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  1. Hi Kylie, my surgeon was Dr Richard Rahdon, I am estatic with my result and I have the best after care, I would highly recommend Richard to anyone!
  2. I am a workout DVDs lover, I have both Tapout XT and Brazil butt lift DVDs, I did Tapout for 90 Days then Brazil butt lift for 60 days late last year, from my personal experience, I think they are great programs, Tapout XT was a great program but it was extremely hard and intense, I think Tapout works better for men. The Brazil Butt lift workout program is much easier, I had so much fun to do it so I didn't feel like I was working out, I would highly recommend to any beginner to give it a try. I've been doing hiit for 2 years, I think hiit work better for me and my lifestyle so I just stick to
  3. Hi, thank you so much for posting this, I have overs too, I'd love to see your progress pics, I have sent you a FR with message, hope that is ok, thank you!
  4. Vivian, I'm glad it's all sorted! You are a bit over 5 weeks now, are your skin still feel tight? Mine still quite tight especially both sides of my boobs under my armpits and in the centre between my boobs, I don't have much cleavage atm and it's almost flat as my skin is so tight. When I drive I couldn't turn my head properly, or when I steer for the turns, I can feel my skin pulling back and feels odd. Do you get this at all?
  5. 400 or 420 are good sizes, you will look amazing with either size What placement are you getting? What date is your surgery?
  6. Awesome Ljack! Yay, it's all happening, how exciting! I got a pack of meds at the recovery room, I paid for them when I leave the hospital. Who is your surgeon? What implant and cc are you getting? OMG I feel so excited for you!
  7. Vivian, your surgeon's assistant sounds annoying, no help in anything, I would complaint her if I were you, you paid so much money for the surgery, she should be try her hardest to assist you, makes me angry grrrrrr!
  8. Ljack, yes you can pay your fees in advance that what I did. As for the implant company, every surgeon charge their fees in their own ways, my implants were included in my fees, I paid my implants and surgeon fees at the same time at my surgeon's office, but I paid the hospital fees and anaesthetist fees seperately, I need to get my own post-op bras from the lingerie shop where recommended by my surgeon. I had consultations with other surgeons before hand, they charge the implants seperately, they said the implant company normally contact the paitents 2 weeks before the surgery, best to check
  9. Vivian, I have no idea if I can get any 8F bras, BNT was the only place that carry a size 8 band in a small range. I went to big W tonight, they sell lots of awesome bras, they have a big range in large cups, very cheap too, should check them out. Thanks for the link boobwish, will have a look soon. Boobwish make sure you exfoliate (especially on your knees) a day prior and no moisturiser before you apply the spray tan on your legs for better outcome. Ok, about the scar treatments, every surgeon have different opinions and recommendations, when I have my consultations with other surgeons,
  10. Vivian, I went to BNT to get measured yesterday, I was measured at an 8C, I was like 'No Way', I told her I should be bigger than that, I've tried on a few 8E, they all fits perfectly. Then I went to Target, Best & Less and Cotton on Body to try on some sister size in 10DD to make sure I was sized correctly, they all fits. I've spent a couple of hours trying bras, my boobs near my incisions and my rib cage were very sore when I was trying bras, I ended up in pain for few hours, I think we are too soon to move into wire bras, I've heard 6 months is the minimum. How did you go with your appo
  11. Boobwish, the dress look amazing, I love it, you'll lot amazingly hot, can't wait to see pictures! Vivian, the chart def not accurate, I can't wait to find out my size. Mollyjo, my nipples are sticking out so much, the are so visible, I'll be checking out Big W. Kenn, what are the differences between Mircopore tapes and silicon tapes? I'll be getting laser treatments in my future visits, should I get some silicone tapes for better result? I can't wait to see your progress pics update ;-)
  12. Hahaha, nice matte finish, Vivian, you cracked me up lol. Awwwww how awful the hot water ran out at the end of your treatment, you must be freezing cold. The Frank scrub sounds amazing, bet your skin feel amazing, as smooth as a baby bottom ;-) I went to my post-op visit on Wednesday, I don't think I have any stitches to remove, Richard just removed my old tapes/dressings, I had a quick look, they were just 2 thin lines, then he sprayed something really cold stuff on my incisions then he put new tapes on. He gave me a roll of tape to change when it needs, I'm not sure if the tape is for sc
  13. Kenn, I hope you had fun catching up with friends last night. Nadine, flying is so tiring, but it's worth it at the end, I hope you are feeling better today. Vivian hows your girls settling so far? Are they still shiny?
  14. Me too! My skin was so dry and flaky especially beside my boobs and my back, my hairline got so flaky as well. I stay in the shower a bit longer to make sure I rub everything off, I use the new Nivea in-shower moisturoiser body wash after the normal shower gel, then I use Neutrogena body oil and Vaseline for dry skin after I dry myself. I can't wear black clothes atm, it shows pretty bad.
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