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Found 34 results

  1. Golden ratio has been used for a while in aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery, but it can also be used for makeup application and to find your perfect eyebrow shape. For info about golden ratio and its importance for attractiveness: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2814183/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=golden+ratio+face
  2. Hi guys, This is my first post here, and I'm looking for some general opinions & feedback. I'm planning to get chin surgery & rhinoplasty combined, but I'm not entireley sure about which option I'll be going with yet: Sliding Genioplasty, or Implant? I've been researching both for quite a long time now, and been given conflicting information by the various doctors I've contacted about it. Some are saying Genioplasty, for it's benefits of controlling projection and/or length, while others are saying Implant for it's easier operation, cost saving, and acheiving more of the square shape I'd prefer - my chin is currently more rounded than square. I think I'd prefer a genioplasty if possible (for it's extra strength & stability), but I'm still open to an implant if someone can quash my concerns on them - complications, infection, etc. With adequate surgeon research beforehand, I'm also planning to get it done in Thailand to save a little bit of money. Thanks in advance - D ?
  3. Hi all, I'm a long time browser of the site and a first-time poster. Ive been interested in augmentation surgery for years now and I finally feel ready to make a move forward in my journey. I've called a few clinics and have found Dr Mayson, Dr Hunt and Dr Moradi to be in my top 3. I haven't booked in a consult with either of these Dr's yet as I am so unsure! Does anyone have experience with these Dr's? I'm leaning towards Dr Moradi because his staff seem so helpful and his work looks amazing but I was a little concerned that his consult time was only 30 mins in length? Dr Mayson's consult was quoted to take 2 hours and 30 mins seems so short in comparison considering this is life changing surgery! Looking for any help possible
  4. Just wondering if this is normal , I'm 5 weeks post op and my sternum is still quite raised/swollen it's still a little tender but not painful or anything like that but I would have thought by now that all the swelling would be gone.
  5. ** rewritten here because I originally posted this in the wrong section ** Hi lovely ladies (and Mums in particular) I have recently had breast augmentation surgery and am very happy with everything 'up there'. As a mum of two children with no plans to have more I am now considering having other areas of my post-baby body corrected, I had two caesareans! Namely, hips, bottom and stomach - I would like to look at liposuction. Or is it liposculpture? Can anyone here explain the difference between the two and, if you had it, where you went (Sydney NSW preferably), why you chose that doctor, and how it went? Should I be expecting as good a result as my breasts? Thanks in advance! xx
  6. Ok ladies I was just wondering if any of you were told that you would need a lift as well with implants and how many of you could do it in one surgery? I have my consult with dr eddy dona in October and have booked the surgery for November but I'm so worried I won't be able to have the size I want and will just have scars please help
  7. Hi there, I'm 34 years old girl based in Adelaide SA - no children. Surgery - BOTH Majora & Minora I have been bothered by my lifetime of discomfort/pain whilst sitting, standing, walking, riding bicycles - it gets stuck 'down there', chaffing and removing my underwear hurts! Don't get me started on the attempts to tuck it in and the toilet paper issues... ? Its absolutely embarrassing to see the bulge & outline in my workout pants - I'm restricted to selected Lorna Jane pants. All can see everything through my bikini bottoms - I have about 15 pairs in effort to find a way to conceal it all! Can anyone please send me recommended & experienced plastic surgeon - perhaps even share your experiences with me for both Labia Majora & Minora procedures? The surgery locations are preferred to be based in South Australia and/or Victoria perhaps Melbourne area as well? How many trips would I need to make OR how long to stay in Melbourne etc? Can I book the consultation and the surgery ahead in close proximity of each of the 2 appointments? Are there any tips or guides you can provide me? Cost guides, techniques/methods used, type of aesthetic suggested, healing process, downtime expected and preparation I'll need? What questions are key to achieving what I want? Including the removal of dark coloring on the lips from the chaffing..? As I'm so embarrassed, I'm going to see if I can keep the procedure quiet and take care of myself. Is this realistic? As with everyone, it's so important to get it right. Its taken me the longest time to even get the courage to ask about it - but I was rudely shut down by a GP during my last Pap smear (which I'm well overdue for). Does medicare or my Medibank Silver Prioity offer rebates? Do I need to stay in hospital? If so, how long for? ANY advice, reference points, shared experiences you can provide me is completely invaluable and appreciated in advance! ?
