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  1. Hi girls! So I'm booked in with Dr Tavakoli in twenty days to get a standard boob augmentation. Im having to travel interstate so haven't as yet had my consult so am becoming really anxious. I think I'm finding it hard knowing I'm going into surgery with some one I haven't even met yet. But from my research online I think I liked his work the most. Can any girls who have had there boobs done with him that have travelled give me any advise? Reasure me? Also received my pre op pack in the mail today and reading all the complications that can go wrong whilst under has me worried to. I no this is just pre op anxiety but iv always been a worry wart! Im excited for new breast and am keeping that in mind. So any Tavakoli girls that want to tell me how amazing he is please do
  2. Baby

    Dr K Tavakoli

    Hi Everyone I've never posted before new at this but I wanted to write a review on my experience with Dr Tavakoli for anyone considering him... Had a BA+BL 11 September 14... Just wanted to say HOW Impressed i am for all the assistance i received from the 3 beautiful ladies at reception Abby, Sarah & Jennifer; they are a pleasure to deal with... So Happy To Help! Abby did my consultation & Sarah is taking care of my progress... Dr Tavakoli... What can I say... Genius with Golden Hands! He was so lovely on the day of surgery really made me feel comfortable and like I was important not just a patient! He knew exactly what I needed and what would look just right for my body frame! He is a man of few words so make sure you come in with your list of questions, example photos of what you like and say what your hoping to achieve and Dr Tavakoli will answer everything and give you his expertise advise and i must underline Expertise! I had my surgery at ESPHospital & it was really nice and clean... The staff were all friendly especially Maggi was awesome made me feel extremely comfortable relaxed Kevin Lee the anesthesiest and his assistant Lilianne were so lovely and made me smile & answered all my questions plus made me feel relaxed Lilianne went above and beyond to make me feel at ease gave me a hug and I can't sing her praise enough! I cannot describe how well I've been cared for and how much praise i have for the whole team involved Thank You Thank You Thank You Happy to answer any questions from anyone considering Dr Tavakoli
  3. Hi cosmetic journey members, Last month I had a breast lift with implants and wanted to share my experience with others. I hope this is helpful to those considering the surgery. Monday – 21/5 • Operation – lift and augmentation Tuesday Wednesday • Extremely bloated and feeling crappy Thursday The antibiotics prescribed for the Staph made me feel really out of it. Medications don’t usually give off any other effects I seem to tolerate medication but I felt these made me really trippy and this might have been combined with the Valium. I felt the effects of the Staph medication not long after taking them Friday Saturday • Start to commence light housework – didn’t leave the house Sunday Did more housework eg light loads of washing – didn’t leave the house Took my last Valium and antibiotic for Staph on the early Sunday evening Monday – 28/5 Went into the office at around 11am – started to feel warm like I was coming down with a fever but it wasn’t anything major. Was sore but not overly. In hindsight I shouldn’t have gone back to work but my husband became unwell with flu and a migraine. Sore that evening Tuesday My husband was really unwell so had to get the kids to school in three different locations. Went to work for a few hours and then had to attend a presentation for my daughter – felt exhausted Started to feel like I was coming down with hayfever – had a really runny nose, felt tired, was getting hot and around this time the itch started around the adhesive This is when I noticed the itch because it was starting to bother me and throughout the day I kept taking my jacket on and off Couldn’t sleep that night – might have been due to my husband being unwell but slept for about 3 hours Wednesday Woke up feeling like I had someone pressing on my chest due to over doing the previous two days. Not like me not to get up but had to lay in bed for 2 hours before I could surface Had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday with the Nurse Drove to appointment and was getting hot on the drive feeling really itchy Had appointment with the Nurse who changed the dressings and told me to stop scratching Went for an ultrasound at Barrangaroo – ultrasound was fine Still itchy that night Thursday Woke up still really itchy Got back in to see Dr Tavakoli who took off the tape and prescribed a coirtersone cream Applied this two times that day – cream did nothing Still feeling itchy – the itch was relieved by a light running of my fingernails over my breasts with clothing on and sometimes directly on the skin 7pm had to sit with no top on because my breasts were so saw and felt raw Friday Stayed at home and did very light housework as I had my 3 year old at home with me – wore no bra cause my skin felt raw if I could describe Had to do pickup at 3pm and work CK bralette Got home an hour later and my skin was killing me Had to sit in my room with