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Found 41 results

  1. Hi ladies, I'm booked to have surgery with Dr Kollias in October and he has recommended 450cc round high profile over the muscle (subfascial) Has anyone recently had surgery with Dr Kollias and had subfascial/overs?? Never considered overs and concerned about the after effects? any help would be appreciated thanks in advance ?
  2. Hi there, just joined as trying to gather info on current recommendations for surgeons in Adelaide. Someone whose great with the post breastfeeding/aging breasts! thanks so much ?
  3. Hi All Well I was super excited today to start ringing surgeries to get an idea of out of pocket for tummy tuck. Tummy tuck is required due to weight loss. I have private health insurance and I'm really shocked (obviously naive) at the costs I've been quoted . It has ranged from $3500-12k here in Adelaide. I had a breast reduction last year and that was $1k out of pocket. Has anyone been quoted cheaper than the $3500k. Thanks from stressing.....?
  4. Hi, I’m wanting to get a BA this year having recently moved to Adelaide I was hoping you can advise which Dr’s you went with and if you would recommend them. Obviously the same for if you wouldn’t recommend them. Thank you
  5. Hi experts! Im new here- had an initial consult today with Dr Kolias (so nice and thorough!) and he recommended I can have under or over muscles round implants. Have attached the written info for those that have all the knowledge. If it helps, I’m 176cm tall and 63kg Thanks for your input!!
  6. Hi everyone, iv been researching a lot about having implants in Adelaide but unable to find much information or before and after pics. Iv found a lot of people recommend either Dr Kollias or Dr Cooter. Has anyone had recent implants with either of the surgeons above or booked in this year?? My other option was to fly to Sydney to have surgery with Dr Tavakoli (his work looks amazing!!!) but it will cost $14K plus travel, accommodation and then 3 follow up appointments that I would need to fly back for. So gets quite pricey. Obviously more practical and cost effective to get done in Adelaide but it’s so hard when there is nothing to go on. I wish there were more info on Adelaide surgeons please help!! Thanks
  7. Hey ladies, so I’m really keen to book a consultation with Dr Kollias from Adelaide, but it mentions you need a referral from your doctor? Is this still the case or can I just ring up and book a consultation? I’m going to book with Dr Cooter for a consultation too. Super excited to finally start my twin journey lol
  8. Hello, I was wondering if there are any Adelaide ladies who have got their tuberous breast correction from Dr M who would be happy to meet and chat with me>!?
  9. Does anyone have recommendations of where to go for non surgical nose job in Adelaide? Any personal experiences you can share? Thank you!
  10. Hello, I'm hoping someone is able to recommend a plastic surgeon whether it be in Adelaide or further, I'm wanting the best, as I want the best results. I have some scarring which is slightly raised and more white in colour, it's more noticeable in the sun when it's shine shows. And some bunches up like crepe paper as it is on my shoulder. I've had some revision surgery already and started with microneedling and some laser treatments however before I try PRP which is really expensive, I want to get another opinion from a plastic surgeon. Any recommendations or experiences would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has dealt with Tim Proudman or Isaac Harvey I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.
