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  1. Hi, I'm Andrea, 29 years old, mom of 2 breastfed children and wanting to go for a ba this October. I live in Europe and I went for a consultation a couple of months ago, the PS is very skilled and recommended anatomical implants, mentor Cpg, 295 or 330cc but I'm a bit afraid they'll be too firm. I'm currently an A cup and I have read they feel hard when lying on your back. Is that true? Could anyone help me? Are they hard or just firm? Also, do they look weird when lying down as gravity shifts 90 degrees but not the shape of the boob? I really love the results I'm seeing from anatomical implants, I'm just worried about this specific lying down question. I'm even afraid it'll ruin my sex drive bering self conscious of the implants being felt or something... Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. The following is my BA experience...hope it helps someone else wondering what to expect, just like I was when I came across this incredible forum I will apologise upfront that this will be extremely long... I was due at the Hurstville Surgery Centre at 8.30am on Friday, 10th January. I live on the central coast and had decided to get the train down (thanks for the idea Merlin) so I could just chill listening to music and then my husband could come to collect me leaving our two little ones with a friend. Did I get to bed early to get a good night's sleep? No! I was still packing my bag at 11pm lol Then once I got into bed I set my alarm for 5.30am and then promptly woke my sleeping husband for one last hoorah...well who knows how long I'd have to wait afterwards right!? So, got to sleep around midnight and woke at 5am. Felt so calm and happy during the train trip. Arrived at the hospital and it was a ghost town. Just me and the male receptionist. Lucky if I waited 5mins before a lovely nurse came to collect me. Went through my forms, took my temp and BP and got my ID tags for wrist and ankle. Then she led me to my waiting room on the ward where I changed into the sexy gown, booties and cap (just left knickers on). Idled away the time texting my husband, close friends and family. Suddenly it was time to get wheeled into the room just outside the operating theatre. Dr Rastogi was still finishing up with his first patient. Turns out the hospital had only reopened the day before and it was just Dr Rastogi in that day with 3 BA's to do. I was the middle one. Because it was so quiet the nurse told me that my husband could come in with me as soon as I was awake. Next I met Andrew, the anaesthetist, who was lovely. He explained what he would do and what post-op meds I would take followed by a bit of general chit chat. I started to get a little bit nervous in the next 5-10mins and then Dr Rastogi walked through the theatre doors with his warm gentle smile and I immediately felt calm again. I asked him some more questions and he really does make you feel like he has all the time in the world for you. He took some pre-op photos and remeasured my BWD. We had chosen 400cc XHP in my consult, but also ordered 360cc XHP as a backup. After remeasuring me he said he was going to use the 360's as I didn't have much leeway widthways and the implants tend to expand a little once they settle. This may not be an issue for some people, but as I have very little natural breast tissue and was concerned about implant detection on the sides (particularly as I was getting brazilians), he opted for the narrower of the two implants. FYI - my BWD is 12.9 and the implants were 12.3 and 12.8cm respectively. I told him I trusted him and, as the sizes are quite similar, I just wanted whichever one would be best for me. Andrew came back out and injected into my left arm (elbow crease) and then directed me to walk in to theatre. I think there were 5 or 6 people. I hopped on the bed under a warm inflatable blanket thing. There were two bright lights up above, but they were multiple colours (they reminded me of a rainbow) and a good song was playing. Everyone seemed happy and I remember feeling like I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, but I couldn't get the smile off my face (I tried!). Then Andrew helped me take my left arm out of my gown so he could get a line in and Dr Rastogi helped me take my right arm out of my gown. I was unsure where I was supposed to lay that arm...he grabbed my hand in both of his and said this hand is for me. He smiled at me and I smiled back and then I started waking up in recovery. I hadn't even realised the anaesthetist had obviously already given me something!! I have no idea what I was saying to the two nurses...think I was asking if I'd been snoring and then talking about my favourite breakfast haha I was struggling to stay awake, but felt fine besides that. They moved me to a reclining chair and then my husband came in. I