no top on for an hour or so Again sat on the couch that evening with no top on I applied to coirtersoine cream several times throughout the day and the redness around the tape was still there – skin was irritated – looked like hives around the tape to me Saturday Was at home for the day with no bra or support because my skin was so irritated and red from where the tape had been. Dr Tavaloli cut off a mole on my right hand side which had more tape on it so to wear any bra or have anything directly on that area or where the tape had been was really irritating Breasts felt sore underneath on the bottom half of breasts Area where tape was, was still red but fading – not gone completely Attended an event that night with not bra, just a cotton smooth singlet which was good and didn’t irritate my skin By the end of the night my breast were sore underneath and felt heavy Sunday Felt like my boobs were about to fall out because I hadn’t had on any support Muscles were really sore this morning Put the compression bra on with some combine pads over my skin. It was still irritated but not as much Around this time I felt the skin under my breast (either side of the vertical scar) start to feel sore/sensitive The irritation from the tape wasn’t annoying me as much by this stage, I felt like it was the stitches under my breast We were out for the afternoon with friends but only at a café and park and then went back home My breast tissue felt really sore that evening Monday – 4/6 Went to work Breasts felt very sensitive, to the extent that it felt like my nerves were sitting on the outside of my skin Wearing combine pads on top of breast to mitigate rubbing and agitation Very uncomfortable by the night Tuesday Appointment with Dr Tavakoli, prescribed me Clormidicin for mastitis Really uncomfortable duing the day, skin still really sensitive but only located to the bottom part of my breast Wearing combine pads over breasts to stop rubbing Felt good Tuesday night after starting medication Redness from tape completely gone Wednesday Went to work Forgot medication – had to go back home to get the script because I was feeling sore on the underpart of my breasts – right side more sore/sensitive Wore the combine pads over breasts Breasts were still sensitive/sore that evening but felt a bit better Applied coirtoisone cream given by Dr Tavakoli Thursday Ran errands today Didn’t wear combine pads today Breasts started to get agitated again by mid afternoon Taking all the medication as prescribed By 4pm my breasts where the tape had been was red. It appeared that the compression bra directly on my skin had started to irrirate it again Breasts on the bottom part were sore again this evening Not feeling any muscle soreness at all and haven’t since Tuesday 5/6 Friday • Woke up breasts not feeling as sensitive / sore. There is a little bit but I am feeling the best I have today Summary In hindsight I think I underestimated the recovery of the surgery, I know there is information in there, but when dealing with mums you must stress that they rest for a minimum 2 weeks. It was unfortunate my husband got unwell because that put extra stress on our situation and I wasn’t able to let my body recover however this is life but I would have got extra help for that second week. By Wednesday 30/5 I did cause I realised I was in a bad way and not feeling well but recovery as the nyrse kept stressing when I visited last week should have been stressed earlier at one of my appointments. As mums we have to get on with it and I have given birth naturally to 3 kids no epidural, gas etc so I thought having surgery would be easy, I actually regretted it in the first week just because I personally underestimated what it would be like. Also I have never had any major surgery so probably naïve also. With regards to the reaction with the tape, this was noticed more around the time I was getting hot with my flu like symptoms and could possibly be a reaction to the sweat. I had mastitis several times with each of my children which hit me straight away I am thinking that I might have started to come down with the mastitis one week after the operation (Monday 28/5) as I started to feel flu like symptoms Was taking medication until Sunday afternoon for Staph and maybe they might have been keeping the mastitis at bay but once I stopped those medications the mastitis kicked in – not sure if the drugs cross over but 12-24 hours after stopping I stopping the Staph medication I started to feel unwell I am not so much sure that the tape is the issue in my case, I think the mastitis might have played into this and could have been the catalyst but because the symptoms were so subtle not like in pregnancy it was overlooked due to the soreness of muscles, recovering from surgery. As I connect the dots it was when I started to get hot and sweat that I really noticed the itching on the top part of my breasts however the feeling/ sensitivity/soreness on the bottom part of my breast was there I just thing the discomfort and irritation where the tape had been overrode it until the redness went away. I am so happy with the results, can see that Dr Tavakoli is a perfectionist and have enjoyed my experience with him – really happy with the results and very happy I went with him. I hope this helps.