  11. Hi, So this is my first post but I've had tuberous breast all throughout my life and I'm really ready to do something about them. I have read amazing reviews on Dr M and I feel like he's basically the only way to go for tuberous breast surgery. Just wondering if anyone could share their story with the medicare rebate side of things? Like applying for one and how much they got (if you're comfortable sharing). I really need this as mine are quite badly tuberous so I'm hoping I can get just of extra help in the $$$ side of things. Also can anyone recommend a Adelaide doctor that would be good to go to for tuberous breast enquiries/referral to Dr M? Thanks Ladies!!!! P.S anyone thats had a tuberous breast surgery with Dr M- I would love to hear your stories !!!! thanks
  12. Hi, all my life I have hated my breasts, after doing some research I'm pretty sure they are tuberous, I have an appointment with Dr Kollias on the 21st, I'm incredibly nervous but at 50 feel its now or never, I'm keen to connect with anyone that has had their tuberous breasts corrected or are preparing for surgery, I'm also curious to know if medicare helped at all? tia
  13. Hi all! I am completely new to looking into this stuff, so please be patient with me. I would like recommendations on getting a BA in Adelaide. Id prefer Adelaide as its close to home, and easier for follow up appointments. Also, i am getting married early December 2018, so what would be a good time frame etc etc? Thanks for the info, i appreciate it! Ash
  14. Hi ladies, just wanting to hear any recommendations for those that have had revision surgery done in Adelaide? Ive had one consultation with one surgeon but wanting to get some recommendations of some others. A lot of surgeons don't do revision surgery here just first time BA or so it seems anyway. many thanks! xx
  15. Can anyone recommend an Adelaide PS that performs ankle liposuction. Or even just a good Lipo PS that you've been happy with in other areas? I'm considering Dr Yugesh Caplash. Anyone used him before? thanks
  16. Hey Girls, Hello to all the old crew that remember me, and hi to all the newer site members Bit of a long post, but hope it's helpful for SA girls, as there is so little information out there on Adelaide surgeons. I've not been on here in nearly a year, but am currently sitting in a hotel room in San Diego, USA, day 9 post-op after reconstructive surgery with Dr Pousti. As an RN of twelve years, who has previously worked in plastics (now emergency) I know my sh*t, and have, unfortunately had dealings with most of Adelaide's plastic surgeons, and some interstate, international surgeons too, due to all my complications. Here is my frank run down on them: Dr Michael Higgs - Saw him for my first consultation. Was very thorough, spent a lot of time with me, seemed a nice guy. Also felt pressured to book. Dr Darren Maloney (APSA) - Heard he did great breasts. Rushed consult, seemed very disinterested, refused to show me any pictures of his work. Told me "If that's a deal breaker, don't book". Umm yes it is, so I didn't! Secretary kept ringing and asking when I would book. I ignored her messages and she eventually got the hint. Dr James Trott - Saw him and immediately liked him. Confident but not arrogant. Had my surgery with him. Then told I could see his wife in 3 weeks and him in 6 weeks - not the best follow up. About 10 days in noticed something was not right with the leftie - managed to get in to see him - dismissed me as anxious, but stated I may have a seroma, but he wouldn't drain it. Three months later, told me leftie would need revision. Revision made it worse. Put his hands up and said "I don't know what the problem is, and I don't know how to fix it". Sent me to Dr Cooter, who recommended a plan. Dr Trott then totally dismissed it, performed another revision that left it worse than before and left me in constant pain. Wife dismissed me from his care. Dr Rodney Cooter - I found him a bit cold, but I know of many nurses who work/have worked with him and all speak so highly of him, say he is a wonderful man, would be the surgeon they would use if they were to have surgery. Was fine at my first visit, but I saw him again after my third operation, and I got the impression he wanted nothing to do with me due to his relationship with Dr Trott. If he would have been willing to do my redo, I would have had it with him. Dr Nicholas Marshall (APSA) - Also saw him after my third op. Stated he couldn't notice the difference between my breasts (my left was 4-5cm higher than the right by now), and said no need to operate. He also told me I would just have to live with the pain I was experiencing, and maybe a massage would even them up. It didn't! PIAC via Moira (RN) at Truly Medical Getaways - Moira was fantastic, she is a nurse herself, and I had great communication with her, but unfortunately PIAC turned me down as I would be a "too complex case", unless I was