  8. Hi all, I'm all new at this forum and have been seeing some great feedback. I've just booked my BA consult with Dr Miroshnik and after enquiring by email the standard wait was 4-6 weeks to get an appointment which I was happy with. I called to book in and the earliest was 12 weeks! So if you're looking to get into Dr M I'd book in for a consult sooner rather than later.. I'm excited though! Dr M looks like he produces some AMAZING results and does just what I'm looking for in the 'Natural Look' BA. If anyone has booked in or has had a BA with Dr M I would love to know your experiences/ feedback etc.. I'm quite lucky to live in the area so won't have to travel far to get the surgery done.. Actually happy that there's a little bit of a wait as was hoping to get the procedure done in winter when I can cover up a little bit while the girls settle in Not sure if I'll go round or anatomicals yet as my shape looks good now, size B, just want a bigger to a full C to compliment the rest of my frame.. Excited to see what size he thinks would suit my frame!! Anyways any feedback would be awesome!! Cheers Ali
  9. I'm 31, 163cm 59kg and currently 12B. I've been considering implants for quite some time and now that I'm finished having children I'm almost ready. Just a few things I need advice on, from people who've been through this. Basically I'm worried about recovery time. I have 2 children (1 and 5) who need me to carry/lift them. Also I'm worried about all the house duties that require my attention, particularly hanging out washing. I plan to have surgery when I have 4 weeks off work, so am not too worried about the work side of things. It's all the home duties that I'm concerned about. I will also be travelling interstate to have the procedure done. If anyone has any advice/experience to share with me I'd appreciate it. Both positive and negative are welcome as I want to make an informed decision.
  10. Hey! So I'm completely new to this but I'd really appreciate you ladies recommendations and advice when it comes to breast augmentations. Just wanting recommendations of surgeons in South Australia, or any interstate if they are worth travelling to I'm also wanting advice on the difficulties you've and I may face, how to chose my size, shape and placement of my new boobis. I'm currently a 10B and hoping for a D or full C cup as im a small build (159cm and 47kg) Thanks in Advance ladies ??
  11. Hey! So I'm completely new to this but I'd really appreciate you ladies recommendations and advice when it comes to breast augmentations. Just wanting recommendations of surgeons in South Australia, or any interstate if they are worth travelling to I'm also wanting advice on the difficulties you've and I may face, how to chose my size, shape and placement of my new boobis. I'm currently a 10B and hoping for a D or full C cup as im a small build (159cm and 47kg) Thanks in Advance ladies ??
  12. Hi girls! Just wondering if there are any girls who have had a breast augmentation by Mark Ashton? what look were you after and did you achieve that look? any comments on the experience etc? I'm 168cm, 50kg, flat as a pancake 8A cup and hoping for a natural look after ba. I've got my consultation with him this week :-)
  13. Hi everyone!! I'm just a little anxious about everything... I had my first consultation with my surgeon in Perth today and I am about 170cm, 62kg, with an A/B cup at the moment... I think he said by BWD is about 13cm. Was playing around with implant sizes, and I thought I was quite happy with the 385cc implant size he had in his office of a different brand, but then said that the 415cc of the natrelle allergan silicon textured 415cc was going to essentially look the same (didnt have an example in his office of the 415cc) and that I have broad enough shoulders and am curvy enough around the hips to not make it look huge. My ideal is about a C to a D cup. When I got home, I tried researching 415cc HP implants online and I thought some of them look too big! Can anyone give me any kind of guidance as to what size I should go, or what I should be expecting in cup size after 415cc implants going from an A/B cup? Thank you! Your highly anxious friend....
  14. hey everyone :-) Ive been researching for years about rhinoplasty and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and book a consolation to get the ball rolling. yippee. Only problem is i can't decide onna surgeon? Any advice would be very much appreciated! It would be a reduction rhinoplasty I've narrowed it down to dr Mirosnik in Sydney and Dr Hunt from Sydney/Wollongong. Im 7 hours from sydney and dr Mirosnik has told me i would need to stay in Sydney 7 days and return at 14 to have the splint removed. Dr Hunt has said stay 1x day and return at 7 days post op to have the splint removed. They are both estimating around $13 000. Anyways any advice would be great! thanks! What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?