  4. I'm currently dealing with symmastia due to a previous botched breast augmentation. I'm now searching for the best options to rectifying this problem. Most of my searches have lead to Dr Tavakoli and the internal bra technique. I would love to hear some feed back from anyone who has dealt with symmastia and anyone who has had the internal bra procedure. Is the internal bra the best option to rectify symmastia? Who is the best surgeon in Australia to perform symmastia revision/repair?
  5. Dr Tavakoli performed recently my breast augmentation. He Corrected my asymmetry using two different size implants ... right 350cc and left 305 cc mentor anatomical implants and also used extensive fat grafting to my lower breast pole and cleavage . He used fat from my arms and axillas! I am Day 1 post op and I feel great .. I have had no pain from my lipo areas .. just the tightness from my breasts but that was expected !!! I am extactic with my results ... he is truly a master craftsman ... I am beyond happy ?
  6. My first time on this site! I am booked in for 22nd August with Dr T for BA and fat grafting I haven't finalised my size implants yet so I am having a pre op appointment with him to go over it again because I am a bit nervous that I wont go big enough.. but I think I am going to leave it up to him in the end. I am having fat grafting to my cleavage too because I am quite bony on my chest which I am quite happy about because my thighs have those pockets of fat :| Getting excited I just wish it was sooner.... anyone thats had fat grafting I will appreciate your advice or story Suziexx
  7. Hi I have booked in my consult for a BA with Dr Tavakoli for 12th July.. I have done so much research and I've finally decided to just go to the consultation and hopefully book in! I've been watching his stories on Snapchat and its so interesting to watch.. not all glitz and glam like I imagined lol. Has anyone on the forum been with Dr T since doing snapchat or have you been on it yourself? If I book surgery with him I want him to film me to I can watch it after - do I need to ask him to film? Weird request I know!! I'm really hoping to have surgery in September so fingers crossed! H xx
  8. Hello all my fellow Boobie bloggers!! Has anyone else here had revision surgery by Dr Tavakoli? I am booked in for May 23rd to have my implants redone by him after I had a bad experience with a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney... I had round implants put in 2 years ago and they look horrible and uneven Dr T said he is going to replace them with teardrop implants and use the internal bra on me and then do fat grafting from my stomach to my cleavage and lower pole of my breast as they are uneven and my cleavage is so "wide set" as he described it. Has anyone else had the internal bra? I'm actually pretty excited about the fat grafting because I'll have a flatter tummy in the end too lol! I would love to hear from anyone with experience Thanks girlies!
  9. Hi, I live in Melbourne and I have had an online consultation and Skype consultion with Dr Tavakoli. I'm still thinking about a surgery date but just wanting to know if anyone has had surgery with Dr Tavakoli for breast lift and implants ?
  10. Three days ago I had my consult with Dr Tavakoli in regards to fixing my breasts. It turns out I needed more than just a standard augmentation due to my breast being fairly asymmetrical. In January 2016 I am having a bilateral breast augmentation with a lollypop lift. I don't know whether I am more nervous or excited but I’ve thought about this procedure for a long time and chose to have it done by Dr Tavakoli. After meeting him in 2013 then having a rhinoplasty and a brow lift in 2014. I felt really comfortable with my decision because Dr Tavakoli had performed cosmetic surgery on me before. Both my previous experiences were fantastic and I was looked after in every aspect of my surgery, before, during and after. I had made contact with other clinics in Sydney, Melbourne where I live and even Thailand though Dr tavakoli has always made me feel really relaxed and in my consult he really knew what he needed to do to improve my breast area performing a lift and a breast augmentation with implants. I was really at ease because I didn’t feel afraid to ask questions or ask him to explain things to me. I also had the opportunity to speak to Jennifer, one of the staff who often liaises with Dr Tavakoli’s patients in regards to the procedure they’re having, which helped reassure me that I'm in the right hands. Less than a month to go!
