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Found 5 results

  1. Hi ladies, I am a long time reader first time poster!!! I got breast implants 6 years ago in Sydney. Immediately after I had boobie creed and since then I have been on the quest to go bigger. So now that I am a certified adult I have the money to go Bigger, I would like to know if any of you lovely ladies would recommend a surgeon in Sydney. My first BA was 295cc UHP. I wanted bigger but my surgeon refused because I was nothing but bones but that has slightly due to life I have even thought about going to Thailand but I would be way to tempted to drink and that what totally fudge everything up. (looking into Thailand though). Thank you
  2. My stats are 54kg and 162cm tall. I'm a borderline patient after 2 kids and went the biggest I could go which is 485cc high profile, round unders. Is anyone else in a similar boat and if so what size did they end up and are you happy? Thanks heaps in advance 😊😊😊
  3. I had my breast augmentation 2 yrs ago almost or more, I joined this site and gained some info on the entire process and followed other girls. I started off as a 10C and had 435CC implants put in ... I am now a 10DD... I HATE how big my boobs are. I definitely put this down to 'boob greed'. Any cute lace bra that I wear doesnt look petite and pretty, to me (personally) I feel that I look skanky. (not trying to offend anyone on here). I feel top heavy, i am average height 167cm smallish build but I feel like my new assets have definitely added a seemingly larger appearance. has anyone experienced this ? I have had a quote to remove them it would be a bit over 2k to remove.. but then i am scared I will have saggage once removed and I cant afford revision surgery.. HELP?
  4. HI Just wondering if anyone had uneven/stretch marks before surgery? I have uploaded my befores if you wish to compare (send fr) I just want to get a rough idea on what I can expect... im hoping to go rather large and round. My ba and bl is booked for 9/6/15 with dr dona in sydney. any advice or experience would be great. no negativity please
  5. How big is too big?

    Hi ladies, As a young teen I was pretty chubby with a C cup, I had my daughter at 17 and now at 18 I am only 47kgs and 5foot6 tall with pops of stretchy skin that don't fully fill an A cup. I want high profile, maybe a D cup. But will it be too big? Would I look funny? I don't want too small because, let me be honest I probably wont have the time or money to do this again anytime soon and I'm sick of being disappointed in myself when I look in the mirror as I've done everything to make myself look atleast my sort ok.. you ladies will get what I mean.. :/ Soo, how big would be too big? P.s. sorry its long. Xo