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  1. Hi, So this is my first post but I've had tuberous breast all throughout my life and I'm really ready to do something about them. I have read amazing reviews on Dr M and I feel like he's basically the only way to go for tuberous breast surgery. Just wondering if anyone could share their story with the medicare rebate side of things? Like applying for one and how much they got (if you're comfortable sharing). I really need this as mine are quite badly tuberous so I'm hoping I can get just of extra help in the $$$ side of things. Also can anyone recommend a Adelaide doctor that would be good to go to for tuberous breast enquiries/referral to Dr M? Thanks Ladies!!!! P.S anyone thats had a tuberous breast surgery with Dr M- I would love to hear your stories !!!! thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the forum but I am finding it really difficult to choose a surgeon for a BA. I am currently a small A cup and want to go to a full B. so if anyone has had surgery with similar requests to me I would love to hear your feedback. I have been looking at getting a BA for years but always leave it as I can't find a surgeon to follow through with. I want to have a natural and believable outcome but I find that the before and after photos always show people with large implants. If anyone has any recommendations for surgeons that would be great!! Dr Tony Connell is currently my pick but I am yet to see any photos of his work. Thanks everyone!!
  3. Hi lovely ladies, So i'm trying to choose between Dr Miroshnik or Dr Moradi. I think i'm more leaning towards Miroshnik just because most of his results are exactly what I want but his price is a little higher. Dr Moradi's results are also awesome and he is a little cheaper but I think there's only about 2 grand difference between the two. I'm also travelling interstate for the surgery so just wondering if anyone has had experience with either surgeon travelling. Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated so I can make a decision and finally get my dream boobies haha!! And also if anyone has photo's would love to see them, Thanks
  4. Hi Girls, I've booked my surgery for the 1st of December! Just wanted to message and fr anybody who's happy to and just had surgery recently to see before and afters I'm 52kg and 172cm tall with a AA-A so anyone who has around the same stats as me would be great too! Any info you guys had would be great and super helpful thank you
  5. Hey there this is my first post in any forum group - I'm abit nervous but here we go.. I've decided I'm finally brave enough to get a BA, whilst that is the first step it gets more daunting.. As I have a come to learn I've got tuberous breasts.. After lots of research I've found Dr Miroschnik and I love his before and afters! I'm going to book a phone consult with him very soon -- I'd love to hear any feedback from others who've had the pleasure to meet this lovely man. Or anyone who understands the tubular struggles
  6. Hey ladies, I need some serious help! I've got my ba coming up in 10 days and I'm struggling really hard to choose between 245cc and 280cc. I've got a very small chest cavity and shoulder and I'm really worried that if I go with the larger that I'll look enormous. I'm 172cms and around 53kgs, I've currently got a deflated b cup. I'm going under the muscle, with Mentor textured anatomicals. I've read so many mixed reviews of other girls results. Some saying that small implants go a long way for petite girls and then some saying the complete opposite. My main goal is to have a full looking c cup without a bra. I want them to be as natural as possible because I really like my slim look but I just feel lacking with not having much going on in the chest area. It'd be ideal for me to be able to hide them if I feel like it but still have something that's going to look killer in bikinis and cleavage-y tops. Think Bella Hadid, she's pretty much my boob goals. So if there's any girls out there similar to me I'd love to hear from you!
  7. Instagram - miroshnikgirl Sorry I've been away, here's an update for you xx
  8. In exactly a week i am due to take off the bandages. Because i am an interstate patient i have to take them off myself. Im really worried because they are tightly glued on and iv tried peeling off at the ends to test it out and its pretty painful My incisions seem puffy and they are not flat like other people's pics that i have seen. Is this normal? I am exactly 3 weeks PO Anyone have any any tips or similar experience?
