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    24 yo/ 12A wanting to be D or DD / Bumrungrad Dr. Amorn Poomee / Jan 30th
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    Dr. Amorn Poomee on Jan 30th
  1. Oh feeling excited! But super nervous, almost starting to doubt myself…keep thinking about the risks But I try to remind myself that Dr Poomee is an amazing surgeon and that I have wanted this since I was 16. I've booked everything and been taking vitamin A, C and Bromelain to prepare. Just ordered some surgical wash and scar strips….now have to prepare the house ( move everything into arms reach) I keep coming back to your post and re read it to remind myself of how easy of an experience it will be... 9 Days til surgery!! I was wondering, did dr poomee give you device information cards with your implants? with the manufacturer number and so? in case of replacement? Thanks again K
  2. Wow thank you so much! Reading your post makes me feel 200% more excited to see Dr. Poomee! I have wanted boobs since I was 16 and I am pretty nervous to be travelling overseas but so so excited! I will make sure to buy some sports bras. I have booked my flight from Melbourne to Bangkok but return from Phuket, I hope I will be well enough to sight see a bit a week after the op? Do you think flying a week after will be okay or does the pressure in the air create discomfort? sorry if this is a silly question Thanks again!
  3. Hi Kpc_68 Congrats on your new boobies!! I am also seeing Dr Poomee in Jan and I was wondering if the cost covered the post op bra or if you think it's better that I buy one ahead of time and bring with me to Bangkok?? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! I am booked in for Jan 30th! Very excited
  5. Hi girls I'm scheduled to have a BA in Bangkok on January 30. I booked my return flight back to Melbourne from Phuket thinking that I could go sight seeing after my surgery a week after the procedure. I was wondering does this sound reasonable or is it unrealistic of me to think I can fly and so a week after? Should I change my return flight to Bangkok? I have never had any surgery so I'm unfamiliar with how much discomfort I will be in. Appreciate the responses thanks xx
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