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  1. The following is my BA experience...hope it helps someone else wondering what to expect, just like I was when I came across this incredible forum I will apologise upfront that this will be extremely long... I was due at the Hurstville Surgery Centre at 8.30am on Friday, 10th January. I live on the central coast and had decided to get the train down (thanks for the idea Merlin) so I could just chill listening to music and then my husband could come to collect me leaving our two little ones with a friend. Did I get to bed early to get a good night's sleep? No! I was still packing my bag at 11pm lol Then once I got into bed I set my alarm for 5.30am and then promptly woke my sleeping husband for one last hoorah...well who knows how long I'd have to wait afterwards right!? So, got to sleep around midnight and woke at 5am. Felt so calm and happy during the train trip. Arrived at the hospital and it was a ghost town. Just me and the male receptionist. Lucky if I waited 5mins before a lovely nurse came to collect me. Went through my forms, took my temp and BP and got my ID tags for wrist and ankle. Then she led me to my waiting room on the ward where I changed into the sexy gown, booties and cap (just left knickers on). Idled away the time texting my husband, close friends and family. Suddenly it was time to get wheeled into the room just outside the operating theatre. Dr Rastogi was still finishing up with his first patient. Turns out the hospital had only reopened the day before and it was just Dr Rastogi in that day with 3 BA's to do. I was the middle one. Because it was so quiet the nurse told me that my husband could come in with me as soon as I was awake. Next I met Andrew, the anaesthetist, who was lovely. He explained what he would do and what post-op meds I would take followed by a bit of general chit chat. I started to get a little bit nervous in the next 5-10mins and then Dr Rastogi walked through the theatre doors with his warm gentle smile and I immediately felt calm again. I asked him some more questions and he really does make you feel like he has all the time in the world for you. He took some pre-op photos and remeasured my BWD. We had chosen 400cc XHP in my consult, but also ordered 360cc XHP as a backup. After remeasuring me he said he was going to use the 360's as I didn't have much leeway widthways and the implants tend to expand a little once they settle. This may not be an issue for some people, but as I have very little natural breast tissue and was concerned about implant detection on the sides (particularly as I was getting brazilians), he opted for the narrower of the two implants. FYI - my BWD is 12.9 and the implants were 12.3 and 12.8cm respectively. I told him I trusted him and, as the sizes are quite similar, I just wanted whichever one would be best for me. Andrew came back out and injected into my left arm (elbow crease) and then directed me to walk in to theatre. I think there were 5 or 6 people. I hopped on the bed under a warm inflatable blanket thing. There were two bright lights up above, but they were multiple colours (they reminded me of a rainbow) and a good song was playing. Everyone seemed happy and I remember feeling like I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, but I couldn't get the smile off my face (I tried!). Then Andrew helped me take my left arm out of my gown so he could get a line in and Dr Rastogi helped me take my right arm out of my gown. I was unsure where I was supposed to lay that arm...he grabbed my hand in both of his and said this hand is for me. He smiled at me and I smiled back and then I started waking up in recovery. I hadn't even realised the anaesthetist had obviously already given me something!! I have no idea what I was saying to the two nurses...think I was asking if I'd been snoring and then talking about my favourite breakfast haha I was struggling to stay awake, but felt fine besides that. They moved me to a reclining chair and then my husband came in. I thought it was around 1.30pm. They mentioned getting me a sandwich and I told them I'm GF (they'd forgotten to check my dietary requirements). I then asked where the bathroom was and walked off to go pee. All of the nurses were so lovely and one of them raided her own locker to find something I could eat I had some cheese on a couple of corn thins, a piece of chicken out of a sandwich and an apple juice. Dr Rastogi then came to check on me and said they would go through lots of changes and softening up over the next three months, but said they should look pretty decent in a couple of weeks. He then asked if he could take a look and said actually they look pretty good now lol My husband quickly concurred with that statement after he left Then I got dressed and we left. It was already at least 3pm somehow. I used a pillow for the drive home (thank you Libby) and we were back on the coast before I knew it. I have had no pain besides a bit of a sore back on Saturday. I haven't taken any of the panadeine forte prescribed. I have an antibiotic twice daily, an anti inflammatory, Valium before bed (which doesn't seem to do anything?) and panadol 2-3 times per day. I took my tape off my incisions in the shower on Sunday morning and this morning (Tuesday) is the first time that it feels a little tender (on LHS - maybe some numbness is starting to subside?). I have some swelling and a bloated tummy, but haven't had any bruising yet. My incisions look a little red and feel a bit bumpy in parts. I am allowed to reach arms above head, wash my hair etc. I can only wear a singlet/bandeau for the first three weeks, then softcup bras. I am comfortable on my back (I am