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  1. Hi Ladies, I had a consultation with Dr Mark Lee (Subiaco) last week regarding a standard BreastAug. Overall, I'm really happy but have some follow-up questions that I'm unable to ask in person due to living in WA's North and the next teleconference they offer is over a month away😪...I'm wondering if anyone has had Mark Lee do: -fat grafting (around the implant) to create more natural looking cleavage? -lower the natural breast fold so that both breasts are at the same height? I only ask as the 2nd surgeon I consulted with suggested I may need these things, yet it wasn't m
  2. Have visited 2 surgeons, booking dates currently within a month, I have been suggested narelle 525 or nagor hi round 520 - I'm 5.6 height, 65kg currently 12A, no reconstruct required. I have asked for bra less boobs like a lingerie model. My question, Is there any complaints here regarding Nagor or Narelle What sort of warranty do these have? What is your opinion to size selected. Too big, Normal, just Okay Any input would be appreciated at this point! Thanks inadvance.
  3. Hi, I’m wanting to get a BA this year having recently moved to Adelaide I was hoping you can advise which Dr’s you went with and if you would recommend them. Obviously the same for if you wouldn’t recommend them. Thank you
  4. Hi! I've started planning my cosmetic journey. I'm just looking for before & after images from lovely ladies who are like me, that I can view to get an idea of how I may look and what size CCs to think about. Early 20's, size 8-10 clothes, small 10A cup, 5'6 tall, 50-55kgs, all lank and no shape ? I'd post a photo along but I seriously have such self esteem issues, none of 10 I was satisfied with, apologies.
  5. I've been contemplating having a BA for a few years now, especially after losing weight and seeing my breasts slightly sag. I don't think I need a full lift since I had small boobs to begin with, I only want to move my nipples upwards and a bit over, and then adding implants to round out the shape and give me fullness. Has anyone else had a procedure like this where it's just a nipple lift and implants, not a full lift, and in Australia. I live in Melbourne but wouldn't mind traveling too much if it means the best results and prices that aren't outrageous.
  6. Hi! I'm currently 22 years old and seriously considering BA. I'm a 10/12 A (barely), average size 8-10, so I'm just very small and no shape really. As a result, I face serious self esteem issues about it affecting mental health. What I'm asking, is where in NSW Australia has anyone been and swears by, what are places/companies that provide payment plans without ridiculous interest fees, what about pre or post pregnancies. Also, medical requirements before hand- such as particular weight range/BMI standard to meet, BC pills etc. Any and all information is appreciated!
  7. Hey all, I'm seeking opinions on pros and cons between implants being placed over the muscle vs under the muscle? I'd been really keen hear people's experience with both. Also I'm very active and work out at the gym last days so I'm not sure which one is better for people who work out regularly. And advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. The below link was an eye opener for me in how unregulated the cosmetic industry is in Australia. I would encourage all to watch before making any decisions in your cosmetic procedures. Vanity is not worth your life http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/beautys-new-normal/10115838
  9. Hi Girls, I'm from Melbourne and have been recommended by a few friends to go to Sydney for my BA cause I think I need some fat grafting. I'm looking at Dr Tavakoli and Dr M. Has anyone got any advise on who to choose?? Dr Tavakoli seems to be quite versatile in his procedures and uses fat grafting to give such amazing and natural results. Has anyone had BA with fat grafting with Dr M as I havn't seen any of his results. Thanks
  10. Hi ladies! I'm booked in with Dr Boonchai for a BL, BA and ETT in October! Anyone have any advice? Or having surgery around the same time in Bangkok? Thanks
  11. Hello!! I am thinking to travel to Brazil for my BA. Does anyone have any experience with that? I know Thailand seems to be the overseas destination of choice, but I would like to explore my options regarding Brazil. Thank you!
  12. Hi all! Anyone on here had a BL & BA and is a serving or was a serving member of the police force or military? Looking at getting surgery but also planning on joining a service next year. Just wanting to know what your experience was having implants. Not looking at getting anything over the top. I lost 30kg and lost my girls in the process, so planning on getting a extended tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation.