willing to have the implants removed completely, which was their recommendation. Anyone going to Thailand, I would recommend going through her, she is was brilliant, knows her stuff and has great reviews, and PIAC seem great, just didn't work out for me. Dr Hamish Farrow (Melbourne) - After talking to my GP, who has been fabulously supportive, she informed me that all the surgeons here have their boys club, and are not critical of their own work or that of their buddies, so suggested I go interstate for an independent opinion. After making enquiries into booking a consult, I heard nothing for weeks. Then out of the blue I get told my appointment is x date and time, no asking me when was convenient, or letting me know what is available, despite me saying I had to arrange flying in from Adelaide. I had to wait and hour extra to see him. I saw Dr Farrow, and deliberately did not tell him who my original surgeon was He was very thorough and personable, and stated that he thought he might be able to fix the problem, but wanted to see my previous intra-operative notes, so I had to disclose who my surgeon was, and he admitted he knew him. I heard nothing for months, and had to email to chase up what decision he made. I finally got a letter stating he did not feel he could fix the problem. . So an expensive day trip to Melbourne was almost for nothing, save for happening on the most beautiful Pho I have ever tasted near Dr Farrow's office. It was amazing! Dr Don Revis (Florida, USA) - At this point I was at the end of my tether, and decided to contact Dr Revis and Dr Pousti, in Florida (East Coast USA) and San Diego (West Coast USA) respectively, on the advice of Donatella (thanks Don!). I received responses from both immediately. They were polite, did not make me feel like a difficult patient, answered my every question with professionalism, were reassuring, and put no pressure on me. I was impressed, these were busy men, world renowned surgeons, but they were getting back to me so quickly (unlike the Aussies docs that would take months, ). Dr Revis even emailed once to apologise as he was just going in to theatre, but would email as soon as he was done - and he did. Dr Revis said that he sees the worst of the worst from around the world, and was confident he could fix me no problem, as long as I was open to the fact that the plan may change somewhat when he examined me in person, but that he would be able to fix me with one way or another. I liked this flexible approach. I was all set to book, as I was going to be in the UK seeing my family for 6 weeks in December/January, and Florida is about 9 hours from London and cheap to get to. Then the dates got booked up, and it was not to be. I wondered if maybe he was too good to be true? I'm not into the oversized implants (over 800cc), but his work on them looks bloody amazing, and I would say he would be the only one in the world you would want to do them Dr Peter Sylaidis (APSA) - As I was looking into booking the states, I confided in a lovely doctor friend/colleague about what had happened. She pleaded with me to see Dr Sylaidis, as she had done some of her rotations under him, and also knew his family. She said he was a meticulous surgeon, and a good, ethical man. I found him to be very professional and serious. He said he would use a new implant. After some thinking, he said he wanted to have a peer review with two of his colleagues, and booked me in for my return from the UK. He stated that would be free of charge, and that if I felt more comfortable with either of the other surgeons, he would be more than happy if I elected to have surgery with them. In the end, he offered to discount his fee, due to my previous suffering, and my being a nurse and a friend of Dr X, but wanted to downsize the left and not touch the right, where as I felt I needed to have the whole thing redone from scratch if I was to end up more even. He also didn't seem that confident, it was more that he would "give fixing it ago", and for $7000 just for one side (and that was heavily discounted), I didn't feel it was worth the risk. I think he would do a good initial BA though, and think he is a very decent man. Dr Tony Moore (APSA) - Saw him at the peer review. I think he thought I was young and dumb (I do Iook young, and was spaced from jet lag from flying in from London the day before). He started banging on about how we are so lucky in Adelaide to have so many amazing surgeons, and that "Jim" (Dr Trott) is a great guy, and I shouldn't think about a revision until I've had kids because my boobs will go south then. I am 34 and recently separated, so I think I've missed the boat on that! Also told me I should downsize, as my 385 cc were far too big (I'm 165cm, 57kg ish and a size 10, they look quite small). He told me to go back to "Jim" (the same man that did my previous three surgeries ), and then suggested, and I quote "If you want to look more normal, just even