a tummy sleeper), but is not easy to fall asleep in that position. Bit of pressure on my chest when I wake up in the morning. Only negative thing (besides that boobs are numb and warm, so feel weird) is I get a bit lightheaded and weak every now and then - eat some Vegemite toast and lie down and all good. Well that's all I can think of (thank god you say if you're still with me!). I am prone to anxiety and quite an indecisive person (what if this, what if that), but I can honestly say that I felt excited about my decision the whole morning and right before I went into theatre I thought "Let's do this!!". So my advice is do your research and make sure this is what you really want and you won't look back. Thank you to everyone that has helped me during this journey (particularly M10972). There are many on here that I have never communicated directly with, but have been kind enough to provide their stories, issues, concerns on here for others to read. This forum has helped me so much and I wish everyone who takes the plunge in the future a positive experience like I've had so far and a speedy recovery xox
  2. Hi so i had my BA done in 2012 i got 495cc high profile round on top of the muscle furry Brazilian implants. I recently was told that i have capsular contracture which surprised me as i thought that maybe my breasts stayed firm due to having the Brazilian implants as i was aware that they were much firmer than traditional implants. I'm planning to have a revision surgery soon just wondering how many others on here have had capsular contracture with the furry Brazilian implants? I'm not sure if i should get a different type of implant for my revision... Anyone have any experiences good or bad with the furry Brazilian implants??
  3. Hi everyone. I am really interested in getting a mummy makeover. (Tummy tuck, breast lift, implants, brazilian butt lift etc) I am a size 6 but I've been left with saggy breasts, and a stretched tummy. I would like to know if anyone has had a Mummy Makeover overseas with any of the combination surgeries above, and who they went to and how happy you are with the results. I am not interested in anything in Australia as I am looking for a more affordable solution that will get the same results, (and performed with the same amount of hygiene and expertise) Thanks!
  4. hi, I am 3 years post-op now and still unhappy with my scars. I have added my pictures so you can see what I am dealing with and hopefully some of you can give me some tips, ideas and recommendations. I have been using bio oil for some time now, but want something a bit more invasive to get better results. I am 3 years post-op, and YES I probably should have done something more invasive at the time when the scars where 'fresh' but I am a goose, and didn't do anything! Would love to hear from anyone who can recommend a good product or treatment
  5. Hi girls I just felt like posting for any of you who may be looking for a very very natural look. I had 200cc round silimed furry Brazilians under muscle done about 1 month ago and initially was worried that they were too high and round. But after only a month they have settled and fluffed and look and feel already very soft and natural. I am very happy and can't stop looking at them Anyway, I want to encourage those who are worried immediately post op as I too was worried but it was all unnecessary and I just had to give it some time. Xxx Sorry forgot to say they are low profile.
  6. Well April 13 was my day! Bilateral Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst of Enhance Plastic Surgery in Brisbane. I got 410cc, over the muscle, anatomical silimed furry brazilian silicone implants, high profile. I live in Hervey Bay and luckily for me doctor Broadhurst flies his own plane (yes!) here every month and consults and operates out of the St Stephens private hospital. So, no big travelling for me on the day, just a few minutes up the road and I am at the hospital. I had to be at the hospital at 6.30am with my surgery scheduled for 7.30am. Ideal! I got there a few minutes early with hubby and kids in tow (school holidays) and I went straight in to the nurse for my medical check up and sexy stockings. Even got nice new warm anti slip socks, theatre gown, dressing gown and two heated blankets. As soon as check up was done I said bye bye to the family and went to get changed. I was only in the waiting room for about 10 mins when the nurse came in and did my canula and took my bag to recovery. The anesthesiologist soon followed to have a chat and talk prescription meds. In no time Andrew Broadhurst was there to draw me up and take more pics. I was then led straight into theatre where I took a look at the clock at 7.32am. Right on the dot! All staff were super sweet and never had a moment of freaking out. Anesthesiologist put a gas mask on before telling me to think of a beautiful dream and that was it. Next thing I remember is a nurse in peri op waking me up saying "you have new boobies!" I was moved from peri op to recovery at 9.46am according to the paperwork. Not sure how long I was in actual theatre. A nurse helped me change into my clothes and gave me more heated blankets as I couldn't stop shaking. Side effect from anesthetic and I was cold which didn't help. In recovery it took me a while to stop falling asleep but they looked after me beautifully with cups of tea, sandwich and a muffin. They brought me my prescription meds all filled for me so I didn't have to worry about that (ideal!) They called my husband and I was allowed home at 11.45am Once at home I got into my ready made pillow fort (totally awesome I had in ready so you are comfy straight away) and had a sleep. Post op days to follow!
