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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am starting up a thread to share who your surgeon was/ where they are located and how your experience was overall. This forum is all about helping people to find the best surgeons, so lets do some name dropping-- and please share everyone, even if you are new and looking!
  2. Has anyone had surgery with Dr Joseph Rizk? He is advertising $7,900 round implants. Not sure if it is the real deal. It says here he is in Burwood. However the website and google say Stanmore. His Instagram seems good but no reviews on here. www.instagram.com/drrizk_official Has anyone had breast surgery with him. What is it like?
  3. Hello, I'm hoping someone is able to recommend a plastic surgeon whether it be in Adelaide or further, I'm wanting the best, as I want the best results. I have some scarring which is slightly raised and more white in colour, it's more noticeable in the sun when it's shine shows. And some bunches up like crepe paper as it is on my shoulder. I've had some revision surgery already and started with microneedling and some laser treatments however before I try PRP which is really expensive, I want to get another opinion from a plastic surgeon. Any recommendations or experiences would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has dealt with Tim Proudman or Isaac Harvey I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.
  4. Hi girls, I'm hoping someone can recommend a good plastic surgeon who is also a cosmetic injector that I can see in Melbourne. I do like them to be plastics, I just like their level of training, experience and ability the most and don't mind paying for that. I have tried a fair few of the Melbourne guys with varying results. I'm sure there must be someone great out there that I haven't thought of. I'm mainly wanting filler in my cheeks and on going botox to forehead, masseurs, and lip filler. Definitely going to have more surgery down the track, I like having one "go to man" if that makes sense. I am super particular in technique and know exactly what I want and how it should be done, and only one surgeon was a fantastic injector but I can't see him anymore unfortunately . Please help! Leighton xx
  5. Hi, I have seen Dr. Chow a few times and she is very nice and knowledgeable but I was hoping to hear some first hand experiences before I book myself in for actual surgery. I cannot find an reviews on her so anything would be much appreciated!
  6. Hi ladies, Does anyone else have saggy boobs now since having surgery? I am so disappointment with them..I have so much underboob and barely any cleavage. I used to be a B cup and have always had a low nipple placement, but now that they are a DD it seems like the skin has stretched too much and they have dropped too far down! I can't go back to the surgeon who did them because I had them done by Dr Piyapas in Phuket I did email him but he said that the implants are in my natural chest meridian lines, he mentioned that I would need a lift to make them sit higher but that wouldn't make my cleavage closer. It's so disappointing that people have theirs done and they look so amazing years after the surgery, but mine have looked saggy since about 3 months after surgery. I feel embarrassed that people know I have fake boobs, because everyone expects them to look better than they are. I was hoping there is some kind of solution to this..id hate to get them redone and have a lift because I don't want that awful lolly pop scar, and I'm afraid that they might not even lift that much. All I want is nice perky boobs with nice cleavage could any surgeons out there tell me something that will help?
  7. Hi all! I'm currently after a filler/Botox injector. I want Botox around my eyes, and fillers for my cheek and lips. I'm after a very, very natural result. I want the best, don't care about cost, and want a Dr with credentials, i.e, facial plastic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist, etc. (NO laser clinics/nurses) Dr Van Park has a good reputation, but there is a 6 month wait and I would hate to wait that long only to discover it's just hype. Please share your experiences, advice, and opinions. Thank you!
  8. Hey everyone! I'm a 31 year old mixed Asian female with tan skin currently a size 8-10A cup or 30-32A. I'm petite, standing at 5'4.5" tall, size AU4-6 in clothing and weigh about 46kg. I'm pretty healthy, eat well and do moderate exercise. Appearance plays a major role in my profession and ever since I was a little girl have always wanted bigger breasts. After so much thinking and waiting for so many years I am finally in a position to be able to have breast augmentation. I had a consultation early this year and booked in my surgery with a board certified Melbourne based plastic surgeon, which I ended up cancelling due to hesitations about the procedure. I booked myself in for a second consultation not long ago only to cement the fact that my partner and I just weren't comfortable enough to follow through. The surgeon wasn't for me, it felt as though they didn't really care about me as an individual and was very vague considering the hefty price tag for the procedure. I didn't feel a connection, they just told me that I needed a gummy bear implant under the muscle and that was that. There was like no other option. I felt as though I had to do all the research on my own. Just didn't feel right... Now I'm on another hunt for a highly skilled plastic surgeon, even bonus if they do fat transfer as an option. Preferably in Melbourne, with a fantastic reputation and cost is not an issue. I want the best results possible. Please help! Any reviews, personal experiences or recommendations? Thanks in advance !!
