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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Dr Sukit Mekraksavanich in Bangkok. I believe he was one of the chosen doctors for International Rejuvenation a business based in Aus that no longer exists. My mother in law and 2 close family friends went to him, all for 3 different procedures and they all had great results. I am just asking because I hate that he no longer has an Australian Link, as well as I am emailing his direct, he doesn't have a receptionist as such, so just a bit suss about it all. I trust my MIL and FFs but just want to get some extra exter
  2. Any girls who have had their Breast Augmentation at Destination Beauty in Bangkok?
  3. I'm 59...still, in 2 days I'll be 60, and, this is my 60th birthday present to myself. I knew I was going to have a face lift one day, and last year I thought now is the time, so I started researching. I read many reviews and watched many Youtube videos. Thailand seemed like my best option in terms of reputation and expense. However, when contacting places like Destination Beauty and Cosmeditour, and after considering several doctors I always had the feeling that it might not be reliable or safe, although the reviews were always good. So, I decided to do it at home in Sydney. I did my res
  4. Put them in here please am hoping to go over in January to get lipo and veneers, have a friend who wants to come so awesome So far I have: dr Piyapas at Bangkok Phuket hospital. He is $$ and I can't find a direct way to get a personalized quote? dr boonchai at PIAC pretty well priced what other PIAC or Thai docs to my list?
  5. Hi ladies! I'm booked in with Dr Boonchai for a BL, BA and ETT in October! Anyone have any advice? Or having surgery around the same time in Bangkok? Thanks
  6. Hi ladies! I'm booked in with Dr Boonchai for a BL, BA and ETT in October! Anyone have any advice? Or having surgery around the same time in Bangkok? Thanks
  7. Hello! I’ve decided on Dr Boonchai as surgeon for BA + BL, though I keep searching for before and afters and not actually finding many! I’m very close to taking a breath, taking a leap and booking, though allaying my concerns... one of many being ending up still hating my boobs only then they’re surgically horrible boobs ?. I’ve noticed lots of albums on here are only available if friends... so please, could anyone be my friend? Puh-leese Would be utterly grateful ??? (Even happy to... gulp... post my befores, if that’d help (if I must so am seen as legit!))
  8. The Surgeon:Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction with lift with 300cc high profile round implants. Wow, this woman is incredible. She managed to get 5.8kg of sagging skin off me after losing 100kg. I saw reviews stating she was blunt etc, I didn’t get that at all. She was humorous, compassionate and caring, she listened to my concerns but she had her own and I respect that she is the surgeon and knows what she is doing. Her team are incredible and set low expectations however when I saw the after product when I woke up I was surprised. She is amazing and has such attention to detail, her inci
  9. Hey ladies I am hoping to have lipo surgery on my stomach and thighs I live in Cambodia, so I am thinking to have my procedure in Bangkok, as I understand that the surgeons there are very experienced and it's a short flight for me, plus I've visited Bangkok numerous times and know the city Can you please share your own lipo experiences with me? surgeon recommendation Hospital recommendation can I expect scarring afterwards? What was your recovery time? I don't particularly want to use an agent / company, as my partner will be escorting me and staying wi
  10. I just got back from Thailand while there I visited Thantakit International Dental Hospital in Bangkok on the recommendation of a friend who had been there. They sent a car to pick me up from my hotel, I was really impressed with their service and how big and modern their facility is. I had been unhappy with my teeth for years. I had braces when I was in school but i was not happy with the white spots on them. When I'd whiten my teeth they would never look white due to the paper white stains on my teeth. I also was missing my two lateral incisors (I had one to begin with but it was remov
  11. Hi there, I have been doing lots of homework for the most ideal surgeon in BANGKOK, from Dr Suchart, Dr Preeyapha, Dr. Piyapas to Dr Thiti?? I have loose skin/saggy boobs but athletic healthy build and would like my boobs magiced BUT TO A NATUAL LOOK, that is NOT 'HARD AND HIGH...' (one Dr Suchart review??) Can anyone tell me who, of them all, may be great for natural/mouldable BL&BA?? ...that would be awesome, thanks!! xx
  12. Hello, Am having a challenge being clear on some of the reviews here, so am starting a new thread. I have been in contact with Medical Departures regarding a tummy tuck and liposuction in Bangkok, and they have recommended Dr. Pichit Siriwan at Samtivej Sukhumvit Hospital. Can anyone here give me information about their experience having a tummy tuck and/or vaser lipo with this specific doctor, Pichit Siriwan at Samtivej Sukhumvit? Any with experience through Medical Departures? I was able to find some positive reviews on RealSelf, but there were a lot of negatived ones o
  13. I'm looking into travelling from Perth to Thailand to do Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kunachak and was looking for a travel partner that might be travelling to Thailand also. Is there anyone from Perth that wants to visit Thailand for surgery and wants to plan to go on the same day? I'm planning to do a consultation with Dr Kunachak via email and then plan everything after that. If anyone is keen to organise a date to travel to Thailand together, please let me know as it can be quite daunting travelling to a different country alone and not knowing where to go.
