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  1. Hi! I am booked in for surgery on 7th July. Exciting! originally with the nurse I tried various sizes and thought I wanted 350cc HP (my husband preferred the 325cc!) the surgeon has suggested for me 300cc in one and 325cc in the other (apparently I am wonky! I hadn't noticed). But I'm worried I will be disappointed but I also don't want to go too big? I am a 34c now and size 10 clothes at 5ft3. I want to be a DD-E cup? Can anyone tell me if these will be big enough to get to my desired size? I know its not a guarantee! thanks
  2. Hi all, Just thought I'd post about my journey for anyone interested in going with PIAC, Dr Narupon, or for those of you with similar stats to me Beginning Stats: Age - 29, Height -173cm, Weight - 62kg, Bra Size - 10C, No children. Booking: I booked my surgery straight through PIAC with no issue - I had two friends who had gone directly through PIAC previously with different surgeons and had great results, so I thought I'd try my luck without an agency. I received a response from PIAC within a day or two after sending my photographs and forms, and a recommendation from my surgeon about a week after that. They answered all my questions promptly and willingly changed my schedule several times over when I asked. Choosing My Surgeon: Initially I wanted to have both a rhinoplasty and BA, and the surgeons that specialised in both facial and breast surgery were Dr Rushapol and Dr Narupon. I ended up choosing Dr Narupon based on his gallery pics, various positive reviews and the fact that he was a younger surgeon that might have a fresher idea of what women are desiring in terms of breast shape/look etc these days. In the end I decided against having my rhinoplasty in Thailand though, as I had not seen enough rhino before and afters by my surgeon of choice and I didn't want to feel rushed into a procedure on my face straight after consultation. I have now chosen to have my rhinoplasty at a later date here in Australia after having a lengthy consultation with Dr Layt on the Gold Coast, where all my questions and concerns were answered thoroughly and I have the time to think about my decision. Flights & Transfers: I booked my own flights to Phuket through Qantas/Jetstar with a brief stop over in Singapore each way. The cost was roughly $850 all up return. I arrived in Phuket at 9:30PM the day before my consultation/surgery and found the information desk easily enough where my itinerary specified my transfer would be waiting. Well I waited what seemed like 20 minutes, but in reality it was probably 10, because I started to panic that they'd forgotten me, but eventually a PIAC rep. arrived and escorted me to their car. It took about 45 minutes to drive from the airport to where I was staying in Patong. They picked me up at 9AM sharp the next day and drove me to Phuket International Hospital where my journey really began. My BA Journey: I was ushered into the reception area of the hospital from my transfer car where I filled out basic hospital paperwork. From there I was taken up to level 4 where PIAC is situated. They weighed me and took my blood pressure and then sent me downstairs for a chest x-ray and a blood test. I was the brought back up for my consultation with Dr Narupon. We had a quick discussion about what I wanted to achieve (which was mainly perky/upper pole fullness while going up maybe a size or two in the process. He asked to see any inspiration pictures which I promptly showed him on my iPhone. We then went into a room where he asked me to take of my bra so he could see what he was working with. Now admittedly I didn't think I had horrible boobs, but having yo-yo'd up and down in weight and having previously done exercise/running in poor bras had taken its toll on my once perky C cups - to the point where my upper pole fullness was lacking. My chest is also quite wide, and my torso quite long, which made my boobs look like they were sitting quite low on my chest. Anyway I removed my bra and he said "ooooohhhh this nice natural breast" - which automatically made me think crap I've flown all this way, I'm just being ridiculous! But he assured me we could could get the upper pole fullness I desired with a round silicone implant. Next we tried on sizers in the pointiest bra I have seen in my life, which made it really hard to work out the size I actually wanted. He left me alone to see what I liked, but the nurse awkwardly stuck around, which in hindsight I should have just told her to leave - so I could have a minute to myself to decide. If you are taking your own post-op bras (which I highly recommend you do - because the one they provide you with is pointy, ill-fitting, and scratchy), I suggest you take it into the fitting with you, so you can try it on with the implants instead of the pointy option they provide. I made some mental notes in my head about the sizes I liked and then he measured me up and drew all over me. My breast width was quite wide - 14.5cm (no surprises there due to how wide my chest is). He then explained to me that the best placement for my desired look was over the muscle, which took me completely by surprise as he'd recommended dual plane in his original