  7. After a year and a half of researching and arranging surgery in Thailand my father has convinced me to have the procedure performed in Aus. I am determined to have the surgery done by the end of the year or early next year. I have a consultation with Dr ****** tomorrow but as his receptionist informed me the other day he prefers to only use Brazilian implants. His website is beautiful and I can not fault his before and afters (as opposed to being able to fault the looks of other surgeons outcomes). I'm just wondering if anyone has actually had a procedure or dealing with Dr Ces yet and how you found him as a professional, and the outcome of your surgery if you went ahead. Just trying to get a lot of research in only a few months. any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Just for those wanting to know more about Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst in Brisbane. Total cost was $10600 all up. His initial $250 consult fee is free if you book your surgery. To book your surgery you put down a $500 deposit. Total fee includes surgeons fee, implants, 2 post op bra's as well as a care package for afterwards, all consults before and after, hospital costs and anesthesiologist. Here is my story. Well April 13 was my day! Bilateral Breast Augmentation by Andrew Broadhurst of Enhance Plastic Surgery in Brisbane. I got 410cc, over the muscle, anatomical silimed furry brazilian silicone implants, high profile. I live in Hervey Bay and luckily for me doctor Broadhurst flies his own plane (yes!) here every month and consults and operates out of the St Stephens private hospital. So, no big travelling for me on the day, just a few minutes up the road and I am at the hospital. I had to be at the hospital at 6.30am with my surgery scheduled for 7.30am. Ideal! I got there a few minutes early with hubby and kids in tow (school holidays) and I went straight in to the nurse for my medical check up and sexy stockings. Even got nice new warm anti slip socks, theatre gown, dressing gown and two heated blankets. As soon as check up was done I said bye bye to the family and went to get changed. I was only in the waiting room for about 10 mins when the nurse came in and did my canula and took my bag to recovery. The anesthesiologist soon followed to have a chat and talk prescription meds. In no time Andrew Broadhurst was there to draw me up and take more pics. I was then led straight into theatre where I took a look at the clock at 7.32am. Right on the dot! All staff were super sweet and never had a moment of freaking out. Anesthesiologist put a gas mask on before telling me to think of a beautiful dream and that was it. Next thing I remember is a nurse in peri op waking me up saying "you have new boobies!" I was moved from peri op to recovery at 9.46am according to the paperwork. Not sure how long I was in actual theatre. A nurse helped me change into my clothes and gave me more heated blankets as I couldn't stop shaking. Side effect from anesthetic and I was cold which didn't help. In recovery it took me a while to stop falling asleep but they looked after me beautifully with cups of tea, sandwich and a muffin. They brought me my prescription meds all filled for me so I didn't have to worry about that (ideal!) They called my husband and I was allowed home at 11.45am Once at home I got into my ready made pillow fort (totally awesome I had in ready so you are comfy straight away) and had a sleep. Surgery day itself I felt great after my home time sleep. Had a chill put time just laying in bed propped up on my pillow fort. Had a friend come and visit me and dinner in bed by hubby. Crashed out early for the night. Sleeping upright was a breeze. Slept pretty much throughout the night with just waking up to take my tramadol and arnica. On post op day 1 I was very shaky and dizzy which I realised was due to the tramadol. I had a spongebath so not to get my boobies wet yet. Felt nice to have a clean but it hit me hard to be up for that long. The whole place was spinning and I got hot flushes and I felt down right horrible. Nausea hit as well which was resolved by Maxalon. I decided not to take the tramadol but just use panadine fortes instead. I figured I'd rather feel pain then feel so messed up in the head and unable to function. Day one was a rough day! Sleep that night again came easy with only waking to take my panadine fortes and arnica. Drinking lots as swelling as set in and I feel like a Michelin man! Day 2 I woke up with a sore butt from the sleeping sitting upright. Quite hilarious to have your boobs done and wake with a sore butt instead. Quite a lot of swelling all over my body still but overall feeling so much better after stopping Tramadol! Panadine Forte is plenty for pain relief. Still taking my Vit C, bromelain, arnica and magnesium as well. I got up and had lunch on the lounge instead of in bed. A bit more active but still spent most of the day resting in bed. Much more clear headed now and feeling heaps more human aka woman. Loving my boobs!!!! Day 3 post up. Feeling fantastic. Got up. Had a shower. Got dressed and made the bed. Determined to stay out of it today. Love love love Broadhurst's work, my breasts are beautiful and not sore at all. Just have to be careful with my movements. Have lost some of the swelling and they are starting to come closer together! Stayed out of bed all day. Just sat and watched tv and walked around the house. No big chores or anything. Lost more swelling by end of the day as I moved around more and gave it a chance to work itself away. Starting to get a few zingers but nothing too bad. Have not taken anything at all today but 2 panadol at lunch time and just the usual vitamins. Will most likely take panadine forte tonight to knock me out and help me sleep cause I think the sleeping upright has been easy as it has been drug induced haha. have taken pics every day and uploaded them to my gallery Can't wait for all the swelling around my body to go away so I look normal and not so pudgy. Tick tock tick tock...just have to be patient! All in all, doctor Broadhurst has been just wonderful. They call me daily to see how I am going, my boobs look beautiful and better then they ever have and I highly recommend this surgeon to everyone out there.
