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Found 36 results

  1. Hi ladies! I'm booked in with Dr Boonchai for a BL, BA and ETT in October! Anyone have any advice? Or having surgery around the same time in Bangkok? Thanks
  2. Hello! I’ve decided on Dr Boonchai as surgeon for BA + BL, though I keep searching for before and afters and not actually finding many! I’m very close to taking a breath, taking a leap and booking, though allaying my concerns... one of many being ending up still hating my boobs only then they’re surgically horrible boobs ?. I’ve noticed lots of albums on here are only available if friends... so please, could anyone be my friend? Puh-leese Would be utterly grateful ??? (Even happy to... gulp... post my befores, if that’d help (if I must so am seen as legit!))
  3. Hey all I have my surgery booked for 12th of August with DR boonchai in Bangkok anyone going to be there around this time
  4. Hey ladies so I am new To the forum I have got my recommendation back from dr boonchai BL and BA round implants under muscle unsure of cc at this stage until face to face I am just waiting on my confirmation that the 10th of August 2017 is available. Boonchai seems to have amazing reviews even though Im freaking out about leaving my 2 boys and hubby for so long. I just can't wait for it to come around ! Myself and a friend are going and hoping to get surgery on the same day ! I just want everything set in stone and they seem super slow at replying to emails. anyone else got surgery planned for 2017?
  5. Hi Ladies, So without too much research (that's me) l booked in with Dr Boonchai today for the end of November. Going on my own so was just looking for advice on where is good to stay in Bankok. Also any general advice - l am 172cm and about 53kg so really not sure about sizes - l am pretty easy going so anything is better than nothing (my current boobs lol). Initial consult is under the muscle obvious reasons and had a quote for round or tear drop? Haven't found many pics of tear drop boobs - have been looking at boobs for daays. Anyway super excited - love any advice about travelling to Thailand or anyone going over in November. Currently trolling through the forum trying to find my answers ? Such a wonderful forum. Liv
  6. So yesterday morning I had my consult and surgery with Dr Boonchai. It was such a pleasant experience and he is so lovely! Of course a bit clinical in his approach but does have a little bit of a giggle here and then and he definitely makes sure you know all that you need to. i decided upon 350s textured, round, unders and endoscopic transaxillary (through the armpit). I didn't want my boobs to have scars on them and Dr B said he can achieve better placement! Although it is longer recover especially combined with under the muscle, he said it's the scar that will be more important. Trying on the sizers were fun! I have a very small diameter so even 325 was pushing it but he gave me 350cc to try on and they were so much better than I chose them even though he said there would be a little bit of a risk. My boobs are also uneven so that means 325 in my bigger boob and 350 in my smaller boob. The nurses were so lovely and sweet. However in the operating room I was waiting on the table for a while, doctor wasn't in yet then one of the ladies said to take a deep breathe which I didn't understand what for until I realise it was the anaesthetic! I little warning would have been appreciated but I'm not really bothered Got back to my room and just in and out of sleep for the whole day. I tried to drink and eat but would vomit each and every time. My chest also felt like someone was sitting on it, breathing is a little bit difficult and you don't realise how much you use your chest muscles! Crazy. My boyfriend had to take me to the bathroom and feed me etc. Today is my 2nd day post op and I feel better but still really really sore. I had my drains removed and I was expecting it to be really painful as many of you girls said but not at all! I got to go home and just chilling in my room with room service and my boyfriend. He's been super good, I've also cried a few times but I'm not sure why. Also a few tips, if you have acrylics it might be better to get them removed in Australia. I went to Jungcylon and at a proper 'salon' it was going to cost 40/50 aud. in Australia, it costs about $20 so I found somewhere else that removed them for much cheaper but I was literally there for 2+ hours with her wrapping my nails in nail polish remover and tin foil and trying to scrape it off! Get a really good back massage because of all the sleeping up right you're going to be doing! And i recommend buying a posture support pillow from Target, costs lik $10 and it's the best thing ever! P.S I know it's only 2 days post op but... My boobs are really high and pointy and I know they're swollen but I'm wondering with D+F they will get bigger? Or I dunno! And had dr B ever measured you as a cup size when you tried on your sizers and you ended up being much smaller? Thank you ladies! I'll keep you up to date on my progress x
  7. Hey, Just thought I'd provide an update of my boobs 1 year post op. I had 375 , HP textured mentors placed by Dr.Boonchai. They have settled in well. No big issues. I had really sensitive nipples before undergoing surgery and now they are even MORE sensitive. This hasn't stopped. They bounce around a bit now and they are soft. I will upload some pictures after writing this. Scars are not an issue ( you never see them). My scars are under the breasts. I started with a gap between my breasts, about 2 fingers apart. Thats the same. I wish there wasn't a gap but I can wear a bra to push them together. Even sports bras with no underwire push them together which is good. Overall, happy with them. I think it was worth it and when I update them I may even try a slightly bigger implant. However, the 375 are a big and a good size for me. If you have any questions about my surgery or experience overseas, let me know. I get an email when there is a message in the inbox and if it wasn't for the info on this forum I probably wouldnt have gone. There are some pics of my 2 week post op and 1 day post opp up on here if you want to check them out as well.