email and I had done quite a lot of research on that particular placement. I asked him what the difference was, and why he was now recommending overs and he said I had a great amount of tissue for overs and I could achieve exactly the same look as dual plane, but at a lower price, and without having to cut the muscle. I was sold! He suggested that I go mod plus profile or if I wanted the "porn star" look as he put it, I could go high profile ... I stuck with the mod plus's in the end as I wasn't after high projection, just a bit more perk. Due to my wide breast width and my choice of mod plus profile implants, Dr Narupon calculated the highest I could go CC wise was 400. Just as well because after having tried on the sizers I was tossing up between 375-400CC anyway, which Dr Narupon said would make me roughly a DD cup (which was my aim). He said if I was unsure - always go bigger, but in the end I asked him to make the decision between the two in surgery - whichever looked better on my frame. From there I signed all the consent forms and went to pay (with 2 credit cards and my debit card). Well I just about had a heart attack when my first card kept declining. All I could think was I've flown all this way, what am I going to do? The customer service girls were so lovely though and let me call my bank internationally. In the end everything was sorted. I had told all my banks I was travelling internationally, but I had slightly overestimated the amount that was on one of them, hence why it kept declining. We got there in the end though - crisis averted! After the payment fiasco I was taken to my room, where I quickly set up my phone and charger near my bedside and locked away my valuables. I removed all my piercings and a nurse asked me to strip down nude and she assisted me with my hospital garments. I was then canulated ... twice as she broke the first vein. It hurt a little more than I expected, but nothing too traumatic. I was then connected to some IV fluids and wheeled down pretty much straight away to theatre. The anaesthetist asked me a bunch of questions and i swear I was asked 3 times whether I could remove my $6500 braces .... the answer was NO, but they seemed ok with that. They then strapped me to the table like jesus to the cross and placed an oxygen mask over my face. I was pretty pissed off to be honest as I never saw my surgeon before they put me under, which I was told I would if I had any final questions. Anyhow I came to 3-ish hours later either vomiting, or having the tube removed, or both simultaneously, it was hard to tell. I think I slept for a little bit, but all I could think was how uncomfortable my head was - and I realised I had no pillow. I managed to wave a nurse down sitting in the corner of the room and raspily groaned that I wanted a pillow. She gave me a blanket to put under my head and I promptly threw up all over my arm and the blood pressure cuff attached to it. I flailed my arm around until they cleaned me up and told me to stop moving. Clearly I am not a good PACU patient! Not long after this they wheeled me back to my room where they transferred me across to my hospital bed - yep that hurt. Then they sat the bed up, where-upon I spewed again, and again into a kidney dish. I then wanted to go to the toilet straight away, which they assisted me to do. They then left me to snooze for a bit, coming in and out doing obs, giving me pills, and delivering food. I tried a mouthful of mashed potato - threw that up. Later a mouthful of watermelon - threw that up. I gave up on food after that. I managed to get myself up a couple of times through the night with great difficulty. As a nurse myself, I was very reluctant to call for help, as I know the sooner you are doing things for yourself the better. I was however in a lot of pain, and the meds they were giving me just weren't cutting it. I asked what I was getting and the answer was an anti-inflammatory I had never heard of, diazepam (valium) for sleep, which I was ok with, and an equivalent to panadeine for pain. I was not impressed. I asked several times over for endone and was ignored each time. Finally the next morning after I managed to contain breakfast, the PIAC co-ordinator came by. My emotions got the better of me and I broke down in tears. I told her the nurses weren't listening to me and I wanted a stronger pain-killer. She said she would see the doctor. Dr Narupon came in late that afternoon, cut off my bandages, yanked out my drains, and the nurses strapped me into an ugly pointy bra. He told me I could go home later that evening and he would come see me before I left. I asked him for endone (oxycodone) at the time and if he could write me up a prescription for when I left, he ummed and ahhed and then said yes we have this drug. I buzzed the nurse straight after this for my endone and she gave me a tablet which looked different from the others I'd been given (did't look like what I'd seen in Aus, but shapes and colours differ with brands). I said "is this endone?" and she said "yes yes" - so I took it. Half an hour later a nurse came into my room and asked if I was ready to go. I said "no - the Dr said he'd come back later this evening", to which she responded - "no, you