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  1. I downsized from 550cc to 300cc - I requested a lift/ reduction as I wanted a perkier result (my nipple was sitting quite low) otherwise I could have got away without one. Speak to your surgeon, I only wish I had done this sooner
  2. I had my initial breast aug 3.5 years ago (450 and 550cc). I have always HATED them, they looked saggy and 'natural' like I just had big breasts that had sagged. I also felt fat and frumpy and was restricted in the clothes I could were, hated wearing bikini's. The pain I had from this first op (completely unbearable!) has put me off my revision until now: On Monday I had my revision with Dr Phil Richardson. I downsized to 300cc under the muscle, with reduction and lift. The nurses on admission were amazing, as was the anaesthetist. I awoke with NO PAIN whatsoever, had a lemonade and was discharged, with no discomfort at all on the way back to the GC. It is only day 3 but I LOVE my boobs! The size is much better suited to my frame, the nipple is higher and they are symmetrical. It is still hard to see what they will turn out like due to the swelling, but I am so happy that I already love them, as I have never had this feeling before. I still have no pain, just some tightness which I am using cold packs and parasol for and forcing myself to bedrest. It has been such a smooth process that I just wish I did this earlier! The goodies bag that Dr Richardson and his staff provide has everything you need, and all of the staff have gone above and beyond and have been so nice to deal with!
  3. MRS GTo the original surgeon was a Paul Downey from the Lotus Institute however he has since retired. Im booked in with Dr Richardson for my revision
  4. Hi, I am in the process of getting quotes for a revision. I am wanting to downsize 200cc and the surgeon has recommended a reduction and lift as well. As I have CC and a letter from doctor re back pain some of this cost is covered by insurance (BUPA) and Medicare, however I feel it is very minimal. I have been quoted 14K for this procedure. Can anyone shed any light on similar procedure costs at all or how to get more back from insurance. Thanks!!
  5. Hi, im looking at Thailand to have a breast revision done. I currently have 550cc implants and wish to go smaller and have a lift. As this is so expensive in Australia and I have already spent $12k on the implants I am looking at Phuket. My question is which surgeons do you recommend or are currently referred to as the best in Phuket? thanks
  6. Sounds great, I'm also looking at PIAC now, in particular Dr Narupon as he seems to do good revision work, and the cost is so much less than a revision in Australia. Do you do an email consultation first, or is it all done when you get there. How much was yours all up if you don't mind me asking - feel free to pM me if you like:)
  7. Natty, who did you use for your redo? I wanting to do the same. Did you notice much difference in size going down 50cc? I'm thinking of going down 150cc with a lift, just want perky boobs 😃
  8. I am wanting to go smaller for the same reason, I feel so fat! Did you get a lift as well?
  9. Jjgirl

    Vampire facial

    I needed up getting this done whilst I was in Bali. I got PRP and micro needling for $250, the only downside is obviously I can't keep going there to get it done. It takes about 6 weeks to see optimal results and was done by a doctor who swears it's the best aesthetic non invasive treatment. It wasn't too painful as they applied numbing cream first, and I guess it was like having Botox over your entire face (with your own plasma!). She then micro needled my face. my face was red for a day or two, just looked like really bad sunburn. I can't comment on the results yet, but I will definitely be having more, as soon as I find a reasonably priced place at GC/ Brisbane 👍🏻
  10. cupcakes who did you end up going with to get this done? Can I also ask how much it cost and if it decreased your size at all? Wanting to do the same, hoping to be smaller size with Perkier boobs :)
  11. Good on you! Sorry to hear about your bad year, look after yourself x
  12. I prefer dysport.. I think it varies from person to person and is a personal choice of what works for you.. Try them both and see which you prefer 😀
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