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    BA December 9 2013 - 465cc mod profile subfascial placement
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    Dr Tim Brown 9/12/13
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    183cm/76kg/12A pre-op

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  1. Probably not a concern. Bruising moves distal with gravity. If the bruising noticeably started at your boobs or rib cage area and you think this stomach bruising is a result of that, then it's probably fine, but if you think it looks like new bruising altogether just contact your surgeon for peace of mind. Good to hear your recovery is otherwise going well
  2. Thanks lindat, yes they do feel very much apart of me, still getting softer each day and are very bouncy!
  3. Never flown business class, nor did I fly for my BA. But I'd a imagine any flight is better in business class with more space etc regardless! I'm sure someone who's been in your situation can offer advice, but I'd say if you are willing to and can afford to splurge on business class then why not!
  4. Congrats boobwish on your BA! Hope you're resting well and pain free! FR accepted
  5. When I tried on rice sizers and even implants at my appts they all seemed huge, especially the rice sizers! Love your determined attitude, you will be very happy with your 425s I'm sure !
  6. Hi ladies, I've just uploaded a few 6 month post op photos (those who are not yet friends and would like to see please send a message/comment with FR ). I am very happy with my results, and absolutely love having boobs now! As I was so flat chested before. I have subfascial placement and am 100% happy with this placement, wouldn't want anything different as I am still happy with the look (most of the time) in regards to this placement and feel it is the right placement for my lifestyle. Some days I wish I could change to 550/600cc anatomicals, even of a low profile as I would love a super super natural BA look. Considering they are subfascial they occasionally look a bit too round and fake for my liking in some bras, but naked I always love them! My BWD is a huge 15cm, so a bigger implant would help to narrow the gap and give me some cleavage. This is definitely what I'd like for my next set! Good luck to any newies about to have BAs, my one bit of advice is go one size up from what you're happy with as most likely you won't regret it!! I hope my photos are helpful to you! Xxx
  7. Definitely go a little bigger ladies, I now wish I did (sometimes!). Sounds like you will be making the right decision lindat
  8. I find berlei bras are great support. haven't yet found a supportive crop id be happy to run in but im sure there are some out there.
  9. I'm about 6 months post op , still have a but of numbness, getting better very slowly. Unsure if some will be permanent or hopefully continue to improve with time. Although I must say it doesn't bother me too much anyway. Don't stress too much about it yet
  10. I bought that exact bikini, but returned it. Only because I thought I wouldn't get around to wearing them for the remainder of the summer just gone and it was a bit of an impulse buy. I bought the XL top and it fitted me perfectly, I'm a 14dd. They are a beautiful bikini. Hope my sizing info helps
  11. Hey Kiki I'm not sure about Botox for your massater but have you tried physical therapy for it to reduce pain and tightness at your massater? As in Myotherapy/physio to help reduce the tightness of the muscle and help with your TMJ? That may help (if you haven't tried this already!!) if it's been like this for a while it may take several treatments to help.
  12. I'm almost 4 months and I recon a few weeks ago at 3 months they fluffed a bit more, some of my bras are probably a bit small now. So hard not to buy lots though!
  13. Send me a FR Yellen, I have subfascial overs. Thanks for the kind words Olive! If you had come across any of my recent posts I was having a depresso week with my boobs but after everyones love on here I have realised to appreciate that I now have boobs and they are 1000 times better than what I started with. My surgeon favours the subfascial placement I think, and says if you are eligible for overs why go not go overs instead of unders (as it obviously tampers with the pec muscle), but ofcourse it depends on the look YOU are after and also what suits your lifestyle. If you have enough breast tissue im sure overs will be great for you, ask about subfascial placement thought if that is not what your surgeon has already recommended, because this placement is like having overs with the slight benefits of having unders (a bit more support than subglandular). I remember looking on here before my BA and could hardly find any overs stories, but there are lots, especially more recently I have noticed, so have a search im sure you will find some stories. Good luck for Friday Pumpkin!!! I bet you are very excited! Cant wait to see your results
  14. Hey olive sending you a FR if you don't mind, would love to see your 500's. Hope your recovery is going well! stilletos send me a FR I am not quite 500 but have 465cc rounds, sometimes wish I went a bit bigger, so good choice on going 500's you'll love them!
  15. placement depends on your body composition and what look youre after. your surgeon will know best when he/she sees you. just keep doing your research, write down as many questions as you can think to ask your surgeon and im sure by the end of your consult you should feel very reassured and excited for your procedure the next day! good luck
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