can go now." I found this extremely odd, but I packed up my things and they took me downstairs to pick up my meds from pharmacy. I looked at everything they gave me - still no endone. I said to the pharmacist, "there's no end one here - the Dr said he would write me up for some." After calling the Dr, she said "we don't stock oxcodone in this hospital", which majorly pissed me off, because that meant I had been lied to by the nurse upstairs, and the Dr. They told me they could give me a morphine based oral pain-killer, which I decided against as I was not willing to go to that level. After this they drove me to my new hotel. I did not see Dr Narupon again until my check-up. I got zero instructions on how to care for myself for the week leading up to my check-up, which I found highly unprofessional. Luckily I am a surgical nurse and have post-operative knowledge, but at the same time, I don't deal with breast augmentation patients, so I was still quite in the dark. The pamphlet I was given gave me some indication of post-op care, but my saviour was my friend LLwoody, who I met on this forum. She had her BA 3 days before me with Dr Narupon and was lucky enough to have been given all post-op instructions and I was able to ask her a bajillion questions. Week 1 Post-Op: As soon as I got back to my hotel I took the hideous nanna bra off and had a look at my boobs. Holy they looked big. I immediately thought what have I done?, but I reminded myself it was a lot of fluid and swelling and they would go down. I promptly strapped myself into my 100 times more comfortable Tonserio bra that I had ordered (with great difficulty, but well worth it) from the states. I then sussed out my room and decided on a night in with room service. After that I settled in for the night with a ramp of pillows behind my back, because I no longer had the luxury of a remote controlled bed. I had such a wonderful sleep, but holy hell getting up in the morning was a mission. Morning boob is awful! I had sharp shooting pains mainly in my left boob and the feeling when you first sit fully upright and all the fluid drains to the bottom of your boobs is just horrible. It's like that for a good 5 days, but after that it begins to subside. My best recommendation is stack your pillows the night before, hold onto your boobs in the morning and lift with your abs. It still hurts like hell, but it lessens the blow. I took all my pills religiously until my antibiotics finished, and added some laxatives I had, shall we say "borrowed" from work before I left, as I knew the post-op process and the pain meds would make me bloated and constipated. I was right, I didn't poop for 3 whole days and I looked like a puffy little balloon. Of course the moment I did need to go I was in the middle of Jungceylon shopping mall! I found a toilet as fast as I could, where I waited uncomfortably in line behind 4 others and then finally ... relief. I was smug - yes I'd pooped! I reached to my left for the toliet paper - nope no dispenser there ... must be on the right - nope ... must be on the back wall - NOPE!!! Just FYI at Jungceylon they keep their TP on the OUTSIDE of the toilet! That was a gross little learning curve. After 6 days on my own, my friend arrived just as I was starting to feel a lot more myself. The initial 5 days were a bit of a roller-coaster of emotions - Did I go too big? No maybe they're too small? Should I have done this at all? My boobs hurt. I can't poop. Now I'm pooping too much. My tummy is heavy, and fat, and bloated, and I feel sick. Wahhhhhhhhh! Don't get me wrong, you can still go out and do stuff, your head and body is just a little bit of a fricken' mess ... well at least it was for me anyway. On Day 7, my friend and I caught my transfer to the hospital to see Dr Narupon and have my stitches taken out. I was so ready for new dressings, as my current ones were starting to peel back, and I didn't want any nasties getting in. The nurses removed my old dressings and Dr N. came and had a look. He said I should wear my post-op bra morning and night for another month. He said I could exercise in a month, start wearing underwires in a month, basically the answer to most things was one month. He did tell me that I didn't really need to massage my boobs too much though, if at all, as they were really quite soft already due to the tissue I already had - something which I'm just quietly quite proud of. Afterwards the nurses took my stitches out and replaced my dressings. I got my friend to take some photos of my suture lines prior (as I couldn't see them). They don't look too bad. A little red and bruised, and slightly puckered, but I'm hoping they'll heal well. That's All Folks (for now ...): Anyway sorry for the novel, but I hope it helps some of you. I'll be putting pictures up in my gallery shortly, so feel free to FR request me to have a look, or if you have any questions feel free to ask. I know I made the hospital experience sound awful - it really wasn't all that bad and so far I'm soooo happy with my results, I think I just expected more from a nurse's perspective. I will definitely be reflecting on my surgical experience as a patient and utilising it with my future patients when I go back to work.
