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Found 32 results

  1. Golden ratio has been used for a while in aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery, but it can also be used for makeup application and to find your perfect eyebrow shape. For info about golden ratio and its importance for attractiveness: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2814183/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=golden+ratio+face
  2. Hey girls, I will need a breast revision due to a rupture in my right breast implant I had Nagar implants 360 cc high profile done at TCI which doesn't exist anymore, in May 2013. I'm wondering if anyone has had a rupture or problems with Nagar implants, I do have a warranty on the implant, but the next time around, i want the best chance of it lasting and I didn't think I need a revision before the ten year mark.
  3. I only had my surgery 4 days ago and I'm feeling a bit down. I was indecisive about getting the Motiva Ergo Mini (moderate) or Demi (moderate plus). I didn't want anyone to notice I'd had implants so was worried the Demi would be too big but at the same time was worried the Mini would be too small. I left it to the surgeon to decide in surgery which way to go after showing him photos of my desired outcome. He went with the Mini 310cc (my full BWD of 12.5cm). Now I think they are too small. I am already kicking myself that I didn't ask for the Demi (moderate plus 360cc). They are similar to me breastfeeding boobs. I had thought they would be a bit bigger. The rice sizers definitely looked alot bigger. It is constantly on my mind. I have my one week follow-up appointment on Thursday. I've even had the thought of having another operation already to get the Demi ones. The surgeon wouldn't charge anymore but I would have to pay the hospital and anesthetist fees again. I can't believe I am even considering this. I wish I had been confident not to care that people might notice and just get the moderate plus. I doubt they would have noticed now that I have seen the moderate is no bigger than my push up bra. So do you think I will get over this feeling and just be happy that I do have full boobs (just not as much projection as I'd like). I know I could still wear a push up bra to make them look bigger when I want to.... but kind of defeats the purpose of having implants! I'm happy with how they look naked but with clothes they get hidden too easily. I feel so conflicted. I know I should wait and see but I want to get back to normal life as quickly as possible and not go through the recovery twice so if I was going to get a larger implant size I'd rather do it now. Has anyone else felt like this and did your feelings change over time?
  4. Hey, im about to get dental implants and want to know if anyone has had them in Perth or done a cosmetic holiday? As I can’t afford it but I am about to have no top back teeth so really desperate for quality options! will keep my 4 front teeth, and have them straightened before the implants and two teeth on each side screwed on. please please desperate to hear any experiences!!!!
  5. Hi, I had my consultation with Dr Gary Liew & Partner Jayne Bambit. Really lovely team and I feel safe in their hands .However I can't seem to find any reviews or find much of his work online? Has anyone had experience with either surgeon? Thanks
  6. Attached you can see my before and after shot. I have had my implants for 3 years and I really want them out Can anybody recommend a good surgeon from the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane area? Dr Harwood was fantastic but he has since retired. Also anyone who offers free consultations would be a total bonus Feel free to share your implant removal story/pics/ etc very interested to hear/see your story! Thanks x
  7. Hi All, Sorry to repost but I wanted to get some fresh answers as the last time i posted this was 2015. I am looking to having my breast implants removed this year - I have found some good prices around the $2000 mark. Facts; - Originally 10C - Now 10DD - 435cc Round - Under muscle - Surgery 3 yrs ago - Heavy on the chest - Getting in the way of sporting activities such as surfing - Can't wear a bikini without feeling too exposed - Overall the implants look great and if I wanted larger breasts they would be perfect. QUESTIONS: - Will my breasts look like empty sacks? lol - Will my breasts sag? - Will I be able to get a 2nd BA if the result of removal is not great? - Has anyone had their implants removed due to personal choice/not wanting them anymore? I would love to hear your stories
  8. Hi All, I had breast implants inserted in early Feb 2015. Unfortunately, my right implant was not settling. It looked rounded up the top and stiff so my PS had to go in and have a look to see what was the problem. This was done in March 2016 (about a month and a bit now). It was found that the implant had rotated It is now slowly healing and the swelling has gone down but the rounded look up the top and stiffness still seems to be present. My question is, for anyone who has gone through this or has experience with this, will the roundness and stiffness go? Will the implant settle and finally match the softness of my left? Thanks for your responses in advance.
  9. Soooooooo, putting myself here, with what could be a very stupid and not easy to answer question.......I understand the width of your implant/breast determines whether you end up a C/D/E etc and was trying to have an educated guess as to what size I would end up after my operation - December 13th, before I actually go through with it all. Was wondering whether the width of the implant I have chosen can roughly guide my final sizing? ie. 12cm wide implant a cup c for example. I realise every lady is different, as is their body type, etc, etc etc, but was hoping it would be as simple as I stated above. btw, I'm getting 365 high profile and I'm 172cm and 68kg. Come at me with your amazing simple answers that will put my mind at ease and clear it up for me!! ?? I live in hope! ☺️
  10. Hello, I have talked to my surgeon but I'm not happy with the result. My left implant is moving a lot more than the right, my surgeon says it's the muscle moving. The movement only happens when I lay down flat, when I stand it is a little lower than my right side. My surgeon suggested to wear a tight bra for 9 months he tried to sell me one, no thanks. The surgeon says it's attached to my muscle as I have unders and it's the muscle that is moving not the implant. Any suggestions?