  11. Hey girlies. I paid my deposit today for my BA with Dr T in Sydney. I know of a few people that have had them done with him and they are so happy but just wondering if any of you have any advise or experience i should know about? My surgery is booked for 17th Feb.. I have a pre op appointment the week before to finalise sizing. I am a small B now and want to be Full D or DD. What size do you recommend?? Any advise I will be greatful for
  12. My journey with Dr Tavakoli - one week post op! A week since my surgery, and I'm feeling a lot better than I thought I would.The pain like I said after day 1 is fully manageable but even looking at my chest I can notice huge changes. My bruises have turned a beautiful yellow (this is a good thing!)I can start to see some cleavage too as my swelling has disappeared. I've finished my antibiotics and I'm only taking some paracetamol before bed as the pain isn't really there but personally my bruises are really sensitive so I need to be careful how I position myself when I'm resting. My tummy where the fat was taken is still a bit bruised but I would've forgotten that I even had that done if it wasn't for my bruise. Everyone is different when their body is healing, some of my friends have had massive trouble after a breast augmentation and to think I had a lot more than that done and I would consider myself to be doing really well. I haven't been doing much, just taking it easy as my breast was accidentally bumped and I haven't wanted to make things worse over the weekend. I've definitely been milking it around the house though when it has come to doing things which I am not shy to admit, though I am very surprised with what I can do a week after. I've certainly made the right decision when I chose to have Dr Tavakoli perform this procedure. As my breast was bumped before the weekend (when I say bumped, I mean accidentally kicked by a toddler) I made contact with one of his staff, his nurse via email and she was incredible. As silly as my questions seemed and as you can imagine I was so scared, she responded.... on the weekend! within the hour. I was pleasantly surprised to hear so soon and felt so comfortable that I had back and forth contact and answers almost instantly. i flew home on the saturday night back to melbourne as i flew interstate to have this surgery done by Dr T and no pain at all, when i expected it the most which made me very happy, very lucky i didn't have to carry my bags though. I can't wait until my dressing are fully off in two weeks!! I might even post a before and after
  13. Hi guys! I'm trying to narrow down a list of about 3 surgeons to contact and rhinoplasty. I'm finding it really difficult to figure out how to go about finding one. Obviously I've googled around and looked at forums but I'd love to hear from people who have actually had it done. The surgeon closest to me is Dr James Gaffield but i'm not really interested in his work. I found Dr Tavakoli (sydney) and was really impressed by his work (well, the photos on his website.) I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who has had surgery with him. I am in QLD and would ideally like to find a good surgeon close to home but I will travel for the right person. I also have family near Perth if anyone could recommend a surgeon in that area too! Thank you all so much. If you could also share how much you paid for your procedure so I could get a rough idea how much each Dr is (i do understand this may not reflect the price I will pay.)
  14. Hi girls, I went to a couple of consultations for breast implants and both surgeons told me that I was very tuberous and wasn't a suitable candidate for a breast augmentation so I went to Dr Tavakoli last week and he said I can definitely have the implants but I am grade 2 tuberous so I need a lift on my right breast. He said he is going to do some fat grafting to the bottom of my breast too to make them look fuller and less pointy. Has anyone else had this? And anyone been to Dr Tavakoli with advise? I'm so nervous but so excited to have boobies!!
  15. Hi all, I'm assuming different surgeons give different advice to when to start exercising after BA. My surgery is booked for December 9. I LOVE exercising - it's my stress reliever! I exercise 5 days a week - mostly cardio (running 7kms) and a couple of weight training classes for toning. I guess my question is how long have you waiting before hitting the gym again? I'm happy never to do push ups again but i really don't want to rule out running or squats. What are your experiences with exercise after BA? I'm scared i won't be able to run like i used to! But it's the risk i'm definitely going to take!!
  16. Hi, I'm very new to this site but was wondering if there's been any interstate travellers who's had surgery with Dr Tavakoli? I'm from Adelaide and have just put my deposit of $3000 to secure my 9 Dec operation. I'm arriving the day before. My Avi is work done by Dr T, and think they're the perfect size. Would love any feedback from patients of Dr T. I've yet to have a Skype consultation (nov) so putting my faith from the reviews I've read!
