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Found 83 results

  1. Hi Ladies, just wanting to hear recovery stories of full anchor lift with implants. I am booked for 4 weeks time and just wanting to get my head around what the first few weeks post op will be like. My surgeon highly recommends an “active recovery” and suggests back to all normal daily activities (other than lifting anything heavier than 5kg) from the day after surgery. Is this practical? I have three kids aged 8,6 and 18mth and am just trying to determine how much help I’ll have. For the first 5 days I’ll have my mother in law and husband on hand to help but after that I will be solo. I also have a have a function I have attend 2 weeks post op. Will I be up to it? Thanks
  2. Hi ladies, has anyone had a lift with implants wihh dr Tavakoli and gone back for a revision? I had my surgery in 2011, I believe I will need a another lift and have my implants changed. Questions; did you have fat grafting? Internal bra good results consult with anyone else cost for revision if anyone would be able to tell me their experiences. Many thanks Taryn xx
  3. I have had 'furry' Brazilian (Polyurethane) implants since Dec 2012 - 330cc under the muscle, high profile. Over time I have experienced a long list of symptoms such as chronic fatigue, digestive issues & food intolerances, cognitive impairment, joint & muscle pain, environmental allergies, skin issues, EMF sensitivity.. Just to name a few. I've been told I have heavy metals, adrenal fatigue, candida, SIBO, EBV and more recently Lyme Disease. My health has slowly deteriorated and my implants are so painful. After Crystal Hefner sharing her story, doing some research and finding a Breast Implant Illness Facebook page with over 30000 women, I have decided to get my implants removed with full capsulectomy. I can't wait to have my implants removed and I strongly believe my health will improve once they are out of my body and my immune system can rebuild itself. Now I have to make a decision whether I should get a lift or not with explant. I will post photos - 1st photo is before implants and last photos are now with implants. What do you think -to lift or not to lift?
  4. Both my implants have ruptured and I need to have them removed. I am researching everything to find the right surgeon as my initial surgeon has retired (not that it matters because I wouldn’t go back to him anyway!). I obviously need the damaged implants removed, I have cc in one breast and my implants have migrated under my arm pits - so I need the pocket created under my arm closed etc. I also may need a lift but hoping to avoid. I have seen dr Tony Connell twice (prior to rupture occurring) and he was lovely. He talked through everything with me and gave me his recommendations. He does recommend a lift. I am pushing forward to go ahead with him but I want to be certain I’m making the right decision. My implant pockets are a mess so I’d hate to go through further surgery and come out with the same problems I’m also very worried as I am highly prone to keloid scarring so a lift will leave me looking horrendous for a good five years. Has anyone got any recommendations for Dr Watts? I’ve seen a lot for Dr Connell (and I understand why) but not so much for Dr Watts - his real self reviews are amazing however. any advice would be greatly appreciated! #feelingscared
  5. Hi Everyone, Currently a size 12G/14F and wanting to get a reduction back to what i was before i had kids 12DD so that i can walk into any store and actually buy a bra. Anyways do i go a reduction and a lift or a reduction with implants (if that is even possible). Let me know your stories please? Thanks Lou
  6. Hi everyone! I'm booked in with Dr. Edmund Ek on the 28th/9 (only 16 days to go, wooo ) to get lipo to my upper and lower abdomen, outer thighs and flanks, teardrop 325-350cc textured implants and an areola lift. I'm 23 with no kids and approx 80kg. Boob wise leftie is a C and rightie is a D/DD. Does anyone have the same surgery date as me? Or is anyone booked with Dr. Ek? If so I would love to read about your experience and/or see before and after pics! It's close to 1.30am and yet again I've spent hours on my phone googling pictures and stories.. I think that I've been running off 6hrs sleep per night for the past few weeks, it may not seem that bad but I don't cope well without at least 8 hours sleep lol I'd also love to hear from any ladies who have had surgery to correct asymmetrical breasts? And for anyone that has had these procedures done all at once, how was your recovery? I work an office job from home, so I'm lucky in that aspect, but I'm worried about being too doped up on painkillers to properly speak with my clients. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to chatting with you lovely ladies!
  7. Hey ladies, I have decided I want to do some research into having a mini tummy tuck added to my surgery, I am on the hunt for a good Melbourne surgeon for BA BL and mini TT, any recommendations would be appreciated, any pics aswell! Thank you! Xxx
  8. Hi everyone, I use to have very large natural 8F boobs. I stopped taking the pill, lost a bit of weight, and now have saggy, wide-set 8D-DD breasts (i.e. they're quite far apart on my chest). They look good in a bra, but as soon as they come out of a bra they drop considerably down and to the side. I still have quite a bit of tissue there, but it's not sitting as high or as close together as I would like. I've had three consultations with two surgeons in Melbourne. The first said I didn't need an augmentation, but a lift should do the trick. The second said a lift won't give me the look I want (which is fullness in the middle of my chest), and suggested a slight reduction in the breast tissue alongside a lift, plus an implant. I agree - I want the implant. However the whole thing seems incredibly complex, and there's a good chance it will need to be undertaken in two stages. So I'm wondering, has anyone here had this procedure? I really need advice from someone who has also gone through this kind of surgery. I would LOVE to know who your surgeon was, how you went about the surgery, and how much it cost. Thanks SO much!