thought it was around 1.30pm. They mentioned getting me a sandwich and I told them I'm GF (they'd forgotten to check my dietary requirements). I then asked where the bathroom was and walked off to go pee. All of the nurses were so lovely and one of them raided her own locker to find something I could eat I had some cheese on a couple of corn thins, a piece of chicken out of a sandwich and an apple juice. Dr Rastogi then came to check on me and said they would go through lots of changes and softening up over the next three months, but said they should look pretty decent in a couple of weeks. He then asked if he could take a look and said actually they look pretty good now lol My husband quickly concurred with that statement after he left Then I got dressed and we left. It was already at least 3pm somehow. I used a pillow for the drive home (thank you Libby) and we were back on the coast before I knew it. I have had no pain besides a bit of a sore back on Saturday. I haven't taken any of the panadeine forte prescribed. I have an antibiotic twice daily, an anti inflammatory, Valium before bed (which doesn't seem to do anything?) and panadol 2-3 times per day. I took my tape off my incisions in the shower on Sunday morning and this morning (Tuesday) is the first time that it feels a little tender (on LHS - maybe some numbness is starting to subside?). I have some swelling and a bloated tummy, but haven't had any bruising yet. My incisions look a little red and feel a bit bumpy in parts. I am allowed to reach arms above head, wash my hair etc. I can only wear a singlet/bandeau for the first three weeks, then softcup bras. I am comfortable on my back (I am a tummy sleeper), but is not easy to fall asleep in that position. Bit of pressure on my chest when I wake up in the morning. Only negative thing (besides that boobs are numb and warm, so feel weird) is I get a bit lightheaded and weak every now and then - eat some Vegemite toast and lie down and all good. Well that's all I can think of (thank god you say if you're still with me!). I am prone to anxiety and quite an indecisive person (what if this, what if that), but I can honestly say that I felt excited about my decision the whole morning and right before I went into theatre I thought "Let's do this!!". So my advice is do your research and make sure this is what you really want and you won't look back. Thank you to everyone that has helped me during this journey (particularly M10972). There are many on here that I have never communicated directly with, but have been kind enough to provide their stories, issues, concerns on here for others to read. This forum has helped me so much and I wish everyone who takes the plunge in the future a positive experience like I've had so far and a speedy recovery xox
  3. I watched A Currrent Affair the other night and saw a story about the high risks of some textured implants causing cancer. I have Natrelle 410 (textured anatomical) implants and apparently this is one of the high risk implants. I have been in a bit of pain with my right side and want to get it checked out. Does anyone else have this type of implant and have concerns about this? I'm really upset because at the time I got my implants (2014), I specifically asked my surgeon for a low risk implant that wouldn't cause me any problems. I paid MORE to get the textured implant because he said it approved by FDA and one of the safest types. I'm quite upset now that this is happening. I would like to see a doctor about this but my original plastic surgeon wasn't very friendly or approachable, so looking for recommendations about who I can see to get this checked out and discuss possible removal/revision (Sydney/Canberra area would be best)? THANK YOU so much for any advice.
  4. Hello lovely ladies, I haven't been on this forum for a while but I had my BA in 2013 (so it's been 3 years now). I'm a pretty small person and I feel they are too wide on me and I'd like your opinion on are they too wide or not? I am thinking about a revision. In particular I feel that my right implant is really wide and it goes underneath my armpit. I can't close my arm properly. They also seem a bit oblong/square shape (if that makes sense). Pic attached. I don't have any major complaints, but I really wanted sexy cute bouncy boobs and feel I have ended up with motherly looking wide hard boobs that don't move. They seem to be quite bottom heavy and I can't push them up or get higher cleavage. I don't want to go bigger but want a different shape and look. Am i being realistic? Has anyone else had anatomical and then changed to a softer implant? Advice please!!! I have also heard there can be additional problems with revisions so should I just be grateful for these ones and not mess with them? Thank you Details: Natrelle 410 (255cc) MF under muscle i am 48 kilos size 6 and petite.