  8. Hi people, Anyone undergoing a MM - TT w BL/BA & lipo in the near future or recently? Also..I'm far from ideal weight..88 kilos...am I wasting my time? I kind of really feel I need a confidence boost in body shape to help me go on with improving my physique, over my apron gut and uneven boobs. Need something done for me Any experience shared on either topic would be so incredibly helpful, xox Fedbel
  9. I have been communicating directly with PIAC since October to book a surgery with Dr Boonchai, however I have just been informed that he is no longer operating in 2016 I have slightly asymmetrical breasts, I am a C-D but they are deflated and lack upper pole fullness. I want a natural full breast with a big of sag (to make it look natural, if you get what I mean) Dr Boonchai recommended a lift on my left breast, and 200cc-300cc implants for both breasts. I have included my before photo (cringe!) and a photo of my desired outcome. So does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons at PIAC (or whatever it is now with Bangkok hospital) that have had great borderline lift outcomes?? At the moment I'm tossing up between Dr Narupon and Dr Veerawat Thanks a million! xxxx
  10. Hi Ladies I am seeing Dr Boonchai, December 2015 for breast lift with implants. I have read many great things about his work, but I am having a hard time finding recent photos of his work. This is is my first time posting in the forum so I'm not sure how this works. Are there photos available on this forum that I can be directed to or links to another website? I'm flying over with my partner and we've found a great place to stay at on Air BnB. I initially enquired with CosmediTours but they are a waste of money and draws the process out further. I recommend organising the trip yourself. It saves alots of money
  11. Hey girls! I am in the process of researching like a mad lady trying to find as much info as I can possible find about PIAC hospital and Dr Boonchai. I have seen countless reviews and mentions about his work and have read practically all the threads about him on this forum (which I am so thankful for!) I was sized here in Brisbane last year to have 290cc implants (I think mod plus profile, can't remember) I do remember asking for something natural and not obviously fake looking as I am a 10A size. My question is, Do you think if I really wanted 325cc with Dr Boonchai he will let me? Is it much of a difference? I don't really mind them looking obviously "fake" as I literally have nothing. How is he in regards to meeting the patients requests? I would love a D or DD cup average. What is your experience with this doctor in particular? Any tips or feedback on what to expect? Thank you all so much x x x (This forum keeps me sane!)
  12. Hi My lefty has always been a little sore and I find if I do any heavy lifting etc I can really feel it in my muscles. I was thinking of going to see a doctor to have a general check up anyway to make sure everything was ok, Is a normal GP the way to go?
  13. Hi I'm going over in Sept 15 to Piac to get BL BA TT & Lipo. After looking at my photos Dr Boonchai has recommended I only need a mini TT and he will give me lipo on both hips. There doesn't seem to be alot of lipo posts can anyone shed some light. Thanks in advance Irene
  14. Hi Everyone, I have come to cross roads in regards to who to choose at PIAC for my BA planning to go ahead Late 2015, Early 2014. Would any lovely ladies have some feedback on either surgeon, and then of course pictures of the work they have completed? I have had a look on CosmediTour's website in regards to before and after's and really like Dr Thanakom's work. I am currently an 10B, and am wanting to increase to 10DD. I have had High Profile, 325cc, Round or Tear Drop Silicone implants recommended to me. Coming into this after I lost my lovely set of Natural C/D's after breastfeeding my daughter. Thank you in advance!
  15. Hi Surgery creeping up on me and I was wondering if I need to confirm anything before travelling. I sent PIAC a copy of my mammogram with a note asking if anything else was required but got no response. As my surgery was booked in about 6 months ago, I was wondering if I need to double check, should I call them? Any info appreciated.
  16. Hello everyone! I have been apart of this forum for some months now and I thought I would start a post for those of us having our procedures done next year in March. I myself am having my BA with Dr Boonchai on the 6th of March, staying at the Centara Karon. I am 154cm and 48kg.. hoping for a D to DD cup with approx 300cc high profile implants. I would love to chat to any of you who are like me and counting down the days till this day. (130 to go) !!!!! feel free to send through a FR or a message to chat.
