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    Yes wow! Thanks for such an informative post, makes this such a great forum.
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    Hi, I see you're in Melb. I've been going to Dr Walde who is in Frankston & another office, for 6 years now to get my Botox & fillers. He puts SubQ filler in my cheeks & restalyne in my lips. I highly recommend him as he has done a great, natural job with me & he is very reasonably priced. Private msg me if u can't find or want his number.
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    Has anyone had any experience with Thermage. Do u know anything Donatella?

    It's quite pricey at around $2,000 but it's supposed to cause ur face to continue to create collagen for 6mths with no further treatment for 2yrs. Also a potential substitute for filler in my cheeks? I currently get Sub Q
    Another question is the slow loosening of the skin on my inner thighs. My thermage lady is throwing in 6 free treatment of some radio frequency therapy that I'm not sure of, but it's free so...
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