  5. Hi everyone, I just found this forum today. I am having my surgery on Feb 10th. I have lost a lot of weight and my boobs in the process. I was a UK 42H and now a 36D...I can see my feet now! eek! I am having PolyTech Opticon implants - subglandular placement and either 680 or 750cc. I haven't found many pics of the slightly larger anatomicals placed over the muscle. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi lovely ladies, So i'm trying to choose between Dr Miroshnik or Dr Moradi. I think i'm more leaning towards Miroshnik just because most of his results are exactly what I want but his price is a little higher. Dr Moradi's results are also awesome and he is a little cheaper but I think there's only about 2 grand difference between the two. I'm also travelling interstate for the surgery so just wondering if anyone has had experience with either surgeon travelling. Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated so I can make a decision and finally get my dream boobies haha!! And also if anyone has photo's would love to see them, Thanks
  7. Thought I'd better post this for anyone that's interested and before I forget it! Stats 420cc anatomical implant unders, 10B, 2 kids,163cm, 58kg Surgery Day Arrived 7.30 and taken to share room and told first patient had just gone in for surgery so I'd have a couple of hour wait. Well there were complications in the first surgery so her surgery lasted nearly 8hours so I ended up waiting until 3pm to go to theatre then probably another 30mins waiting at theatre doors. I was very upset by about midday, having waited so long and the nurses didn't know what was going on. They were nice and supportive though. I had a throbbing headache since I'd been nil by mouth since midnight so they got me on a drip. My PS drew on me and said how excited he was, I was just worried that he'd be tired after such a complicated surgery before me! The anaesthetist hooked my drip up and started asking me about me kids and stuff until he ran out of stuff to talk about and asked if I was getting drowsy, I wasn't so he reconnected my drip with some new stuff and left me for 10mins. He came back and I was still awake so he injected some stuff straight into the tube and I was in happy land. I woke up in recovery in about 7/10 pain, they got the morphine going and got updates on my pain about every minute till it got down to 2/10. I then had control of the morphine for the rest of the night. Out of recovery and my husband and mum came to see me. It was 7.30pm by this time and they were worried about me having to wait so long, knowing what a state I would work myself into. Apparently they were both phoning the hospital from about 3pm for updates. I slept fairly well, nurses were doing obs about every hour so kept waking me but my drains weren't getting much fluid so they said I'd hopefully get them out the next day. Day 2 I stopped using the morphine around 6am, aiming to get onto oral pain medication and off the drip. The nurses took the drip out at around 8am and I was free! My breasts were in a compression vest with a layer of foam in it with boob-cutouts. The PS had left me flowers and chocolates (how lovely!). PS saw me at around 11.30 and said the drains could come out at 3pm then I could go home. I was so happy! But he said I'd have no pain relief going home and recommended panadene or panadol. The nurse gave me 2 oxycodone at 2.30 and recommended I check if any family have panadene forte laying around I could use which I'd already done and my sister had some (phew!) I got the drains taken out which I was shaking I was so nervous but it ended up being fine. It was the first time my breast were out so I got the nurse to take some photos before they got put away. I can't expose them until my 10 day post op appointment and so can't shower either. I'm enjoying hubby sponge baths though. One week today and just on panadol before bed and before I get up to morning boob which started day 4 and lasts about 10mins. Only 3 days till my boobs are released from booby prison and I get to see them! I'm getting a bit nervous cause I have no idea what they're going to look like other than they'll need a good wash. The booby prison is very hard to put clothes over so I have very little public exposure at the moment. Monday can't come quick enough!
  8. Hey ladies, I need some serious help! I've got my ba coming up in 10 days and I'm struggling really hard to choose between 245cc and 280cc. I've got a very small chest cavity and shoulder and I'm really worried that if I go with the larger that I'll look enormous. I'm 172cms and around 53kgs, I've currently got a deflated b cup. I'm going under the muscle, with Mentor textured anatomicals. I've read so many mixed reviews of other girls results. Some saying that small implants go a long way for petite girls and then some saying the complete opposite. My main goal is to have a full looking c cup without a bra. I want them to be as natural as possible because I really like my slim look but I just feel lacking with not having much going on in the chest area. It'd be ideal for me to be able to hide them if I feel like it but still have something that's going to look killer in bikinis and cleavage-y tops. Think Bella Hadid, she's pretty much my boob goals. So if there's any girls out there similar to me I'd love to hear from you!