  13. Hi, Was just wondering how much it would cost to stay with accom and everything for rough 1-2 weeks in Sydney when going for BA with Dr.M Regards from a Melb girl
  14. Don't be fooled by the fake uploaded photos misleading you to believe they are recent clients of Cosmetic Holidays International. Plus the surgery isn't even done by the Surgeon quoted, so it's very misleading. Claire Johnson is truly living up to her bad reputation and false promises to potential and past clients. This picture is actually a UK Celebrity not as quoted on Claire's business webpage as an "Australian fitness competitor". This is actually a well-known reality UK TV Celebrity, Chloe Goodman. I knew I recognised that body and bikini. http://globalknock.com/chloe-goodman-swaps-the-
  15. Hi all, Just thought I'd post about my journey for anyone interested in going with PIAC, Dr Narupon, or for those of you with similar stats to me Beginning Stats: Age - 29, Height -173cm, Weight - 62kg, Bra Size - 10C, No children. Booking: I booked my surgery straight through PIAC with no issue - I had two friends who had gone directly through PIAC previously with different surgeons and had great results, so I thought I'd try my luck without an agency. I received a response from PIAC within a day or two after sending my photographs and forms, and a recommendation from my surgeon about a
  16. RockyR2013

    June BA

    Starting the thread for all ladies booked in for their BA in June 2017 I'm 8th of June 2017 with Mr Greensmith at YourBreast-happy queens birthday weekend to me!
  17. Here's a list of us girls booked in for October. Good luck to everyone having BA or about to have it 3rd Oct * @MissF 160cm * 400cc (round) HP * Dr name .... pre op bra: 10AA / post op bra: ? 4th Oct * @thumper14 163cm * 555cc (anatomical) HP * Dr Tavakoli ... pre op bra: 10B / post op bra: ? 4th Oct * @Courtneyalyce * 345/365cc (round) HP * Dr Dash ... pre op bra: 10A / post op bra: ? 5th Oct * @lychee 164cm * 375/330cc (Anatomical) Mod * Dr Phoon .... pre op bra: ? / post op bra: ? 5th Oct * @mybajourney94 168cm * 450cc (round) HP * Dr Kenny .... pr
  18. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this forum. So, I've just started looking at getting BA done in Sydney. Keen to get teardrop, saline - implants in a 300-350CC. Naturally I'm a 10D, Height - 153, Weight - 57. I want something natural, not too over the top. Open to your suggestions in finding a good surgeon.
  19. Okay, so I have now widened my list of surgeons instead of narrowing it!! I am tossing up between these surgeons: Dr Miroshnik, Dr Steven Liew, Dr Steve Merten, Dr Moradi. I want a really really natural looking breast. I am currently a AA and am 175cm tall and 57kg. I just don't want big fake boobs! has anyone had or know of anyone who has had BA's with these surgeons who might be similar to myself?? Thanks
  20. Hi there! I'm going in for my BA on 20th December! While I'm happy with my weight (5ft 2, 56 kgs, small frame up top), I still plan to lose a couple of kilos (maybe 3-5 kgs) after my surgery. I store most of my fat in my thighs, butt but still do lose weight from my boobs. Should this prospective weight loss post surgery affect my implants?
  21. Hey Everyone So i quite like the look of Dr Merten's and Dr Moradi's BA work and I would like some input/reviews and comments from anyone who knows anything about these surgeons. They have excellent reviews but I am always a little apprehensive to base my choice on online reviews. I would love to hear from anyone who's had a BA with these surgeons or who's had a consult with them. I would also love to see some photos of women who have been through these surgeons (if you're happy to of course :)) Thanks everyone!! it's so nice having input from others in similar situati
  22. Hi there, I have been doing lots of homework for the most ideal surgeon in BANGKOK, from Dr Suchart, Dr Preeyapha, Dr. Piyapas to Dr Thiti?? I have loose skin/saggy boobs but athletic healthy build and would like my boobs magiced BUT TO A NATUAL LOOK, that is NOT 'HARD AND HIGH...' (one Dr Suchart review??) Can anyone tell me who, of them all, may be great for natural/mouldable BL&BA?? ...that would be awesome, thanks!! xx
  23. I went for a consult last year with Dr Ali Hussain but was not happy with my rushed consult and have since not got my mind off getting a BA! Has anyone gone with Dr Chinsee or Dr Szalay in Brisbane and can share pics/experiences?
  24. Hi there! I wanted some advice and didn't know who to turn to, so here goes! I've made a tentative booking to have a breast augmentation in December this year (in about 7 weeks), and need to make my final decision by next week. This is something I have really wanted to do (since I was 18 - I'm 27 now), and I'm excited, however at times I feel waves of anxiety about: post-op pain, possible further surgery after kids, life after the boob job, etc. I want to know if anyone else was feeling the same, how they overcame these feelings, and how they feel now that they've gone through w
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