  9. Hi Ladies, I am having my procedure on Weds 11th March with Dr Harwood at Rejuvenation Clinic in Brisbane. I am currently a size 12, B Cup, 170cms tall and weigh around 66kgs. I am 37yrs old and have no children, and I am definitely not having any lol I will be getting Brazilian Teardrops, Over the muscle, with a moderate profile which I am really happy with. We tried a few different sizes during the consult and this was really the best outcome for me and I cannot wait. I am hoping for a D cup. My question is if anyone here has had over the muscle, I need to know whether I will require a good restrictive crop top/binder following the procedure for a while? I have been told I can return to work after 3 days, I will be taking 1 & 1/2 weeks off as I have a physical job and work full time just to be sure. I am also unsure if I should buy a bra before the procedure, or wait until the 1 week mark to see what size I will need. Like I said though I will be having at least 9 days off following the procedure. If anyone can help I would be greatly appreciative
  10. Okay here goes BA with dr Ces at Canossa private hospital.. 525cc high profile teardrop dual plane with a lowered crease. Surgery was yesterday at 7.30am, I arrived way too early so waited almost an hour before admission at 6.30. Everyone was really nice and I was nervous, excited & scared just wanted to get it done! Also thinking what if I don't see my boys again etc etc. so scary, Anywho admission was easy, was taken to get changed and met the nurses and my anaesthetist who was were really friendly and made me feel calmer. Laying on the bed dr Ces came in and started his drawing on me,. He is so friendly and really just put my mind at ease I decided to go with the 525cc hp implant cause I was worried the 465cc wouldn't fill my skin properly.. Got wheeled in where they put the drip in and I started freaking out a little bit saying I just want to wake up, I just want to wake up ! Lol They said they were giving me some tequila ? And then started chatting about the worm? Idk this point I started feeling the meds and said 'I feel funny and I feel sick' and that's it!' I woke up groggy like in bed at 11.20. Kinda looked around confused not sure where I was etc, felt nauseous straight away but the nurses were there straight away and gave me some meds to stop it. It was my first general so I had no idea what to expect and I felt some tightness in my chest but no pain. Dr Ces came In and seen me and checked my dressings and said that my surgery went well and that he was pleased with the results! I attempted to look down and see them but I was still kinda out of it. I was discharged at 12.30pm. Kinda took a pic of my cleavage which was ample and made me feel pre excited! I'm only on anti biotics and panadine forte. I'm only day 2 but the pain hasn't been anything like I had been anticipating.. Discomfort - yes. Tightness- yes! Slept upright last night slept a few good hours through. I have drains also and each breast drained almost 400mls in the first 24 hrs! Thank goodness that still isn't in there cause my boobs are pretty damn swollen as it is! Haha Being restricted in arm movement and not being able to pull myself up out of a sitting / laying position sucked but is improving already. I've been up most of the day just taking it easy I'm sure I've forgotten heaps lol but that's a overview so far Good luck to the ladies yet to get their boobies! So happy that I went thru with it! Dr Ces did a fantastic job and I'm so very delighted with the results!! Xx
  11. Hi girls! It's been 6 days since I got my beautiful breasts done by Dr Ces size B to D (360cc slimed brazilians teardrop behind muscle) Where do I start.. I've always wanted larger breasts, my sister was lucky enough to be blessed with bigger boobs than me, and so do all my girlfriends, it's always what I've wanted to make myself feel more confident in clothes, swimwear etc, this was definitely for myself, not my partner or getting attention for the wrong reasons. The whole process I've gone through with Dr Ces and the lovely ladies at his clinic and the day hospital have been warm, caring and not one question that you might think is silly/stupid or embarrassing is that to any of them One day last month I was like stuff it, got the money (which was supposed to be for a home loan, oops!) and grew some lady balls and called Dr ces for a consultation. Few weeks later went in, I was so nervous, sweaty palms, thinking holy heck ok I'm actually doing this! He came out, greeted me with his nice white teeth and soothing voice. Sat down in his office and he proceeded to ask about myself, what I wanted in size, if I had any photos of what I may have wanted, I had no idea! All I said was D cup and natural , no porn star boobies lol. He explained the Brazilian implant and the benefits which was so interesting as I hadn't done much research at this point. Got to touch/squeeze all the different ones which was fun! As soon as i took my top off for measurements, he said "I'm going to remove that for you" haha as I had a quite large '3rd nipple' mole