  9. Hi ladies, this is my 1st forum, but I really wanted to hear your views on this. I am due to have a BA with Anoop Rastogi who appears to have a very good reputation from the chatter I've seen on line (and I really liked him when I met him in person) however I am getting lots of pressure from friends/family about the fact he's a cosmetic surgeon, not a plastic surgeon. So I have 2 key questions - 1) Cosmetic vs Plastic Surgeon? 2) Anoop Rastogi vs Michael Miroshnik? Thanks for sharing your views and experiences. KK
  10. Struggling deciding between soft gel or memory gel implants I got a sense that Dr Miroshnik favors working with memory gel implants and was hinting towards choosing those but i so badly want SOFFFFTTTT breasts. Memory gel implants are slightly firmer but the softness is very important. Any one who has memory gel or soft gel implants care to share their opinion? x
  11. Hey ladies, I have never had surgery and i am curious with what happens during your pre op appointment with a nurse? Also I read in another forum that someone had failed their blood test and wasn't able to get her surgery. How can you fail a blood test? :/
  12. I need abit of guidance after coming to learn I have tuberous breasts. I always thought I was just super small with puffy nipples (which my nipples seemed more normal when cold/stimulated) but apart from that they are not 'normal'. I thought I was unlucky or a later developer because all my family have nice average/big sized boobs -- But I'm 21 in May and they aren't getting any bigger. After deciding on getting a BA and contacting a few places I've realised I'm not alone. I was initially upset when told my breasts were tubular, but now I'm kind of relieved knowing about it. Although now it's even more scary because it's not just a simple augmentation, but more complex procedure. Any advice would be lovely -- I am a newbie to using forums aswel
  13. Hi All... just wanted to post about my experience so far with my saggy boob journey. I breastfed for 2 years and went up to a 10i cup which then deflated to an empty and sad 10f-g (photos of before and after in my profile). I was hoping to have a small implant put in to fill them up and avoid the anchor scar of the BL so booked consults with Dr Tavakoli and Dr Miroshnik and also Dr ****** (advertised as cheapest implants in sydney) My first was with Dr T who was so kind, empathetic and professional and he told me my tissue would not hold an implant well and that in a year or so they would drop again, he suggested I get a second opinion with Dr m. He also said there were plenty of surgeons who would do the implant with no concern as to how they would look in a year.I then booked a consult with Dr M. Dr T was wonderful and I felt he would be an incredible choice for surgery. In the mean time I saw Dr B, who immediately agreed to do the implants. I decided straight away not to go with him.He did not have the knowledge or the professional manner that Dr T did. Then i had my consult with Dr M who said the exact same thing as Dr T, both said for my own benefit I should not get an implant. I was so sad as I was terrified of having badly shaped breasts from a lift with the addition of scars. Anyway, I booked in with Dr M as his before/after shots showed the most work like mine and i figured i couldnt hate my boobs anymore than i already did, so i went for it. I had my surgery 2 days ago. I can not even explain how happy i am with the results. I had very very difficult boobs to work with, so saggy and stretch marks and terrible collagen, I thought he could only get an ok result, but they are AMAZING! seriously! I can not believe they are actually my boobs! Granted they are still swollen so they look like they have implants in them, but the shape is so round and perfect and he kept so much of my tissue (as requested by me) so they are not too small. Anyone looking at a BL or BR could do no better than going to him in my very well researched opinion (and i am a nurse so i am extra fussy!). He was professional, kind, empathetic and an absolute artist. So feel free to friend request me to have a sticky beak at the pics if you are interested in his work because if I had have seen these before afters at the start it would have saved me a lot of time researching everyone else! haha Yay for boobies!
