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Found 23 results

  1. The following is my BA experience...hope it helps someone else wondering what to expect, just like I was when I came across this incredible forum I will apologise upfront that this will be extremely long... I was due at the Hurstville Surgery Centre at 8.30am on Friday, 10th January. I live on the central coast and had decided to get the train down (thanks for the idea Merlin) so I could just chill listening to music and then my husband could come to collect me leaving our two little ones with a friend. Did I get to bed early to get a good night's sleep? No! I was still packing my bag at
  2. Hi so i had my BA done in 2012 i got 495cc high profile round on top of the muscle furry Brazilian implants. I recently was told that i have capsular contracture which surprised me as i thought that maybe my breasts stayed firm due to having the Brazilian implants as i was aware that they were much firmer than traditional implants. I'm planning to have a revision surgery soon just wondering how many others on here have had capsular contracture with the furry Brazilian implants? I'm not sure if i should get a different type of implant for my revision... Anyone have any experien
  3. Hi everyone. I am really interested in getting a mummy makeover. (Tummy tuck, breast lift, implants, brazilian butt lift etc) I am a size 6 but I've been left with saggy breasts, and a stretched tummy. I would like to know if anyone has had a Mummy Makeover overseas with any of the combination surgeries above, and who they went to and how happy you are with the results. I am not interested in anything in Australia as I am looking for a more affordable solution that will get the same results, (and performed with the same amount of hygiene and expertise) Thanks!
  4. hi, I am 3 years post-op now and still unhappy with my scars. I have added my pictures so you can see what I am dealing with and hopefully some of you can give me some tips, ideas and recommendations. I have been using bio oil for some time now, but want something a bit more invasive to get better results. I am 3 years post-op, and YES I probably should have done something more invasive at the time when the scars where 'fresh' but I am a goose, and didn't do anything! Would love to hear from anyone who can recommend a good product or treatment
  5. Hi girls I just felt like posting for any of you who may be looking for a very very natural look. I had 200cc round silimed furry Brazilians under muscle done about 1 month ago and initially was worried that they were too high and round. But after only a month they have settled and fluffed and look and feel already very soft and natural. I am very happy and can't stop looking at them Anyway, I want to encourage those who are worried immediately post op as I too was worried but it was all unnecessary and I just had to give it some time. Xxx Sorry forgot to say they are low profile.
  6. Well April 13 was my day! Bilateral Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst of Enhance Plastic Surgery in Brisbane. I got 410cc, over the muscle, anatomical silimed furry brazilian silicone implants, high profile. I live in Hervey Bay and luckily for me doctor Broadhurst flies his own plane (yes!) here every month and consults and operates out of the St Stephens private hospital. So, no big travelling for me on the day, just a few minutes up the road and I am at the hospital. I had to be at the hospital at 6.30am with my surgery scheduled for 7.30am. Ideal! I got there a few minutes e
  7. After a year and a half of researching and arranging surgery in Thailand my father has convinced me to have the procedure performed in Aus. I am determined to have the surgery done by the end of the year or early next year. I have a consultation with Dr ****** tomorrow but as his receptionist informed me the other day he prefers to only use Brazilian implants. His website is beautiful and I can not fault his before and afters (as opposed to being able to fault the looks of other surgeons outcomes). I'm just wondering if anyone has actually had a procedure or dealing with Dr Ces yet and how you
  8. Just for those wanting to know more about Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst in Brisbane. Total cost was $10600 all up. His initial $250 consult fee is free if you book your surgery. To book your surgery you put down a $500 deposit. Total fee includes surgeons fee, implants, 2 post op bra's as well as a care package for afterwards, all consults before and after, hospital costs and anesthesiologist. Here is my story. Well April 13 was my day! Bilateral Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst of Enhance Plastic Surgery in Brisbane. I got 410cc, over the muscle, anatomical silimed furr
  9. Hi Ladies, I am having my procedure on Weds 11th March with Dr Harwood at Rejuvenation Clinic in Brisbane. I am currently a size 12, B Cup, 170cms tall and weigh around 66kgs. I am 37yrs old and have no children, and I am definitely not having any lol I will be getting Brazilian Teardrops, Over the muscle, with a moderate profile which I am really happy with. We tried a few different sizes during the consult and this was really the best outcome for me and I cannot wait. I am hoping for a D cup. My question is if anyone here has had over the muscle, I need to know whether I will r
  10. Okay here goes BA with dr Ces at Canossa private hospital.. 525cc high profile teardrop dual plane with a lowered crease. Surgery was yesterday at 7.30am, I arrived way too early so waited almost an hour before admission at 6.30. Everyone was really nice and I was nervous, excited & scared just wanted to get it done! Also thinking what if I don't see my boys again etc etc. so scary, Anywho admission was easy, was taken to get changed and met the nurses and my anaesthetist who was were really friendly and made me feel calmer. Laying on the bed dr Ces came in and started his drawi
  11. Hi girls! It's been 6 days since I got my beautiful breasts done by Dr Ces size B to D (360cc slimed brazilians teardrop behind muscle) Where do I start.. I've always wanted larger breasts, my sister was lucky enough to be blessed with bigger boobs than me, and so do all my girlfriends, it's always what I've wanted to make myself feel more confident in clothes, swimwear etc, this was definitely for myself, not my partner or getting attention for the wrong reasons. The whole process I've gone through with Dr Ces and the lovely ladies at his clinic and the day hospital have been warm, ca
