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  1. Hey ladies has anyone had implants by dr kollias in Adelaide? I have had my 2 consultations and I’m stoked with him. im getting 550cc, high profile, round, Smooth, cohesive implants, sub fascial placement.(above muscle) Im booked in for surgery 8th August and costs $9400 With a over night stay at st.Andrews private hospital. (Think that’s fantastic) I’ll attach a pic of boobs now and when I was trying on the implants under my crop. will update more pics once I’ve had surgery.
  2. Hi Everyone, After having my second child I have decided it’s time to get a breast augmentation. I have been doing some research on various locations where to go. I live in Adelaide and the cost here is 10k+ which is a bit much for me.. Can anyone give me an reviews on places in Adelaide, the cosmetic institute in Sydney and Gold Coast, and the breast academy (cosmeditour) on the Gold Coast. Im so confused and really want to find out all I can before I make a decision. Thank you
  3. Hi there! I wanted some advice and didn't know who to turn to, so here goes! I've made a tentative booking to have a breast augmentation in December this year (in about 7 weeks), and need to make my final decision by next week. This is something I have really wanted to do (since I was 18 - I'm 27 now), and I'm excited, however at times I feel waves of anxiety about: post-op pain, possible further surgery after kids, life after the boob job, etc. I want to know if anyone else was feeling the same, how they overcame these feelings, and how they feel now that they've gone through w
  4. Hi all! I am completely new to looking into this stuff, so please be patient with me. I would like recommendations on getting a BA in Adelaide. Id prefer Adelaide as its close to home, and easier for follow up appointments. Also, i am getting married early December 2018, so what would be a good time frame etc etc? Thanks for the info, i appreciate it! Ash
  5. Has anyone been to dr angelo preketes in Penrith would love to hear from some girls!
  6. Group for the girls having their boobs done in March 2017. Please join!
  7. Hi ladies, I live in Melbourne & am wondering where is the best place to get breast augmentation done? I've being doing lots of research but would love to know prices especially at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute. Also if anyone has being to the cosmetic institute in Queensland or Sydney please leave a review! I am happy to travel insterstate but need help and reviews! Thanks.
  8. Hi, I live in Melbourne and have just found the sugereon I want for my BA (woo). His name is Craig Ruberstein from Cosmetic Surergy For Women. If anyone has being there for a breast augmentation please leave a review & let me know how much the price was please! Thanks.
  9. Ladies I need help! I'm still looking for a plastic surgeon to do my breast augmentation. I have seen dr ces (cosmetic surgeon) but he is based on Gold Coast and I'm not 100% sure on him, I've had no one to compare him with. Reading through the forums I've seen a lot of good reviews on Dr Harwood in Brisbane. But it looks like he has now retired and the rejuvenation clinic is now closed. Can anyone recommend someone for me to see that they were immensely happy with. I'd love someone I'm brisbane if possible. I'm 30, have breast fed 2 babies. I'm 174cm tall, weigh around 57kgs and have a s
  10. Hey Girls, I bit the bullet, not having anyone available to come with me, I just booked tickets to travel to Phuket on my lonesome from Aug 12th - Aug 21st. So if there's any August girls please holla at me, the company would be greatly appreciated! Just waiting to hear back from PPIAC, as I am organising it directly with them. THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL!
  11. Hello, does anyone know of a surgeon in Perth who does fat transfer to breast? I want a more natural approach to plump up my boobs after breastfeeding cheers
  12. Hello =] After seeing a lot of you recommend a plastic surgeon vs cosmetic I have decided to look into Cosmeditour. Can you please share your experience with them, I am quite nervous and quite excited to beggin my journey. I have looked at their instagram and am pretty thrilled with there images of their procedures. If you don't mind sharing any photos that would be a great help, what size did you go, did you go with what they recommended or what you wanted? Who was your Dr? I am around 165cm and weigh 53kg. TIAxx
  13. Okay, I recently went to the tci instagram that i follow and saw a woman with saggy breasts who received implants. My breast are somewhat similar but i was denied at both bondi and parra. any women out there who actually went into the tci centre for an assessment? I'm thinking of flying from perth to parra or bondi sometime. I want to see whether i can at tci, if not i'm thinking thailand as it's around 8,000 for both implants and a lift.
