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  1. Hi, I'm not sure yet about removal, but I am definitely getting mine checked out. I have the Natrelle 410 textured ones which are said to be the high risk ones. I'm really annoyed the doctor/surgeon didn't point out the risks to me. I would have chosen smooth if I had known that textured implants have a much higher risk. I have pain in my right boob and underarm, so want that looked into. Did you get yours checked out yet? Will you definitely need an explant?
  2. I watched A Currrent Affair the other night and saw a story about the high risks of some textured implants causing cancer. I have Natrelle 410 (textured anatomical) implants and apparently this is one of the high risk implants. I have been in a bit of pain with my right side and want to get it checked out. Does anyone else have this type of implant and have concerns about this? I'm really upset because at the time I got my implants (2014), I specifically asked my surgeon for a low risk implant that wouldn't cause me any problems. I paid MORE to get the textured implant because he said it approved by FDA and one of the safest types. I'm quite upset now that this is happening. I would like to see a doctor about this but my original plastic surgeon wasn't very friendly or approachable, so looking for recommendations about who I can see to get this checked out and discuss possible removal/revision (Sydney/Canberra area would be best)? THANK YOU so much for any advice.
  3. Had mine for nearly 5 years now and I would have gone smaller. But I like the natural pert look rather than really big breasts as I think it makes the top half look top heavy.
  4. Hi, sorry I don't know anything about Dr Briggs, but this forum has a lot of very knowlegable ladies, so someone should be able to help you. If you do a search up the in 'Search' bar under Briggs some comments come up (although they might be a few years old). But you can see who used him and maybe private message them and ask? I had a few consultations with different surgeons before I got my BA, so I do suggest seeing another surgeon just for another opinion. It helped with the decision about what implant might be best as they mostly suggested the same one for my size. Some surgeons like to only use a certain type of implant so it can be good to get a few different opinions on what might suit you best. Hope this has been a little bit helpful. Cheers
  5. Hi, thank you for your nice comments. It's so nice to hear they look good. If you look closer to my armpits you can see they go right into the armpit fold and it makes me hard to close my arm. I'll need to look at more photos of other implants to see if they go that far across. They do feel hard like rocks. Would love soft implants that bounce and feel real!
  6. Hi, small implants can look really good. It's often more about the type and fit of the implant on your body. I got 255cc under the muscle, which was a bit bigger than what I wanted. You can look at my photos or private message me for more information if you like.
  7. Hi, not sure if you have had your surgery yet. Private message me about this if you would like.
  8. Hello lovely ladies, I haven't been on this forum for a while but I had my BA in 2013 (so it's been 3 years now). I'm a pretty small person and I feel they are too wide on me and I'd like your opinion on are they too wide or not? I am thinking about a revision. In particular I feel that my right implant is really wide and it goes underneath my armpit. I can't close my arm properly. They also seem a bit oblong/square shape (if that makes sense). Pic attached. I don't have any major complaints, but I really wanted sexy cute bouncy boobs and feel I have ended up with motherly looking wide hard boobs that don't move. They seem to be quite bottom heavy and I can't push them up or get higher cleavage. I don't want to go bigger but want a different shape and look. Am i being realistic? Has anyone else had anatomical and then changed to a softer implant? Advice please!!! I have also heard there can be additional problems with revisions so should I just be grateful for these ones and not mess with them? Thank you Details: Natrelle 410 (255cc) MF under muscle i am 48 kilos size 6 and petite.
  9. Thanks for accepting my FR. I am planning to get 410's, the MX... so really interested to hear/see similar stories!! :)

  10. Hi Courtney, I felt the same way too, that my implants were too big for me. It was a shock for me. They will settle down a bit after a few months. I went 255, so 300 doesn't sound overly big to me. It is still very early days. A lot of it is probably still swelling and fluid. Maybe give it a few months (I would say about 6 months) before you make a decision about them? What sort of implants did you get?
  11. Sorry can't comment on TCI, but just wanted to say your natural boobs look nice! Lucky you to start with something - you probably won't need a really large implant if you have some breast tissue to work with
  12. Hi IvyLayne, I have very similar stats to you. I went 255cc (Allergan Natrelle 410s) and they are quite large on my frame. Feel free to read some of my previous posts I have received numerous requests for pics on what they look like on a petite person, so I am going to put up some photos soon. Cheers
  13. Hi Hapagirl2014, I agree with Quinn, from what I've read it depends on the type of implant you got, how much breast tissue you had beforehand and whether you got overs or unders... I got textured gummy bear implants (Natrelle 410) and I'm a year post-op and they are still quite hard and firm. You are still in the early days, give it 6 months and they should have softened up a fair bit by then
  14. Hi MichelleP, I have a large cyst on one of my breasts. It is quite large and painful. The surgeon got me to get it tested before he would do my BA. They drew some fluid out of it and said it was a cyst and was benign. I discussed removing it with my surgeon, but he told me if I did remove it, it would be a while before I could get my BA done. I was hoping he could remove it at the time of the BA, but he said no as he did not want to interfere with 'live breast tissue' (as he put it) as it increases the chance of possible infection of the breast. I have left the cyst there. I have had my BA (been over a year now) and can still feel the cyst though and it is still hard and occasionally bothersome. I'd have a good chat with your surgeon about your options and see what he/she suggest. If it were me, yes, I think it would be a good idea to get tested before you have your BA. Imagine if you got your BA and then something happened and then you got the cysts tested and they had to operate and it ruined your breast shape or ruined everything you went through for the BA (the pain, cost etc.)? Please pm me if you would like anymore information on my experience. I hope this helps a little. There might be other girls out there with a different experience. Good luck with your BA
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