  9. I am looking for a Melbourne based / plastic surgeon or a great ENT to fix my nose ( drooping tip and large bridge hump ) I am thinking of seeing the following two surgeons: MATTHEW CAMPBELL (Well-educated and respected ENT that works/worked as a director of Head and Neck Surgical Unit at Austin/Northern Hospital) & MARK ASHTON (Well-educated and respected plastic surgeon that works as head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and is the consultant Plastic Surgeon to the Royal Women’s Hospital) If anyone has seen these two or knows someone who has or has heard any good/bad stories about them, please let me know?
  10. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr David Chin.. What an absolutely fantastic Plastic Surgeon. From the very beginning he has been honest, easy to talk to and listened to exactly what I wanted from my breast surgery. I am so happy that I chose him to be my PS and if anyone is looking for someone in Brisbane, go and have a consultation with him. I had several consultations and I knew as soon as I met Dr Chin he would do my surgery.. I am absolutely over the moon with my results and my pre & post op care
  11. Hello, i am looking for a reputable plastic surgeon whom can fit me in for consultation and surgery within the next 2-3 weeks. I have done my research and it is something I've wanted for a long time. My urgency is due the fact I would like adequate time for healing before a trip on 10th September. I've finally saved up the costs and would love nothing more than to find the perfect surgeon who can give me new breasts as soon as possible. I have contact many clinics for availability but thought I would try this approach and see how things go. Thank you!l
  12. Howdy everyone, I'm wanting to know who is great at doing natural looking breast augmentations in Melbourne? And price brackets. I've had a consult with dr Bruce Fox and I was so looking forward to it however feel I need to do more research before deciding on a surgeon. I've only moved to Melbourne in the last 3 months so everything is completely new. I have breast fed my 4 children and am currently a bearly there A cup after losing breast tissue after stopping breast feeding with my daughter (dr fox said this can be common). I'd like all reviews please I'm am sticking to board certified plastic surgeons only no cosmetic surgeons but any reviews or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps so looking forward to see how this journey ends up, I'm hoping to have surgery this year sometime. Cheers ?
  13. Anyone has done Tummy Tuck with Dr Chartchai ? His quoted price was 285,000 bahts @ Samitivej Sukhumivit Hospital but he uses Hospital package if practise at Bumrungrad at the cost of 249,300 bahts. I have so far found no medical agencies that he works with for his service.
  14. Hey guys, Just looking for some advice and support with my surgeon choice. Deciding on my surgeon and getting time off of work are the two things holding me back. I have narrowed down to two surgeons who I have had consultations with earlier. They have offered the same size, texture and placement as their recommendation which is comforting however there are a few differences between the two that are making my decisions harder. Implant brand, being measured, surgeon availability and staff are the main differences. I want natural looking D-DD cup breasts. Surgeon 1: Did not physically measure my breasts. He has suggested textured Nagor Impleo 360cc implants placed under the muscle with 11.6cm base width, high profile 5.0cm projection. Next size up would be 390cc 11.8cm BW and 5.1cm projection. I am not thrilled with nagor as a brand but he believes them to be great. He also doesn't really believe in taking bactrim for dental visits unless it is surgical. I am really comfortable talking to him and found him to be really pleasant. He doesn't seem to go on holidays often, but his nursing staff are not so great. His wait time is about 3 weeks for surgery bookings. He showed me many before and afters and I tried on sizers. Surgeons 2: Physically measured my breasts. Suggested textured Allergan 340cc unders (I bumped him up to 360cc, he also said I could go 380cc If i really wanted to) 12.5cm base width, moderate profile. I am pleased with allergan as his choice and he recommends bactrim for dentist visits. He is a member of many plastic surgeon societies, is sometimes away overseas giving seminars and lectures. He is VERY confident, almost cocky in his work which makes me confident in him. I'm not as relaxed around him as I am with surgeon 1. His staff are much more helpful and friendly. He is a couple hundred cheaper although price is no issue for me. His wait time for surgery is about 4-5 weeks. I didn't see many before and afters and didn't try sizers, however he used vectra (which I wasn't that impressed with). Ladies who would you go with for a natural look? Also will 380cc be too big for someone who doesn't want anyone to notice? I'm a 10B at the moment. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi all, I know how hard it is to pick a good surgeon that you feel you can trust, so I thought I would post my experience. Apologies for the length of this post! I am 5 days post op. I have just had a revision with 400 round implants. I had my previous implants (saline tear drop) for 17 years. I got up one morning and my husband said " I think you better have a look in the mirror - something is wrong with your boobs". Sure enough - I had a flat boob! It's sort of like having a flat tire - only you can't call the RACQ. I was in a bit of a panic as I had no idea even where to start to sort this out. I jumped online and found this site, which had lots of great recommendations, experiences and tips. (Thank you!!) I found a number of surgeons recommended and selected 2. I also went to my GP the next day and she gave me referrals to the ones I selected as well as several others. I was able to book in for consults within a week. And my two preferred surgeons had cancellations so I was moved forward. I found the consultations daunting. I am very used to drs as I have had many other types of operations. But it's still weird for me to be stripping off for a man I don't know. The two I had chosen were both good. One was dr Harwood. He was lovely. His staff were really lovely and I thought he would do a good job. The receptionist made me feel very comfortable. However, I didn't want to just go with the first surgeon I saw. Dr hardwood made me believe I would be up and back to my old life quickly with little inconvenience. I then met dr Belt. He was no where near as jovial or relaxed as dr Harwood, but he was extremely thorough and meticulous. He used surgical gloves when touching me and was very gentle. I got a real sense of professionalism, which for me was reassuring. He had all the paperwork prepared with a quote, and also detected that the second implant had rotated, so it would mean that Medicare would cover the cost of both implants (not the surgery etc). He thoroughly checked my medical history, my health and went through all of the options. I felt like I was in very safe hands, so I went with dr Belt. I asked about surgery times and he wanted to make sure that I was not rushing it. I explained that it wasn't a matter of whether I was going to do it but when. I told him sooner was best. I was booked in for surgery in less than three weeks. I was only charged for the first consultation ($160 - unlike Harwood which was free) - I had two subsequent consultations leading up to the surgery to get the sizing right and also ensure I had no underlying cysts or problems with my breast tissue. Between sessions I had an ultrasound and an MRI so the dr was confident in the health of my breast tissue, as well as providing accurate information on my existing implants. He was very accommodating moving appointments around to fit with my work hours. He recommended a list of foods that I should not eat for at least a week leading up to surgery which would improve my recovery. These included fish (and fish oils), avocado, tomato, potato and various other seemingly innocuous foods. I was really anxious about the surgery. My first experience had been pretty horrible. I had been in a lot of pain, was very ill from the GA and inactive for a couple of weeks. He didn't sugar coat the recovery. However, he said we will do it in hospital (rather than his day clinic) and make sure I was well looked after. Which he did. He was very upfront with everything. Spelling out all of the risks and what to expect. On the day of surgery I met with his team. They were brilliant. His anaesthetist (dr Tran) was so lovely and caring - I told him about my fears of being ill and he explained how they can use a different procedure which means I wouldn't be Sick. The nurses chatted with me and were very reassuring. They kept me distracted just enough to keep my anxieties at bay. They said they would be with me throughout and would be there when I woke up. My husband was with me right until they wheeled me into the operating room. Again the dr and his team had been super thorough. He had drawn all over me, made me articulate exactly what I expected to happen. I was fully prepped, including compression stockings with leg massaging attachments which would be used post recovery. I don't remember going under - nor did I really feel the cannula being inserted. I have had 12 operations (for various conditions) and never did I feel this safe and looked after. I vaguely remember stirring as they wheeled me to me room. I'm always shaky after surgery. The nurses were there and so was my husband. I felt dreamy and not at all sick. I was not in any pain. I then slept for about 4 hours with the odd arousal for the normal obs. The dr came to see me that evening (it was a Saturday) and told me how it all went well. He gave specific instructions to the nurses about an IV antibiotic (which I then had for the next 5 days). I had two drains which required monitoring. My breasts were hidden under a taped and sealed bandage. They weren't going anywhere. I was still groggy but I was allowed up to go to the toilet - and that was where I felt the pain. Yes it was sore. But not unexpected and no where near as bad as the first time I had this operation. Over the next 4 days everything went smoothly in hospital. The dr literally visited me every 12 hours (6am and 6pm) to change the dressing over the drains, check the progress and make any adjustments to medication etc. He was very gentle. Even though I was covered in tape he was able to remove this with only a little discomfort. He removed the drains with such finesse that I didn't even feel it. (Believe me that is a skill!) I got a double hit of antibiotics before he released me - along with very specific post operative care instructions, pads for my bras (two which he also provided). I have a follow up appointment with him in less than a week to check on the dressing. I have a little pain (maybe a 3/10) when I'm moving around. But none when I'm still. So far so good. I recommend being prepared for a little down time so your recovery goes smoothly. I have to consciously restrain myself from doing normal things because I don't feel like I'm really in recovery. I feel really good. I also highly recommended Dr Paul Belt. He really knows what he is doing. He is exceptionally professional, meticulous and gentle. He wasn't expensive - infact in the end he was about the same as the other surgeons I looked at (and worked out cheaper than Dr Harwood). The service and care provided by him and his staff was faultless.