  9. Hi ladies I'm new here sent photos through to cosmeditour and they recommended teardrop implants I'm not even a 10A, maybe 8A and compete in bikini division of bodybuilding comps so I stay relatively lean. They said I have a long chest wall that's quite ribby. Interested in hearing from other women who were in a similar starting position, did you go bigger with teardrops? Or how big. Or had tear drops through cosmeditour a total noob and always thought I'd have round implants. Thanks!
  10. Hi ladies! I'm tossing up between anatomical and round implants. What made you chose anatomical instead of rounds or vice versa? I'm really wanting natural looking breasts and I've seen so many with anatomical implants that look great. BUT Now I have also seen a lot of round implants that have produced the same look as the anatomicals! So I'm well and truly lost in my decision now! What implants did you get and why? (eg what look were you after and did you achieve it) Would you change for the other if you could go back in time? Thanks in advance for any input!
  11. Hi ladies, I'm only new around here, and I'm still on the very early part of my journey. I've been doing very basic email correspondence with a few clinics, and the majority of them seem to charge more for tear drop/anatomical. I always wanted XHP round for "that" look, but my partner and friends have introduced me to the tear drops and I think they're more "me". The most I've heard if $2000 and that was through The Breast Institute. Is this "normal"? Ameila
  12. Hi all, I'm having a breast augmentation with Dr Tavakoli in October this year. I've done a lot of research with other cosmetic surgeons as well as plastic surgeons but Dr Tavakoli by far made me feel most comfortable. I'm a B cup now and hoping for a natural D/DD.. he has sized me for a 390cc anatomical implant under the muscle. Has anyone been to Dr Tavakoli before? He seems very experienced. Getting really excited now but still nervous!! What is the pain like after surgery? Did it take you long to recover? I'm hoping to go back to the gym as soon as I've fully recovered. Any feedback from your experience would be great! Thanks girls
  13. I am wanting to organise a BA in Dec/ Jan. I know I want to have it done at PIAC but can not decide on the BEST Dr. I'm deciding between Dr Veerasat, Dr Boonchai & Dr Narupon. I'm after beautiful, sexy boobs, not enormous with some cleavage that look natural.. Is that even possible? Any advice on Dr's and your experience would be fab! At the moment I'm thinking round, under the muscle. ANY tips/ advice greatly appreciated! TIA ?
  14. Hi Girls, I'm now 7 weeks post-op. I had 395cc anatomical under the muscle w/ a very high dual plane. I was borderline lift, but avoided it which I'm grateful for I dropped very quickly, which saw me in an underwire bra from 2 weeks post-op. I believe this happens when you have a lot of skin to fill, but I'm wondering if I can expect any further fluffing? I read that fluffing usually happens around this time, but I don't know if this applies to me due to being saggy before my BA? I'm happy with my size, it suits my frame and looks natural (exactly what I asked for)... however I would LOVE some more fluffing! I seem to be suffering bloody boob greed Thanks!!!
  15. Well April 13 was my day! Bilateral Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst of Enhance Plastic Surgery in Brisbane. I got 410cc, over the muscle, anatomical silimed furry brazilian silicone implants, high profile. I live in Hervey Bay and luckily for me doctor Broadhurst flies his own plane (yes!) here every month and consults and operates out of the St Stephens private hospital. So, no big travelling for me on the day, just a few minutes up the road and I am at the hospital. I had to be at the hospital at 6.30am with my surgery scheduled for 7.30am. Ideal! I got there a few minutes early with hubby and kids in tow (school holidays) and I went straight in to the nurse for my medical check up and sexy stockings. Even got nice new warm anti slip socks, theatre gown, dressing gown and two heated blankets. As soon as check up was done I said bye bye to the family and went to get changed. I was only in the waiting room for about 10 mins when the nurse came in and did my canula and took my bag to recovery. The anesthesiologist soon followed to have a chat and talk prescription meds. In no time Andrew Broadhurst was there to draw me up and take more pics. I was then led straight into theatre where I took a look at the clock at 7.32am. Right on the dot! All staff were super sweet and never had a moment of freaking out. Anesthesiologist put a gas mask on before telling me to think of a beautiful dream and that was it. Next thing I remember is a nurse in peri op waking me up saying "you have new boobies!" I was moved from peri op to recovery at 9.46am according to the paperwork. Not sure how long I was in actual theatre. A nurse helped me change into my clothes and gave me more heated blankets as I couldn't stop shaking. Side effect from anesthetic and I was cold which didn't help. In recovery it took me a while to stop falling asleep but they looked after me beautifully with cups of tea, sandwich and a muffin. They brought me my prescription meds all filled for me so I didn't have to worry about that (ideal!) They called my husband and I was allowed home at 11.45am Once at home I got into my ready made pillow fort (totally awesome I had in ready so you are comfy straight away) and had a sleep. Post op days to follow!
