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  1. I've had rhinoplasty with him. If you want information please PM me.
  2. [ATTACH]8420[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8421[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8419[/ATTACH]Hey, Unfortunately I am one of those unlucky ones who went to a good plastic surgeon but came out of the operating room with a nose worse than my original one. Any recommendations for an excellent revision surgeon?
  3. I had my nose done by Mark Doyle last month. When the cast came off I was mortified as it was sooooo swollen and I couldn't see the shape of my new nose. Maybe that's because there was an awful lot of work that needed to be done on my nose (straightening my nose, removing the hump, tip work and septoplasty). Now it looks even better than the morph he did (which was already good). So glad I chose Doyle..after years of hunting for the right surgeon!!
  4. I'm getting my rhinoplasty done by Mark Doyle next week also. If anyone has had their nose done by him I'd love to hear how it went (bruising, were u happy with the results etc) and if anyone wants to know how mine goes feel free to private message me!
  5. Also, Brissiegirl could you tell me how your rhinplasty turned out?
  6. Hi Brissiegirl, you have probably already had a rhinoplasty now so this response is for anyone else who would like to know info on Zacharia. I had a friend who had rhinoplasty with him and her nose looks absolutely AMAZING! It looks SO natural and really cute..she had a long, straight nose and a slight hump on it and he made her nose smaller with a nice curve. It is the most natural nose job I have seen so far!
  7. Has anyone had rhinoplasty with Dr Mark Doyle on the Gold Coast? How did it go?
  8. Has anyone had rhinoplasty by Dr Shahram Shahidi?/Do you know anything about him? What is the difference (negatives/positives) between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon?
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