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    11/12/13 with Dr Philip Richardson 420cc Round Silicone textured implants under muscle
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    Dr Phillip Richardson 11th Dec 2013
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  1. Oh yes, I can't stop looking at it lol. But feel a lot better now I've sent the pics and spoke with Nurse Carly. The massaging has already made a difference to pain and the look too. :-) but I can feel were the stiched are when I am rubbing the scar
  2. So I sent if and email with pics and nurse Carly called App what is happening is caused by the tight stitches. Which, take 100 days to desolve. Nurse Carly recommend that I start massaging the scar with bio oil in hopes that it loosens a little. I have a check up on Wednesday so will see how it's going then
  3. I've been changing it every 7 days but pulled it off just now cause I wanted to be able to see the scar cause of pain. So that was a few days early. Now I can't find were I put the tape so I can put some back on :-/
  4. No, only my compression bra or my soft Lorna Jane bra or Kmart soft bras
  5. Not the base of the breast no. My right is curved at the bottom. I've just emailed them with some images. Hope they get it I guess. I'll take some pics of right and show you
  6. Hi ladies, my left incision is hurting on and off. I've had a look and dint think it's normal. I've attached some images.
  7. this is one that is hurting
  8. At this stage I'm only using this brown tape stuff that I change once a week. I'm 6 weeks post op. It's getting more painful I think. I rang my PS and the nurse said it sounds normal, but if it gets excruciating to call again. It hurts more then it did the first few days I think
  9. So the last 24 hrs I've had a pain that comes and goes around the incision on my left breast. Just now I rubbed my finger along the incision and to the side if the incision it almost feels like there is an implanon in there (if that makes sense) is this something I should worry about?
  10. Hi ladies, it's been awhile since I've been on. Been trying to keep my mind really busy since mums passing. So I'm 6 weeks post op and the last two days I've been getting a slight stabbing feeling in my left boob incision area. It's not infected from what I can see. Is this just nerves and things going back to normal?
  11. Hi Ladies, I have to go my mothers funeral in Monday. I'm in Qld so have to fly, well don't have to but it's cheaper and easier My question is, well my heading lol How early is to early to fly? I was meant to call today to ask but got side tracked at work and it never happened.
  12. I'm 3 weeks post op too and have no regrets other then I didn't do it sooner. Recovery has been a breeze only thing that Jas annoyed me is the elevated sleeping and not being able to lay on side.
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