  14. Hey lovely forum Ladies!!! I'm so excited to tell you all that I have my boobies So here's a run down of my experience for those of you who are interested. Last night I was feeling happy because my surgery was up in the air due to breast pain in my right boob but after having an ultrasound I was given the go ahead. I stayed up late getting things organised and hubby and I managed to fit in some "alone" time after the kids went to bed as he will be feeling pretty lonely for a couple of weeks lol (sorry if TMI hehe) I had a pre-midnight snack, and then set my alarm to go off at 5:00AM and again at 5:30AM just in case I slept through the first one (no chance of that with all the excitement and nerves btw lol). This morning I showered using some Gamophen soap and dressed in some black leggings, a wide sleeve singlet and a hooded zip up jacket (thank you Danni for convincing me to bring warmer clothes as I couldn't comprehend the cooler weather I would experience in Sydney - being from QLD). Hubby and I woke the kids and carried them down to the car at 6:20. I was super afraid I would forget something but turns out I didnt even need the things I took (I packed my iPhone, iPad, and wallet). We arrived at the hospital and I gave my family a kiss and cuddle each and said goodbye then hopped out of the car and wallked into the hospital and up to admissions. once I checked in with the desk and paid my hospital fee I sat down and read the paper - I stumbled across this article on the 3rd page of the Daily Telegraph reporting about a link between a rare cancer and textured implants :-/ After yesterday's shamozzle with the boob pain I was seriously considering high tailing it out of there as I thought the universe was trying to tell me something lol (so glad I didn't). So after a little wait out in the admissions reception area, I was taken through to a room with an admissions nurse who tagged my ankle with a name bracelet, and asked me the routine questions about name, DOB, and the procedure I was there for. She also took my BP. Following this I was taken around to a change room and after pointing out the things I would need to put on (surgical gown, dressing gown, booties and told I could keep my own underwear on) she left me to my own devices to change. They left me a suit bag to pop my clothes and belongings in which was stored in a locked cupboard whilst I was in surgery. Now being the wally that I am I got dressed in my surgical gown, tied it up and walked out to meet my admissions nurse. We started walking through to the pre-op waiting area and on passing another nurse she says to my nurse "have you checked her gown?" I had the bloody thing on backwards lol duh! *Insert beetroot face here* My anaesthetist came in and greeted me after I had corrected the wardrobe dilemma and then I was taken through to another room and they sat me down to wait for my PS. He came in not long after and drew what looked like an American football game strategy on my chest. I must say how impressed I am by his thoroughness when marking me up. He was really fantastic. We briefly discussed implant sizes and he reiterated that the smaller implant (he was taking in 295cc, 330cc, and 345cc) may be necessary to get symmetry as I am only having a lift on the one side and he will do the non-lift side first then "match" the lift side to this. He also said he would see once in there if he could get away with a less invasive lift to prevent scarring as I was only a tiny cm off this being an option. I told him the scarring wouldn't bother me if I got an optimal result. Once done with the marking up my anaesthetist nurse came back in and fitted me with some lovely compression things that looked like deflated life jackets for my legs. She walked me around to the operating room with one hand around my shoulder and my chart in her other hand (she used this to block my view of another procedure which she said I "DO NOT" want to see. I was greatful for this as my head automatically turned that way. In the operating theatre it seemed very surreal. I hopped up on the table and my anaesthetist started doing his thing. His nurse put an extremely cold sticker on my thigh which I have no idea what it was for. They asked me a few questions about my children and then BAM!! Lights out Cricket - hello recovery room lol. I woke up really quickly apparently which is a credit to my anaesthetist. My eyes felt really blurry and I briefly remember informing the nurse about rememberence day as she was asking if it was a PH today. This recovery nurse was so lovely. She asked me how my pain felt and I told her okay but I felt a lot of pressure on my chest. After assuring me the pressure was a normal feeling but that pain meds would help she got me some