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    Lipo and BA
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    Dr tang TCI 25/6/14
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    330cc in left 485cc in right. Under muscle mod profile crease insertion
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    peadiatric nurse

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  1. Hi I am 4 months post BA and it is now time to think about TT. My BA was to correct symmetry, which I didn't realise I could claim back with Medicare. I have finally taken out private health and am looking for advice. My tummy has a bowel appearance , my kids are teenagers and no matter what I try its still there. I have always had a large tummy since I was a teenager, often asked if I was pregnant even though I was a size 6/8!!! ( at the time). Do I need to visit my doc and get a referral or can I just go to a surgeon direct? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi I am 11 days post op with dr tang. Hes lovely as were all the staff at TCI. My scars are amazing, so small and neat. The staff were accommodating and a lifesaver when my air line refused to allow me to board as i was only 1 day post op. They emailed my a doctors certificate at 9pm. hope all goes good for you
  3. hi i had under muscle 11 days ago. 330cc in right and 482cc in left. i am just at the stage where i can brush back of my head. pain was constant, i took codeine for 4 days then stopped as making me too drowsey. i still have slight pain, especially when lifting arms. Thank god for the rain as I can not hang my washing out!!!! I am sure u will be ok its more a tightness feeling thats really uncomfortable and yes you will be walking hunched over. Hope all goes good for u
  4. Well its boob day tomorrow. 330 in right and 485 in right. Nervous but excited
  5. Omg fly to Sydney tonight. Consult Wed surgery Thurs. Just need to decide what procedure. Decisions decisions
  6. Good luck I go in June for lipo, and hoping to get new boobs at same time
  7. thanks for your story. I'm booked in with TCI Dr tang in June. I must admit I am a little worried about twilight sedation. Did you feel any pain during op and was u aware what was happening?. Hope alls going good for u x
  8. <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/"> <img border="0" src=" "></a>
  9. Ok I have booked lipo with dr tang for 25 june, will have a consult ref boobies whilst there and will get them done oct/nov. has anybody else had surgery with dr tang?
  10. just been told by TCI that I can not have lipo and BA performed at the same time. I start a new job next week and am now concerned as I will have to have 2 surgerys and recover time for both. was advised 4 weeks needed for BA off work and 2 weeks with lipo. What time off work have you taken, and is their any clinics similar to TCI in perth?
  11. Has anybody had this done. Wondering if its better than liposuction. Any advice would be great
  12. Hi ladies, just wondering how you found TCI and any advice, reviews you could pass on. Looking to BA and lipo with them in August . Thanks
  13. I'm just about to start a year long grad programme at childrens hospital so will be in about 14 months. Should start researching now. Will look into who you went with. Thanks for advice
  14. Himum05, who did U do with for your BA? I'm really nervous and scared, but want it done. How's your BA now? Hope alls looking great. Good luck with your check up and drop me a line with your info on a TT
  15. Hi, I am looking at breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. My tummy muscles separated very bad with my 2nd child and I have the appearance of a pudding bowl on my tummy. I am looking at going overseas and would love to hear from anybody with recommendations. I am looking at going Feb 2015 after I finish my nurse grad programme , and am hoping to start the process of booking flights, hotels appointments very soon. Hope to hear from you all
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