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  1. Hi Willowmissy62, My mum went to Samitivej Srinakarin for her face lift. I've haven't heard of His Her Cosmetic Facilitator? My advise and of course my mum's is to ignore the negative Nancy's as it will make you start to doubt your decision. If you want to see some before and afters contact IR as I know my mum gave them permission to share her photos. Trust me she shows everyone...lol
  2. Hi Willowmissy62, My mum had a face lift in Bangkok and is super happy with her results. Heaps of people commented on how good she looked once she got back from her 'holiday'. (As she didn't want everyone putting in their 2 cents worth before she left) lol She went with International Rejuvenation as I have had surgery with them in the past. Her surgeon was Bhumsak, I think. Tan looked after her while in Bangkok, as none of us could get the time off work to go with her.
  3. It depends on what you do for a job...lol Most girls I know have had pain for a few days post op, but then are fine. Once they are back in Aus they go straight back to work, but if you had a physical job, you will properly need longer than 2 weeks to recover.
  4. I lift weights 4x per week and have under the muscle. I have very little breast tissue and over would have looked SUPER fake on me. I was told by my case manager, to not work chest post op and I haven't. Love my look! But of course listen to your surgeon.
  5. Hi Bella Skin Here is a link to a thread that you might find helpful: http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/topic/12963-everyones-thoughts-on-dr-montien/ Lots of girls see him in Bangkok.
  6. Hi PsychoBarbie9 I have been to Bangkok twice for surgery and the last time I went on a group tour with International Rejuvenation. Sarah and Sam were super nice and supportive when you needed it, but once you were feeling up to it they were heaps of fun. The girls I met on the tour and I are still in touch and are Facebook friends. Best experience ever!!!
  7. Hi Nics Keen My best advice is to do your research, but I personally would not go with a Cosmetic Surgeon as they do not have the same skills or training as a Plastic Surgeon. I have now travelled twice to Bangkok for plastic surgery and can not recommend it highly enough!
  8. Hi Cathy I personally haven't had to use the band, but some of friends have and have great success with it. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Hi SmileyGirl I went over with Global Health Travel years ago and from I have heard and experienced times have changed massively. I got told from another past Global Health Travel patient that Sam and Sarah that worked for them and left to start International Rejuvenation. They deal with Samitivej and I have since been over with them...lol
  10. hi Chesty, you asked me about Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty.

    just an update for you.. after looking at my Labia .. I realized that Dr Vistana has not trimmed it evenly.

    In fact, she removed more than what it should have.. now i looked my half of my labia has disappeared .. :/ ..

    I wonder how am i going to rectify this .. 

    1. Chesty Larou

      Chesty Larou

      Hi Yoromi

      Have you been able to email or talk to her since the op? Is there any chance that it could be swelling? :unsure:

  11. Hi Yoromi Great to hear your Labiaplasty went well. How much done time did you have? What was the surgeon like? She is meant to be the best for these types of procedures.
  12. Hi Yoromi Labiaplasty is a procedure I have considered more than once and is still on my 'list' to do. How did you go? I heard she is the best for cosmetic gyno work.
  13. Hi mum05 I'm part of a private facebook group and a number of patients have had Dr Montien and Dr Bhumsak in Bangkok for face lifts with great results.
  14. If you are worried maybe HepB, but as long as your smart and use bug repellent and drink bottled water you should be fine. I have been to Thailand many times since my surgery and never have any injections, but if you are worried, ask your GP what he recommends. All the best with your surgery
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