pain relief. I took that and then five minutes later she gave me more medicine through my cannula as I was still sore. I felt better after this. she fitted me in my post op surgical bra (carefix Alice provided by my surgeon) and then grabbed my clothes bag and helped me to dress. I was a bit wobbly on the legs as she walked me over to the recovery recliners to have a bite to eat. I was given sandwich triangles (an assortment of three fillings and bread types), she brang me a green tea (which I could have married her for as it was amazingly just what I needed), a bottled water, some crackers, some sweet buscuits, and a hunk of packaged mainland cheese. Trying to eat was interesting as everything was so dry, pasty and hard to swallow after having a breathing tube in during the surgery. I needed to wash everything down with water after chewing. I drank three bottles of water and my green tea after waking up in recovery lol - thirsty work I guess My recovery nurse took me over to the toilets to see if I could pass urine and whilst in there (by myself) it seems I had stage fright and couldn't go lol. She knocked to tell me Dr Miroshnik had come to check on me so I gave up and came out to greet him. He was impressed with how fast I was up and about. He told me everything went well and that he ended up going with the 330cc implant to give the best symmetry to my non-lifted breast (yay). I ended up getting a short vertical lift on the left as he couldn't get away with the crescent lift (I was secretly happy about that as I want the lift to be the best it can be). I also do not have any drains in, which I thought I would have but oh well, one less thing to worry about After leaving my recovery nurse called my hubby to come pick me up I was in for surgery at 8:30AM woke up in recovery around 10.40AM and drifted in and out in my recovery recliner until hubby and my two little ones came to pick me up at 12:15PM. I was told yesterday that I could expect to be there until 2PM so I was pleased how fast I was coming good. After a rundown about my medications from the nurse we left to head back to our apartment. Pain was creeping back in and we had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home to grab my medications and an ice pack which I was instructed to use for thirty minutes on and thirty minutes off. I had some of a yoghurt squeeze that we had in the fridge for the kids so that I could take my medication and am feeling awesome now. I have fIve different medications to juggle so I am writing down my dose and time taken and time it's next due. I had a sneak preview in the mirror to see what they looked like and OMG!! The man is a boob genius! I know it's only early stages but hubby and I are both already in love with them lol. I will try to attach some pics in my singlet so you can get an idea of size. Sorry for the humongous post ladies but if I didn't get it out now than my shitty memory would forget all of the details I want to remember hahah!! Apologies in advance for any spelling errors (I hate spelling errors and normally proofread my writing to fix them but can't be bothered ). I am soo soo thrilled with my experience so far. The feeling you get when you see your new reflection in the mirror is indescribable! I feel like a woman and not a kid lol I love it I hope this is helpful to some of you. I know how much I enjoy reading everyone else's surgey experiences and how helpful these were in the lead up to my own surgey.
  15. Okay this is something everyone here can relate to I'm sure. (It is okay to post this topic convo I hope - I apologise if It's not) Now I know every individual will have a different price depending on there operation specifications, surgeon etc - But I am wondering if more people could share information about this touchy subject. Seeing as I'm seeking a tuberous breast correction (which I think is mild but not sure exactly) Im scared that it's going to cost more than what the receptionists have quoted me between (13-15,500k) because I have planned everything Perfectly in my head now (OCD saving) - and I have my dream date set in my mind! I'm terrified it will get out back further if it's more than I can afford. I'm getting myself really upset over nothing I'm sure but I think I need a bit of reassurance at the moment. Anyone out there who understands? Still 27 days til my consult day til I know a more definite price
  16. HI girls, I am a 32yo Adelaide girl, planning / considering a boob job with Dr Miroshnik in April 2015. Any feedback or reviews? I have been thinking about this for sooooo many years, and now I feel the time is right... What are your experiences? I am about 166cm, 57kgs, 10A (sometimes a B cup), different size breast and just want to look more feminine...