  9. Hi there, I was wondering about whether I will need a lift as well as implants. I am a 27 year old with a 32D natural breast which is not my preferred shape, and I am looking to augment these using implants to achieve a natural, yet fuller 32D or DD. i hate the way my breasts sag but have been told that an implant could lift them? I just lost 10kg so my boobs are like sagging pancakes!! Also, any recommendations for surgeons in Sydney? Preferably East or North side, but I am willing to travel. I have booked in a consultation with Dr Bezik in Bondi and am looking at Dr Miroshnik but his prices are extortionate?!? Also, if I was to get the lift would I likely lose all feeling in my nipples? Any advice or or similar experiences would be amazing ! Thank you in advance, D
  10. Hi girls, I was wondering if anyone has had their tuberous breasts corrected in Melbourne, and which surgeon did they choose? Please tell me all about your experiences in detail. I am desperate to get mine done, and I have no idea where to start. Thank you!
  11. I've been told by three surgeons that I am borderline lift, but none of them pushed for it. Does anyone have before and afters of just getting augmentation? I have seen several women say that he fantastic results from augmentation alone but none had posted befores! Help appreciated!
  12. Just received news back from TCI after sending through my photos saying I am borderline. I am wanting a BA due to my asymmetry issue as there is a full cup size difference. They mentioned in my email that BA alone will fill the breasts to provide a fuller look in a bra, however existing soft breast tissue may remain loose and hang off the implant. This may create a long-breasted appearance and low positioned nipples as well as the implant remaining high. They said with existing soft breast tissue that I my asymmetry can be accentuated. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has gone through with just the BA from the same background as myself.
  13. Hi ladies. I was really hoping to get back to the gym this week and burn of some holiday slackness, as well as a general overall not having done a lot since surgery slackness; however I found a little wound/hole/split stitch at the join of my aerola in my lift. Contacted my surgeon and searched similar topics on here and am following the betadine, dry with hair dryer and cover with band aid. But, boo, am bummed ? going to have to wait longer to get a proper sweat ? on. Others whom had similar, approx how long did you take to heal and for you to get back to normal routine? My surgeon has also recommended hand held nozzle showers to avoid wetting the area too much during healing. Thanks in advance ?
  14. Hi ladies, I've been considering implants since losing 50 kgs in the past two years. I'm only 25 now and have no children yet (they're definitely in the plans for the future though). I was an E cup prior to weightloss and I am now a very deflated B/C cup. I don't own, nor can I find a bra that fits me perfectly now as my breasts are mainly just loose skin! Anyway, I met with a surgeon last year who recommended a lift with implants. I didn't go ahead with it as it is out of my budget at the time and I also wasn't entirely sure he was the surgeon for me. Is it worth having these procedures, particularly the lift, before having children? Anybody here been in a similar situation? I can't decide whether to go ahead or not. It is definitely affecting my self esteem and confidence as I've worked very hard to get to where I am and train very hard to maintain my body. My chest/pectoral wall is nice and high after lots of weight training but I can't get past the saggy "boobs" and it is also affecting my relationship, intimately Sorry for the essay! Don't know what to do!!!!
  15. Hi Everyone After losing 45kgs (10kg still to go) im wanting to get a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck (Mummy Makeover) when the time comes. Im looking into the following surgeons and wondering if anyone can offer reviews Dr Miroshnik Sydney Dr Moradi Sydney Dr Jeremy Hunt Sydney
  16. Hi girls, really need some advice. I am so confused as there is so much information I've read. i was originally thinking of going to Phuket for a breast reduction or lift and implants. i have reasearched DR Veerawat and really like what I've read and the photos I've seen. I was quoted around the $9000-$11000 mark for surgery which I thought was brilliant. I'm now confused as DR Dilip on the GC can do the same surgery for the same price, however I've read to stay away from him and give me info on why to not go with him? can anyone recommend a brilliant surgeon who can do a lift and implants or a reduction and implants for under $15000??? really need help and all help is appreciated! I am looking at surgery in Feb/March!