  15. So I'm booked in for septo-rhinoplasty this week with Ian Carlisle, has anyone on this forum had rhinoplasty with him? What was your experience like & are you happy with your new nose? I'm having my bump removed, tip lifted and more defined, and a graft put in the tip as my columella is retracted. The main things I'm nervous/concerned about are that I don't know what to expect in terms of recovery and it I'll be in a lot of pain or discomfort, & I'm worried my splint will come off & I won't like my new nose I'm aware that it takes a few months for swelling to go down. Does anyone have any tips for recovery? I'm planning on buying arnica, drinking lots of water and having Chapstick because apparently your lips get very dry! Thanks! Xx
  16. Hi ladies! I am new here and I am currently getting my deposit together so I can book my BA with The Cosmetic Institute. I am hoping for a full C/small D cup on my petite frame and most likely going to go with moderate profile. So excited!!! Has anyone used the Lorna Jane seamless bras for post op? the ones with the boob cups in each side, not just a regular sports bra.I seen them in store today and I'm about to start getting prepared for my surgery so I was wondering if anyone would know how the support is in these bras etc? They are a lot cheaper than most of the Post-Op bras I have seen. Also I know someone has probably already got a topic going but at what time did you guys switch from post op bra to sports bras? I'd much rather wear sports bras for a few months after surgery. Would love to hear your advice! Jaide
  17. Hi guys I am trying to get approved for a loan before August as I originally planned to have my BA done in August... now it's looking as though I might need to wait a bit longer but I'm feeling so impatient. I have banked with CBA for over 10 years and I already have a variable rate personal loan which has around 4 years left on it. I now want to have my loan changed to a fixed rate as I'm getting charged 16.9% interest! And would like to use the extra funds to pay for part of my breast augmentation and a few other personal things. I have never really had any savings but if I do I withdraw them as cash so that I don't keep transferring them back out of my saver account. I often also withdraw my spending money as cash when I get paid and let my account go overdrawn (silly, I know.) until my next pay. I wasn't aware that the overdrafts were affecting my reputation until I spoke with commonwealth bank about what requirements they had for me to get approved on the new loan. Commonwealth told me I would need to have a savings history for 3-4 months (they like to see over $2000 in savings), as well as have no overdrafts for the 3-4 months. Now this is no trouble for me but cba also told me they had a case like this with another girl who actually ended up waiting another year to apply for her loan and she was approved. I don't have that sort of time but they have scared me into thinking the 3 months isn't long enough! Has anybody else been told the same thing by a bank, applied the 3-4 months later and actually been approved? Or even just any advice on loans? I was hoping to start booking all of my accommodation and flights etc once I book my BA with TCI but now I am worried I will have it all booked in, get declined by the bank and then be screwed.
  18. Hi I am new here but am trying to find info in BA i am just starting my research and man is it an overload but i am still trying to decide between choosing to have my procedure here in Australia or overseas with one of the medical agencies i have seen all over the internet. As you all know this is not a decision to make lightly so i am looking for as much information and feedback as possible. the Good, the bad and the ugly if you have any feedback on any part of your experience at all no matter how big or small please share it with me. Thanks
  19. Hi guys, I’m new to this forum so sorry if these questions have already been answered. I would just like to know some personal experiences of any one who had a breast augmentation at tci parra with dr Duong. Things like pain after surgery, what anaesthetics they used ect. I am from Brisbane so I will be travelling down, what are some good places to stay close to the clinic? How far away was your consult from the day you booked it? Also, if anyone has used Maccredit or a loan for this procedure could you please give me some advice and feedback Thanks heaps!