  17. Hi ladies, I am new to this site. I had my consult with Dr Tavakoli and was so happy with him that I booked my surgery for June. Cannot believe how soon it is. I feel really excited but really nervous too. The girls in his office advised that it is fine for me to stay in Sydney for two nights in total. Arriving in Sydney on the day of surgery and going home on day 2. I just wanted to get other people's experiences on how they felt on day 2 post op and would they be ok to travel in a car for two hours? Thanks in advance :-)
  18. Hi girls! On the 22-12-2014 I had my surgery with Dr Tavakoli who is just amazing! I got Mentor 323, 390cc Silicone Medium Height High Profile Anatomical. I went from a B cup to an E... My surgeon Dr Tavakoli was so good and I am extremely happy with the way they have healed and the way they look in proportion to my body. Wish I'd done it earlier! Now that everything's starting to settle & I'm beginning to be able to do more I'm just wondering if anyone knew of some good places to get size 10E bras from? I've been searching myer, david jones, bnt etc etc but am having difficulty finding bras in my size. I've only managed to find one so far & I'd like to get more in various colours. I'm also finding it a bit hard to find a "plunge" bra that isn't a push up (can't wear push up till 3 months) and that isn't a balconette style. Can anyone help? Thanks heaps!!!!
  19. Surgeon: Dr Tavakoli Procedure: Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Hospital: East Sydney Private Date of Surgery: November 2014 Dr Tavakoli is incredible at what he does, but it is his approach that I want to talk about. I had my first consultation in February 2014, when we finished he said to me “So I’ll see you….in 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months or never again, you have the information you need, so please go and talk to your mum, your friends, whoever you need to and come back to me when you’re ready”, there was no pressure to book a surgery date. It wasn't until 9 months later did I go back and book my surgery. It was never the actual surgery that made me apprehensive, I personally just wasn't sure if I should spend this money on myself, or keep it in my savings to go towards something like a house deposit one day (or maybe never, I live in Sydney, so buying a home is unlikely anyway!). The day of surgery, in the marking room Dr Tavakoli said to me “so here we go, (some of) the house deposit”. He remembered a conversation we'd had a month ago, and that is because of his truly humanistic approach. Dr Tavakoli understands and appreciates the unique needs of every patient. You will never be “just another set of boobs” to Dr Tavakoli and his team. Enough cannot be said for everyone else who works alongside him, Dr Tavakoli’s approach is mirrored at the rooms in Double Bay and also the surgery team. Sarah, Jen and Abby are incredibly professional, and I honestly talk to these girls like girlfriends. They are fantastic! I am 1 month post op, and I would describe the journey so far as effortless and fun. I only wish I had done it sooner! It is honestly one of the easiest things I have ever done – and this is because of Dr Tavakoli and the team. I have found recovery to be relatively painless and straightforward, if you do what they tell you to do you will have absolutely no problems. If you, like me are feeling unsure for any number of reasons, don't. It is a decision you will not regret (especially if you go with Dr Tavakoli!)
  20. So everything went as expected yesterday, got to East sydney private hospital and wow what a place so new and fresh!! Sat in the waiting room after I paid and signed everything at admissions, was only sitting in there for around 5 minutes and got taken through,after going through some more paper work with the nurse, I got taken to a change room put on a lovely robe, some booties and hair net, not long after me and mum went through to pre admissions I had my own bed with a warm blanket and got a Valium which helped with the nerves. Not long after I got taken through said buy to mum and went to another room where dr t's assistant came in and started drawing on me, dr t came in started drawing on me some more, then the anaesthetist came in and went over medical history again. Before I knew it I was walking into the theatre room, everyone was sooooooo lovely and kind which made things so much easier Then it was like I blinked and woke up in recovery, had a tight chest as expected, nurse gave me an endone and Valium, as I started to wake up some more I got taken to a recliner chair where my mum and partner got brought through, I had a few emotional tears, not sure why I think it was just a bit overwhelming. The lovely nurses gave me some anti nausea medication as the endone didn't agree with me. Then it was time to go home, was feeling very out of it and was vomiting in a bag before I got in the car (again the endone). Then I was at home in bed, slept all night mum was up every 2 hours draining my drains for me and helping me to the toilet. Now onto day 2 feeling so much better, very tight in the chest but I have refused to take any endone, I've Only taken Panamax and Valium to help with the muscle tightness. I havnt felt like I need any other pain relief. I'm now getting up every hour walking around and stretching my shoulders back, and feeling surprisingly good, no real pain. I've uploaded some photos also. Thanks for reading girls