  16. Hi girls, I've recently booked a consultation with Dr Scamp for a B/A on the 24th March. At the moment they have a complimentary consultation. So I thought it would be a great time to go. And if all goes well, they have 15% off all surgeries and I may book my surgery as well. I've heard that his work is amazing. Are there any Dr Scamp girls out there who are happy with his work? Any tips you would like to share with this newbie chick? What I should be cautious of?
  17. Hey Ladies, Has anyone heard of these guys? They popped up on my face book ads today and the price is a little too good to be true $3800 for a BA in Brisbane! That is the lowest I have seen it for in Australia so far! http://brisbanesurgeons.com.au/ I should also mention i am happily already booked in with Dr Harwood but I would love to hear anyones feed back reading this company? If anyone has seen them or heard of them? If they are any good I would definitely consider them for future surgery. Thanks ladies
  18. Anybody watching this show? I can't believe how b***chy they are... Also, if you want to know why your PS charges so much, check out the house and lives of one of Melbourne's top PS wives... lol
  19. Hi, I have finally made the decision to change something which has made me very very unhappy for a long time and fed up of being embarrassed. I see soo many brave women out there doing it. My question to all you girls is...do any of you know if there are surgeons out there (preferably Melbourne but would travel interstate if I had to but not preferable due to aftercare) who specialise in tuberous BA's? I have done lots of reading and see that it might be better to have the procedure with a reconstructive "plastic surgeon" rather than a "cosmetic surgeon" (apparently there is a difference) but I would love some input and advice. Thanks Sunshine31
  20. Hello, I am seriously considering revision rhinoplasty with Stephen Kleid in Melbourne for both breathing and cosmetic purposes. Has anyone had a positive or negative experience with him, or are aware of his results for both breathing and cosmetic? Is there anyone else in Melbourne to consider or avoid for the above procedure? Any help would be very valuable!! Thank you.
  21. Hi, I am in the process of finding a perth surgeon for BA, has anyone used western australian plastic surgery centre subiaco? are they good? they have a number of surgeons I dont know which I should ask to see. If anyone has any suggestions or expereinces with them i would love to know!
  22. I am looking to go for a revision and am looking for some Melbourne surgeons and was wondering if everyone who has had surgery in Melbourne would like to write the price they paid (if you have a break down that would be great as i dont have to pay for any hospital fees or implants they're covered by health insurance just need to pay surgeons fee and anesthetist). These are the surgeons i am looking at: Mark Ashton Hamish Farrow (have done a search and both come highly recommended) Craig Rubenstein (refuses to see girls who have had previous surgery in Thailand) Any other recomendations- I want to go to as many consults as possible because i want to get it right this time round. Please note i have done a search but none of the threads seem to contain much info. I have also emailed Dr Miroshnik and Dr Tavakoli to see if they will do online consults as im happy to fly to Sydney if need be.
  23. Hi guys, Does anyone know whether going for a PS over a CS is better for breast implants? I understand their training is much more extensive but in terms of the final product does it make much of a difference? Also does the price vary much between the two? Are there any surgeons you recommend or even better - dont recommend??. Thanks for the feedback!
  24. Hello boobie lovers! So I'm very new to this. Booking a 2 week holiday to Thailand this Oct and really REALLY wanting to get a new set of boobs as well. I've searched high and low through all these forums and finding it so hard to actually find a really good PS! I've been reading good things about Dr. Poomee and Dr. Dr Preeyaphas but cant seem to decide who to go with. Im super super x 1 million nervous at the idea of going overseas for surgery but as money doesn't grow from trees, I kinda had no choice. And so I kinda need all the help I can get as I have no friends or know anyone who has had a BA in Thailand, let alone in Australia! If any of you have had any good OR bad experiences with either one of these PS's or any other, your help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
  25. Has anyone had any experience with this doctor in relation to facelifts? Many thanks.
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