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  1. Went bra shopping this morning for another post op bra. Found one at target that does up at the front and is for post surgery, pretty comfy too. So pre op I was a 10B and today I measure a 14D!! I'm still abit swollen around my waist so think I'll be a 12D or 12DD in the end :D so so happy!

  2. I'm not allowed to shower for 3 weeks, gross I know! If u have a shower head that comes off the wall, I just shower my bottom half then wipe myself down with wet ones on my top half. Partner is going to try wash my hair for me tonight, that should be interesting lol

  3. Good luck for tomorrow joyfulgirl & kieran, you'll be fine. I had my BA on Monday, got 385cc silimed round textured unders with crease incision. Was in a lot of pain Monday bit it has subsided a lot now which is good. They seem high and hard atm like a shelf strapped to my body haha but that's to be expected. My recovery was pretty good. I had a 645am appointment and was going home at 11am. So happy I have boobies, can't wait for them to soften up and drop down a bit. I've got a post op bra on that is terribly hard to hide under clothes hopefully can find an alternative at some point so I can go out in public. It's a scary op but in the end it will be worth it when we can all go to the beach feeling amazing in a bikini :)

  4. Are u going over or under the muscle little82? I'm similar stats to u, was choosing between 330 and 385. Decided on 385 unders which will look like 330s. If ur nervous about size just choose what would be proportionate to ur body would be my suggestion. u can always go back for another consult to try them on again, that's what I did.

  5. Least he didn't take it as bad as you thought... I let my mum tell dad. She came to the consult with me and was real supportive. Dad didn't really understand and asked mum to make sure I didn't go too big. Dad is a bit of a joker and pokes fun at us kids so I was expecting some wise cracks the next week when I saw him but apparently mum had forbidden him to joke about it! Haha! The rest of my family has no idea nor do most of my friends. They'll find out afterwards. In the end it's ur body, ur money and ur decision, it's not up to anyone else.

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