  21. Hi I am new to this forum. Just wanted if any one on here has had their surgery with Dr Tavakoli and who have got Anatomical Implants (Teardrop). I went for my initial consult last week, I told him my preference would be a natural look with nice cleavage, but also get the look of wow they look too good to be real. He straight away suggested Anatomicals for my shape and proportion, im a size 8-10 around 60kg and 5ft.6 and currently a very small B cup. I've chosen roughly a 350- 375cc moderate profile but will let him decide on the day of surgery on which cc looks better. Just wondering if others on here have had anatomicals with dr tavakoli, and how are you liking them now?? I know so many people and friends who have seen dr tavakoli but all gotten round shape, I trust his choice and judgment to get me my best result so im not worried. Just like reading and hearing of other peoples experiences who have had something similar to what im getting. Thanks
  22. Breast Augmentation was something I always wanted, though from fear I never thought I would go through with it. After years of thinking about it I finally made a booking for a consultation over the phone (whilst shaking just thinking about it). At the consultation Dr Tavakoli made both my partner and I feel comfortable and relaxed. His knowledge and expertise were soon realised by myself. Jen answered every questions I possibly had that day (and that was many). I walked away feeling a lot more positive in making a decision and went ahead with the booking. Abby was fantastic from answering more questions to always replying in such a timely and professional manner. The day of my surgery I was a mess with nerves. The nurses took such great care of me and didn't leave me alone for more than a short period of time which was just what I needed. Dr Tavakoli came and saw me and yet again I was reassured. When I woke up I had no pain what's so ever. I'm nearly 3 months on and I'm in love with my new boobs. To this day I have had Nothing but the best experience from Dr Tavakoli and his staff In which I highly recommend him.
  23. Firstly, i'd like to thank everyone on this site. I have been reading so many experiences, thoughts and support you all have for one another over the last few months. It has helped me a lot and given me the courage to finally have a breast augmentation!!! I'm booked in next Friday 30th May with Dr Tavakoli. He as ordered high profile 315, 320, 350 and 365cc anatomical implants (POLYTECH) and will decide on the day. I am having them sub-muscular and he has also recommended i have fat grafting in the cleavage area as I'm pretty boney (i have not yet decided on this). Im hoping for a very natural looking C. I'm wondering if there are any other ladies on here who have had similar sizes done by Dr Tavakoli. Do you have natural cleavage? I'm starting to wonder if my boobs would be wide apart because I have nothing to start with. How do you feel with the anatomical implants? Do they feel really firm? How careful do you have to be with them? (do you have fear the will rotate) For post op - did anyone buy a bed rest pillow? My bed doesn't have a bedhead so I'm a bit worried about pillows sinking during the night. Also from your experience, do you think i would be pushing it if i was to go back to work the following Wednesday or Thursday? I work in an office. And... How did you feel at the 6 week mark? I'm booked for a couple weeks in Spain and Ibiza. This trip was booked way before I even thought I would have a BA and I would feel bad I told my BF to cancel because of my BA. However, at the end of the day my health does come first and if 6 weeks it too soon then so be it. So excited but all of a sudden getting nervous and feeling very unprepared
  24. Hi girls, Just need some advice..... i cant choose between Dr M & Dr T I like both Dr's before and after pics... maybe dr tavakoli a little more.... but then i like Dr Mironshnik... i cant decide!! I am after natural looking, round cohesive gel, maybe high or moderate profile, for a full C/small D look. I am 160cm tall and 56kg Has anyone been to either of these doctors? How did you choose your surgeon? What was the worst experience you had? Any thing else i should know...??? Thanks!!
  25. Hi girls! I'm extremely new to this site (and have no idea what I'm doing lol) although I have loved reading peoples experiences with their surgery, it really puts my mind at ease! I had my consultation with Dr. Tavakoli today, it was short but sweet and I'm booked in for surgery in 3 and a half weeks on the 17th of March!! I will admit I am absolutely terrified, I have an extreme needle phobia and am terrified of hospitals and any type of surgical experiences really freaks me out, to the point where I can't even sleep at night! If any one has had any experiences they can share or anything so I know what I'm in for I would really appreciate it! I booked it so soon so I wouldn't have too much time to stress. Please feel free to share anything as I would love some others perspectives who are also going through what I am or even anyone going with Dr T. Thanks Ladies
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