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Found 32 results

  1. Has anyone had a botox lip flip. If so what was the cost, did you find you had a lengthened philthrum as that's what's happened to me. I hate it sooo much. Is there anything I can do to make this go away sooner? When did you start to see your lips go back to normal. My bottom lip sucks up into my top lip now at rest, its such an awful look... I'll never ever get botox anywhere near my lips again!!
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone could please tell me about more affordable (yet still really good) Botox clinics around Sydney? Unfortunately, living in the east of Sydney means that EVERYTHING is more expensive here, including Botox treatments. I am more than willing to travel a ways out in order to pay less for Botox... Are there places in Western Sydney or North West Sydney that do it for less that you would recommend? I found this place online: eden laser clinics..Has anyone been to Eden Laser Clinics before? Any help is greatly appreciated Need a Botox top up ASAP! Xxx
  3. Hi girls, I wanted to ask who the best Doctor is for fillers and botox in Melbourne? I am looking for someone that has an eye for the face. I am also hoping that they have some sort of a payment plan available too. I've been doing to the Victorian Cosmetic Institute but as of December they have taken away the payment plan option as many didn't pay them back - which sucks for those of us who did. It's fine and all getting botox, but once you add in filler it's quite pricey. Would appreciate help. Thanks.
  4. Hello there, I received terrible nerve damage from facial surgery by Dr Simon Rosenbaum 3 years ago. He tried to fix it a year later but he just made it worse. He returned my money with a promise to fix my face with ongoing treatment if I didn't go public with my case. I signed the papers and he stopped treatment. I'm now left going from surgeon to surgeon getting Botox and fillers to try and even my face up. Does anyone have any recommendations? Is there a wiz out there who understands symmetry and doesn't overfill lips? To say this has depressed me would be an understatement. This photo is AFTER last treatment I paid for. This seems to be the most symmetric they can get me.
  5. Hi all I saw this article saying that Botox was good for sweating, has anyone tried botox for sweating? Did it work and how long did it work for? https://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/5-awesome-uses-for-botox-beyond-zapping-wrinkles-ng-b88801201z Thanks
  6. Botox Injections May Improve the Appearance of Facial Scars Botox is to plastic surgery what coconut oil is to beauty. It seemingly does everything. Now, doctors say it might even help stop scars from forming after plastic surgery. While technically only Food & Drug Administration-approved for a few uses on the face, botulinum toxin type A injections, like Botox, have a wide range of off-label uses — both medical (say, minimizing migraines) and aesthetic (like non-surgical face-lifts). According to a new study published this month in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the injectable even has the potential to totally change the way we treat scars. To explore its wound-healing powers, doctors tested the effects of botulinum toxin type A injections on facial plastic surgery incisions for 16 patients. (Most of the patients in the study were undergoing plastic surgery to alter a disfiguring birthmark.) Post-surgery, doctors injected half of the incision with botulinum toxin A — the other side was injected with a saline solution as a placebo. Four months later, the patients had follow-up appointments with independent plastic surgeons, who evaluated each side of the scar and rated the appearance on a scale of zero to 10 (with 10 being the best). On average, the surgeons rated the botulinum toxin type A's treated scars about a point higher (with a score of 5.76) than the side that had not received the injections. read the full article http://fal.cn/45Bv
  7. Can anyone from Auckland area recommend me any good clinics to get Botox/fillers Also what’s the average costs for Botox per unit?
  8. Has anyone heard of injectable institute australia? they have really cheap botox prices. i was wondering if they're legit? anyone used them?
  9. Hi all, I'm from Melbourne wanting to get botox for between my brows but have no idea where to go and am scared of the possible side effects .... the internet is full of horror stories. ANY help or experience or links would be excellent. If it helps..im 27 and have had nothing done previously. I booked appointments but chickened out as I am scared! Thank you to anyone who/if replies! Cheers
  10. hey girls im trying to find an experienced injector on the sunshine coast. i know that laser clinics australia are very cheap but from what i can read they target more so on lips and cheeks. im looking at possibly getting fillers to the chin, jawline, nose, ect aswell as jawline slimming and eyebrow lift so im not sure if LCA dose that or should i be looking at somewhere more like vie institute? where/who do you's recommend? thanks girls!
  11. Hi all! I'm currently after a filler/Botox injector. I want Botox around my eyes, and fillers for my cheek and lips. I'm after a very, very natural result. I want the best, don't care about cost, and want a Dr with credentials, i.e, facial plastic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist, etc. (NO laser clinics/nurses) Dr Van Park has a good reputation, but there is a 6 month wait and I would hate to wait that long only to discover it's just hype. Please share your experiences, advice, and opinions. Thank you!
  12. robford778


    I just read an article which is very interesting. It's about Botox police, how FDA work for ALLARGeN to prevent people from purchasing botox directly from Europe. This goes for TGA in Australia aswell. Alot of times except from the knock offs in China, these products are genuine and coming from Europe, from their exact same factories. Just some are labelled differently for different countries. Anyhow please take a look at these reputable sites. It prooves my point, from the beginning. http://www.fiercepharma.com/pharma/fda-s-botox-police-hunt-unauthorized-sales-at-allergan-s-urging http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fda-cases-specialreport-idUSKCN11E1Y0
  13. Hi everyone, I've decided to take the plunge and get my frown lines injected and my lips plumped a little bit. I called Victorian Cosimetic Institute today and spoke to a lady about roughly what the price would be. She said frown lines are about $350, and lips 1ml at $850. I'm going there tomorrow for a consult and to get some more info but just wanted to ask if these prices are seen as expensive compared to other reputable places? I'm new to this so any help is great. I will post again tomorrow after my consult to update what the nurse says about price after she's assessed me and what look I want. ??
  14. Mandy Jones