  12. To ladies who have got either textured implants or the polyurethane coated (furry Brazilian) implants - What swayed you to either side? I realise there is a lower CC rate with the furry implants but there are also lots of websites warning against the carcinogenic risks with polyurethane coating and it absorbing into your body. Do you see there being a big difference (feel/shape/positioning/risk-wise?) or an advantage to either one? I'm more than likely going to go to Thailand to have my BA done and I know PIAC doesn't use Furry Brazilians anymore but I have this feeling that I will have a bigg
  13. Hi everyone, I'm still learning my way around the forum but so far I'm loving reading everyone's experiences etc. it's been incredibly helpful for my own journey So this is my story: I had my second child last January, breast fed for 11 months. I started as a 10dd before children, went up to a 12G (and then some but was sick of continuously buying larger bras!) then since stopping breast feeding I've gone down to a sad looking 10B... I had 2 consultations with plastic surgeons who both recommended a lift plus implants but I decided to see Dr. Szalay for another opinion. I was/am co
  14. Hi I've been reading various posts on this wonderful forum trying to gather info and thought I should introduce myself... I have always wished my boobs were a 10C and was holding out hope of ending up bigger after babies - sadly not the case lol. I went from a small 10B to a 10A the year prior to getting my baby boy (the downside of a newfound love of running!). Loved having milk boobs but alas they didn't care to stick around ;( I have now finished breastfeeding bub #2, back to a (slightly smaller, less firm) 10A and ready to take the plunge. I have decided to get brazilians (I think
  15. Ok, time for my story (Sorry…super long). I just wanted to pay it forward as I really valued reading all the other experiences of the ladies before me. I’m 35 with two kids and my partner and I decided that after 10 years that we are going to get married next year. My fiancé is a boob man and has been talking about me getting boobs for as long as I can remember. Ever since I had my first child 6 years ago I have been wanting to have family photos taken but I have never had it done as I have always been so unhappy about my weight/look and it would be depressing to look at a canvas on the wall
  16. Just curious as to if there actually is anyone on the forum who has had brazilians for long enough to be able to give information on how long these puppies take to soften up! I've been searching for ages to try and see if I could find anyone but I can't! I know it's silly to be complaining about hardness basically 2 weeks post op but I'm also just generally curious because I've seen a girl I know who I think got silicone? I'm not sure but ugh hers just seems so unstiff and lovely already, I can't wait to be able to wiggle mine around! (slightly wish I went for silicone or whatever the hell sh
  17. Hi girls, Well, I had my BA procedure today and thought I'd share my post-op experiences, as I know reading about everyone's experiences really helped me! Firstly, I had my BA with Dr Kim Harwood (Spring Hill, Brisbane). I ended up choosing him based on my experience with him during my consults and on the many rave reviews I received from friends who used him, and from girls on this forum - so thank you for that! Dr Harwood's consults are free, and I liked how he spent 45 minutes with me answering all my questions and really finding out about me and what would suit my body type. I
  18. I am still a tad confused about tear drop vs round. I am looking for the best natural look and feel. I have had some good feedback on the feel of furry brazilian implants, but would love to find out more. I am looking at have the op done on the 14th in Thailand and have not yet decided where, who & what shape to go with. Any feedback on experiences dealing with overseas doctors would great too :o:o
  19. HI, anyone had a BA with either Harwood or Szalay? I have a consult with both of them mid November and hopefully my surgery will be booked early December. I am looking at brazilian tear drops, 300/315CC Any info would be great Thanks Ladies!!
  20. Hi All My surgery is booked for the 16th November to have a BA with Smooth Round Mentors, however I have been reading on here that the Silimed Brazilian Implants are better in the fact that you have less risk of CC forming - Now I am confused. My Surgeon never mentioned the Brazilian implants only the smooth and textured. He said that risk with CC with both smooth and textured were the same as long as you massaged the smooth ones. He said the smooth was more a natural soft and the textured didnt need to be massaged as they were firm and didnt have a pocket to move around so to speak.
  21. Hello to all of you lovely ladies out there! I've searched high and low on this forum, to no avail. My question is, do you still need to wear a compression strap with brazilian implants, in particular anatomical? I'm definitely looking at getting this type, under the muscle considering I have quite low body fat and not much breast tissue. I have read that they don't 'drop', but will still settle and 'fluff out'. I'm looking at getting my BA with Dr. Kim Harwood in Brisbane, as his results look fantastic. When I go to his website though, there is only a gallery of Brazilian implants, who he
  22. Hi All, I am new to this forum but don't know why I haven't stumbled across it earlier. I have had 3 surgeries to date - breast aug being one which is what I have a question regarding. Sooooo.... we all hear the stories from other women or surgeons saying "go as big as you can, girls always wish they had done so after the surgery". Well, I must be the only person I know who wishes they went smaller????? My surgeon is Dr Anoop Rastogi - wonderful surgeon, caring, kind and the man is an artist. The results are fantastic, but I just can't get used to having these big things on my chest,
  23. I have many concerns that I will not get what i want in my surgery. I want to have Brazilian Siline Furries and it has been mentioned on the home page but not in any forums. I would like to know which doctors in thailand do BA with these implants as they are my ultimate choice for health reasons. I also saw a girl who had them done but not sure where. They looked amazing and the appeal I would really like. So can anyone recommend a doctor to me and most of all, Is there someone on here who has come back from surgery that lives in Brisbane or coast area. I am more than willling to travel and me
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