them out with one of the fillet things in one side dear". Funny how they don't suggest that when you when you first see them "Oh no, save your $10k, Target have a special on chicken fillets"! Dr Tim Edwards (APSA) - Also in the peer review. Didn't really say much other than he'd seen worse. In the interim I had a lot of personal stuff going on with my relationship which had deteriorated, and in August we finally separated. After this I felt like I needed to do something for myself, so I decided it was time to look into the USA again. Dr Tom Pousti (San Diego, USA) - I had spoken to Dr Pousti previously at length at the same time I had been contacting Dr Revis, and found his demeanour to be in the same vein as Dr Revis. Dr Pousti was also very considerate, asking if I would let him have a little extra time over the weekend to go over my case and pics and consider what would be best, and contacted me a few days later without prompting with a more detailed response. I eventually had a telephone consult which put me at ease, and all his staff were really great over email/phone. As California is nearer Australia, that was one factor in my choosing him over Dr Revis. Another was that he told me he couldn't promise perfection, but he felt he could significantly improve my outcome, but that I may need allograft and drains. I felt this to be a more realistic approach than Dr Revis. Although both had thousands of glowing reviews, there were a few more negative ones on Dr Revis also. So fast forward to today, and I am sitting in a hotel room in San Diego writing this 9 days post op. My pain has been good, but was so fatigued the first week. Now been getting out and about and enjoying this beautiful city, but still tiring easily. My experience with Dr Pousti and his staff has been a million miles away from what I have experienced in Australia. Not only was Dr Pousti thorough and nice, but his staff have been so helpful and lovely. They ring me every day to check in on me. Are they going to turn out perfect? I don't think so, and it's early days, but I think they look much more even than they did. He had to do a lot of work on the leftie, but also a capsulorrhaphy (internal bra) to the right 'good' breast, as the lower part had been over dissected, and bottomed out. But I didn't need alloderm which was good. Oh he took me from 385 to 550 yay, although they don't seem that much bigger! Will start a seperate thread with a full review of my surgery out here when I get home, and add some pictures. Here are a couple of other doctors friends or professional colleagues - Drs/RNs have had dealings with - I have NOT seen any of these surgeons. Dr Mark Moore - Not much information on him, but a friend had hers done by him and they look great. She was recommended him by other friends, who were also happy with his work. Does a lot of humanitarian stuff, sounds like a good guy. I was going to consult with him regarding my redo but he was on an extended aid project somewhere. Dr Julie Lawrence - Don't know what her breast work is like, but has a fantastic reputation for abdominoplasty both with patients and in the industry. Dr James Kollias - Operates at the hospital I had my surgery at, but know people who have had BA through him and are all happy with their results. Dr Nicola Dean - Came down to the ED I now work in looking for one of our doctors (consultants never come to ED, they always send their juniors), then started to proceed to chat to one of the EN's. I asked her how she knew her and she said she remember her as an intern, then said "she does great breasts". Seemed so down to earth. Dr Kourosh Tavakoli (Sydney) - Contacted him prior to booking the states, as going overseas was a last resort, and really liked his pictures. Got email from his assistant saying he would be in touch and never heard from him. TCI (Sydney) - Emailed them about revision surgery, as they had been getting rave reviews. Very polite and prompt response, saying sorry that they don't do revisions there, but to contact Eddy Dona about the issue. I never did Well that is quite an essay, but hope it helps. Quite frankly, after my experience here, I wouldn't let an Aussie Plastic Surgeon touch me again. Here is seems a patient centred approach, with individualised plans tailored to each patient. The customer service is better, you are made to feel great, and they are focused on keeping abreast (sorry!) of the most cutting edge techniques. Will let you know how I get on once I'm back in Adelaide! Hope you are all well! xx
  17. I'm looking for anyone who has had their tube boobs fixed. I hate mine they are so ugly. I'm looking to find someone in adelaide and who you went to and a price. I've been given a price from Dr Tavakoli which was more then I expected. Of course it's my luck it would cost more, would be nice that us who have a deformed breast could get more of a rebate from Medicare. I'm going to find out about Dr M as well.
