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  1. i dont know what to do!!! my surgery is in like 4 days! She said it was dangerous doing it together because the implants are large and could pop out the stitches around the nipple.....and if i got an infection implants would have to be thrown out and would have to do surgery all over again! Im only borderline needing a lift its more only one breast thats saggy.
  2. hey guys my surgeon has convinced me not to do a lift for now and wait a few years. She is now saying that she would like to do overs instead of unders high profile 415cc ..... im so confused as to what way is going to be best for me. I want my implants to be as high up and as perky as possible. Has anyone had dual plane implants?? Anyones opinion would be greatly appreciated atm im a small slightly saggy b with one breast a little lower then the other and droopy.
  3. What does stitches spitting mean?
  4. Hey hun yes they will fit....what size did you go and do u have pictures I can see? And no I do not want massive tits I want big but not massive.
  5. Hey guys just curious what your thought are on me getting 460cc high profile unders..... I'm 45 kilos and 158cm tall. Also is there anyone who has that size or larger with the same measurements or close to as me? Was going to go with 415cc but didnt want to be in a position were down the track ill regret not going larger.
  6. I saw your pics hun wow they' look amazing!! Just at the start it would be scary first seeing them because there so red
  7. Well I was told I would get amazing results for about 5 to 6 years but eventually will need a loft. Only one breast is slightly saggy and I'm considering doing the benelli lift... You?
  8. Does anyone have pics i can see after any lift?
  9. Thanks so much guys for your replys really appreciate it This cream silicone gel were do you get it from?
  10. see the thing with me is i only need one breast lifted so would only be getting it done to the right breast. I was hoping to see someone who has had the procedure to see the scaring. Im only 24 and it really scares me especially because i would be getting implants at the same time. Do you know if it makes recovery harder?
  11. hi girls i was hoping some of use have had the benelli lift with implants and was hoping to see some pictures? Im booked in on the 23rd for 460cc high profile unders ......... the only problem is one of my breasts is saggy and if i get implants alone i will eventually need a lift. Im happy to show pictures. Obviously my main concern is the scaring
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