  3. Hey Everyone So i quite like the look of Dr Merten's and Dr Moradi's BA work and I would like some input/reviews and comments from anyone who knows anything about these surgeons. They have excellent reviews but I am always a little apprehensive to base my choice on online reviews. I would love to hear from anyone who's had a BA with these surgeons or who's had a consult with them. I would also love to see some photos of women who have been through these surgeons (if you're happy to of course :)) Thanks everyone!! it's so nice having input from others in similar situations
  4. I went for a consult last year with Dr Ali Hussain but was not happy with my rushed consult and have since not got my mind off getting a BA! Has anyone gone with Dr Chinsee or Dr Szalay in Brisbane and can share pics/experiences?
  5. Hey guys, 4 days ago I had my breast Augmentation through CosMediTour in Sydney. Iv been youtubing my experience so feel free to check it out and ask any questions ! I'm super happy no regrets! Here's the link!
  6. Hey everyone! Ive been thinking about getting boobs done for awhile now. I've done some research and was looking to go to the cosmetic institute but decided to go with cosmeditour Sydney instead. I'd like to know if anyone has gone there and could tell me their experiences and what they went through. I really have no clue when it comes to surgery so I want to prepare myself. Right now I've decided to get silicone, under the breast, under the muscle and round implant. This is not 100% as I will want to talk to a surgeon first before making my final decisions. Xx
  7. Hi lovelies, I'm Melbourne based wanting a BA. Looking to get it done in Sydney by the amazing Dr Michael Miroshnik, but I may need to travel up by myself to get it done, which I'm a bit worried about. Also, I would be coming back to Melb a few days later, so wouldn't be able to see Dr Miroshnik if there were any complications :/. My other thought was to go to Dr Craig Rubinstein but I have only seen a bit of his work. Plus I have found a couple of cases where girls aren't the happiest. Pls help?! I don't know what to do :(. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks all!! <3 xx
  8. Hi, With my consult TOMORROW and surgery in just 36 days, I am SO excited. The only thing that concerns me is that my surgeon prefers to use Eurosilicon, has anybody had those implants before? I have mainly been researching Mentor & Allergan so I am very confident in those particular two. I did email the institute and ask if I would have a choice even though he prefers to use Eurosilicon. So do I stick to the ones I have researched or go with whatever he prefers? Also if anybody has also been to DR. Andrew Greensmith or Melbourne institute of plastic surgery? Ps. Eurosilicon isn't FDA approved - isn't even allowed in the USA. There are a small amount of negatively sided articles online about them. Any advice would be great. Thanks so much, xoxo
  9. My Journey..... Hey guys, my name is Sam, I'm 27 years old, have no children and live a pretty dull life. stats: 173cm, 65kg, 12B, non smoker, low activity level and very rarely do I drink. I had my first ever BA consultation on Monday 29th Feb 2016 with Dr Theo Birch of The Breast Institute. I was greeted by name as is I entered. I was asked politely by the lovely receptionist to complete paperwork and was given a take home folder which included an information booklet that outlines everything about the procedure, a brochure on the (Montserrat) Gaythorne Day Hospital where the surgery would take place, an estimated quote and aftercare instructions. It was time, the consultation. I entered the rather large office of Dr birch. I was welcomed in and asked to take a seat. we discussed a few things, what look was I going for, some medical questions, the risks involved etc. the whole time I felt safe, not nervous at all which was quite a shock to me as any minute now I would be taking off my top for a complete stranger to have my boobs exposed/analysed/touched with absolutely no alcohol involved This is where the fun begins... There was a change room, a cornered off area of the office with a curtain and mirror. I was asked to remove my top. I followed the docs orders and came out wearing a brave face. After a few measurements were taken and a move of the boobs here and there I then had my "before" pics taken. Once the pics were taken (front on, diagonals, and side on) I was asked to put on a