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  1. I can get the occasional pimple if I use a heavy moisturiser/oil on my chest area. Have you changed products since BA to moisturise your new assets?
  2. I'm a tummy/side sleeper too, so I wasn't looking forward to sleeping on my back during recovery. I'd already done it during 2 pregnancies though, so knew I'd cope It was a bit annoying - I don't find it uncomfortable being on my back, I just find it difficult to fall asleep / stay asleep in that position. I started sleeping on my side again (sometimes end up on my tummy) a few weeks ago and it's been fine I am 8wks post-op now. I have been running again a few times and doesn't feel any different. They shouldn't restrict your lifestyle - I would still play netball, touch footy etc now that I
  3. Thanks ladies ? Gecko - I need to go buy a new sports bra. I just wore an old LJ crop, size S, but I removed the padding! The girls didn't get sore. Don't think they moved, but I have furries lol
  4. Throat felt not so great and I went at the worst possible time (work and school traffic - route takes me past school and crosses highway twice!! Lol), but I did my first jog since BA. 5km in 30mins. Considering I got stopped 4 times and is icky time of month, I think that's not too bad. Feels great to get that first one out of the way. Can only get better from here. Love handles you're on notice - you have to go!!
  5. As the other girls have said, listen to your body. My surgeon said lower body after 3wks and upper body, running, whatever @ 6wks, but to start slowly. At my 10 day check up he advised to wait til 8wks for running just to be on the safe side. I am 7.5wks and went for my first 5km jog this morning - no discomfort whatsoever. My body has felt back to normal since the 5/6wk mark. You will know when you're ready. It's worth waiting an extra couple of weeks in the long run. I was still fairly tired at 9 days post op. I wouldn't do anything too strenuous for the first month. Get outside in the sunsh
  6. I was leaning towards either textured or brazilian during my research. I opted for brazilian because I wanted teardrops and wanted to minimise rotational issues. So far I'm very happy with them, though they are still quite firm (I'm only 6wks post-op and had very little natural breast tissue).
  7. Hi DivaMoo...I haven't been fitted yet. I'm allowed to wear underwire at 6wks, so I guess I could go try on pretty bras now, but I'm trying to be patient for a bit longer - don't want anything digging into my incisions. I bought a Lovable softcup bra at 2wks, but it's tagged a M lol Also tried on one in same brand that looked the same - it was a 10D.
  8. Lol I know what you mean kaytee! My friends are like just get 'em out and I'm like no I'm not ready yet Bet it was an awesome feeling filling out that dress
  9. I'll be 6wks postop tomorrow and feel like they've gotten smaller lately. Not sure if it's just coz I'm used to them now or they're settling into shape more. I know I could have gone bigger but I just remind myself that I never wanted big boobs (though there's some great ones on here!) - I just wanted to feel in proportion and feel good in tops/dresses, which I now do with the added bonus that it's not obvious to my family/friends that I got a boob job!
  10. I had my BA just shy of 4 months after finishing breastfeeding, but was down to just a morning feed for 3-4 weeks prior to that. I'm sure if your milk dried up you would be fine, but I wouldn't want to sign a waiver (I've heard of them doing this before too). My surgeon's office has a 4mth policy, so I guess PIAC just likes to wait a bit longer. An extra $170 in plane fares is worth peace of mind that you'll be covered for post-op care if required.
  11. Not sure about solarium, but exposing your new scar to UV rays definitely won't do it any favours. You can get a spray tan with incisions uncovered once they have healed over properly, otherwise just cover with some tape as the others have said. I got one last week at almost 4wks so it was fine. Maybe just cover them this time to be on the safe side
  12. Looking great BreastsToBe! I actually showed my surgeon one of your dropbox pics right before my surgery. Couldn't remember who the boobies belonged to lol
  13. Hey Ottie, I am 4wks post op today and very happy with my results (will be stoked with them when they soften up). You are a fair bit taller than me, though you've definitely got more of a starting base than I had. Dr Rastogi initially looked at HP 295/335cc for me, but then decided the XHP would be a better projection on me (the equivalent "width" implants in that profile were 360/400cc. We chose 400, but he went with 360 on the day of surgery after remeasuring my BWD. I was scared of being too big, but I love the size. I don't think they look big or fake at all. 420cc sounds like a good size
  14. Hi Taurus, it's a very personal decision and I would think that everyone has at least some doubt/anxiety prior to BA. Before kids, whenever I thought of getting a BA I was just like you...I liked my boobs, just wished they were a cup size bigger and fuller on top. After Bf'ing, well it wasn't much of a decision to make lol they had deflated to nothing! You can definitely still retain your shape and just add volume - make sure you go to a reputable surgeon who has examples of the results you're after. I would book that consult, because it might put an end to the angst - you could walk out t
  15. Hey Ottie, I think Dr Rastogi has done a fantastic job. Feel free to PM me any questions. FR accepted
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