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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Everyone! My name is Samantha and ive just joined the forum! so if i ask any questions that have already been answered before on this site, sorry! Im 155cm tall, i weigh just under 45kgs and im 23 with a empty 10B I've been wanting to have BA for years now and ive just decided that enough is enough and its time to jump in and get my dream boobs finally. Im going to bali in the next few months and am 100% sure i need them done before i go (getting pretty sick of looking like a 12yo boy in all my photos) So has anybody got any feedback on MAC? I've read all the good reviews
  2. Hi Lovely Ladies I have cancelled my surgery with cosmetic Insitute and now looking into Dr Eddy Dona ? Anyone have reviews on him or can recommend another doctor? cheers
  3. Hey Ladies, been a while since Iposted here, but as I finally have my flight booked, thought id getback into my research for a surgeon. I originally planned on Dr charan andcharan clinic, but as he doesnt do cheek implants which I would like,he reffered me to Dr Nond, Sadly, I seem to have eitheroffended, Dr Nond somehow, im hoping someone may be able to desypherwhere I went wrong in my communication with Dr Nond, as I certainlynever meant to make him uncomfortable. Im aware he has a bit of agrudge against “the internet” since that person who slandered hisname, and I can understand t
  4. Hi Everyone, My name is Cara and I am hoping to get Breast surgery this year. I understand everyone's experience is different but would love to hear who you saw. Needed-breast reduction/lift maybe implants. Thank you all so much
  5. Hi Ladies! I'm looking for some recommendations for plastic surgeons (breast implants) in Adelaide. I had a look back through the threads but the last one was from a year ago, just wondering if any one has some more recent experience. Any and all advice would be much appreciated!
  6. Hiya ladies! Firstly, I'd like to thank all the girls who have shared their surgery experiences and photos with me!! Your generosity has put me at ease today, and made the whole experience a wonderful one! Now onto my story ..... Rather than repeat myself, I have previous posted my backstory on the forums: http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?18728-My-consult-with-Dr-Miroshnik http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?19126-Decided-in-size!-BWD-12-5cm-375cc-anatomicals In a nutshell, I was a 12A/14AA with mildly tuberous breasts that made me
  7. Hey everyone, I've spent 4 years reading these forums but never signed up but I'm FINALLY able to get my dream surgeries so I'm here asking for help! I want to have BA and Rhinoplasty simultaneously to avoid paying hospital fees twice, however I'm confused as to who I should do this with. Are there PS in Brisbane (& surrounds) that are multi-talented? Dr. Kim Harwood has amazing BA results, but only does Breast surgeries. My friend went with Dr. Greg Mcdermant for BA and hers are incredible, but has anyone had Rhinoplasty with him? Can someone please help me? Hope to hear from someo
  8. Hi ladies, Feeling a very deflated now and after speaking with two surgeons with the same opinions and not sure what to do Both of them said my boobs have (naturally) dropped which honestly i didnt know or realise until i saw the two surgeons. Secondly i had shown the second surgeon a picture of what i dont want to look like and what i do want to look like in terms of how they will sit. He said they probably wont look like the pic i like because my boobs are sitting lower although i am border line for lift. The first surgeon said the same thing that i am border line for a lift but i
  9. So it seems i was a bit too slow to book surgery for BA with Dr. Dona which means i might have to potentially wait til Sept, which kinda sucks i was getting so excited bout doing it sooner... so thought it was worth asking if any one out there is already booked and is planning to change their surgery date for later in the year with Dona. Please let me know. Thanks ladies
  10. hey girls im just wondering if anyone has any before and after being borderline lift... i was told by tci that i would be fine as long as i got a larger size tho that was them only going by the picturs i had sent i dont have my consultaion until the 5th of june and im booked in for surgery on the 6th.. im wondering if any girls have gone threw them and are in the same boat as me.. im freaking out
  11. Hi, im looking at having my first BA hopefully by June . I already am big busted (10DD) but want to go to at least an E and have that fuller rounder look. I'm having consultations with Dr. Richard theile and Dr. Phil Richardson this month. But was wondering what other surgeons in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area anyone could suggest? I was thinking of seeing dr. Paul belt and dr. Andrew broadhurst aswell anyone had any experience with any of these 4 surgeons? thanks!