  14. Its was really perfect result gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Darin Muangthai (Specialist plastic sugeon at The SIB clinic, Thailand) I suffered from gynecomastic since i was young. I am always worried about it for long time as I am a real man but why did I have large breast like a woman like this. I told my friends about this and asked them if they have any idea to deal with it. And was so lucky that one of my friend was also faced with this problem like me and he suggested to go to do gynecomastia surgery. He told me he was done it already in Bangkok, Tha
  15. Hello, This is my first post on this website. I came here a few times initially when I was researching doctors, so I appreciate the website. I thought I would like to give something back, because when I was searching for results on Rhinoplasty in Thailand, I often was unsatisfied with the lack of results. I am Caucasian male in my 30's who travelled to Thailand on my own. I didn't use any agencies and don't believe you should. If you are an intelligent person and you don't rush your decision, you can find a qualified surgeon all on your own. I would like to initially outline
  16. Hey all! So, I'm about to book in my BA with via Destination Beauty, they have reffered me to DR Dalip. 1, has anyone used Destination Beauty before, thoughts??? 2, Has anyone had their BA wirh Dr Dalip (Bangkok) are you happy with your results etc? Im currently a A Cup, hoping to be a C or D... I will be Travelling alone, so I am trying to do as much research as possible. Thank you!!
  17. Hi all hoping you can help with some advise! I am struggling to reach a decision on whether to get rhino surgery with dr montein in Bangkok (world medical centre) with cosmeditour, or, stay in Sydney and have rhino with dr Jeremy hunt who seems to be well accredited. Costs associated are actually not horrendously different, CosMediTour's all up including flights will be around $10k, whilst Sydney is looking closer to $16k. My main concern is post op care and follow ups which it doesn't seem you can get if I go through cosmeditour. has anybody done either and can help with
  18. Hi, have booked a breast augmentation for later this year through IR with a Dr Supasid. Has anyone used him or heard about his work?
  19. Long shot but has anyone has surgery with the above surgeon? Also looking for insurance , any recommendations?
  20. Hi everyone, I have 2 questions. Has anyone has surgery with Dr Somsak Kunachakr - Kasemrad hospital? Very hard to get any info on him as he does not advertise although it will be my 2nd surgery with him. Can anyone recommend an insurance company for overseas surgery to organise here in Melbourne before I go. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone! I've booked my Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation with Dr Montien in Bangkok, Thailand for February 2017! I was hoping some of you could share your experiences and any stories you may have as I am a little nervous about the procedure! I would love to see some pictures too! I've been wanting my nose to be a lot smaller, more defined and more feminine for a very long time and I'm finally going ahead with it, however i'm a little apprehensive as to how my nose will actually turn out! Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing your stories!
  22. Hi All, Can anyone enlighten me on their Rhino experience with Dr. Witoon? They have asked to change my surgeon and I can't find a whole lot of info for his Rhinos. Lots of BA's and face lifts, but no noses! Have asked them to send me some before and afters but Im too impatient to wait until tomorrow! Kiarainthepark
  23. Hi people, Anyone undergoing a MM - TT w BL/BA & lipo in the near future or recently? Also..I'm far from ideal weight..88 kilos...am I wasting my time? I kind of really feel I need a confidence boost in body shape to help me go on with improving my physique, over my apron gut and uneven boobs. Need something done for me Any experience shared on either topic would be so incredibly helpful, xox Fedbel
  24. Hey ladies! Anyone heading to Bangkok for any surgery? Im heading over by myself & would like to catch up with people if the timing works out. Im heading over approx July 3 for 2 weeks
  25. MAY 1- MAY 2- MAY 3- MAY 4- MAY 5- MAY 6- Boobdreams & sag_to_bounce BUMRUNGRAD with Dr Preeyaphas BL & BA MAY 7- MAY 8- MAY 9- MAY 10- MAY 11- MAY 12- MAY 13- MAY 14- MAY 15- MAY 16- MAY 17- MAY 18- MAY 19- MAY 20- MAY 21- MAY 22- MAY 23- MAY 24- MAY 25- MAY 26- MAY 27- MAY 28- MAY 29- MAY 30- MAY 31-
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