smack bang in the middle of my chest lol! He measured all the skin around my breasts, seemed very precise on everything, re measuring getting it all correct. Then had chicken fillets put into a sports bra. First reaction, omg they're huge! And heavy! At this point we had chosen 315cc tear drop brazilians. Three days later, I got boobie greed!! Which he warned me about in the consult. Emailed him and with a prompt response he said largest I could go was 360cc and it'll be a tight fit but still look very nice. This is what I booked in and so glad I did, not that much difference cc but just knowing that was definitely the largest I could go was fantastic! Month later I was in surgery actually getting it done! Southport day hospital was fantastic, ladies were so lovely, made sure I was comfortable and I was the lucky 1st one in at 7.30am. Saw Dr Ces again to do all the boobie drawings, again very precise. The warm operating bed was amazing! Drip in my hand stung like hell and out I was. Woke up quite well, when I was in recovery I got very light headed twice while my partner and Dr Ces were talking about the drains, so disgusting to me! Wheeled out to the car and off I was by around midday. My recovery week had ups and downs of course. I was lucky enough to have my partner for the whole week (he goes back to work tomorrow) but I'm a complete wuss! Tell you the truth last week was a bit of a blur, you just sleep, toilet and eat. I had love hate relationship with the drains, love it now because my boobs already look amazing, hate because they're disgusting and one really really hurt coming out on Friday! Now it's being patent, waiting for them to bloom into the perfect set of boobs I've always wanted! Found my nipples are more sensitive now too, which I'm loving If you just read my novel I really hope I've informed you and may have changed or secured your thought of going to Dr Ces. I cannot recommended him high enough and he will be my surgeon for life! I have before and after photos in my profile if you wish to view just send me a quick message and friend request Also my avatar is from today, 6 days after surgery!!
  12. To ladies who have got either textured implants or the polyurethane coated (furry Brazilian) implants - What swayed you to either side? I realise there is a lower CC rate with the furry implants but there are also lots of websites warning against the carcinogenic risks with polyurethane coating and it absorbing into your body. Do you see there being a big difference (feel/shape/positioning/risk-wise?) or an advantage to either one? I'm more than likely going to go to Thailand to have my BA done and I know PIAC doesn't use Furry Brazilians anymore but I have this feeling that I will have a bigger risk of capsular contracture if I go for textured rather than Furries, but I also don't feel 100% comfortable in the idea of the polyurethane coating potentially being bad for my body. Any thoughts and reasoning is welcome! Thanks ladies
  13. Hi everyone, I'm still learning my way around the forum but so far I'm loving reading everyone's experiences etc. it's been incredibly helpful for my own journey So this is my story: I had my second child last January, breast fed for 11 months. I started as a 10dd before children, went up to a 12G (and then some but was sick of continuously buying larger bras!) then since stopping breast feeding I've gone down to a sad looking 10B... I had 2 consultations with plastic surgeons who both recommended a lift plus implants but I decided to see Dr. Szalay for another opinion. I was/am completely aware that he's a cosmetic surgeon rather than plastic but after reading experiences and looking at his work I feel comfortable that he knows what he's doing. So I've booked my surgery for the 19th of march!!! Very excited, but I'm having trouble deciding what size implants to go. He's recommended because I have sagging that I go 530cc or 590cc Brazilian teardrop to fill. He thinks the 590cc implants will give the best result. I'd love some advice or personal experiences on this size as it seems to be quite uncommon? At this point I'm starting to worry about everything that could go wrong! Thanks in advance for any help! x
  14. Hi I've been reading various posts on this wonderful forum trying to gather info and thought I should introduce myself... I have always wished my boobs were a 10C and was holding out hope of ending up bigger after babies - sadly not the case lol. I went from a small 10B to a 10A the year prior to getting my baby boy (the downside of a newfound love of running!). Loved having milk boobs but alas they didn't care to stick around ;( I have now finished breastfeeding bub #2, back to a (slightly smaller, less firm) 10A and ready to take the plunge. I have decided to get brazilians (I think!), probably teardrop pending surgeon advice and I want to look like a C cup. Would love to hear from anyone that has (or is getting) brazilians and went for a natural looking result. Also did you get dual plane or unders? Was wondering if there is a difference between the 2 placements with how firm the lower half of breasts feel over time? Was your final size (not bra size) different to what you expected? Any other advice is appreciated and would be very grateful if anyone is willing to share their pics I am booked for a consult with Dr Rastogi next month. Any reviews would be great. M10972 has been kind enough to answer lots of my Q's already and has great results, but think I should stop bugging her and share my Q's around lol TIA Sapphire