  17. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr David Chin.. What an absolutely fantastic Plastic Surgeon. From the very beginning he has been honest, easy to talk to and listened to exactly what I wanted from my breast surgery. I am so happy that I chose him to be my PS and if anyone is looking for someone in Brisbane, go and have a consultation with him. I had several consultations and I knew as soon as I met Dr Chin he would do my surgery.. I am absolutely over the moon with my results and my pre & post op care
  18. Help! I am looking for recommendations of surgeons in Perth (will consider anywhere in Australia if the surgeon is worth traveling for) for a lift WITHOUT mastopexy, implants only. I know it's not always possible to achieve the results of a lift without a mastopexy but as I'm prone to keloid scarring it's not a road I want to go down. If anyone has any recommendations i would love to hear them. Thanks for reading
  19. Hey everyone! It's been a little while since I last posted, but finally my surgery date is getting closer! While originally I was meant to be going overseas, due to complications I've now decided to stay closer to home. Today I had a consultation with Dr Rizk from Inspire Cosmetics in Brisbane, and the experience was amazing! I got along with him incredibly well and really felt like he was determined to give me the best possible outcome. We had a long consultation where we discussed the potential directions we could go in order to achieve my desired outcome, and based off the photos I brought in with me, and my own body shape/frame we came to two potential options. The first option was for me to to get a lollipop lift with 280 - 300CC round silicone implants, with the implant being of moderate profile OR I could get a crescent lift, and then get 360 round silicone implants that would be high profile. This would essentially 'fill' my breast, but also allow for a small lift as a result of the high profile implant and crescent lift. (Apparently this will give me more upper pole and give me some nice side boob as well!) After much discussion, we're leaning towards the crescent lift and high profile implants given the surgeon is extremely confident he can give me an amazing result with those, plus it has the advantage of being a bit cheaper and has less scaring which he feels is important for me as a 21 year old. I was wondering- does anyone have pictures of getting an implant combined with a crescent lift? Prior to my consultation today I hadn't ever even thought I would be able to take the mini lift route, so I'm extremely curious to see results and hear about peoples own experiences! Unfortunately after having looked around online, I haven't been able to find much. I'm in no way doubtful of the surgeon, and even the secretary told me as I left she was glad I was going with the crescent lift because apparently Dr Rizk is incredibly good at them. It's just that I'd love to see the final outcome so I can have some sort of idea as to what to expect and so that I can be realistic. After today I'm super, super excited to move forward with the surgery! But me being me, I'd just love to hear some personal experiences. x
  20. Hi All Are any of you planning removal and lift with no replacement of implant in the new year? Have any of you had this procedure and are happy to share your story? I'm planning to do this early next year and say goodbye to my 12 year old implants (425cc over muscle) for good. Excited but also a bit daunted! It would be lovely to connect with others doing this and share the journey. My story so far: After breastfeeding 2 babies I had small flat pancakes. My original PO suggested a lift with implants but I didn't want a lift at that time. So, I had large sub glandular implant to fill out my deflated breasts. I went from a very flat B/C to a E/F cup. I loved them to begin with and they have remained 'healthy' with no problems. However, for the last 7 years I have not liked them and how they effect my life. So sick of carrying them around and trying to fit them into clothes. I do a lot of yoga and they just get in the way. I have to wear a tight uncomfortable bra to keep them up... they have sagged. I constantly dress to hide them and they make me look bigger than I am. The last straw was when I developed a mondor's chord across one breast due to the compression of my bra. So, it is time to swap them out for what will probably end up little boobies. I am excited to be able to wear no bra and feel free of my melons. I'll post some photos once I get my surgery booked.
  21. I'm sure others would find this helpful as it's hard to find these kind of stats even though each person is different
  22. Hi all I've been looking for surgeons to have a revision breast lift and remove and replace, I have a doctor in mind but I'm still shopping around. I've been looking at photos from Dr Alex Phoon and the results look amazing! I'm now considering the above procedures also paired with a tummy tuck (I'm not sure if that still qualifies as a mummy makeover). I'm wondering if anyone has an experience they can share? His reviews are fantastic and I can't find a bad word about him anywhere, but I'd love to actually talk to someone and ask some questions. Thank you in advance
  23. some of you lovely ladies might be able to offer some advice: I had a Breast Lift in May 2015 & am really happy with the results - my breasts are much perkier. However, the last couple of months, i feel like i have lost some upper pole fullness & they feel quite deflated, which is making my areola appear higher on my breast & poke out of bras etc.. I also feel like my areolas are too large for my current breast size. I had a consultation with my Surgeon yesterday & he is recommending either a lift revision which will tighten things up and reduce areola size. Or The above with small 200cc breast implants under muscle to give upper pole fullness.. I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who has had a BA post lift.. or any advice Thanks in advance xx
  24. some of you lovely ladies might be able to offer some advice: I had a Breast Lift in May 2015 & am really happy with the results - my breasts are much perkier. However, the last couple of months, i feel like i have lost some upper pole fullness & they feel quite deflated, which is making my areola appear higher on my breast & poke out of bras etc.. I also feel like my areolas are too large for my current breast size. I had a consultation with my Surgeon yesterday & he is recommending either a lift revision which will tighten things up and reduce areola size. Or The above with small 200cc breast implants under muscle to give upper pole fullness.. I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who has had a BA post lift.. or any advice Thanks in advance xx
  25. Hi girls, this is probably a silly question, being the weekend though I can't call my surgeon and ask.. I waited u til this morning to have a shower but I didn't know if I should wash the dry blood from around the nipple which was glued not stitched.. Do I thoroughly clean my breast or just let the water wash over? I've had a lift and implants and the tape underneath doesn't get changed until I see the nurse on day 7.. I'm thinking I should wash everything but I wanted to check with you guys first. x
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