  16. Hi ladies, Just wondering if anatomical implants are as firm as they say they are? Do they have movement like natural breast? Has anyone regretted going for anatomical over round implants? Or has anyone had a revision and had tried both and prefer one over the other? I'm really worried about anatomical implants being firm. Can somebody please shed some light on this? Thanks!
  17. I am 6 days out from surgery and my plastic surgeon, Andrew Broadhurst from Enhance Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, has advised we go to Silimed Brazilian HP 410cc Anatomical implants with above the muscle placement. If you have experience with Brazilians can you please tell me how you went and how your recovery was and how you are finding your end results? Placement etc? Obviously the way they get placed is where they stay, are you happy? Not much drop and fluff if at all from what I understand. Did you massage, should I massage, any do's and don't's?
  18. Hello Lovely Ladies, Firstly, I just have to say that these forums have been a lot of help to me so far on my journey so thanks to all the girls who have accepted my FR and allowed me to pour over their photos - it really helps! But yes... I do have a situation I'd love to run past you all and to hear your thoughts.. The story so far.. I am 37 years old and in need of a new set of boobs... I used to be a full C, which swelled to a big D I'd say when I was breastfeeding.. The PS I consulted with said I have psedo-ptosis and am borderline in needing a lift. He feels confident that using a large enough implant in the Natrelle 410 range (410cc, medium height, extra full projection) will help kick out the nipple and give a bit of a lift.. he said I'll need a lift eventually but this 'should' see me through.. he also said there is a chance I'll still feel they 'sit a bit low' and in which case I can come back and have them 'tightened up' (lollipop scars)... I was quite happy with that, but after ruminating over it all again and again (sigh!) I went back to air my concerns.. mainly that I'll be too big... I don't want to be huge as I'm worried it will make me look and feel bulky and also look super obvious.. he basically said that we're dealing with deflated balloons and that if we don't go big enough (and with that projection) they'll just look saggy and unfilled... he said the other option is a lift straight up and that way he could use a smaller round implant... I left and decided I'd go with the 410cc's and hope for the best!! My fiance said I should get a least one other opinion, and I agreed.. so yesterday afternoon I took myself off to another PS and things played out a little differently: Firstly, I was quite impressed by how many different measurements he did on me.. and how before I even took my top off he asked what size I wanted to be.. I said a nice full D.. I would be fine with DD though too... We did the vectra thingy and he also put some sizers on me and I liked the size... big, but not massive... He suggested we go with same type of implant.. the 410 anatomical, but with a few differences to the first PS. This one said that I don't actually have that much sag (that made me feel better) and that what we are dealing with is more a 'low breast footprint' and 'excess lax skin' from breastfeeding so long (was a good idea at the time ha ha)... He suggested a full height implant in my right boob (to fill up a flat bit at the top) and a medium height in the other... He suggested a slightly smaller size too... 325cc in the left and 360cc in the right... (the extra cc's to fill the top) As with the first PS, he said we need the extra projection to balance out my boobs (wide sitting) but these ones will give me 5.7cm projection and not 6.1cm projection that the 410cc's would give! My question is whether this extra 85cc will make a huge difference or not? I like the idea of a more modest size TBH... but don't want any loose skin left either!! So many things to think about.. it's making me feel a bit crazy...
