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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there, wondering if anyone else is joining me for surgery in August, would love to support and or share experiences or pictures. I have added a before photo....
  2. Hi ladies, I am looking for a surgeon for a breast lift and implant, I have had many consultations and known to be a borderline case, I am really keen in a breast lift as i do not like the position of my breasts. Any recommendations with price? I am willing to go interstate as i have not heard any good reviews with surgeons in adelaide. Thanks Ladies
  3. Hi there! Just quickly, I wanted to see if anybody had gone with Dr Ali Hussain in Brisbane? I've seen a few complaints, but more positive feedback in regards to him and was hoping that maybe people would be willing to share their results with him! He's offered a consultation with me next week and sounds positive that he can give me my desired outcome, but I'm a little nervous about paying the $100 for the consultation especially around christmas. I'd appreciate any feedback!
  4. Hi Ladies I am seeing Dr Boonchai, December 2015 for breast lift with implants. I have read many great things about his work, but I am having a hard time finding recent photos of his work. This is is my first time posting in the forum so I'm not sure how this works. Are there photos available on this forum that I can be directed to or links to another website? I'm flying over with my partner and we've found a great place to stay at on Air BnB. I initially enquired with CosmediTours but they are a waste of money and draws the process out further. I recommend organising the trip yourself. It saves alots of money
  5. "Hi everyone!! I want to share my experiences after I’ve got a Breast Augmentation from Masterpiece Clinic. The clinic is located at Siam Square opposite the MBK center in bangkok, Thailand. The route to the clinic very easy to find on the main street and nearby from BTS Skytrain (National Stadium Station). Anyway, My name is Alline. First of all, I would like to say that before I choose here I’ve got recommendation from my friend and I also searching the information about this clinic by myself. This clinic so trustable and look professional so I’ve got an appointment for consultation with doctor. At first I’ve no idea about breast augmentation such as What type of silicone?, What is the different between round and teardrop silicone shape?, How many cc that fit my body?, Where is the position for the wound?, ETC. The doctor was so nice and friendly with the clear answer with explanation for all the questions. After that doctor let me in check up and measurement process and test for sizing by put silicone into bra for sizing demonstration that most suitable to fit with my body. In my idea, I don’t need to lean out very big size. Because I need it’s to become natural and fit my clothes, especially for my career. Anyway I have the wide shoulder so If the size too big It will not balance my body shape. So the doctor recommend not over than 380 cc. Finally the operation day were come, first of all I’m so nervous with a little fear but nurses and the staffs here treat me very nicely so I feel very good and confident. The doctor said with smile “You will become a new you.” Before the operation I’ve saw the 380 cc. silicone I think it’s too big for me so I’ve change my mind in the operation room for 325 cc. then (I choose Mentor brand.) It’s not too big and not too small. After that I was in premedication process and fall asleep by anaesthetist. Later on I just woke up in the recovery room feel a little dizzy and little pain over my chest because of I've choose to operate surgery under the muscle. After I went back home, First 1-5 days I don’t want to go anywhere but after the recovery period on the day 5th I feel better and the doctor made appointment on that day. I can walk, can little run, can step up and down stair as normally with no pain anymore. The result was great. So I feel very happy and more confident now. Almost 4 months now, I really appreciate for my new breast. I think the big size is the not the answer for everything but the suitable size that fit our body is the best choice we made. My wound is very small under the breast. My breast now look so naturally. I’ve choose the 325 cc. round shape mentor silicone (Cohesive Gel) I’ve more confident after surgery. I look very good with my new breast. Masterpiece Clinic also offer a recovery program with Oxy Chamber that can recovery very quickly. Thank you Masterpiece Clinic !!"
  6. Hi girls, (: I've currently got my consult and surgery booked for the 4th and 5th of august with Dr.Ali I was wondering if anybody could please share their experiences and how everything went that would be great! I'm pretty nervous lol I'm a aa cup and I'm looking at going to a small c cup, I weigh about 55kgs and my height is about 157cm, I don't know anybody who has had a ba so I don't really have anything to go off.
  7. Updated. Post Op! Hi girls!!!!! im here in sydney and am booked in with Dr Tang today at 1pm...I feel SICK!!! im going to write my entire BA journey here so will edit it and update it as the weeks go on. ok where to start. i was originally having my BA at PIAC in Thailand with dr Veerawat. I had booked my surgery date for June 2013 and everything, I was booked in for a BL and BA with overs. In the February before my surgery, I went to see my GP about something that had been really bothering me and controlling my life.,,I had in inverted nipples. And no one knew !! I had gone my entire life being so embarrassed of them, there wasn't a single day where I didn't think about them, I just wanted to be like everyone else. when I was 15 I went to my doc and got the courage to ask about fixing them, he told me the only thing that may work is if I breastfed...I was 15 so that wasn't a option lol. not long after I got my first boyfriend. I was a sexual relationship but I still never let him see or touch my breasts. He often asked but I just shrugged and said I didn't like it but he knew what was wrong with them some how! anywho that relationship turned Into a very violent an abusive one and I was too scared to leave because I knew that he knew about my inverted nipples. I stayed for 4 years!! All because he knew my secret. i Finally got the courage to leave and met someone else. He seen me in the street just after we broke up demanding to know who this new guy was and screamed across the road "does he know about ur f*cked up nipples!!?" it really got to me!!! ok so I'll cut tot he chase. i met my husband, got married, had 3 children and refused to try breast feeding All because I didn't want anyone to see my nipples....this meant my husband! I feel like a failure to my children. after being together for 4 years and my husband never touching or seeing my breast I had to do something. I went to my GP and sat there for 10mins crying my eyes out before I could tell him why I was there. He printed me a referral and I went and see Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi in Collins st Melbourne. He was so nice, gentle and warm. He made me feel so comfortable and booked me in for the next day to have both nipple corrected under a local anaesthetic. It was painless !! And worked 100%. It cost $600 and Medicare paid $350! after I told dr Veerawat about my nipple correction, he wanted to do a nipple free graft(google it) basically take my nipple off, then sew back on. I cancelled surgery immediately! But kept myholiday. I booked 2 more consults with Dr craig Rubenstein And Prof Mark Ashton. Craig Rubenstein was a lovely daggy guy. Made lots of dad jokes, he office was very homey and I found him lovely. I did feel however that his spiel was a little too rehearsed . He recomended 360cc to 400cc round smooth unders as I have deflated breasts from 3 pregnancies in2 and half years. I decided against craig as I felt that the implant size was too small and he wasn't willing to go bigger, I needed more to fill my breasts in my opinion, Prof Mark Ashton:first impression was his big Curley hair and his smile!!! Just had lots of good vibes!! His rooms were very clinical, white, crisp...like a hospital, he recommended 500cc-500cc textured rounds dual plane, again to fill my sask ups i booked with mark 3 times!!!! And kept having to cancel for numerous reasons. I also got botox and juvederm with him, but after one appointment with mark where I was made to wait 5 hours while he shift and shoved me around I had enough aNd refused to let him perform my surgery. He no longer had my trust and I felt like he didn't have my best interests anymore. I felt so unwanted! