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  1. caterpillar I have been following your story. it is just awful and I hate to hear that u feel like u have to decide between having a family and fixing ur surgeons mistakes. Money comes and goes! I have 2 kids and we r looking to jump into a $700000 homeloan this year and planing to have a 3rd child after that! Money will be super tight but our kids will have clothes, be fed, have a Catholic education and loving parents. $20000 is alot of money but I hope you dont write off the rest of your life because of it! borrow the money from the bank & pay it off over 5 or 10years. Donatella it seems as though a few posts are missing as I mostly see your posts to yourself ahaha. but I think I can paint a fair picture. Its not SO much the money. I mean it tooo ages for my hubby to agree to 6k for boobs n he aint happy about another 4k! but its mostly the timing. it was supposed to be my last big purchase before we really nuckle down and save. now all I have saved in the meantime could barely pay off the revision! and with wanting another baby it looks like im stuck with fugly tits for a while! im still waiting for a reply as to how long the quote stands for. Kinekla thanks for the support. It feels even more selfish using more money on myself though! it will come all in good time. Daisy Duke yes the revision is with TCI with the same surgeon as my initial BA. in the consultation I signed forms to pay 2k if there is a need for revision down the track. it will be another 1-2k for larger implants which was my own question as I am not happy with size. Dr actually said he would recommend going bigger to fill up the space
  2. hey ladies. Not alot of you would recognise my member name but I've been a member since 2011. I didn't have my BA until June 2014. Mostly due to the cost and fear of having complications. I found TCI and decided to go through with it as it was soo cheap which made the whole thing feel abit easier. I got 450cc HP textured Natrelle implants placed under the muscle. I also previously had a consultation with Dr Dona who I loved but the amazing price drew me towards TCI. I'm regretting it now as 6months post op my implants have failed to drop. They sit so high and my nipples sit right at the bottom. there is an obvious hump on the edge and they just look nasty. Now Ive been told a need a revision to manually drop them. another $2000. the surgeon waves his fees however the cost covers theatre and anethnatist fees. So all up my BA will cost $8000 + more time off work and more recovery. I asked how much to upgrade implants & they say 1-2k. im so upset as I dont think I can do anything this year. we are going for a homeloan in 4months and planning a baby. so more than likely it wont be fixed untill 2016 . Makes me wish I went with Dr Dona. he suggested a larger 520cc implant and to drop my crease .. so I wouldnt be in this position and it would end up being cheaper to go with him by the end of all this! My question now is, if I currently have 450cc do u think 550cc will have a noticable difference?
  3. I went through this with my first son and now with my 2nd who is 1.5yrs old. They eat NOTHING. Like literally. Just drink tonnes of milk. My first used to ask for 8 bottles of milk per day minimum. I guess u cud blame the parent for letting the child drink that much milk, because of corse they r full from all that full cream liquid. Though both my boys r well built! Not skinny. They are happy, growing and developing well and in a healthy weight range. Like u I try so many things but they just refuse. Although my 1.5yr old loves strawberries. So he eats strawberries and drinks milk. Its better than nothing! Its giving him enegery. My eldest is now 5 and eats a whole range of things. Your daugher will grow out of it eventually. If she is growing and developing normally, dont stress
  4. In the case of complications how much ur surgeon is willing to cover
  5. Look on the plus side. If Tuesday is ur day, there is no chance ur getting day old left over salad. Ur first cab off the rank
  6. Haha donatella I can explain that too. Your getting freshly prepared salads right? They will prepare and pack ur salad on a Monday then load out that night. Which means ur food gets to u on the Tuesday. To find a company that delivers monday would mean they prepare on sundays. Like most industrial work places, they do not operate on weekends.
  7. Deliveries are dependent on what area u live in. They do certain areas on certain days. But u can organise for a delivery after 5pm
  8. Donatella have u asked about after hours deliveries? They can delivery your house once ur home from work. Will cost a tad more tho
  9. I have 450cc n they dont look like 'big boobs' on me.
  10. Oh thanks Donatella Thats a bit more reasuring I will be calling them today to book An appt.
  11. I have private health insurance but I was told that they dont cover costs unless it is done in a hospital
  12. I have my 6month op check next month. Mine were done by Dr Tang. Kine still sit very high and have a very noticeable hump. Like an invisiblw push up bra. Looks so unnatural and a bit embarrasing at the beach. Difference is with TCI its going to cost $2000 to fix
  13. I had my initial BA with TCI n was told that for revision it would be the total price $6000 minus about $2000 for using the same implants. ie. In the case of capsular contracture and re using ur old implants. But thats wheb u go with them originally. I was also told by them if u had ur initial somewhere else than u r referred to Dr Dona at a price of $12500 for capsulectomy . Hope that helps a bit
  14. Wear your rice sizers to work from day one
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