  15. Ok, time for my story (Sorry…super long). I just wanted to pay it forward as I really valued reading all the other experiences of the ladies before me. I’m 35 with two kids and my partner and I decided that after 10 years that we are going to get married next year. My fiancé is a boob man and has been talking about me getting boobs for as long as I can remember. Ever since I had my first child 6 years ago I have been wanting to have family photos taken but I have never had it done as I have always been so unhappy about my weight/look and it would be depressing to look at a canvas on the wall of me not at my ideal. I found this forum and started doing research on local doctors in Brisbane and also learning all the terms and types of implants etc. The name that came up so often was Dr Harwood, so I booked an appointment. I actually think my fiancé was shocked when I told him, one of those things that he thought would never happen, but we did make a pact ages ago that I’d get a boob job if he gets a vasectomy. So we went along to the appointment and I really wasn’t too surprised about anything, as I had read other girls stories. Dr Harwood was nice enough and I was fine with all the touching and measuring. He recommended me either 435 HP, 485XHP or 495 HP. He asked if I had seen anyone else and I said no I’m just going on recommendations from girls on the forums. He encouraged me to seek another opinion if I wanted but said please use Brazilian implants even if it is not with him. I decided to book with him on the spot. I booked for 10 weeks’ time as I was going on a weight loss and get fit mission.I started working out 5-6 days a week and seeing a nutritionist. During this time I lost 8.5kg. I went back to Dr Harwood for a 2nd fitting because of the weight loss and we came out of it agreeing on the 435 HP as Ihad pretty much lost a cup size in 10 weeks. The week before surgery I was on a mission, almost like I was nesting before a baby. Cleaning everything even sorting out kitchen cupboards and drawers and also had a massive clothes throwout. I precooked and froze a lot of meals. On the day of surgery (23rd July) we were up super early and the kids were so surprised to be getting up in the dark. I was worried about peak hour traffic getting into the city by 7am but we were actually early. I didn’t let the family walk me in as I wasn’t planning on telling the kids about it. When I walked in the front door Dr Harwood was there and we exchanged hellos and he asked how I slept. I said terribly but I asked had he had slept well and wasn’t out to 4am partying! After a short time one of the nurses sat down on the lounge with me to go through me consent forms and also my drugs goody bag. We then tried on the surgical bra (you can pick from black or white) and put me in a paper gown.I remember wishing that I put deodorant on that morning as I was sweating heaps; they said I could but I was trying to be extra safe. Then I went into the operating room where Dr Harwood asked so what size are we going. I thought we had agreed on the 435HP but he remeasured me again and suggested I could go the 485XHP. I am the worst decision maker ever so he called over one of the nurses and she suggested the bigger size too. I was freaking out that they were going to be massive but went with the recommendation. They then took before pictures and then I got on the operating table; this is the one time that I was getting extremely nervous. The nurse then put in my cannula and kept asking if I was ok as I was looking scared.I was just thinking hurry up and give me that calming stuff that I have heard about. Once the calming drug kicked in I felt so much more relaxed and heavy and kept my eyes closed. They set up a surgical curtain so I couldn’t see my chest which I wasn’t expecting but glad they did. I was fully aware of everything though until they gave me the good drugs to knock me out. I think it was about 7.50 when they started. I remember waking up and hearing things still going on, no tsure if they were just finishing up or what but it didn’t really bother me at all. They then helped me up and into the recovery room to the recliner chair where there was some bickies and jelly beans waiting. About 10am I texted my fiancé to come get me, he was there in no time at all and we probably left just after 10.30. The nurse helped me out to the car. All done! The drive home was no problem and didn’t hurt. I got home and we then checked out my new assets in the bathroom mirror, set myself up on my pillow mountain in bed, took all the good drugs, put my frozen peas on and snoozed most of the afternoon. I can really recommend a V shaped