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  1. Sasha


    So, I’m a long time fan of this amazing forum. Thanks to a ‘contact’ l found Proffessor Mark Ashton for my perfect boobs 6 years later. (Done at 35yrs old, one child, implant and lift). Now I’m looking to go international to get veneers. Why? It’s kind of a luxury as my teeth are very healthy with no fillings). Can anyone recommend (from experience or research) surgeons in Asia for this procedure?
  2. I’m now ready to get my lower face lift. Proffessor Mark Ashton did my boobs and l can confirm he is the best! Six years later and he gave me the best boobs (implant with lift, l was 35 with one child) ever with follow up care (including and extra lift at no charge to get them to 100%). Now I’m ready for a lower face lift and l have Dr Stephen (to be updated) in mind for threading and filler. I’m now 42 years old. I have consulted with Ashton a while ago, but might again before l go ahead. Dr Stephen Shiao I’m in Melbourne and would appreciate your opinion @TheFox
  3. I continued with the tape for as long as I cld be bothered, prob 4.5 months, as I thought it cldnt hurt.
  4. Different dentists will vary in price Shae so maybe start by googling & making a few calls. Paying more won't necessary guarantee a better result but I'd assume that a good dentist with a good reputation could charge more x
  5. Professor Mark Ashton all the way for me. Head of surgery at Royal Melbourne Hospital & an expert on breasts. I'm almost 6 mths post op & cld not be happier with results, care & follow up x
  6. I used this http://bodyplus.net.au/product_tag/silicone/ And eventually bought their gel as well. Postage is fast.
  7. Yes wow! Thanks for such an informative post, makes this such a great forum.
  8. Oh babe ? definitely go see someone professional, on ur own, to get some support. I will never understand how so many men can think it's ok to treat another person that way, u know u DO NOT deserve that ?
  9. This is what & where I got mine. Delivery is fast! http://bodyplus.net.au/product/siltape/
  10. Oh hi Madison! Hope it all went well. I loved my silicon tape (which I also ended up combining with silicon gel so I recommend both) but don't wear for longer that 24hrs (I just wore for 12hrs overnight, each night) bc ur skin can't breathe. It's reusable so keep reapplying the same piece & top up with more gel when it loses it's stickiness. Don't get the gel on ur bra as I think it might stain. I kept up with the paper tape when I was lazy too bc u can leave on for longer. I think the idea is just to keep them flat & the colour will fade over time & they will turn white. See if u
  11. Does anyone know what breast tissues weighs? I'd like to know if implants weigh more or less that breast tissue. Yes I heard 1CC is slightly less than 1gram
  12. Yayyyyyy, ur back on the forum. I've been telling girls, with tuberous cases, of ur story & referring them to our wonderful Mark. See u in recovery ?
  13. Why not get some boob tubes to wear underneath?
  14. You're an absolute gem Don. Hope it all goes well Missingboobs.
  15. They look fantastic tw2506! Mind if I send u a FR. I'm ok with my lift scars too, it's definitely worth to get the breasts I now have. I'm only 5 mths so mine are still pink but they shld fade to white.
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