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  1. Hmmm at least they look after people when problems happen. How many cases of thai gone wrong on this forum have you seen.... lots. People that have trouble getting those places to help when things happen. fyi I was going to be up for revision through tci and they have been nothing but supportive. I still hear from them at 9 months post op now. They care for their patients. I cant see any bad stuff posted to their page. The only thing was what happened last week. The girl who went into cardiac arrest has praised tci and warned girls about the potential complications that may happen no matter where you go. The point tci tried to make about thailand was you would be better to be in Australia where you can get the medical help you need. Imagine if Amy had been in thailand, it may have been a very different ending.
  2. Really donatella? 3000000 seems a bit of an exagerated statement
  3. And also in regards to park clinics comments. Tci have proper anethasists who work there you meet them prior to going into theatre. They have a whole team of people I think there was probably five people in the room including nurses when I was there last year.
  4. Donatella it was actually Dr Dona who said that not tci. He runs his own private clinic
  5. Park clinic posting above. How dare you. You and you lowsey business trying to gain on tci's unfortunate event. You may be able to delete peoples comments om your facebook page but goodluck getting away with that here. You business presents POOR ethics. Bagging another company on your page will only make people think less about you. The girl that had the complications is doing well and is extremely happy with how well tci delt with the situation. As someome who had twilight for my ba I can infact tell everyone here that I did NOT wake up or experiance ANY pain during the proceedure. Your claims are a scheme to scare people away from TCI.
  6. TCI dont use mentor implants anymore i had Dr tangin May and i have done a review in the surgery stories if you want to have a look im almost six months P.O now
  7. I was a very flat a. I was wearing a 34c in the playboy range with the gel filled pockets stuffed in the bra haha I laugh about it now. I have been measured this week at isabellas passion who said im a e to an f cup with a size 12/14 band. im shocked as to me they don't feel huge but bras say otherwise! I'm still not 100% settled in my clevage area the bottom of the clevage where it rounds off is still raised and tender feeling. also spoke to my surgeon this week after finding out im actually not covered for severe cc which I was told I was. but have since been told it was miscommunication and I wouldn't have been told that. no problems with cc yet so im hoping I never have one. I need a miracle cure for stretch marks as they arnt fading fast enough for my liking :-)
  8. hey ashleigh just saw your message. i was fine flying home it wasn't sore or anything. and landing was fine too. i havnt been able to find you to add you on facebook :-(
  9. oh awesome. I bet your excited. hes absolutely lovelh and you have nothing to worry about :-) im 13 weeks post op tomorrow and I still have a tiny bit of pain but I guess thats normal. im pretty much back to normal and im hoping to begin using vibra train in the next week or so yay. let me know how you get on cocobrown x
  10. yep pretty much. I had trouble coming home at the airport I was put in a machine that I had to put hands above head and it scamned me then the checked me for explosives sydney airoprt was horriable. they have been pretty strict on adding people as someone was reporting all the girls photos so they are only adding personal friends :-( I think you can get in as long as you can prove your booked in. there is another girl from nz too on the page. hmmm whats your facebook name ill see what I can do.
  11. I woke up in paid which was coming from my cleavage that was really badly swollen and looked like i had retty much one big boob so they put it on the push down and reduce the swelling and stop the skin from lifting up. Are you on the tci facebook girls page? They are great at tci your in good hands and Dr Tang is lovely. I was really scared and worried about traveling overseas but it was fine , how long are you staying for?
  12. Hey Everyone, So so so sorry its a late story but i though after all the support the forum gave me i better get onto it and write a story that will hopefully be helpful to someone else I flew to Sydney from New Zealand on the 7th May 2014 and had my consut the day i arrived at tci in Paramatta with Dr Tang whom is absolutely lovely. I decided on 525cc XHP round textured silicone placed under the muscle. i was also given the choice of 470 XHP but decided that i would rather go the bigger one as then i couldn't be disappointed on the final size I then met the lovely mink who also put my nerves at ease and explained to me how the post op care would be and what i would feel ect Admission time was 2pm - Thursday 8th May and i was to begin fasting from 7:30am I woke up at 6.30am on op day and had a pot of yogurt and a small glass of juice so i wasnt too hungry waiting till 2pm I had my friend who met me in sydney and also my partner to look after I arrived at TCI about 10 mins before i was due for admission and sat in the reception area for less than 5 mins while i filled out the last of my forms and signed my life away then i was taken through to the pre op room which was lovely and warm and put on a gown and slippers ( i was allowed to keep my undies on) and i also left my tongue and ear piercings in. The nurse came to visit me and asked a few questions then the anesthetist came to talk to me about the twilight anesthetic which i was terrified about waking up; he was lovely and reassured me i would be waking up. Then i met Dr Tang again and made double sure on sizes and then he drew on me and took some photos then i walked through to theater. Im shocking with needles and the team were great at distracting me while i was lying on the table having the canular put in (i didnt even feel it go in!!) talking away and then i felt cold fluid going through my arm and lights out. (i also had massagers on my legs to help the circulation while under the anesthetic) Woke up in recovery shivering uncontrollably it was horrible. but i had a heated blanket with me that i got to take back to the motel and after being fed a couple of bikkies i felt a bit better. i was in alot of pain and was complaining to the nurse who was trying to convince me i wasnt until another nurse came over and then i was changed into a symastia bra to help push down on my sternum. My partner and friend arrived and i was taken back to the motel where i slept for a while and then woke up starving so my friend went to get me some dinner 1 week check: I had my one week check up at TCI as i stayed in Sydney for 2 weeks as my mum was paranoid about blood clots as she had DVT from the pill. They were impressed with the incisions and changed the steri strips and i was on my way 6 Week checkup: My GP at home had a look i told him i was worried about the symastia (uniboob) and he had a look and touch and said i was fine and to stop worrying he also had a look at my scars and said wow how did they fit anything in the tiny incision he was very impressed. I am now 8 and a bit weeks PO and im still in the symastia bra, i cant wait to take it off ( hopefully at 9 weeks when i send pics through to tci) but it has become my safety blanket. I have had a great experiance so far with tci and cant wait for the final results to show, the nurse nicole has been excellent and kept in contact with me checking on my progress and updating my pics to let me know when i can take off the symastia bra safely. Any questions feel free to mail me or post below and im happy to answer, photos are all on my phone so i cant upload at the moment
  13. im curious about this too as im still swollen in the centre.. wish someone knew i might email and ask tci
  14. So not long to go now eeeeek getting so excited and worried all at the same time. Definatly havnt met my weightloss goals, quit smoking which kinda threw a spanner in the works but ahwell it will all fall into place overtime i guess I have a bit of an idea on what i will need to pack but lil help please. Creams? Lotions? Vitamins? ect Thanks in advance ladies
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