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Found 19 results

  1. Laurenolivia

    Breast Enlargement

    Hey ladies I am new to this! I am 23 and looking at getting breast implants. Wanting advice on the best surgeons(not over priced), and if to stay in Melbourne where I live or travel to Sydney/GC. Have many people had dealings with CosMediTour as I've seen they're roughly $6000. Any advice would be appreciated 😍
  2. hi hi! was thinking of going to Singapore a breast augmentation holiday... ^.^ Its cheaper, but way better standards than other cheaper asian countries (since they are so developed and a big reputation for worthiness. and then take the opportunity to have a good holiday recovering there. however, only started googling a bit on a few doctors and clinics. Anyone done it before in Singapore?
  3. I want to replace my current implants with a larger size while trying to avoid the overly fake look. I am considering the brazillian implants as online research indicates a natural appearance. Can anyone recommend a surgeon in Perth specialising in this kind of revision?
  4. Hi ladies, Please could you recommend the easiest way to sleep at night post op breast augmentation? Any tips or tricks? Thanks, FloralLove xo
  5. Hi, I'm a mum and have breastfed a couple of kids and so now my boobs are a deflated a/b cup. I'm now at the stage, after doing all my Internet research, of making initial consultation appointments. I really like the sound (and cost) of TCI (they have such good reviews on this forum). I'd like to be enlarged to probably around a full c cup but am looking for the more natural look as opposed to the quite high, more fake look. So I was wondering if anybody out there had a similar type of BA done at TCI and which surgeon did they use. P.s can anyone tell me a ballpark figure that Dr Tavakoli charges for a straightforward silicone enlargement just out of curiosity. Thanks.
  6. FloralLove

    2nd nights sleep after BA

    Hi Ladies, So... The first night was ok but I found my back got really sore from trying to sleep upright and it then gave me a sore back all day. I was taking my painkillers for my back and not my boobs. Lol. Day 1 post op was great. Took all my meds as instructed. Last night was the 2nd night since the surgery and I found a much better way to sleep and thought i'd share in case you ladies want to give it a try and find it helps! First of all make sure you have everything you need in reaching distance to you, because as soon as you are down that will be it for the night and you will need to be lifted up. Lol. The first night I was so scared of lying flat on my back because I was worried I would roll over etc but actually I've found it is so comfortable for me. I lay my pillows flat under me so the whole of my back is supported, then another one under my legs. Also put a flattish pillow under the lower of your back to also help with support. Then I put my u-pillow behind my head and lift the sides of it over my shoulders so that if my head rolls to either side it is supported aswell so that it doesn't get sore. The first night I was waking up every hour or so and having to move around a but last night I took my valium before bed, went to sleep, then the next thing I woke up this morning feeling great after a fantastic nights sleep. Just beware that when you wake, as it is only day 2 post op for me, that you will not be able to get up from a lying flat position. My Fiance had to scoop his hands under my back and lift me up. Do not try and use your arms to lift yourself up. So as far as the boobies go they feel great. I am feeling no pain as such but more tenderness and slightly uncomfortable. I just feel like I've done a million sit ups. Also.... Laughing and coughing is a little uncomfortable so maybe no comedy movies. Lol. My Fiance was laughing at me in bed this morning because I could only move my head and I couldn't get up and he was making me laugh and... owch!! Lol. I'll do another post tonight to let you know how my 2nd day post op goes and if any changes occur. I will also post some photos one week post op. Can't really post any at the moment because the tape doesn't really allow me to see much. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask xo
  7. FloralLove