pillow for around your neck for sleeping. Once the kids got home from school and day-care they came in and saw me. They had been told that I hurt my back and were so sweet. I have been able to get myself out of bed by myself. I found bending my right leg and putting my hand behind me knee and pulling up was the best way. My fiancé helped me shower and dress they next day without too much trouble or pain. Worst thing was putting on the surgical bra as I definitely had frankenboob and was very swollen. It has now been 1 week since my BA and recovery have been alot better than expected. From day two I was up helping getting the kids ready for school and doing their hair. Day 3 I was quite easily able to wash my hair and help make dinner. I started driving yesterday and also was able to do all of my ironing. Was off most drugs from day 3 except that I am sometimes still taking a small dose of mersydol and half a valium at night if I have overdone it during the day. I have been religious with taking my vitamin c, zinc and probiotics for weeks before surgery. I am actually finding that my back is sorest at the end of the day and have been taking a hot water bottle to bed to lie on. I have also taken Arnica, not sure if it has helped or not. Morning boob was probably worst this morning and took me about 4 goes to pull myself up. My boobs are still a bit frankenboobish and feel very tight at times, can’t wait to see them settle over time. Everything is qite itchy too. I have a BNT’s tape measure here and am measuring a 12DD to E, but they really don’t look that big. If I had known what I do now I wish I had gone bigger. Always go bigger!!! Anyway before and after pics are now up.
  16. Just curious as to if there actually is anyone on the forum who has had brazilians for long enough to be able to give information on how long these puppies take to soften up! I've been searching for ages to try and see if I could find anyone but I can't! I know it's silly to be complaining about hardness basically 2 weeks post op but I'm also just generally curious because I've seen a girl I know who I think got silicone? I'm not sure but ugh hers just seems so unstiff and lovely already, I can't wait to be able to wiggle mine around! (slightly wish I went for silicone or whatever the hell she got but I know down the track I'll be happy I went with brazilians). Not gonna lie I'm having mild boob greed (more than mild)
  17. Hi girls, Well, I had my BA procedure today and thought I'd share my post-op experiences, as I know reading about everyone's experiences really helped me! Firstly, I had my BA with Dr Kim Harwood (Spring Hill, Brisbane). I ended up choosing him based on my experience with him during my consults and on the many rave reviews I received from friends who used him, and from girls on this forum - so thank you for that! Dr Harwood's consults are free, and I liked how he spent 45 minutes with me answering all my questions and really finding out about me and what would suit my body type. I'm 6 feet tall and 75 kgs, slim but pear-shaped with a bigger bootie. So hoping these bigger breasts will balance out my shape and make me feel better in my clothing, etc He measured up my breast, chest, shoulders, looked at my over all body shape, narrow shoulders and lifestyle (eg I'm no athlete or gym-head, but I do like walk daily/ride a bike and go to the gym for treadmill work and light lifting - so didn't want anything TOO big to get in the way of my lifestyle). I'm also 'older' at 42, so was really worried about my age, but he made me feel more confident about that too, etc. Anyhow, I had the procedure this morning and am amazed how good I feel. I really thought Id be in a lot of pain, but I'm feeling pretty good. His staff were great, meeting with me for a half hour to go over the post-op care, and answering any questions I had. It was great because she had a BA 4 years ago, so could give me sound advice/comments about what would happen after and what to expect. Dr Harwood was great/calming during the preparation, and my husband was with me too until I fell asleep so that was nice too. Dr Harwood was very calming and answered all my groggy questions, etc! I woke up thinking I had never fallen asleep, as they were finishing up the procedure (cleaning up the chest, taking off the surgical sheets, etc) and they told me it was all over! Had a cup of tea with my husband in the recovery room, and although feeling a little groggy, went straight home after a half hour. Im going to follow all the post-op meds - they really said I should take the Valium (since I had unders) to make sure there were no muscle spasms, and of course ALL the antibiotics until they were gone, so Im going to follow all that. Ok, ladies - that's about it from me, resting at home! I will keep you updated as I know everyone's experiences helped me a lot and made me feel more calmer/excited about going ahead with the whole procedure. Cheers! Babs PS I'm 6 feet, 75 kgs, slim but pear shaped (hopefully no more!), was basically a 12 A/B and got 385g anatomical high profile Brazilians under the muscle.