  19. Hi guys, I'm new! I've got a breast augmentation scheduled for May. Getting Allergan Natrelle 410 anatomicals. I haven't decided on size yet but likely 255 or 290 full height, full projection. I'm going for a natural look but want to be able to play them up in the right outfit. Does anyone have similar stats? 5ft 4" 50 kg Breast width 9.5 (implant width will be 1-2 cm over my breast width) Measurements: 29.5 bust 26.5 ribcage 25 waist 34.5 hips Ivy x
  20. Hello. I have been away for a while from this forum, but have recently come back. I had my breast augmentation done last year - December 2013. Even though I am generally happy with my implants, I thought I would let others know of my experience and what I learned. Me: Age 37, 5'3, 48 kilos, mother of 1 Implants: Natrelle 410 cohesive gel anatomical (Gummy Bear type) 255 - under the muscle 1. Research implants and surgeon carefully I really wish I had spent more time consulting more surgeons about the implant type that is best for me. I am quite petite and I did some research and thought I wanted the anatomical cohesive gel implants. I wish I had gone to a major city and met with more surgeons and had more consultations about all the different types of implants available to me and what is best for me. In the end, I went with the Natrelle 410 anatomical, under the muscle. Without clothes on, they look really good. However, my implants are very hard - not soft at all! I wish I had known how hard they would be. They do not bounce at all! Every time I lie on my stomach, it hurts. No one told me how hard breasts implants feel. I know it is not the same for every woman, but I am quite small and do not have much body fat and the implants feel like hard rocks. I wish I had been given the opportunity to feel some breast implants and touch them on a real woman. Mine just don't move! Anatomical - they are bigger/fuller on the lower part of the breast. You will not get as much cleavage to show off as rounds - but they do look good and more natural when you are naked. In my opinion, they don't give you as much upper breast round cleavage that lingerie models have. They look wider, rather than higher (if that makes sense). Rounds - they appear fuller up in the top part of the breast (the upper pole) and will give you more cleavage - the round lingerie model type of cleavage. In my opinion, they don't look as natural when naked - they look very round, but they look really good in lingerie and tops. I went back to my surgeon several times - was worried about CC and them being hard etc. - and he examined me and said there is nothing wrong and I just need to give my body more time to adjust. I wish I had chosen a different surgeon as well as when I was in pain, he didn't seem to care and wanted to get rid of me. My advice to others is to ask around, see as many surgeons as possible and ask if they have clients you can see and talk to about it! I used the internet a lot and I wish I had known how hard Natrelle 410 are! I guess that is partly why I am writing this; to help others It has now been 12 months since my surgery and even though the implants have softened a little, they are still very hard. I also wish I had known about all the different types of implants. I think I would have liked to have gone a bit bigger, but with less projection at the side (side boob). I went with MF (medium height, full projection) - I have a lot of side boob and I think it is a bit too much for me. In hindsight, I wish I had consulted more doctors and known about all the different implant types available (there are a lot out there!). Next time, I will definitely go with something soft! 2. Be well prepared for the surgery I'm not going to lie - the surgery does hurts and, for me, the first 3 days after the surgery were the worst. Cook food, have clean clothes and be prepared to do as little as possible. Some tips I learnt: Wash your hair/shave your legs etc. before the surgery. It will be a few days before you can do it again... Take a pillow so when you drive home from the hospital, you have something soft between your chest and seatbelt! Buy a big soft beanbag to sleep on when you get home. You will be sleeping upright for a few days! Have some laxatives on hand - the pain killers can unfortunately block you up Have a few sports bras/surgical bras ready - as well as some button up tops Your bra size will change somewhat over 2-4 months after the surgery - so just be prepared for that. I can't wear some of the bras I bought 1 month after it as they are now way too big 3. Choose carefully who you will tell about your implants I kept my breast implant surgery very quiet as I didn't want many people to know. I told one friend and asked her not to tell people, but she went around telling everyone. Some people just love to gossip. I really wish I hadn't told her. Some people who know about my implants DO treat me differently and I feel some have been a bit judgmental. I'm happy to talk to anyone who has questions about my type of implant or just wants to chat. I know how daunting the whole process is....but it's very exciting too! Good luck ladies x
  21. Hi girls! On the 22-12-2014 I had my surgery with Dr Tavakoli who is just amazing! I got Mentor 323, 390cc Silicone Medium Height High Profile Anatomical. I went from a B cup to an E... My surgeon Dr Tavakoli was so good and I am extremely happy with the way they have healed and the way they look in proportion to my body. Wish I'd done it earlier! Now that everything's starting to settle & I'm beginning to be able to do more I'm just wondering if anyone knew of some good places to get size 10E bras from? I've been searching myer, david jones, bnt etc etc but am having difficulty finding bras in my size. I've only managed to find one so far & I'd like to get more in various colours. I'm also finding it a bit hard to find a "plunge" bra that isn't a push up (can't wear push up till 3 months) and that isn't a balconette style. Can anyone help? Thanks heaps!!!!
  22. Hi, I am new to this forum.... I've been reading this forum so much during the past few days and I was hoping there were other women with similar stats and similar size issues as me out there! I'm 162cm and 58 kg. I used to be a fairly decent 12b, but having breast fed 4 babies over the past 8 years, I am now a deflated 12a/b! I have been recommended the anatomical mentor 330cc implants unders, but am having doubts once I read you can "lose" cc's once the implant is placed under the muscle. My next size up option is 375cc, but I am concerned it's too big. I know everyone says go bigger, but I'm still not sure.... Surgeon will have both sizes available on the day so I can decide at the last minute ha ha. I have fried my brain looking at 100's of pics online and I'm more confused now as all sizes look so different on different women.... Anyone else having surgery in the next week or so? Thanks ladies for offering so much info and advice on here-it's helped me a lot!
  23. So everything went as expected yesterday, got to East sydney private hospital and wow what a place so new and fresh!! Sat in the waiting room after I paid and signed everything at admissions, was only sitting in there for around 5 minutes and got taken through,after going through some more paper work with the nurse, I got taken to a change room put on a lovely robe, some booties and hair net, not long after me and mum went through to pre admissions I had my own bed with a warm blanket and got a Valium which helped with the nerves. Not long after I got taken through said buy to mum and went to another room where dr t's assistant came in and started drawing on me, dr t came in started drawing on me some more, then the anaesthetist came in and went over medical history again. Before I knew it I was walking into the theatre room, everyone was sooooooo lovely and kind which made things so much easier Then it was like I blinked and woke up in recovery, had a tight chest as expected, nurse gave me an endone and Valium, as I started to wake up some more I got taken to a recliner chair where my mum and partner got brought through, I had a few emotional tears, not sure why I think it was just a bit overwhelming. The lovely nurses gave me some anti nausea medication as the endone didn't agree with me. Then it was time to go home, was feeling very out of it and was vomiting in a bag before I got in the car (again the endone). Then I was at home in bed, slept all night mum was up every 2 hours draining my drains for me and helping me to the toilet. Now onto day 2 feeling so much better, very tight in the chest but I have refused to take any endone, I've Only taken Panamax and Valium to help with the muscle tightness. I havnt felt like I need any other pain relief. I'm now getting up every hour walking around and stretching my shoulders back, and feeling surprisingly good, no real pain. I've uploaded some photos also. Thanks for reading girls
  24. I have officially handed back my membership to the itty bitty titty committee. Had an amazing sleep the eve of my BA, but woke up with a niggling headache. Probably stress. Headed to East Sydney Private for 9:30am admission and the traffic was horrific. Arrived at the hospital and saw a camera crew in the reception area. After paying and waiting to be admitted, Dr Andrew Rochford turned up...... Ahhhh that explains the camera crew!! Waited paitiently with a cold water bottle planted to my aching forehead for what seemed like forever (actually only 10 minutes) Admissions nurse was ok, a bit straight forward (not the nurturing type) Nice enough though. Went through all of the necessary paperwork and was lead to a changing room where I put on all the sexy attire ready for the op. Hubby then joined me in the waiting ward where I closed my eyes and promptly burst into tears. I was so worried about being selfish and putting my self at risk.The anesthetists assistant came in. She was amazing, really put me at ease. In no time I was saying bye to hubby and lead to a private waiting room for marking up. Unfortunately it was occupied by film crew and Dr Rochford. The assistant told them to get out it was an area for patients only. Sorry Doc. Lol I got a well know presenter kicked out. Rested nicely waiting in a comfy recliner reading