    1st day post op

    Hey ladies, So I had my surgery yesterday morning and I thought I'd update you all on how recovery is going. Recovery is going pretty amazing to be honest. Last night (day of surgery) I took two Panadol at 5pm. I started to feel a little something where in incision was (inframmary), but it wasn't pain, so I took them more as a preventative measure. I then had dinner at 7.30pm and I took my antibiotic, Endone and a neurofen. Again this was for when the local anaesthetic wore off. I was having no pain whatsoever. I then made a little fortress in bed so I could sleep comfortably. When I was lying in bed I could hear these strange bubbly noises around my boobs, but this is totally normal and just the swelling and the blood around the implants. I will warn you those it is so grose when it happens. Lol. I took a Valium before bed to relax my muscles and help me sleep. My sleep was ok. It was pretty interupted because it's so hard to get used to sleeping nearly upright and on my back when I am a tummy or side sleeper. At one point I found myself nearly lying down on my back which was comfortable, but I quickly propped myself up again as I was worried of pain kicking in and being in pain when I had to get up. I really found a pillow under my legs really helped. Alot more comfortable! I've woken up this morning and am in no pain whatsoever. I am so amazingly suprised as I had read and watched YouTube videos where girls wake up in alot of pain the morning after surgery. My back is more sore than my boobs at the moment from sleeping upright. For me it just feels like I've done a crazy chest and abs workout in the gym. Also a slight tightness. I had slipped down quite alot when I woke up this morning and my Fiance helped lift me out of bed. I've just had some breakfast and I've taken, my antibiotic, a valium, an endone, a neurofen and also a laxitive ( I am not currently having any toilet issues but this is more of a preventative thing that my anaesthetist recommended just in case.) I am so pleasantly suprised by how amazing everything is going, because of hearing how much pain some girls were in and I really hope it all goes like this for all you ladies who have surgery coming up. As far as the boobies go, I am loving them! I have a surgical bra on but also that tape that goes around the sides and down the centre of the chest so can't really see them very well and they look slightly pointy with the way they are taped up which is kind of funny. They don't feel hard at all and feel nice and squishy when I touch the top of them which is lovely because I was expecting them to be like rocks on my chest. If you ladies have any questions please feel free to ask away! xo
  8. FloralLove

    Day 1 Post Op BA

    Hi Ladies, So just thought I'd update on how my first day post op went. Everything went great I was more sore from my back from the sleeping upright rather than pain from my boobs. I took all my meds as instructed. The farting noises are pretty funny and feel so grose, but if you've not heard of this before then please don't panic - completely normal. It's just the trapped air from when the implants were placed. I didn't have drains after my surgery (this was my surgeons preference.) I had a phone call from the hospital to see how I was doing and also had a phone call from Dr Mertens nurse to check up on me which was lovely. She told me I was allowed to shower which was great. I have that tape that goes around your boobs and then down the middle and is completely waterproof. She also advised for met to make sure I keep my surgical bra on at all times apart from when I'm showering. This comes off after a week. Also she advised me that my sutures are disolvable to don't have to worry about having them removed which is a nice little bonus aswell. Showering went great and wasn't uncomfortable. Also I noticed that quite alot swelling developed throughout the day. This is around the sides of my chest and is the air and the blood. This looks a tad freaky because it will look like you are rounded at the side of your boobs, but again this is completely normal, nothing to worry about and will go down over time. I will let you know how long it takes to go down once it has gone Also I am eating and drinking normally. Please feel free to ask any questions. Hope everyones recoveries are going great! xo
  9. FloralLove

    Ladies with 245cc to 260cc

    Hi ladies, Had my seconf consultation with my surgeon today and originally was going to go with 280cc but we decided that is too big fo my petite frame so have now decided on 245cc but am wondering whether to go with 260cc instead. Am going to go with high profile. Is there anyone out here who has photos of these sized implants. I am 50kg and 5 foot 1. Thanks so much xo
  10. FloralLove

    September Boobies!!!!!!!