    Hi Forum, I’m in my late 30’s and thinking of having Botox treatment, ive read some reviews and im a little scared with untrained injectors operating out of hairdressing clinics. Its always nice to save a dollar but I don’t wont paralysis, ive heard there have been 3 people that have lost their sight recently, injecting around the temple. I have just moved to the MorningtonPeninsula but im prepared to travel to see the best injector. You get what you pay for they say…any recommendations
  15. A friend of mine has set up a clinic comparison site which lets you search for Botox and Filler clinics. If anyone wants to give it a go visit www.cosmeticadvice.com.au
  16. Hi, I'm looking at getting Botox and lip filler and keen to try Laser Clinics Australia in Brisbane. Does anyone have any recommendations for which clinic or injector to go with? thanks! JJ
  17. Hi Ladies, I am new to fillers and looking at having some done in my smiles lines. I have booked consults at The Skin Clinic in Freo and also at Medaesthetics in the next 2 weeks. Would you have any recommendations on Dr or RN's to see and any advice? Thank you in advance
  18. Hi! I had septoplasty in 2012 and had a revision this year. My nose is still crooked and points to the left but the whole left side of my face sits higher. I don't think the bone is crooked, but the left nostril sits higher, making it look crooked. Could I get injections in the left side to "relax" my face? I would also like to get the top lip done as it's lost a lot of it's fullness. Can you recommend anyone in Melb that won't cost an arm and a leg? Also wondering if I can get steroid injections in the left side of my nose as there seems to be quite a bit of scar tissue... Does anyone know if Greensmith does all this? Thanks
  19. Hi All, Unfortunately, I was born (so to speak) with the hereditary 'double chin' and now, as I've just passed the 30 mark, the family jowls are forming. Cant win! When I was 25 I had liposuction done on the underside of my chin to remove the extra fat and it worked incredibly well. The skin was super tight (not uncomfortably tight) and I had a more defined jaw line, that was near non-existent to begin with. My face finally matched my slender body! As time passed and I approached my 30's, the amount of collagen began to deplete, gravity set in and my double chin came back with vengeance. In order to fix this problem, I began using dermal fillers to define my jaw line, plump my cheeks and ultimately lift and tighten my sagging lower half of my face. The filler in my cheeks acted as a type of 'coat hanger' to lift the drooping skin on the underside of my chin. I went overboard to say the least. Spent literally thousands over the years to keep my face looking smooth and tight. Botox helped also. Having injections directly into my double chin, lifted the droop. But once again, this was only a temporary fix to a problem I was born with as such. I've spent so much money, time and effort on obsessing over my face, it almost wasn't worth it. I am ready for a FACE-LIFT! I would deeply appreciate recommendation of Doctors in Thailand that can carry our my procedure. I have made various inquiries with Cosmetic Procedure Organisations that operate & co-ordinate surgery in Thailand, although, I would like some first hand experiences also. And recommendations of Facial Doctor Specialists that I can choose from also if anyone knows of any please! Thank you so much in advance Cant wait to keep everyone updated on my progress Deanna
  20. Hi everyone, Im getting some botox today on the usual areas of my face, as well as a little on the above my top lip to "slightly turn it up" Has anyone had this done? Im starting to get scared as im reading some horrible things on the internet about having botox on the lip.
  21. Hey everyone I am booked in for my first lot of (crows feet) botox treatment (tomorrow)... Is it worth me getting a little icepack for my eyes afterwards? I will have an hour to kill before I face relatives (to pick up my kids) who don't really support such things. Any help is great
  22. Hi everyone, Im getting some botox today on the usual areas of my face, as well as a little on the above my top lip to "slightly turn it up" Has anyone had this done? Im starting to get scared as im reading some horrible things on the internet about having botox on the lip.
  23. Hey guys, I turned 23 in January and I have began to notice fine lines on my forehead, between my brows, and small lines directly under my eyes. I want this fixed! But I'm worried that I am too young for fillers. I have read online that many doctors won't recommend it for someone my age. I'm also worried that if I start so young, will I need more as I get older and then end up looking like the cat lady? I have also been considering buying retinol cream, but not sure if this can be used near my eyes? And I am also looking to try microdermabrasion but I can't use this in conjunction with retinol, and that won't helpthe skin near my eyes. Does anyone have any good experiences with either of these treatments? And what do you think about fillers for someone my age?
  24. I was going to get filler as well(saving) but I can't wait to get rid of these forehead lines!!! So I'm getting dysport first! Any girls with pics up of results? I'd love to see
  25. I had Botox done last week and now found acne popping up around where I got injected! This is exactly what happened last time! It took few months for the acne to decrease in size... there's like a bubble like mark there.. I don't want any further marks on my forehead but every time I get botox acne appears out of know where I cleanse my skin every day! So I don't know why this always happen with my current injector! any advice is much appreciated!
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