  17. Hiya ladies! Firstly, I'd like to thank all the girls who have shared their surgery experiences and photos with me!! Your generosity has put me at ease today, and made the whole experience a wonderful one! Now onto my story ..... Rather than repeat myself, I have previous posted my backstory on the forums: http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?18728-My-consult-with-Dr-Miroshnik http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?19126-Decided-in-size!-BWD-12-5cm-375cc-anatomicals In a nutshell, I was a 12A/14AA with mildly tuberous breasts that made me feel extremely self conscious and I would never leave the house without my padded bra (aka armour). At my preop we decided on 375cc mentor CPG ("gummy bear")anatomicals placed subfascially. So, about today! I arrived at Bondi Junction private hospital at 10.30 and was directed to a private room where I changed into my surgical gown and chilled with my partner in the bed. Those beds are comfy! So customisable with multiple electronic settings there was a TV, but I was happier to just talk about stuff. It still didn't feel like I was going to have boobs in a couple of hours! I was so released and felt like I was at home! Nurses came and went over my admission paperwork with me, took my blood pressure etc. The. I met my anaesthetist, Dr Fernandez, who was extremely nice, very reassuring and explained everything that was going to happen once I get to the operating theatre. Dr M came in to draw on me and we chatted for a bit. He explained that he was going to perform parenchymal scoring on my tuberous Rightie to try and open up the constricted tissue, but if that didnt correct my nipple area he would perform a donut lift. He also said that he may need to go under a tiny bit of muscle if the fascia was not thick enough at the top, but he would discover the "quality"of my fascia during the op. At around 12.30, one of the lovely nurses escorted me to the operating theatre and it finally sunk in - I'm about to get my new boobies!!!! Dr Fernandez and the nurse helped my onto the operating table and popped me under a warm blanket. Very comfortable. Dr F gave me a local anaesthetic ((tiny sting), hurt less than a blood test) and inserted the cannula (which I didn't feel at all - apart from slight pressure). I was given an oxygen mask and told to breathe deeply (it was not a sedative gas though). I was soon out to it, as if someone had turned off my light switch lol. I was given anti nausea meds and local anaesthetic on my boobs while I was still under. i woke up in recovery super thirsty and in a moderate amount of pain, predominantly at the incision sites under my breasts. But all I could think about was how thirsty I was! The nurse got me some water to sip on. I was the only person in recovery, and the nurse was in the room. She gave me an ice pack to sit ontop of my boobies (bliss!) and an injection of muscle relaxant and an endone. In about 10-15 min the pain was reduced then a short while later the endone kicked in and vanquished my pain Dr F and Dr M came in at some point, but I was still a bit dopey. Dr M told me that he used the 375's subfasical and the scoring corrected the nipple so he did not need to do the lift. Yay!! This is exactly what I wanted! The nurse installed my post op bra - but first a had a good look at my brand new assets I think I'm in love!! After 45 min in recovery, I was feeling almost back to my normal self and I was wheeled back to a private room. It was around 3pm and my partner returned and we did some more chillin' chatting and watching Hercules and children's cartoons lol. Ahh quality afternoon programming! The nurse gave me some food and some drink which was fantastic. Toasted ham sandwiches taste amazing when you haven't eaten all day. At around 4.30 the nurse came to check on me. My ice pack had melted so I got a new one, and another dose of endone cause I was just starting to feel some pain. At around 5.30 nurse came in and explained my medication and went through post op informations (which were delivered to the hospital from the pharmacy), I got dressed and left for home. I was feeling fantastic! I was truly surprised at how normal I was feeling! i arrive home, had a big bowl of gingery pumpkin soup and some chicken breast with a hot cross bun for dessert - cause I figured I deserved it! xx pumpkin
  18. I have finally, after many years researching and many more wanting, made a consultation appointment for my BA. The second I got off the phone the guilt hit me. Am I doing the right thing? Am I being selfish? I am a Mum of 2 who was small (A) before breast feeding and have flattened out more since. I'd like to go teardrop, silicone, 300cc (ish) I am only 153cm and 47 kg so anything too big will overwhelm. I don't want to go too small and get disappointed either. The only surgeon's work I have loved is Miroshnik's. I know a few girls on here have been to him (I have been watching this forum on and off for a while). The feeling became too intense this time and I think I can finally juggle the cost. So now the 6 week wait begins. Does anyone know roughly how long the wait is between consultation and surgery times?
