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    Breast enlargement
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    Dr szalay 9 dec 13
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    167cm/ 67kg/ 10A/B

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  1. I started chest workouts 8wks post op. Only just got back to my normal chest weights now but finding the implants jump a little when I do heavy weights. Thinking of concentration on shoulders instead...
  2. I got one from target, I was ur size before the surgery and got 385 implants. I'm a size 12DD now but due to swelling in post op I would recommend growing a 14D so it's not too tight.
  3. I'm 3 weeks post op and am measuring a DD at the moment. My stats are 167cm, 66kg and started with a small 10b cup. I got 385cc textured round unders
  4. I got mine just as I was going into the surgery, but the drugs they gave me stopped it for 2 days. Not sure why
  5. I ate heaps the first week. Now back at work and hardly eating anything, just not hungry this week
  6. Yay! Good for you, I hope the recovery goes well. Congrats on ur new assets!
  7. I have to clean and change my dressing twice a day as they are not waterproof.
  8. I wear a post op bra 24/7. I'm 5 days post op today and mine still feel like they are balloons ready to pop! They will soft over the next few weeks, don't worry it is normal.
  9. Yeah I know 3wks is soooooo long!! No I don't have waterproof dressings. I have to change them morning and night and not get them wet at all. I had Dr Szalay in Brisbane. I've been managing ok so far
  10. Katvo I would wear the supportive one for the first couple of weeks then start wearing the singlet
  11. Went bra shopping this morning for another post op bra. Found one at target that does up at the front and is for post surgery, pretty comfy too. So pre op I was a 10B and today I measure a 14D!! I'm still abit swollen around my waist so think I'll be a 12D or 12DD in the end so so happy!
  12. I have 385 mod plus profile unders. FR if u want
  13. I'm not allowed to shower for 3 weeks, gross I know! If u have a shower head that comes off the wall, I just shower my bottom half then wipe myself down with wet ones on my top half. Partner is going to try wash my hair for me tonight, that should be interesting lol
  14. Good luck for today! Your day is finally here! New boobs!!!
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