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    Professor Mark Ashton
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  1. I continued with the tape for as long as I cld be bothered, prob 4.5 months, as I thought it cldnt hurt.
  2. Different dentists will vary in price Shae so maybe start by googling & making a few calls. Paying more won't necessary guarantee a better result but I'd assume that a good dentist with a good reputation could charge more x
  3. Professor Mark Ashton all the way for me. Head of surgery at Royal Melbourne Hospital & an expert on breasts. I'm almost 6 mths post op & cld not be happier with results, care & follow up x
  4. I used this http://bodyplus.net.au/product_tag/silicone/ And eventually bought their gel as well. Postage is fast.
  5. Yes wow! Thanks for such an informative post, makes this such a great forum.
  6. Oh babe ? definitely go see someone professional, on ur own, to get some support. I will never understand how so many men can think it's ok to treat another person that way, u know u DO NOT deserve that ?
  7. This is what & where I got mine. Delivery is fast! http://bodyplus.net.au/product/siltape/
  8. Oh hi Madison! Hope it all went well. I loved my silicon tape (which I also ended up combining with silicon gel so I recommend both) but don't wear for longer that 24hrs (I just wore for 12hrs overnight, each night) bc ur skin can't breathe. It's reusable so keep reapplying the same piece & top up with more gel when it loses it's stickiness. Don't get the gel on ur bra as I think it might stain. I kept up with the paper tape when I was lazy too bc u can leave on for longer. I think the idea is just to keep them flat & the colour will fade over time & they will turn white. See if u can FR Nicnac as she's over 15 mths post op with Ashton & her scars are white & almost invisible.
  9. Does anyone know what breast tissues weighs? I'd like to know if implants weigh more or less that breast tissue. Yes I heard 1CC is slightly less than 1gram
  10. Yayyyyyy, ur back on the forum. I've been telling girls, with tuberous cases, of ur story & referring them to our wonderful Mark. See u in recovery ?
  11. Why not get some boob tubes to wear underneath?
  12. You're an absolute gem Don. Hope it all goes well Missingboobs.
  13. They look fantastic tw2506! Mind if I send u a FR. I'm ok with my lift scars too, it's definitely worth to get the breasts I now have. I'm only 5 mths so mine are still pink but they shld fade to white.
  14. Yes! Bring out pictures of boobs, that'll get him on board ? hehe
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