  19. Pre-op: 27 year old, no children, 10AA-A hoping to achieve natural looking full C. Why I chose Dr M: I wanted a Sydney-based specialist who would give me the most natural results. I have had consults with other surgeons prior seeing Dr M. but I felt most comfortable with Dr M and I was confident he would give me what I want. I went through all the photos he had on his website and Facebook and I could not find one I did not like. Further, he has an impeccable record and I was unable to find any negative reviews. DAY OF SURGERY Arrived at Bondi Junction Private Hospital at 7am for 8am surgery. Went through required paper work with a nurse and was checked into my private room. Got changed into surgery gown and watched telly with my friend. Was then visited by the nurses who will be looking after me post op, the anaesthetic nurse and also the anaesthetist. Dr M came in to draw on me. About 10mins after that I was ushered into the surgery room by a nurse (everything was a blur from that point on cos I had to take my glasses off). Got onto the surgery table and under a warm blankie. The anaesthetist then placed catheters into my left hand and left arm. They gave me a gas mask to hold and told me to breath deeply and I was off to another world... Woke up shaking violently and was annoyed at myself for not being able to stop. A nurse came to ask me to rate pain outta 10, I mumbled 4 or 5, it wasn't really pain, just really tight around my chest. I asked her why I can't stop shaking when I'm not even cold and she told me it was just the anaesthetic wearing off. She gave me intravenous Fentanyl (pain relief) and a tablet of diazepam (muscle relaxant). I was drifting in and out at that stage. She came back later to put the post op bra on me (Carefix Alice) and wheeled me to my private room. I continued to drift in and out for I dunno how long.. I eventually stopped shaking and the lovely nurse brought me tea and sandwich which I wolfed down. I asked for my glasses and mobile and messaged my friend to let her know she can come and visit me. That was around 11:30am. By 1pm I was able to walk unassisted and was discharged. There was a chemist warehouse nearby where I collected all my meds. The car trip back was uneventful, kept drifting in and out. Overall, I wouldn't describe the immediate-post-op sensation as 'painful' but more of an 'annoying discomfort'. Very tight around the chest and felt as if the skin around my ribs are being pulled upwards. I find it difficult to straighten my back because of it. Appetite that night wasn't great. Decided to be a hero and not take Senna/Coloxyl since I'm not on Endone (a decision I shall regret for many years to come). Day 1 Slept badly. Sleeping on my back in an elevated position was very restricting and I kept waking up with a sore upper back. Relied on my non-existent core strength to get onto a sitting position before getting outta bed. I wish I had the foresight to do sit-ups weeks prior to my surgery. The area underneath the boobs was very tender, felt as if someone had karate kicked me in the ribs and bruised it. I'm still hunched over, unable to straighten my back when sitting or standing because the skin felt so tight. Belly was very bloated from a combination of slowed transit time from anaesthetic meds, post-op meds, fluid retention and lack of motion. Took 2 Coloxyl tabs before bed. Too chicken ***** to check out boobs... Day 2. Slept well. Ribs still felt very bruised and tender. Got up too quickly this morning and was getting intermittent sharp stabbing pain left side under boob throughout the day. Walked around the shopping centre today, slowly, still hunching. Gathered enough guts to finally take a peek: stiff as, hard as and definitely a lot bigger than before. Belly was very bloated despite passing something so decided to take 3 Coloxyl tabs before bed. Day 3. Woke up with the worse stomach cramp ever and bombed the bloody toilet like its World War 3. Bloating much improved but still soft and doughy from meds and I think fluid. Still have intermittent stabbing feeling left side under boob. Can stand a little straighter today. Had my first proper thorough shower from head to toe, felt like a million bucks afterwards. Day 4. Slept well, no pain. The sharp stabbing feeling went away by afternoon. Ribs feel normal now. Can stand straight. Lower belly still soft and doughy - my friend said I looked about 3months pregnant. Day 5 Slept well, getting outta bed much easier now. Can shower unassisted. I don't think I need paracetamol anymore but still taking it every 6 or so hours just incase. I did get prescribed Endone but have not been using it because