  11. Hi everyone, can you please advise which implant brand is better: Mentor or Allergan? Pros and cons would be much appreciated
  12. Hi all I've been looking for surgeons to have a revision breast lift and remove and replace, I have a doctor in mind but I'm still shopping around. I've been looking at photos from Dr Alex Phoon and the results look amazing! I'm now considering the above procedures also paired with a tummy tuck (I'm not sure if that still qualifies as a mummy makeover). I'm wondering if anyone has an experience they can share? His reviews are fantastic and I can't find a bad word about him anywhere, but I'd love to actually talk to someone and ask some questions. Thank you in advance
  13. I have had 2 BA's in 18 months....... The first was November 2014 - 450cc mod profile I had continuos pain mainly in the right breast/under arm and the breast implants were slipping out to the underarm. After I called prior to the 1 year post op appt, I had a consult and saw the Dr and was booked in within a few days free of charge for a revision. Due to constantly feeling like my arms were out off my body as the size implant was too wide for my chest, I asked for smaller implants however was advised that they would not fill out my breast. So they could change the profile and in November 2015 they replaced with 520cc high profile and did an internal bra. From around 3 weeks post op the pain started again on the right side. It has now been 6 months since the revision and the pain under my arm is 24hours a day. When i sleep i can not sleep on my right side as it hurts or on my back as it feels like the weight of the implant is crushing a nerve. I often i get pins and needles from my shoulder down to my hand on my right side. The nerve pain under my arm goes around to my back on my shoulder blade, which feels like a constant ache and quite warm also up my neck. I phoned them and they have booked me in tomorrow with the surgeon again for a consult. I just feel like cancelling the consult as honestly there is no way I can get them to do another surgery on me, no matter if its free. This pain is just not worth it. So it kind of seems a wast of time. I would like to get smaller implants (295 -350cc) as I still love the look however am sure that my chest is just not wide enough to cope with the cc's of larger implants. I have found 3 others Dr Miroshnik, Dr Tavakoli & Dr Perkins who I am currently contacting for info. Any advise or information from anyone who has had similar would be great. karen xxx
  14. Hi girls! I was wondering is there anyone with teardrop implant here? what’s the feeling when you touch them? Are they very hard comparing with the rounded? Thank in advance
  15. I've had two consults with different PS's and one recommended sub fascial, the other dual plane... PS who recommended sub fascial measured skin, other surgeon didn't, he did a visual only. Now I'm really confused! I dont really want to see a third PS. Any thoughts...thanks
  16. I'm booked in for surgery on the 11th of august but due to privacy reasons the company can't show me before and after pictures by the surgeon (Dr. Joe Rizk). I'm having my consultation on the 3rd of august however he has suggusted i get silicone 425cc round high profile inplants. I want to go to 10DD/E (i'm not sure how big that really is since i dont have boobs at all :/) I am very barely a 10A, i've searched the whole of google back and front about this topic believe me! Some ladies say pre op they were 10A but appear to be much bigger than me. I have nearly NO breast tissue at all, only a very small amount. Most 10A bra's don't fit me and push up bras literally don't help at all unless i have chicken fillets in... but even then it doesnt do alot. So anyway, i'm hoping some ladies out there can help me out give me advice with sizing and show me some before and after pictures of there own preferablly without holding or pushing there boobs and no bra. I already follow the cosmetic institute on Insta but i'm not going with them! Preferably show me pics if you went from 10A to 10DD or 10E and what size you got etc Other factors: I'm 5'2, 18 years old, smoker (severely cut back for surgery) so if you are similar or went through surgery and continued to smoke please help!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!
  17. Hi everyone! Been a while since i've been on here - it looks so different! I'm just over a year post op now and still love my breasts but my left one has started to drop.. I now have a crease whereas before they were both plump and high! I will post photos soon! I have a shoulder injury (im a dancer) and have noticed it has been since then but physio doesn't seem to be fixing it.. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? My surgeon has assured me there's nothing wrong surgically This breast has always been a little bigger, I even had a smaller implant in this breast to even things out..
