boobs he he Thank you TCI Im one happy customer and there are so many others! Do not go to Thailand when you could go to the TCI! Best of luck
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    bubbleyumbum got a reaction from jinx369 in Consult & Surgery Booked at TCI with Dr Tang   
    Hi I am booked in with TCI too and having my consult on the 9 december and surgery on the 10th with Dr Val, I can't wait Im after a DD to E size lol I don't want the natural look but I also dont want to be pamela anderson either ha ha Im thinking about getting 550cc to 600cc for a large look I am a small A cup at the moment and breast fed my 3 children Im not saggy because I have always had small breasts but I am a little deflated . I think you should always go bigger then you want because after surgery you'll wish for bigger I have read and watched lots and lots of reviews of ladies who wished they went just that little bit bigger, I don't want to be one of those ladies. thats probably the only advice I could give at the moment as I am in the same boat and need as much help/info and advice as possible. good luck with your surgery:).
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