surgical sports bra (very sexy hahaha) I tried on quiet a few sized implants, first they were chicken fillet looking things and then as I went up to the larger sizes they were the actual implants. these babies were starting to get heavy. I asked the doc if this was how much they actually weighed once inside me and he said yes. That shocked me!!! After trying/re-trying sizes I put my top back on and sat down for an evaluation with the doc. implant stats: 420cc, round, textured, high profile, silicon Nagor implant. Inframammary incision (under the breast). My BWM was 12.5 What I'm looking for out of my experience is to go from a small B cup to a full D to DD. I don't want the obvious "step" at the top of my chest just a gradual (natural if you will) slope and I want side boob. I don't think I'm asking for much? doc said that's very achievable but the larger I go the more chance of getting the "step" and rippling at the sides. As I'm quite a "curvy" girl (sort of broad in the shoulders, have hips and thighs) I want my boobs to even me out. I'm naturally a shy person so during my day to day work life I'll be covered up but in the summer I LOVE being at the beach soaking up the rays. I imagine running down the beach like I'm on an episode of Bay Watch haha A girl can dream pic 1, obvious step. pic 2, gradual/ natural slope. After the consultation I went back to the reception area (by the way its, bright, welcoming, comfortable and nothing like a waiting room at the local doctors) paid for the consultation and then I was asked if there was anything else they could help with, any questions and if I had thought about possible surgery dates. I was VERY keen to have surgery ASAP and the lovely receptionist wrote down a few dates that Dr Birch would be available and then I was on my way. A few days went passed after over thinking about it, talking/negotiating with my husband, double checking when I could have time off work and after emailing the ladies at The Breast Institute (like 100 times) to triple-double check everything I finally booked in my surgery for Thursday 28th of April 2016. I'm SUPER excited, my husband still doesn't understand why and now I'm trying to get time off work as "sick/personal" leave. now the waiting game begins. To be continued..... THIS PROCESS WAS REALLY THIS SIMPLE, I DIDNT FEEL PRESSURED INTO A PARTICULAR SIZE/TYPE OF IMPLANT, I DIDNT FEEL RUSHED TO BOOK A SURGERY DATE, I FELT COMFORTABLE IN THE PRACTICE AND WITH ALL STAFF OF THE BREAST INSTITUTE, I UNDERSTOOD THAT THIS IS A SURGERY, THERE ARE RISKS INVOLVED AND THINGS DONT ALWAYS GO TO PLAN. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE IM SHARING AND MY OWN OPINIONS ON THIS PLASTIC SURGERY COMPANY AND DOCTOR.
  10. Well I am day1 post op and feeling ok. My surgery went really smoothly. I went in to theatre talked some mumbo jumbo whilst they put me to sleep next thing I was awake in another room chatting with the nurses.... of course first move was to check out my new additions. yep they were there! I felt pretty groggy, they gave me a couple of pills (pain relief I think) but they made me nauseas straight away so I had an injection to take care of that... it didn't work so they gave me another. I got my colour back apparently and felt well enough to have a cup of tea. hubby came to pick me up an hour later and that was it. that night I slept on and off not in much pain at all. Today not as sore as I had expected, actually not at all what I had expected. After reading and reading and reading so many blogs and forums of different BA experiences I think I was totally overwhelmed and was really anxious and scared leading up to my surgery. I am no where near in as much pain as I was expecting (keeping in mind it has been just over 24hours so the worst may still come) I have been using the rapid recovery method stretching every 2 hours and taking Panadol. I took codine last night and will take two more tonight before bed. Ive been drinking plenty of fluids, moving around and eating normally. I have spent a fair bit of time on the couch and had little snoozes throughout the day but all in all its ok. My main thing I would like to share for those of you leading up to your surgery is don't stress. everyone is different and your experience will be your own experience so don't get too bogged down reading all of these forums and opinions. Relax and embrace it. make the most of having some quiet days after your op and enjoy your new boobies!!
