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Found 15 results

  1. I know it's probably very early to be starting a thread (hey, I'm super organised, lol), but anyone out there also having their BA in September 2015? I'm booked in with Dr Miroshnik on 3 September, going 375cc anatomics, dual plane placement, with areola reduction. I'm SO excited (but also very anxious)! Yay!
  2. Hi ladies, I thought I would start a thread for any girls having surgery in October this year! I will be heading to Phuket for a BL+BA with Dr. Boonchai @ PIAC on Oct 20th and would be keen to share info/tips and follow each others progress etc. I will most likely be travelling alone too, not 100% sure yet, but might be leaving hubby and 2 kids at home for 16 nights eek! I am going through Cosmeditour too. xxx
  3. Hi everyone, I'm booking in a solo trip to Phuket for BA with dr Piyapas and going solo as no one could come with me! Leaving Perth on the 20th and procedure on the 21st, coming home on the 30th! Never been to Phuket previously and I would lie if I didn't say I was scared and nervous. Anyone doing it at the same time??? I'm also thinking to book in at Banthai Resort as I'm hearing that it's quiet and quite secluded. Help!! Thanks everyone x
  4. tegs033

    June 2015

    I dont think there is a thread for june 2015 ladies yet? Thought I'd start one, I'd love to follow each other through the journey I've got my consult with DR dona in sydney on 4/6/15 and I've prebooked my surgery date for 9/6/15 since I'm impatient lol and im very confident he is the surgeon I want (even his staff have been so lovely and helpful via email and phone) Im hoping for atleast 500+cc round cilicone (I like the big round fake look) and im getting a lift and nipple reduction too. still a few months away but this year has gone so fast already! xx
  5. Hi Ladies I am seeing Dr Boonchai, December 2015 for breast lift with implants. I have read many great things about his work, but I am having a hard time finding recent photos of his work. This is is my first time posting in the forum so I'm not sure how this works. Are there photos available on this forum that I can be directed to or links to another website? I'm flying over with my partner and we've found a great place to stay at on Air BnB. I initially enquired with CosmediTours but they are a waste of money and draws the process out further. I recommend organising the trip yourself. It
  6. Hi everyone, I'll be travelling alone to Phuket for BA in December of this year. Would love to know if anyone is also travelling on their own and would like to "share the pain" for a few days! Would also love to hear if anyone has travelled on their own and whether it is safe to do day activities on your own and any suggestions or tips? Thanks in advance :)
  7. Deeds been done I am now booked for October 7th 2015. Im super scared but really excited too! I feel when looking at fake boobs I only really like 1 out of 5 sets. I am after an extremely natural appearance and tossing up currently between 325 cc High Profile mentors, and 300 cc moderate + mentors. I will be bringing this up with my surgeon on my second sizing date. I am also getting my navel piercing stitched up due to scarring. - BEFORE would love to hear from anyone with similar stats and sizes. OR anyone using Jake Lim in castle hill/ parra. What I would LOVE to achieve.
  8. Just a roll call for the girls who are interested in sharing their jouney, questions ect. Plz post dates and docs for roll call!
  9. Hello everyone! I have been apart of this forum for some months now and I thought I would start a post for those of us having our procedures done next year in March. I myself am having my BA with Dr Boonchai on the 6th of March, staying at the Centara Karon. I am 154cm and 48kg.. hoping for a D to DD cup with approx 300cc high profile implants. I would love to chat to any of you who are like me and counting down the days till this day. (130 to go) !!!!! feel free to send through a FR or a message to chat.
  10. Just wondering if any of you ladies could shed some light on when i will be ok to drive after surgery? i do drive manual so any manual drivers experience would be great also
  11. Hi ladies, I have an October 2015 thread in another part of the forum but thought I would start one here too incase anyone going in October didn't see the other one. I will be heading to Phuket for a BA and BL with Dr. Boonchai at PIAC on October 14th and would be keen to share info and tips and follow each others progress etc! I will be travelling through Cosmeditour aswell. Hubby and two kids will most likely be travelling with me aswell so it will be a nice family getaway too. I am so excited! xx
  12. Hi girls, I am wondering if anyone has dealt with Dr Dash from TCI Bondi I'm booked in Mid June to get my BA. I would like to know your personal experience. Also I have a few questions as I'm getting nervous closer to date. How was the day's following surgery? Also I'm not from Sydney so any help in regards of what's there to do for myself and hubby.. how to get around transport wise and good accommodation that's not the usual meriton or quest..I would be so grateful. Any tips as well is always welcome
  13. Girls take a break from talking about you boobies... ( sorry if that comment offended anyone) WHAT IS YOUR plans for New Years Eve & Day ?
  14. Hi all. So I have had a massive change of travel plans regarding my breast augmentation next March 2015. I was originally going with a friend but since she has fallen pregnant and obviously can no longer go. I am now taking my Dad along and he has thought about getting his teeth worked on whilst we are both in Phuket. I am so excited to be spending quality time with my Dad as we have never really done anything like this just the two of us! Do you have any suggestions of accommodation for us both? I was going to be at Peach Hill in Kata beach, as we had booked a 1 bedroom 2 single bed
  15. Hi all! I received an email back from PIAC and Dr Boonchai, I am eligible for my long awaited breast augmentation!! I was told that it is too far away to book anything as I want surgery in March 2015. I emailed back saying that I will reply in October and try to book then... Those of you who had surgery at PIAC, when or how prior to your date did you book? I'm not bothered that much, it is just hard because I cannot book accommodation or flights until my surgery date is booked in. Thank you xx
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