  20. Hi, I'm new to this forum and signed up because I need some opinions on sizing My breast augmentation is booked in for January the 19th 2015, so it's a 7 week countdown now woooo! I'm very excited, but my indecision on the size is stressing me a little. My surgeon was kind enough to order both sizes while I decide. I should preface this with some stats... I'm currently an A cup 172cm tall and my weight is roughly 70kgs I am not seeking big boobs really, I just want them to be in proportion with my body. I also want them to look as natural as possible, so I am going with anatomical implants (Mentor, moderate plus) The first surgeon I had a consultation with recommended 275cc and I was pretty comfortable with this recommendation. However the surgeon I ended up going with (for a number of reasons) recommends AT LEAST 305cc but thinks 350cc will look much better. He estimates the 305cc will give me a C cup and the 350cc will probably give me a D cup. I never imagined I'd go bigger than a C cup. The reason I'm confused is that when I decided to get breast implants the image I had in my head looks like the 305cc implants (my surgeon has this super high tech photo imaging program which pretty much shows you the photoshopped image of your own chest with new boobs when you put the implant specifications in, which is awesome!) The reason I am so confused is because I trust the judgment of my surgeon - who is adament that the 350cc implants will look better - but on this site girls who have much smaller frames than me seem to be getting much bigger implants. I've read numerous times that the only regret girls seem to have is not going bigger, which is what my surgeon says too. I realise that the difference between 305cc and 350cc isn't tooooo much, but I will be aware of it. I feel like I'll look so top heavy with the 350cc, though it may be that I'm just not used to it. Also, I forgot to ask my surgeon this but if anyone knows that'd be awesome. When I have children in the future (probably a fair few years away) I'd like to breastfeed. It is likely that my boobs would sag a little after the breastfeeding, even with implants in? So when I eventually get new ones in I'd have to go bigger because of the excess skin? So pretty much this is a dilemma over what I think I want to achieve, and the advice of someone who knows better than me as to what will look really good. Any opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated, it's playing on my mind constantly!
  21. Hi ladies! I booked in my BA 6 months ago for the 3rd of October. I now have a charity ball to attend the weekend after and a wedding 2 weekends after. I am freaking out that I will be a walking zombie or be in too much pain to attend. I know everyone's experiences and pain thresholds are different but I was hoping for a few opinions. It would be great to know how people where feeling at the 1 week and 2 week stages (eg 1-10 pain). Unfortunately I am unable to move my op date due to work annual leave restrictions.
  22. Hi guys So i am 11 days pre op. Im going in in the 29th September to have 335cc anatomical textured 'Natrelle' implants under the muscles. Im soooooo excited! I have just finished organising time off work. I work 2 jobs: first job - CLEANER. I have organised to take 2 full weeks off. Im a little worried that won't be enough but there is no way i can afford to take anymore than that.. Any thoughts on this from people that work a fairly physical job? Second job - BASS PLAYER IN A BAND. So this job i play every weekend in a rock covers band. Usually for about 3 hours each gig with breaks. I get the BA on Monday and i will be playing my first gig on Friday of the same week. So really only 4 days down time before i play the gig... I know you are all thinking THATS CRAZY! But i have told the drummer what is happening and she has agreed to carry all of my equipment, drive me to and from the gigs. Also i am allowed to sit down and play so the bass wont be over my shoulder.. Im really looking for any advice people have with dealing with the recovery and still having to work. I know theres people out there that have. You dont have to tell me its too soon. I am well aware of this. I am going to do my very best to be 100% 'still' for the remainder of the 2 weeks (apart from 4 gigs over the weekends)... Any tips or advice would be ace! Thanks guys x
  23. Hi Ladies, I'm looking into getting my breasts done and have heard such great things about Dr Phil Richardson. Just wondering if some of you could give me some information on him, how your procedures went, good and bad, pain, cost, etc. And any women that can recommend any other doctors, I'm from Brisbane so any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  24. Hi. I am planning on getting a breast augmentation later this year. I am 163cm and 48kg with 10A bra size. I am after a full 10C. But I know it's hard to predict bra size outcome. I am just wondering if there's anyone out there with similar specs that could tell me what CCs you got and what bra size you end up being. We're you happy with the size post op? Or wish you gone bigger or smaller
  25. How was your pain One week post op??? i am tight in the chest and sore especially in the back! How long does this last?? And how long till I am able to do things around the house property? Much appreciated!!!
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