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    BA - Currenty 12B, wanting 12D natural looking full breasts!
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    Dr Tang - 12 Dec 2013, cant wait!
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    166cm / 61kgs/Pre Op 12B
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    Married with 2 Boys
  1. Im 12 December, cant wait!!! So excited. Good luck to everyone xx
  2. Hi, im going to Dr Tang, my consult is 3 Dec and surgery 12 Dec!! So excited!!! good luck with your surgery
  3. Ahhh awesome !!! thank you all so much for your comments and feedback
  4. Hi everyone, I'm having surgery at TCI but I am wondering if the use drains for a BA, if so when do they remove and does it hurt if you remember ???
  5. Hi Russianjewel and Belings 76, I have sent you both FR, looking forward to hearing all about the good stuff. good lucj Belinda and I have not either, russianjewel I hope it continues to go well also. thanks everyone xx
  6. Thanks so much AsianTatas and also Sophieschick. I have sent you both FR
  7. I am booked in with Dr Tang on 12 December and am enjoying hearing about all the positive experiences at TCI and esp with Dr Tang. I am currently a 12b and I think I want a 12D and am thinking mod profile, under the muscle as I want a more natural looking set of girls as I have had 2 children but luckily have very minimal sagging My current stats are Weight - 60 kgs Bust - b cup Height - 165cm I am hoping that people that have had BA are happy to share their experiences, sizes, recommendations and tips with me as I am so excited but nervous about making the right choices too.
  8. My surgery is on 12 December, Im a little worried now we live in Sydney but are heading interstate for Christmas on 20th December to be with family, how the heck and I going to explain needing extra pillows as I am not telling them what I am having done, eeeeeek!!!
  9. I'm booked with Dr Tang on 12th December, booked with him based on a friend using him about 11 months ago and was so happy. Since then it is fantastic to see a all the positive reviews on Dr Tang and all the surgeons at TCI. Good luck and I look forward to hearing about everyone's progress )
  10. I get my new boobies in December, and I really hope it sends my Libido through the roof. I have 2 kids but Hubby is ready for it at all times and I have been feeling it more since loosing most of my weight, i think it is a confidence thing..... Hope it goes sky high once the new toys are all settled
  11. Hi, I am booked in with Dr Tang on 12 Dec and cant wait either, I am wanting a natural looking full D I am currently a B. Feel free to FR me and we can follow each others progress, all the best
  12. Hi ladies, I am very new to this forum but after reading a lot of posts from everyone it sounds like a great place to meet some new people and people that could possibly help me out. I have booked my consult with Dr Tang on Dec 3 and Surgery is booked for Dec 12. I am currently a 12B and am thinking I want to be a 12D, I am lucky enough to have very minimal sagging after having 2 children but am curious to see what people would reccomend as I am wanting natural looking breasts. I am so excited but really nervous at the same time :D:D:D Please feel free to give as much or little
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