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  1. Congratulations Kinekla! You absolutely deserve to have a happy ending. I'm so incredibly happy for you and I hope it's all smooth sailing from here. Just think how good your new boobs will look in a wedding dress!! x
  2. There are lots of women on here who have had BL in Thailand and have had great results.
  3. I'm sorry to say that doesn't go away! Haha I'm over a year post op and I'm still constantly checking boobs out.
  4. Hi Prue, I'd say its a bit of both. My fiance told me all along that they looked big but I didn't believe him and didnt really see it in the mirror. I haven't gone up in bra size since 5/6 weeks post op when I first got sized but definitely fill it out better and they are softer and sit together better. To me they look much better now. Three weeks was the worst time for me. I was super depressed when the swelling went down and I hadn't fluffed yet. Not sure if we're friends on here but add me if you like. I've got lots of pics on my profile including a few comparisons. The changes over time we
  5. I have one boob that sits more to the front a slightly higher and one that sits lower and out to the side. I was like that before my BA and it hasnt changed. I think i often look like i have more cleavage on one side than the other. I think though, that once we have the surgery we spend so much time staring at them and notice every little thing - I doubt anyone else would even notice!
  6. I was certain for months after my BA that I was going to get a revision and go bigger and couldn't wait until the 12 month mark so I could do it. Now at 15 months post op, I am completely happy with my size and have no desire for a revision until I need one for another reason. I am part of a private fb BA group with other girls who had theirs done at the same time a there are a few of us who have gone through the same feelings.
  7. I got sized at 6 weeks and am the same size now at over a year post op. My boobs just look fuller in the bra now.
  8. I remember having boob greed when you first put pics up after you had yours done and I still think they look amazing..and not too big. The main thing is that you're happy though x
  9. lol Gabby, that was me, but they eventually made it to the op shop! ?
  10. I go bra less at home a lot of the time and ocasionally when I go out. I feel very comfortable and love that I still have boobs even with no bra on! I don't have any pain or discomfort.
  11. Yes, quite a few. Feel free to add me and have a look ☺
  12. I was a 10b pre surgery and am a 10e now at one year post op (and have been that size since week 6). I also don't think they look as big as an E but they are a decent size for 325cc. I'm happy with my size, although it took some time for me to feel that way.
  13. I have Mentor mod + 325cc implants too
  14. I love Playboy bras too. but mostly wear them when I'm going out and want my boobs to stand out! They're not an everyday bra. My fave is a plan underwired bra from BnT.
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