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    BA done and dusted. Am hoping to stay 12DD or get bigger. Hope I don't shrink after the swelling goes down!
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    Dr Ali 12 November 2013
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    175 cm / 73kgs / 14A

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  1. The clinic called me. It is mondos cord. Minion mum how long did yours take to disappear?
  2. Hi ladies. It has been 9 weeks today since I had my 460cc implants. However late last night I just noticed a vein or bone stickig out from below my breast. Does anyone know what t is, or heard of it before? It is actually pretty painful and I've always felt pain there. Please send me a message before FR as I won't accept. I've posted 2 pic of it.
  3. Deedee90 Bwd? I don't know what that is. She just explained my rib cage won't be able to hold? I'll post my 1 week post op pix soon so you can see for yourself. My consult was very rushed and People kept coming in and out of my consult room. I'm my opinion TCI is unprofessional. Even the ladies who call to book in my checkup appointments were rude.
  4. They do look a lot smaller under clothes. I went from a small b to a d? No one noticed and has said anything. I didn't tell my work. I've hidden them quite well under my shirts. People won't notice be got boobs till our Xmas party. Haha
  5. Pix for my friends are up. Opinions please lady. Tried to write my experience and after all that it deleted grr. So I'll wait till I go Internet cafe tomorrow to write my story.
  6. Hey ladies I just finished my consult with Dr Ali. Waited 20 mins to be seen and consult took 35 mins. She advised my maximum size is 460cc but recommended I go smaller. The 460cc seem small for my height. 175cm and 75 kgs. I kept asking if I could go bigger but she advised there may be complications cause the rib cage won't hold. So 460cc is my maximum. I'm not happy about size and my surgery is tomorrow morning. I'm really sad as I'm using my savings and have wanted this surgery since forever! Thoughts? I'm currently a B cup...
  7. Hi I'm booked in with Dr Ali on 11 Nov. Very nervous. My bf is taking me to the surgery and picking me up after. He has work 4am the next morning. I'm worried about being alone the next day. Did anyone stay with you? I've sent you a FR. Hope it's ok :-)
  8. That's exciting :-) watch this space and I'll let ya know how I go. The closer I get towards surgery date the more I wanna go up a size. Hehe.
  9. Hi laurafield, I have the same stats as you. How was your surgery and what size did you get? My consult is on 11 nov and surgery 12 nov with dr Ali
  10. Thanks Chem. I am going for a natural look but considering I'm so broad I guess I won't get that. I've just sent you a FR hope that's ok :-)
  11. Hey everyone I'm new to this. Got my consultation on Mon 11 Nov then surgery 12 Nov. I'm nervous about size. I'm a 14A... Is going Straight to Dcup silly? I'm tall. 175cm which is 5'9"
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