  12. Hi ladies I'm now 10 days post op - yay! I asked my surgeon before my procedure and also on Monday at my check up about massaging and he said it's not needed and dismissed it pretty quickly. He has been FANTASTIC and obviously knows more than I do but I was certain massaging was a must do? Every person I know who has had a BA says massaging is important! It feels rude to question my surgeon again on the subject as he's so great & knowledgable so before I do I just wanted to ask you all for your opinions... Was as massaging recommended to you? Did you do it or not? Do yo
  13. Just found out that Dr Tang , Dr Miroshnik and Dr Dona do incisions under the breast but not via the via the areola I am a little disapointed I really wanted the areola because i dont want the scar to be so obvious and i have enough scars on my body. My last scar on my knee is obvious and ugly with a lump in the middle of the scar Does anyone know of any good surgeons that they can suggest in Sydney that charge reasonably and can do the incision via the areola?
  14. Hi girls, Just need some advice..... i cant choose between Dr M & Dr T I like both Dr's before and after pics... maybe dr tavakoli a little more.... but then i like Dr Mironshnik... i cant decide!! I am after natural looking, round cohesive gel, maybe high or moderate profile, for a full C/small D look. I am 160cm tall and 56kg Has anyone been to either of these doctors? How did you choose your surgeon? What was the worst experience you had? Any thing else i should know...??? Thanks!!
  15. Hi guys! I am rally excited/super nervous. I have my BA and BL in just 2 weeks- was able to get a squeeze in to get it done just before easter- so more recovery time for me. I am wanting to hear everybodys tips for preparation and recovery for pre and post op! I have been rubbing bio oil on my ladies for about 2-3 weeks (scared of stretch marks!) I have also been taking some general vitamins (on and off- i always forget), for the last few weeks. I also go to the gym and have PT sessions, so am wondering when i should stop working out? Post op- what are the key things i should gett
  16. Hey girls, I'm new this. I'm 27yrs old, 167cm tall, size 6-8, A cup size, 10.5 diameter. Having surgery in Bangkok in July!!! been advised to get 300-350cc under the muscle with silicone round textured implants. Not sure how to upload pics yet, but am wanting to post some up. After op will post pics up too for any others who would like to see results. Anyone who doesn't mind me checking their pics out could you please send me a friend request, will be appreciated thanks xx
  17. Hi ladies, I live in melbourne and am wanting to get a breast lift (droopy breast) and breast aug. I initially was not sure on ba aswell, but after meeting with Craig a few weeks, he assured me that i would need an implant to give any fullness up top. I had my first consult with Craig a few weeks ago. i was so nervous prior to, but the consult was great and he was so information and honest. I went back there a week later to go in their new vectra software which could look at lift with implant to simulate results. it was so exciting to see what my new boobs could look like! I am currentl
  18. Hi, I'm weighing up the pros and cons of breast augmentation and I have a few questions; -how do you ladies with implants find that they effect your everyday life? Is it annoying sometimes that you have to be careful not to hit them, or that you can't sleep on your tummy? Any other issues? Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone Ive been looking around the site for a little while now but never really posted anything but since my consultation date is coming up i was wondering if i could get some advice on breast sizing for my body size and if anyone has had surgery with Dr Peter Sylaidis from the APSA. Currently my stats are Height : 162cm Weight: 64kg Current breast size : a weak unfull 12B Im not going to lie i was a cubby kid, and dealing with changing weight problems up into my early teens my boobs just never grew in, i was teased and it really lowered my self esteem. Every since i w
  20. Hi ladies! Just wondering if anyone here has had both a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty at the same time? I'm booked in for a consult for BA in less than 2 weeks, YAY!!. I have always wanted to get my boobs done, as i have always been a 10a, and having a baby didn't help! I also have a crooked nose, not too noticeable to others, but it does bother me. I have been toying with the idea of having a consult for rhinoplasty as well, but im not sure how i would go with the recovery side of things. Having a BA is scary enough lol But, if i were to do it, it would be easier for me to get it all
  21. Holy s*** im in sooooooo much pain! I had my surgery at 7am yesterday and i've nearly fainted eveytime i get up from the pain and not being able to breath properly. I have panadine and it is literally doing nothing im going to ask if i can get anything stronger today at my checkup. I have a fairly low pain tolerance so that doesnt help haha. My back is killing me from how im sitting in bed. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to reduce discomfort and strain on your back? I will do a massive update story when i can move my arms without wanting to die and rip these things out of m
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