    How are all the September ladies feeling? Mine is on the 10th!! Mainly excited but slightly nervous aswell. Set on cc's or still deciding? FloralLove xo
  11. FloralLove

    High Profile Breast Implants

    Hi Ladies, I am 5 foot 1, 49kilos, size 6 and currently a 34A. My surgeon has recommended me 280cc high profile implants. Is there anyone with similar stats to me who also has high profile? I'm just a tad aprehensive that they will be too round/full on the top part of the breast although this is what the surgeon has recommended. Any advice/comments would be appreciated. Thank you, FloralLove xo
  12. Hi Ladies, I'm only 8 days away from surgery! Who else is having surgery this week, next week, this month???? How are you feeling? I'm so excited but a little nervous for the actual operation aswell! :-) FloralLove xo
  13. Hi Ladies, Where is the best place to buy support bras from for after my breast augmentation?? Thank you, FloralLove xo
  14. I saw amazing results from Dr. Harwood and I’m willing to travel to Brisbane to see him but I might have a mildly tuberous breast but just a BA should be enough as I don’t need a lift and I’m happy with my areolas size so I’m just wondering if one of the girls here had tuberous breast and had a BA with Dr. Harwood. I know he’s a cosmetic surgeon but some tuberous case don’t require a lot of work and can be fixed with just implants. My husband is willing to take me for a consultation in June (for my birthday) but I don’t want to spend all the time and money to get in his office and discover he’s not going to do my breasts, I just wonder if have a way to find out if he can do my breasts before I fly to Brisbane. Dr. Harwood is number one on my list and I would love to have him as my surgeon but I just don’t wanna get too excited and be disappointed in the end. I just want nice big breasts ;)
  15. E.J.

    Snoopy boobs?

    Has anyone else got snoopy shaped or tuberous boobs? I know I have, without them been seen by a consultant but unsure what they can they do for you to make them look perky and round? I'm looking at getting round implants and hoping to go from a large A small B to a DD if possible, under the muscle. Still new to researching about BAs! Thanks girls. X
  16. Hi People I have a company that specialises solely in Phuket International Hospital with Dr V and 6 other surgeons, I created this company as both daughters have been and had surgery there, I would not recommend a hospital that I have not sent my own family to. The hospital is run by an Australian and it has all the accreditations and all surgery comes with a guarantee, I knew there was a need for people out there, once my own children experienced the professionalism, cleanliness and wonderful surgery from these doctors this is what inspired me to make Beauty Abroad, email: beautyabroad1@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from anyone who needs some answers and recommendations to deal with the best.
  17. I'm still a newbie, researching the right BA for me, so I've been reading lots of girlies BA stories, but no one seemed mention about what stitches they had after the BA? Is it dissovable? I thinkI'm 100% sure I want my BA at the cosmetic institute in Sydney. Dr huy tang seems to be most popular! Thanks girlies x
  18. Step 1 Find a flat surface for you to lay face down flat on your stomach. Step 2 You should then bend your knees. Make sure to cross your ankles for leverage. Step 3 You should then start bending your elbows. While doing this, make sure to keep your palms aligned with your shoulders. Step 4 Start raising your body with as much balance on your elbows and palms. You should still keep your ankles crossed for this step. Aside from having more leverage, you won’t have to raise that much weight. Make sure not to straighten your elbows when you raise your body. This just might cause much damage to your joints. Step 5 You should lower your body slowly. However, do not lie down. The angle at which your body is positioned should be decreased just until your arms are now aligned with the flat surface. More Tips, follow *The Truth about Breast Enlargement"
  19. A reported 8 out of 10 women are unhappy with their breasts. Attributing their unhappiness to size, asymmetry and general dissatisfaction with their appearance, it is a widely known fact that feeling self conscious about your body can eventually lead to low self esteem and loss of confidence. Yet why are your breasts so important to improving your self confidence? The answer is simple… Desirability. Ask any woman what makes them feel confident and they will immediately tell you that feeling beautiful, sexy and attractive greatly improves their self esteem. And it shows… Feel confident in the shape and contours of your body and this will quickly translate into everything else you do. However for many women, boosting your self-esteem isn’t always about increasing your breast size. For many of you it is simply the desire to regain the firmness and lift of your youth that has been lost through age and breastfeeding.