  18. so i thought that it would be useful to start a thread like this where those who have had their surgery already done fill out so that it would be easier for those who haven't decided to size, placement, etc easier to decide. personally i found scrolling through all the different thread hideous as i saw many repeated one and i still have found someone with my stats. so, here goes the form, if anyone is interested! Patient stats: pre op Age: ?/(prefer not to say) height: weight: ribcage measurement: (under the breast) current Bra size: how would you describe your breast: (eg. perky, sags a little, no upper pole etc.) what would you like to achieve (eg. a full C, a E cup) do you exercise and work out alot: op: what size implants: Implant profile: (mod, mod+, HP, XHP) shape: round/ tear drop type: silicon gel/ saline implant coating: smooth, textured, Brazilian furry what company are your implants: (mentor) what city are you in: (Sydney/Melbourne etc) did you have to travel: who was your surgeon/ company: (eg. Dr tang, TCI) implant placement: (over, under, dual plane, subfascial) incision: crease, nipple, under arm, tummy post op: Bra size (should be after 6 weeks, if measure prior please specify how many weeks post op you are) were you happy with your results: (too small, too big, too high, has the fake book look, etc.) how was aftercare: did your clinic provide CC insurance: how would you describe your scar: (specify how long ago was surgery if you haven't already) revision/ 2nd BA/complication why did you need operation again: how long after initial operation: if new implants were replaced please list details same as above extra Qs (not necessary) assuming you didn't need revision/no complications how was the recovery pain from 1(paper cut) - 10(giving birth?): when did you start driving: when did you go back to work: how long after did you have sex: how long did you wear your post op bra before changing to wireless/ wired : what post op bra did you wear, comfortable? how long did you have to sleep on a incline i think i have summed up everything, feel free to omit any questions that you are not comfortable answering and add in anything i have missed! cheers!
  19. Hello all! So all of this utterly confuses me! HEEELLLPP I am after some advise on others experiences with a breast lift, with and without implants. I am 27, no kids but my boobs look they belong to a granny I already have a fair amount of volume (i am about a DD, size 10/12). Obviously keen to have a lift, but i dont know if i should get small implants as well for shape/firmness and to reduce the chances of wanting surgery again when I get older and after kids etc. For those who have had just a lift and extra skin removed, were you happy or did you loose quiet a bit of volume? I did have 2 quotes/consults from surgeons in Thailand - one which said reduction, lift + implant, and one which said just lift + implant. I have had one consult so far with Dr Ed Van Beem (recommended just a lift) and also have booked with Tony Connell and Mark Hanikeri here in Perth, WA. Any feed back on the procedures and the surgeons would be greatly appreciated D xx
  20. hi everyone, im wondering if anyone can help me out? im highly interested in getting a breast lift and implant from dr dona (sydney) in the near future, ive got my gp referal and all, im just curious if anyone has been a patient with him and how their scarring is? also if you got any sort of rebate? id love to see some before and afters from this op, my main concern is the scarring but i dont thik=nk i can handle this sag much longer thanks for any help
  21. Hi all, I'm interested to know has anyone gone into the consultation and asked how much could the Doctor fit in instead of asking for preferred cup size? If so, how many cc's were you offered? And did you end up doing it?
  22. Hey guys, 12 days post op from reduction, lift and implants. Dr. piyapas at BHP. Amazing! Posted pics if you want to see incisions, sizing, etc. took 10.5 hrs and was out into ICU for obs overnight afterwards. Took long because he put 300cc's in both closed and wasn't happy. So reopened left and put in 325, not all surgeons would do this but he is a perfectionist, you can tell by his stitch work. Boobs are swollen in that before and after pic so they look a bit high and tight. FR to see photos xx
  23. Has anyone had an experience with Dr. Piyapas for BA + BL. Just booked for the 1st of May, wondering if anyone had any before and after pics they'd like to share. I'm nervous after seeing my friend have a botch job in AUS, with some badddd double bubble. All the reviews I've read are good. Any tips on what to pack, my partner and I will be going to bali first for a holiday while I'm still able to swim
  24. I'm going back to see Dr M in 3 weeks time, and all I can think about is how our conversation went last time. The biggest I tried on was 345/330 and at the time I said "no bigger than 330", and he wrote done 330 on my chart. He said he would 'order in' around that range and up to 350. But I can help but think that I won't get to try on anything bigger than 350! He did say that 380 was the absolute limit and that or bigger may give me double bubble. Does he get in sizers specifically for your measurements? Cause the ones I tried on during my initial consult seemed weird and not quit wide enough. I did ring the office and the girl said he has many sizers that I can try, so I think she misunderstood my question. While this is my pre op consult, it is 3 weeks before surgery so I guess I could get in for a 3rd consult just before surgery if need be. Sorry, just looking for feedback from others as this keeps on bouncing around in my head and my man keeps saying that it will all be fine. Agghh!!
  25. Hello I'm new here! My names kat and I've been wanting a BA since I was 15! Haha I was just wondering how much time should I take time off work once I get my BA? I've read girls have taken between 3 days-2 weeks off work, but as a waitress, constantly on my feet carrying heavy plates and boards, was wondering if 2 weeks is sufficient enough? Or if I should take less or more time off work? Thank you in advance! (: <3
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