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    Breast augmentation 5th February at TCI Dr Lee. 560cc silicone high profile round unders.
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    Dr Lee
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  1. It could be your antibiotics??? Mine made me extremely sick
  2. I'm 165cm and 68 kilos. My bwd is 15cm and I'm 4 days post op with 560cc. Besides from the pain .... I love them .
  3. Good to hear that everything went so well. Rest up and speedy recovery
  4. My surgery went great and pics are up. Thanks ladies, you're all so wonderful and supportive. Your knowledge has made my BA stress free. I have been able to share what to expect with my hubby and it's made us feel greatly at ease about the whole thing. Thank you all so very much. Xxxx
  5. thats awesome megz 400cc will be great on your frame. Best of luck. Xx
  6. I'm out lovely ladies. Booobies are high and tight and I'm in a bit of pain, which is to be expected . Posted a pic in my album xx
  7. I'm not hungry at all but I'm dying of thirst. I would kill for a nice tall glass of coke zero with ice. Lol
  8. Thanks ladies, I will let you know how everything goes.
  9. Just got a call from TCI and they've asked me to come I at one. An hour earlier yessssss. Good lord I'm so thirsty right now!
  10. Thanks darl..... I think my nerves have gone and I'm just ready to get it done. roll on 2pm
  11. Finally my turn has come. It's been a long wait, but yeeehaaaa my boobie day has arrived. we arrived in parramatta yesterday and I had my final consult with the very lovely and funny Dr Lee from TCI at 4 pm. instantly my nerves were calmed by his caring and compassionate nature. TCI is very impressive and professional. After a lengthy discussion, he took my measurements and I found out my BWD is a whopping 15!!!!!! He told me the minimum I could go was 460cc. I'm slightly ptotic after having 3 children and all the breast feeding that goes with it. i settled on 560cc which he was confidence that would give me amazing results and said I will be very very happy with my outcome. Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaa, his infection and complication rate is less than 1 percent and none of his patients have ever developed CC. Very comforting. We are staying at the meriton apartments and lucky for us we have been upgraded to a two story two bedroom apartment. Whoooop. I've set myself up in the bedroom with everything i will need for the next 24 hours with all the creature comforts close at hand. My delicious man has put a DVD player in there for me and bought me magazines and ordered up lots of extra pillows . I'm lucky to have him here with me . ) Surgery is at 2pm girls and I'm so excited today.
  12. Hey megz my surgery is 2pm tomorrow. I will be up early to have a cuppa and some toast and then nothing til after surgery. Let me know how your consult goes tomorrow xx will keep you updated
  13. I've just got back from my consult with dr lee who was absolutely wonderful and has made me feel so comfortable. My bwd is 15!!!!!!! He'll yeah. I was given three sizes.... 460cc, 520 and 560cc. Looks like I'm joining the 500's club and have decided on the 560cc!!!!!! Very very happy. Surgery is 2pm tomorrow .
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