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  1. Sorry I did write that in paragraphs soit was easy to read but for some reason it didn't post that way :/ and it won't let me edit it
  2. Hey jessiear I just thought I'd share my experience with you. At first I had planned to come to Thailand alone to get my BA done. Back in Australia I'm very independent and often do a lot of stuff by myself so I thought I could come here bymyself.I met someone through this forum who also was traveling alone at the same time as I was so we decided to meet up and stay together and share the cost of the hotels and stuff.The first night after I was discharged I woke up in the middle of the night and was very sick. I was so scared but she was amazing and took me to hospital and stayed with me (being in the emergency room in the middle of the night is pretty scary). She stayed with me the whole time and Im so thankful for that.We dont do everything togetherbut. During the day I do go out bymyself if she doesnt feel like going out and I feel fine. Like i said I'm pretty independent person so I have gone out exploring by myself. But honestly I'm so glad I had someone with me when things were bad. I honestly though I could have done this trip by myself but I was wrong. If I hadn't got sick that night I probably could have done the trip by myself. But something had happened and I'm so glad that I had someone by my side when it did. Do you think you could take yourself to hospital in the middle of the night when you're really sick? I honestly don't know what I would have done if I was by myself.I hope my story helps xx
  3. Thanks so much girls xxYea dee envy I got pretty sick the night I was discharged and ended up going back to hospital in the middle of the night because I couldn't stop throwing up. The hospital were really good when I emailed them and told them I wanted to see my dr ASAP they arranged for me to see him during the day. And PIAC refunded the cost of the trip to the hospital during the nigh and changed my medication for free.Honestly I'm so glad that I had PrincessAthena with me, I could not have done it without her. It was so nice having someone by my side though everything.But I think I'm healing up pretty good. From what I've read all my aches and pains are normal.
  4. This is such an interesting thread! The reason I wanted a BA was so that I had a nice shape boobs. I didn't care if they were big or small, I just wanted them to be a nice round shape. This is what I told my surgen. He suggested that I get 375cc implants but said if I wanted bigger then he was more then happy to go 400cc or even bigger if I wanted. He did tell me that anything smaller probably wouldn't fill me out enough and give me the shape I wanted. After I woke up from my BA yesterday I remember thinking how massive they were! I can't wait for the swelling to go down and for them to drop and fluff!
  5. Just got a new pair of boobies!!! Iwords cannot describe how happy I am right now!!!! Thanks everyone for the support and kind words, it means so much to me xx
  6. Thanks everyone x Mirmia it was a terrible accident I was just pushing the top of a pedestal industrial fan so it was facing the other direction but where the front and back cage meet it wasn't connect properly and my finger went through the gap :'( so at hospital yesterday they only took out half my stictches and they taught me how to take them out. I'm suppose to take the rest out when I'm over there. I'm at the airport now getting ready to fly out I will find out on Friday if I can my new boobies or not
  7. Hey thanks for the replies girls, I appreciate it xx I've hurt my finger pretty badly but I'm hoping it should be alright (lucky its just a finger and not my whole arm or anything else). Im going to hospital tomorrow to see the drs and hopefully get all the stiches out (14 stiches in the 1 finger ). The only thing is that since I lost my fingernail they have stiched a bit of metal into place to help guide my new nail out once it grows I figured the antibiotics shouldn't affect getting surgery at PIAC but I'm just worried about all the painkillers I had in hospital :/ hopefully when PIAC does their blood tests I will be all good Still pretty excited I fly out on Wednesday!!!! Will be pretty disappointed if I can't get a boobjob when I'm over there but I guess there will be plenty more stuff I can do like riding elephants!!!
  8. I figured I'll just ask in my appointment. Because I'm going to go over there anyway because I can't change my flights. Plus I figured if I explained it to him in person would be better then in an email and hopefully he can do tests and stuff to see if everything is out of my system so they can do surgery.
  9. So 8 days before I was suppose to leave to go to Phuket I had an accident at work. Long story short I had to have emergency surgery and I was put under general anesthic and was in hospital for 2 nights/3days. Now I'm really worried that I can't get my boobies done D: I should get my stiches out the day before I fly out (3 days before I'm booked in to have my BA). I'm just worried that because I've been on pain killers, morphine and antibiotics and general and local anesthic they won't do surgery because you're suppose to stop taking all medication at least 2 weeks before your surgery (I'll finish my antibiotics on Monday). Im just wondering if anyone had been turned down for surgery because of taking medication? Or because of a pre existing medical condition? I'm trying to stay positive but I'm really worried. I can't change my plane tickets so I'm going to have to go wether I can get surgery done or not... This accident just happened at the worse time possible ( I had book everything back in November but I had been planning this for even longer ( fingers crossed I can still get it done!!!!
  10. Hey PhuketPuppies just thought I'd let you know there is already a thread on girls going over to Phuket in March this is the link http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?18232-March-PIAC-Girls! What dates are you going over there? There are a few girls going over in March. I will be over there from the 20th until the 28th
  11. Your only a few days before me bec88 I haven't yet organized my accomadation there is just so much to choose from. How many people are going in the group your going with?
  12. No I will be gone by then I can't remember exactly but I thinking fly out on the 28/29 of March. What are you getting done over there?
  13. Hey everyone I thought I would start a thread for everyone who is going to PIAC in March. I have booked in to see Dr Thanakom on the 21st of March and I honestly cannot wait! I'm going over alone but I'm planning on meeting up with one of the girls that I've talked to on this site. If anyone else is going around this time then feel free to send me a friend request and we could meet up over there, I could use some extra company
  14. Hey how did everything go?!?! I've booked in to see Dr Thanakom in March
  15. I'll be getting into Phuket on the 20th, I'll fly out on the 28th and I'll be having surgery on the 21st. thanks for the friend request x
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