I don't have pain so to speak. Boobs still feeling stiff so it hasn't really clicked that it is now part of me. I feel blessed because thus far I have not had any swelling or severe discomfort. Hoping everything will stay the same as I'm returning to work in 4 days! Accidentally forgot to take Coloxyl last night, so we shall see...my dearest toilet, I apologise to u in advance. Day 6 Nipples very tender, but probably due to hormonal fluctuations. Went to the kiddy playground with my friend and her 2 young children, pushed one on the swing (gently) but boobs still became sore in the arvo. Day 7 So...I'm sick. Serves me right for flashing the new assets at anyone who cared enough to see. Tender boobs in morning today but felt much better after loosening the buckles at the front. Side boob felt slightly softer than before but nipples are still tender as. Used some of my friend's breast feeding nipple cream which helped a little. Day 8 Moved back home. Was able to carry light groceries without any issues. Day 9 Drove like my grandma and got beeped multiple times. Even reversed parked - twice. First day back at work, off all meds, feeling good =). Day 14 1st post-op check up with the nurse. She was so lovely. Tape removed, sutures trimmed and incision site healing well. She reapply some tape (microspore) and gave me a roll to take home and change every 7-10days. Week 7 2nd post-op check up with Dr M. He said everything was settling in nicely and I can start wearing underwire bras. I was also given new tapes (Silicon) to use instead of Micropore. I've been wearing the post-op bra day and night up until this point. From today, I've switched to wireless bras (Loveable, Chloe & Lola) - more for comfort, but I'm still gonna wear my post-op at night until I've reached week 8. PS: Bought underwire sports bras today from Berlei to start jogging =D! MY ADVICE: 1. Work on ur core strength - sit ups, pilates, whatever to get u abs strong. Nothing worse than struggling to get up like an upside down tortoise. 2. Don't be a hero, take senna/Coloxyl prophylatically. 3. Chew ur food CAREFULLY, I accidentally aspirated 1 grain of rice, gosh it killed trying to cough that up. 4. Double, triple check ur hospital admission form: they accidentally attached a Jane Doe onto mine, so all my pages had me as having Peanut allergy with Type 2 Diabetes and excessive bleeding during childbirth 3 years ago.
  20. Hi All, I'm Madison, and I'm soon to have my very first consultation with Dr. Miroshnik.I know he'll give me all the info I ever want to know, but I can't resist searching through the forums to keep my head from exploding with questions in the meantime! I'd like to get my BA done within the next few months, however I'm thinking of having children at the end of next year. I know some of you might think that's a silly idea - why don't i just wait until child-rearing is over? Well I might, but just for the sake of asking : all the ladies who have BA experience, has anyone had surgery and given birth 12- 15 months later? I have visions of tissue being damaged & fairly new scars being stretched, etc with the expansion of breast milk. Of course there's also the reality I may not be able to breastfeed. Just looking for any thoughts on this topic. Thanks everyone! xo
  21. Hi I'm considering Dr Miroshnik or Dr Liew because I REALLY want a natural look and FEEL. But I've seen a lot of girls on here who swear by tci. Has anyone on here been to tci and had a very natural result and feel? I'm only considering tci because it's half the price of the other 2 surgeons I'm considering but I'm willing to pay more to get exactly what I want. I'd love if some girls who have done to dr miroshnik, liew, dona, tang, val etc could friend request me and give me their honest opinion Thanks
  22. Hi girls, I just had my pre op consultation, and we finally decided on a size! At my initial consult, I tried on 310 and 345 cc but was not really that sold with either of them, and having a month between that consult and today made me want to go around 360ish. So today, when Dr M had looked over my measurements and the implant sizes suitable for my boobies he told me that I had the choice of 330 or 375 cc moderate plus. I was stoked! I tried them on, and the 375 cc looked perfect! I was certain they were the right ones! With subfascial placement, I won't be losing any volume and he said I should get a good amount of cleavage and side boob with that size. Yipeeee! I don't have much in the way of hips, so I was definitely wanting side boob to give me a nice set of feminine curves As as for correcting my mildly tuberous rightie, and the nipple puffiness. He