  17. Hi girls, I have set my mind on getting HP implants, my chest is very small and I feel Mod Plus implants wont give me the projection that I am after, as well as my anatomy not being able to carry those implant types. After continually researching (literally everyday) I have had a look into XHP implants. Does anyone know if Dr Boonchai offers this profile? Or have any of you ladies been offered them at your consult at PIAC? I think I like the look of XHP mainly because you get the most projection with a more narrow base. From the top of my head I am approx. 48-49kg and my height is close to 158cm. I am relatively short and I have no hips or waist. I compare my body shape and size to a 12 year old. Doesn't help that I have barely an A cup. Any help or info would be great. Thank you ladies xx
  18. Hi girls. I am flying out of Brisbane and heading to Phuket in 54 days with surgery in 58 days. I cannot believe how quickly this is going and I am getting more nervous as the days pass by! I am starting to get properly organised for my trip and surgery. I have the following: -travel adapter -cash belt (I'm taking 4300 aud in cash to pay at the hospital) -neck pillow for my flights - carefix Anna bra for post op... Will wait and see what dr B says - bag of bendy straws... Saw someone else mention about this what a great tip! - a Thai translation book - all of my PIAC info in a neat little folder I am filling out my passport application this morning, had my photos taken last night. (They are a total mug shot) I am so excited yet nervous, I would love to hear from any of you who are playing the waiting game too. I have never travelled before and never ever been on a plane,.. Yes at 21 years of age, I feel I will be an anxious flyer... Any tips? I also thought I would throw out this question for anyone with any help.... I am doing the phi phi island speedboat tour with my Mum the day before surgery. Do you think it will be safe to take my expensive camera on board? I know you can snorkel at phi phi island I'm just not sure if it will be safe being left on the boat or not? Thanks everyone, without this forum I would be so lost!!!
  19. Hi ladies! My surgery is with Dr Boonchai on the 2nd of Feb and i'm just wondering how you chose which profile to go with? Did you tell your surgeon what look you were after or did he recommend one from the start? Not sure whether to go with Mod plus or High profile Thanks Tal
  20. Hi all. So I have had a massive change of travel plans regarding my breast augmentation next March 2015. I was originally going with a friend but since she has fallen pregnant and obviously can no longer go. I am now taking my Dad along and he has thought about getting his teeth worked on whilst we are both in Phuket. I am so excited to be spending quality time with my Dad as we have never really done anything like this just the two of us! Do you have any suggestions of accommodation for us both? I was going to be at Peach Hill in Kata beach, as we had booked a 1 bedroom 2 single bed jacuzzi suite and to upgrade to two rooms for the obvious need of moer privacy it is much more expensive that we can afford to do. I was told that Kata beach was perfect for a quiet and relaxed recovery away from the hustle and bustle of Patong. I am happy to go anywhere around the two areas. Also, any ideas how my Dad will go in looking after me? I have read so many different stories about the extent of their recovery process. Some were up by day 2 some needed a week. Thank you all xxx
  21. Hi ladies! I'm heading over to Thailand in Dec for a BL + BA at PIAC with Dr B and was just wondering if everyone who's had surgery over there for medical insurance? And if so, who did you go through? I've looked into it but I'm struggling to make sense of the one I need/what it actually covers?! I also need to get onto my vaccines ASAP. My other question is if you guys got them before travelling? I had a friend who went for surgery last year and she booked so quickly that they would be ineffective and she was fine. Just wondering what others have done? Xx
  22. Hey girls I'm booked in with Dr Veerawat for the 2nd Dec and I'm starting to have second thoughts as I really have my heart set on getting round and I know he loves teardrop I'm just wondering if anyone else was in this same position and how he was? I'm thinking I want dr Boonchai who I was tossing up with 7 months ago hahaha or maybe I'm just getting scared of the whole thing HELP!
  23. Hi ladies, I had Dr Boonchai send me a surgical opinion/recommendation, which I accepted and replied with my desired surgery date for a breast augmentation. The lady who was looking after the booking side of things said that 'have been pre-approved for my desired surgery date next march. I have begun the process of booking accommodation and flights at my local flight centre store... So hopefully my date wont change. My question goes to those of you who had surgery at PIAC in Phuket. When does your date go from being 'pre-approved' to just approved? Thanks so much XO
  24. Hi all! I have my boobs booked for February 2015 with Dr Boonchai at PIAC Phuket! What are everyone's experiences? I'm also going through Somnio, just wondering if anyone else has and what they thought? Also wondering what everyone's tips are! E.g. for preventing stretch marks, reducing pain after surgery, getting comfortable, compression bras etc! Let me know! I've just joined this site too so if you have any before and after photos i'd love to see them! Talia x
  25. I'm looking at booking a BA and Rhinoplasty at PIAC at end of July, my partner is also booking in for a neck lift and blephoplasty at the same time. The dilemma I have is currently Dr Boonchai has reviewed me for the BA and available for the dates I need but does not do Rhinoplasty. My alternative is to find a surgeon who will do both or have separate surgeries with separate surgeons. i could book with Dr Rushapol who does both (also doing my partner) but Dr Boonchai seems to be more of a breast specialist. Anyone else here used Dr Rushapol or have any suggestions on a surgeon who could do both?
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