  18. I am still a tad confused about tear drop vs round. I am looking for the best natural look and feel. I have had some good feedback on the feel of furry brazilian implants, but would love to find out more. I am looking at have the op done on the 14th in Thailand and have not yet decided where, who & what shape to go with. Any feedback on experiences dealing with overseas doctors would great too :o:o
  19. HI, anyone had a BA with either Harwood or Szalay? I have a consult with both of them mid November and hopefully my surgery will be booked early December. I am looking at brazilian tear drops, 300/315CC Any info would be great Thanks Ladies!!
  20. Hi All My surgery is booked for the 16th November to have a BA with Smooth Round Mentors, however I have been reading on here that the Silimed Brazilian Implants are better in the fact that you have less risk of CC forming - Now I am confused. My Surgeon never mentioned the Brazilian implants only the smooth and textured. He said that risk with CC with both smooth and textured were the same as long as you massaged the smooth ones. He said the smooth was more a natural soft and the textured didnt need to be massaged as they were firm and didnt have a pocket to move around so to speak. Now I dont know what to do - I want the natural look and dont mind massaging. I dont know much about Brazilian ones as the doctor never mentioned them. How many of you have had the Brazilian ones and are they soft or firm? Thanks
  21. Hello to all of you lovely ladies out there! I've searched high and low on this forum, to no avail. My question is, do you still need to wear a compression strap with brazilian implants, in particular anatomical? I'm definitely looking at getting this type, under the muscle considering I have quite low body fat and not much breast tissue. I have read that they don't 'drop', but will still settle and 'fluff out'. I'm looking at getting my BA with Dr. Kim Harwood in Brisbane, as his results look fantastic. When I go to his website though, there is only a gallery of Brazilian implants, who he is an obvious advocate of... So there's no chance to compare them at home and take a look at photos before my consult. Anybody had this particular procedure done with him?
  22. Hi All, I am new to this forum but don't know why I haven't stumbled across it earlier. I have had 3 surgeries to date - breast aug being one which is what I have a question regarding. Sooooo.... we all hear the stories from other women or surgeons saying "go as big as you can, girls always wish they had done so after the surgery". Well, I must be the only person I know who wishes they went smaller????? My surgeon is Dr Anoop Rastogi - wonderful surgeon, caring, kind and the man is an artist. The results are fantastic, but I just can't get used to having these big things on my chest, nor the attention they seem to attract when I walk through a mall 350cc High profile, tear drop, under muscle, 6 weeks post breast feeding first child I had the op - yes early but I couldn't wait! Ok, now it has been nearly 2 years since my surgery and I can't find bras that fit which don't make me look like a blow up doll (hehehehehe). I wear sports bras or bralettes to kind of disguise / squish my boobies down. (I must add while I'm doing this my husband to be LOVES them and tells me they aren't even big!!! Men!!). They completely cover my chest and the surgeon said they JUST fit, like perfect, giving me the perfect cleavage covering my chest without the big gap in the middle. So this is where we come to removal. I am getting married in May and plan on having another 2 babies back to back (lord help me!). After I have had the babies, to which I am very frightened of having G-cup boobies during, I want to get my breasts redone. I think it may actually be the projection / high profile that I don't like. I don't want the fullness at the top so am thinking round, med profile, 315/320s will be my next set - this being the set I originally wanted but last minute decided to go bigger GRRRRRRRR! Now as we know the 'fuzzy' implants grip onto our normal tissue to avoid the implants "flipping". So, my question is after my ramble - are they harder to remove. Will they cause more trauma to my chest? Has anyone any experience with these implants???? My next step is a few consultations with Brisbane based plastic surgeons to get their advice but it would be nice to "bang it out" on here first xxxx
  23. I have many concerns that I will not get what i want in my surgery. I want to have Brazilian Siline Furries and it has been mentioned on the home page but not in any forums. I would like to know which doctors in thailand do BA with these implants as they are my ultimate choice for health reasons. I also saw a girl who had them done but not sure where. They looked amazing and the appeal I would really like. So can anyone recommend a doctor to me and most of all, Is there someone on here who has come back from surgery that lives in Brisbane or coast area. I am more than willling to travel and meet patients as long as they are not a state away. I have heard of some reputable staff in Bangkok or phuket but need to really know who will actually do the procedure i want and not what they prefer. Please Pleasee Please. I want to be 100 % about this. What can you suggest. Thanks for your time. Claire
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