  14. Hi, with 17 days to go.. I have just paid in full for my surgery. I am SO excited! However... I am fully freaking out about the drains! They scare me so much. Plus the initial IV for the anaesthesia - that freaks me out too. Are the drains painful or just uncomfortable/ annoying.. Or all of those things? haha I have also been told not to massage, ice or apply heat. Anybody else had that too? I thought ice would be my best friend but nope, not allowed! x
  15. Hey! Thought you all may be interested in this fun video. The guy drives over a saline & silicone implant to see what happens! I found it quite interesting hahaha
  16. Looking at having a consultation with dr tony Connell but wanted to know his price range for Ba if any previous clients can help and if anyone has his offices email!??
  17. My journey with Dr Tavakoli - one week post op! A week since my surgery, and I'm feeling a lot better than I thought I would.The pain like I said after day 1 is fully manageable but even looking at my chest I can notice huge changes. My bruises have turned a beautiful yellow (this is a good thing!)I can start to see some cleavage too as my swelling has disappeared. I've finished my antibiotics and I'm only taking some paracetamol before bed as the pain isn't really there but personally my bruises are really sensitive so I need to be careful how I position myself when I'm resting. My tummy whe
  18. Lula

    Tci bondi

    Hey girls, I have my BA booked for December with dr lee from tci, just wanted to hear some of your stories? And what placement and if any of you's had a lowered incision? Or if anyone was more complicated? Thank you's so excited!!
  19. Hi gals! I'm 3 weeks post op from my breast augmentation and I am absolutely loving them. I wrote up a little blog post (let me continue to reiterate that I am not a doctor!) about the things I learned before and after my surgery. I've gotten some great feedback from friends, peers, and strangers about it who are thinking about getting theirs done so if you're curious- have a read! Cheers and enjoy! http://mischkebusiness.com/2014/10/21/the-boobs/#more-2938
  20. Hi girls, I am looking for some recommendations on breast augmentation surgeons on the Gold Coast! I have heard a lot of good things in particular about Dr Luke Stradwick, has anyone had any experience with him? Thanks so much!
  21. Hi guys, I am going to thailand in june to PIAC for a breast augmentation with Dr Thanakom. Does anyone have any feedback on him? Thanks a lot
  22. Hi Ladies, I have my surgery booked in for the end of March, my surgeon is Dr Lee. I just wanted to see what other peoples past experiences are with him, are you happy with your results, how are your incision scars ect ect. Many thanks in advance !
  23. So I was told I was borederline lift. Which at the time I didn't think too hard bout it and was told I should be able to get away with it. But it's 3 mths post op now and I have been doing a lot of starring at the mirror ever since I got boobs and now understand how un perky and how close my aerola is to the bottom of my boobs. Has anyone been in this situation did u just ignore it and be happy you have bigger boobs? They are ok hidden in clothes n bras but when I stare at them naked im not 100% happy with them or is it too soon to get huffy bout my boobs? I'm due for my three mth appointm
  24. So today I decided to push myself at the gym. I am over three mths now and did weights during a cross fit class. My q to u is... does it hurt and is it normal to feel like uR implants move up and feel like they are going rip out of their pockets? This feeling upset me and freaked me out so I stopped the class and walked out One cause they felt sore and awkward and I don't want to cause damage considering the implant on the right side has t fully lowered yet to the right position. any thoughts or similar experiences to mine would be much appreciated.
  25. Hi ladies! I'm looking to get a breast augmentation in September (ages away I know!) and have some friends who got great jobs done in Thailand. I've heard mixed reports though and am not sure if I should go through Medi Makeovers in Bangkok or Cosmedi in Phuket. Does anyone have any feedback on either of these places? With Medi Makeovers - A friend of mine had hers done by Dr Suthat and loves hers, and I've seen great results from Dr Thiti and Dr Rungkit on Instagram too. but haven't seen any results from my suggested surgeon - Dr Angkana. Has anyone been through Dr Angkana wi
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