  11. Hi Ladies, This is my very first post on a forum EVER so bare with me as I go. Im just looking for any feedback from anyone who has used Dr Briggs in Perth. I am booked in for surgery for BA soon and am hoping I have made a good decision...
  12. Hi I was wondering if there is anyone traveling to Phuket at the end of November/start of December this year. I will be travelling then for a BA and BL at PIAC and will be travelling alone. I think it would be nice to know someone who is travelling around the same time as coming closer to my surgery date I am starting to get a little nervous about travelling alone. Also any travel tips would be great for those who have been. Thanks Suzy xx
  13. Hey girls I'm booked in with Dr Veerawat for the 2nd Dec and I'm starting to have second thoughts as I really have my heart set on getting round and I know he loves teardrop I'm just wondering if anyone else was in this same position and how he was? I'm thinking I want dr Boonchai who I was tossing up with 7 months ago hahaha or maybe I'm just getting scared of the whole thing HELP!
  14. So I'm just over three months post op now YAY! I had my three month post op check up with Dr Harwood last Thursday and he was really happy with how they're going no sign of double bubble and the scars are healing well. I also got measured properly finally so my end result is 10DD from 10A which I'm so stoked about! I'm currently applying bio oil two times a day to the scars, Dr harwood told me I didn't need to scar strips so I stopped using them. I've just posted updated photos and have another checkup for my six month mark in June (:
  15. i am 173cm tall and weigh 55kg i have broad shoulders with no waist and im a 4-6 size in clothes. i want my boobs to be natural but fake looking at the same time? my doctor suggested between 300cc and 400cc im thinking 375 but dont know ifs its too much or not enough im getting round under the muscel aswell.
  16. i am going with dr thankom next month but im unsure on size and if anyone has any advice or share expirences that would be awesome
  17. Hey everyone, So I have booked in my surgery for January with Dr Luke Stradwick on the G.C I have a consult one week prior to the BA and I'm having a play with rice boobs - but I was wondering if there are ay girls on here who might have similar stats to me, as I'm not sure where to start on size. I'm 166cm, 64kg, 12A at the moment, however I'm quite muscly (I do a lot of weights and crossfit) I was thinking about 375cc? Any thoughts or suggestions would be a great help
  18. Hello girls... After four different consultations with both cosmetic and PS, finding out I have tuberous breasts and starting to believe I would never be able to get my breasts done, I have found my PS and am officially booked in for surgery. I was so over the moon and happy, I actually cried I have chosen Dr Luke Stradwick who is a reconstructive PS on the gold coast to be my surgeon. He was so warm, understanding and informative and really addressed the issues i was having with shape, positioning etc. I knew half way through my consultation that he was the surgeon for me and felt so happy and relieved. I got my finances organised and called him three days later and booked in an official surgery date, monday january 13th 2014! When i spoke to him, he explained that I would need tear drop implants, textured at moderate height and extra full projection as im quite lean and again the whole tuberous breast issue and my chest muscle is quite high and prominent. He said to fix the shape issue tear drop implants would be a better option for me. I was so happy with his reasoning and explanations and understanding how important this would all be to me. I had seen three other surgeons and two of the cosmetic surgeons couldn't do the procedure for me, I had also seen a Brisbane PS but didn't feel 100% comfortable with him. So my research began again, and I must admit, the girls on here and the forum really helped me out, so thank you to everyone on her. Now to get me a countdown timer haha. Cant believe it sooooo excited!!!
  19. Trying to find ladies heading to Thailand for surgery between September and november this year and wanting to know what agency you have chosen. I am looking at going at this time!
  20. Females 36-50 years wanted for Discussion Group Tuesday 8th March at 6pm in St Leonards, Nth Sydney - $100 CASH $100 cash is being offered for 2 hours participation, including small homework task We are looking for Females 36-50 years of age who have had Breast Enhancement (implants) performed in the last 5 years Contact me on 0411 474 443 to discuss further - Donna - Yourviewpoint Market Research Recruiter
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