the goss in Women's Weekly. Anesthetist came in and did the speel, then asked me some questions/advice about being an electrician (my job). A few minutes later Dr Miroshnik came in and drew all over me. I asked him to autograph his work once he was finished. Another few minutes and it was off to theatre. (this was about 11:00) Laying on the table I looked up and I had to tell them that the smoke detector in the room wasn't going to work as it still had the cover on protecting it from ceiling paint. Next thing I knew someone was calling my name and I was shaking uncontrollably. I then became aware of my aching ribs. It took longer than I expected to come out of the anesthesia. The nurse asked if I had any pain and she gave me some endone and valium for the ribs. I was then lead by a lovely male nurse (down the aisle as he said) to a chair, given some nummy sandwiches and water. Hubby then arrived. Left hospital at 2:15. I slept all the way home (1hour) then slept for another 2 at home. Hopped up for some dinner, didn't eat much and went back to my room for rest. Snacked on chocolate until 8:30 and had another endone and valium and antibiotic and crashed until 1am. Up for 2 1/2 hours as I couldn't get comfy. This morning hubby was gone at 5am so the kids were extremely helpful getting themselves ready for school and making me breakfast. Angels. Still sore and swollen around the ribs this morning but it is amazing for my extremely poor posture. I took off the bra to take a few pics and holy moley. They feel and look huge. No boob greed here. I LOVE them. (I put up a few quick pics.) Sorry for the extremely long and boring account, I had to get it all down before I forgot. Getting ready now to binge watch Chicago PD,
  25. Hi, I'm new to this forum and signed up because I need some opinions on sizing My breast augmentation is booked in for January the 19th 2015, so it's a 7 week countdown now woooo! I'm very excited, but my indecision on the size is stressing me a little. My surgeon was kind enough to order both sizes while I decide. I should preface this with some stats... I'm currently an A cup 172cm tall and my weight is roughly 70kgs I am not seeking big boobs really, I just want them to be in proportion with my body. I also want them to look as natural as possible, so I am going with anatomical implants (Mentor, moderate plus) The first surgeon I had a consultation with recommended 275cc and I was pretty comfortable with this recommendation. However the surgeon I ended up going with (for a number of reasons) recommends AT LEAST 305cc but thinks 350cc will look much better. He estimates the 305cc will give me a C cup and the 350cc will probably give me a D cup. I never imagined I'd go bigger than a C cup. The reason I'm confused is that when I decided to get breast implants the image I had in my head looks like the 305cc implants (my surgeon has this super high tech photo imaging program which pretty much shows you the photoshopped image of your own chest with new boobs when you put the implant specifications in, which is awesome!) The reason I am so confused is because I trust the judgment of my surgeon - who is adament that the 350cc implants will look better - but on this site girls who have much smaller frames than me seem to be getting much bigger implants. I've read numerous times that the only regret girls seem to have is not going bigger, which is what my surgeon says too. I realise that the difference between 305cc and 350cc isn't tooooo much, but I will be aware of it. I feel like I'll look so top heavy with the 350cc, though it may be that I'm just not used to it. Also, I forgot to ask my surgeon this but if anyone knows that'd be awesome. When I have children in the future (probably a fair few years away) I'd like to breastfeed. It is likely that my boobs would sag a little after the breastfeeding, even with implants in? So when I eventually get new ones in I'd have to go bigger because of the excess skin? So pretty much this is a dilemma over what I think I want to achieve, and the advice of someone who knows better than me as to what will look really good. Any opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated, it's playing on my mind constantly!
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