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  1. I found my rice sizers to be rather inaccurate. When I look at the photo's with the rice sizers on they looked bigger with the sizers than they do now (and my implants are meant to be bigger than what I made with sizers) I must have done something wrong :/ I just wore tshirts to cover the ugly bra, or some thick strapped tank tops worked as well
  2. I think he said mine was 12.5 but perhaps it was more and I've forgotten, because I know the largest I was offered (on the side with the smaller implant, we made all decisions based on that one and then modified to match on the other side) was 500cc, which would have ended up about 550 on the other side. Thats based on high profile, he offered cc's in terms of profile after seeing the look that I wanted. Kinda wishing I had gone with the high profile actually.
  3. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear this. The pain you have endured is horrible. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I really hope this is sorted soon. I agree, if it isn't sorted go to Current Affair.
  4. It's faded a bit. The side it is on is still quite high and bit tighter than the other one. Surgeon wasn't too concerned. He said because the left was sooo underdeveloped and tight prior to surgery he expected slower healing on that side. If the pain was still as bad I'd be going to a doctor but it seems okay now. He wants updates every few days to ensure it doesn't progress
  5. I'm exactly the same cupcake. The lack of energy is awful. Doing the right things but gaining instead of losing. I'm going to get bloods taken as well. It's such an awful feeling I'm sorry you are struggling as well. Have you seen this? It suggests that even if your bloods come back normal, there could still be an imbalance. http://www.thyroid-australia.com/
  6. It's still quite bad so have emailed surgeon, trying not to panic!
  7. Hi girls, I think I'm now 9 weeks post op and everything has been going fine until last night I suddenly started feeling achey in my left breast. This morning I've graduated to full blown burning and stabbing pain. What could this be? Should I email my surgeon?
  8. Yes. I did, along with geneticallyblonde. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. They were so helpful and having Charlie (the medical host) with us at the hospital provided so much reassurance.
  9. Ohhhh awesome. Yeah, I just wear undies as well. ENjoy. You will love it.
  10. Dr Narupon is amazing. I loved him as well. If PIAC doesn't have the implant you want they will postpone your surgery and find it at another hospital. My lefty is teardrop 475 and was flown in over night from Bangkok
  11. 15kms is a mammoth effort Mayne Girl. You should be so proud.
  12. I always wish I was a runner. I should try start up.
  13. Yup, the normal boob greed thing. I think the others are right, we just get used to them. I have this strange thing where I can remember life before them, but then kinda can't imagine not having them at the same time.
  14. I'd vote try for bigger as well. I'm a DD now, and no way are they as big as a real DD. I can't wait to upgrade
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