is not certain whether or not I will need a periareolar lift. It'll be something that he decides on during surgery after he puts in the implants and sees how they fit. If the implant accentuates the puffiness he will need to do the lift, but if it looks ok he won't have to touch it. I also paid for my surgery today. And I was given an information pack for me to take home and read: with hospital info, medications and supplements to discontinue before surgery, general pre and post-op instructions, and post-op instructions for a BA. I feel super-duper informed now! How am I feeling? Super confident that I've made the right decision, super happy that I've chosen the right PS, and super excited that my DD-Day will be here before I know it!! My partner is also super excited lol, he is making a cup with his hand just above my boobs saying "they'll be out here, and be a nice handful!". He was asking more questions than me today! (Including the ones that I forgot with all the excitement. I love you Hun, thanks for being my auxiliary brain) I'll be dreaming of boobies tonight! pumpkin. Here's a link to my post after the initial consult: http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?18728-My-consult-with-Dr-Miroshnik
  23. Hi ladies I have my breast augmentation surgery booked with Dr. Miroshnik on the 27th March! I'm so excited, I'm finally doing this! He has recommended 390g Extra High Profile rounds. I told him I wanted perky boobs, as mine already are, with nice side boob and fullness. I'm currently an A cup, wanting to go to a D, and he said these will give me a full D. Now, what is worrying me is the XHP. I don't know what to expect to be honest. I don't want to look fake, but he assured me they wouldn't. I had another look at his before and afters, but didn't find many XHP rounds that I could compare. So if any of you girls would be happy to show me your pictures, even if you only have high profile, I would really appreciate it. At first I was like, yes, awesome! But now I'm getting nervous. I guess that's normal. I just want to have nice cleavage, perky boobs but also be able to put on a nice bra and push them up and together, if you know what I mean! Also, I will be travelling from Adelaide to Sydney for the surgery. My partner will be taking me, and my son will be at home in Adelaide with my mum. I've planned to stay for 2 nights after the surgery, which I was told will be fine. I'm not sure how I'm going to go when I get home, not being able to pick up my son. How long did everyone wait until they picked up their children? Sorry for the novel! I will be posting a pic later today of my current A cups, as I don't have anything on my profile yet.
  24. I'm going back to see Dr M in 3 weeks time, and all I can think about is how our conversation went last time. The biggest I tried on was 345/330 and at the time I said "no bigger than 330", and he wrote done 330 on my chart. He said he would 'order in' around that range and up to 350. But I can help but think that I won't get to try on anything bigger than 350! He did say that 380 was the absolute limit and that or bigger may give me double bubble. Does he get in sizers specifically for your measurements? Cause the ones I tried on during my initial consult seemed weird and not quit wide enough. I did ring the office and the girl said he has many sizers that I can try, so I think she misunderstood my question. While this is my pre op consult, it is 3 weeks before surgery so I guess I could get in for a 3rd consult just before surgery if need be. Sorry, just looking for feedback from others as this keeps on bouncing around in my head and my man keeps saying that it will all be fine. Agghh!!
  25. Hiya! My consultation with Dr Miroshnik is on Tuesday - hooray so excited! I've been waiting 10 years for this!! I'm pretty sure I have all my "wish list" and "dislike list" pictures sorted, although I'll undoubtedly add more this weekend. I have a mint coloured clingy v neck t-shirt to try on with the sizers, but should I also be taking some other shirts? Although it does have a picture on it. I guess I could buy a cheap plain top from Kmart on the weekend... it seems like a silly question, but I was wondering if there is plenty of time to try them with multiple shirts? And if so, what types of shirts should I be taking? (This is my first consult) Also, for some reason I have a mental picture of the sizer bra being big and bulky (thinking ahh bra). Or is it like a regular bra? Cause I don't want it sticking out of my shirts and looking bad while I'm trying to focus on how the boobies look. thanks!
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