  18. Hi Adelaide ladies do you have any recommendations for a doctor / nurse who does amazing lip fillers? Ive been seeing my doctor for quite a few years now, but she's quite cautious on how much she puts in (which is mostly a great thing). However I've looking for a little more volume and wonder if I should try someone new? thanks
  19. Hi everyone, I'm from Adelaide and there is very little information on surgeons in Adelaide. I previously had a rhinoplasty in Adelaide in 2013 which I've been left very unhappy with. I from now on refuse to get any more surgeries in Adelaide unless I somehow manage to find an amazing surgeon here. I want to have a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Shahihi, I rang the office today and she said a ball park figure for rhinoplasty is 16-20k for revision (I just need my tip done). This was upsetting for me as I thought it would be a lot less. However I have seen his before & afters, read a lot of good reviews so I think I may look into travelling up to Sydney. I'm scared to go for any surgeon that isn't know for his good work after my disastrous mistake from my last surgery. I also want to have my breasts done (after breastfeeding for a year). I hope to go with Dr Tazaki which I was quoted 25k as I need a lift and implants. I'm very stressed as this is a lot of money for me (I'm a mother so feel VERY guilty for spending this much money on myself) yet it is something I desperately want. I would love if anyone could give me some advice on surgeons they could recommend, what they paid, any thing they think could be helpful. If I do go ahead I will need to fly up to sydney, have consultations and come back down from three weeks as Dr Shahidi doesn't do Skype consults, then come back up to Sydney to go ahead with surgery! It seems like an awful lot of money and travelling but I'm unsure of what to do!
  20. I had my consult with Dr Kollias on Monday and he has suggested 365cc round implants either dual plane or sub fascial placement. I'm 175cm tall and around 65kg and currently an A cup. I'm unsure what placement is going to look the most natural and give the best cleavage though! Also, I don't want to be any bigger than a D cup and I'm wondering if any of you girls have similar measurements to me, what cc did you get? Thank you so much for your help! xx
  21. Who would you recommend to go with for BA in Adelaide? Any before and afters would be extremely helpful!! I am currently booked with both Dr Hamilton and Dr Katsaros for my consultation, and am considering booking with DR Kollias for one also. I have a petite frame and want something natural, largest I would go would be a C cup. Please let me know who you have seen (only recent ones please, it will help my decision much more). Thanks
  22. Who would you recommend to go with for BA in Adelaide? Any before and afters would be extremely helpful!! I am currently booked with both Dr Hamilton and Dr Katsaros for my consultation, and am considering booking with DR Kollias for one also. I have a petite frame and want something natural, largest I would go would be a C cup. Please let me know who you have seen (only recent ones please, it will help my decision much more). Thanks
  23. Hi Everyone, I'm booked in for an abdominoplasty and brachioplasty with Dr Michelle Lodge on Friday 23 October 2015 at Calvary North Adelaide. I'm 28 and haven't had kids yet but plan to in the future (if Mr Right shows up) after having lost over 65kg with the assistance of Lapband surgery in 2011 and working out tirelessly at the gym there was just too much skin that couldn't be toned! I've gone through the forums and it seems that there are so many extremes with regards to the procedure and recovery. Has anyone had these two procedures together? Has anyone had their surgery with Dr Lodge? What are some realistic recovery times? I've taken 2 weeks off work after the surgery, i have an office job. I went and got my binder and compression garments yesterday and a box of silicone strips for the scar- talk about expensive! Sorry for all the questions just starting freak out a bit!! Any advice and tips would be much appreciated! Thanks ☺
  24. Has anybody here had surgery preformed by Dr Julie Lawrence at the brighton day surgery or norlunga hospital in adelaide?I am Most interested in hearing from anyone whos had a tummy tuck by her as thats what I"m getting, but also Ba's and thigh/butt lifts. I would love to see some of her work. Thanks heaps sooki xo
  25. I've recently found out I have tubular breasts and coming from my most recent consult in Adelaide it appears I will need two surgeries. The first to place stretchers under the muscle which will be gradually be filled to represent the implant size. A few months laters these stretchers will be removed and the actual implants will be placed in. This procedure was totally new to me and I didn't ask nearly enough questions in my consult. Has anyone had stretchers placed in as a part of their augmentation? Was the double surgery worth the end result? Thanks so much!
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