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  1. All I can say gorgeous is you deserve better def dont put up with that!! Any of use from melb?
  2. She specialises in labia plasty.....all together it was $14,400 for everything very happy with my results but still unsure about my implants. Based on the fact that I needed a small lift on one side but she basically refused to do it at the same time and nowI regret it.
  3. Totally the same hun ur not alone trust me!! But dw your new boobs will def make u feel more confident.
  4. I also saved al lot of money by doing them both at the same time... So def reccomened you do both procedures at once.
  5. Hey hun I had both procedures together 10 days ago and labiaplasty was a walk in the park ..... It has caused me next to nothing In terms of pain totally forgotten I even did it! Very happy with my results so far. I went with Jane paterson. Anything u want to know just ask
  6. pru69

    Pics ???

    Oh ok I pressed upload could see them then when I went bak Into my profile they were gone... Do they need to be approved?
  7. pru69

    Pics ???

    Can someone please tell me if they can see my pics? Do you have to wait for them to be approved?
  8. I wish mine would shrink a bit lol
  9. I also need to put some pics up too!
  10. I Also can't see your pics for some reason?
  11. Oh hunni I was feeling exactly the same last week it was horrible crying everyday thinking wtf have I done and thinking they were way to big. I am now 10 days post op and slowly starting to love them. Give it time let the swelling go down .... I think they also appear a lot bigger and out there because of how high up they are. You will be fine gorgeous xx
  12. Thanks so much ladies I feel a little bit better already I won't make any decisions till Atleast 4 months post op seriously must have bobbie blues
  13. I went 465cc dual plane hp I was a 10b to begin with
  14. I pray that's how I end up thinking but I don't know for now im really not liking them also one looks a lot bigger then the other.
  15. All I've been doing the last 3 days is crying I've been so depressed. I hate my boobs to me there way to big and I actually look fat! I know they are still swallon and high but don't they go even bigger apparently? Did anyone else feel like this at the start? Did you change your mind and grow to love them? I'm actually considering going smaller my surgeon said she wouldn't charge me.... But guess its best I wait untill they settle
  16. Thanks hun it's really got me down!
  17. Hey guys I'm doing well pain isn't to bad just the right breast seams to be a lot more sore. Kinda freaking out that I have gone to big but they are so swollen and high up .... Will c what happenes. It all happened so fast thanks for your replys really appreciate it xxoo
  18. Omg I seriously think I'm going to have a panic attack when I get there!! So anxious but excited at the same time. Wish me luck ladies
  19. 465cc im scared I'm going to big but its not much of a difference from 415cc so I thought what the hell didnt want to be one of the girls who regretted not going bigger
  20. I'm 158cm 45 kilos and a size 6 you?
  21. im getting round and under the muscle
  22. pru69


    also getting mine done with my ba in just a few days!
  23. hey girl hoping to see some pics to compare and also hear your experiences thanks xx
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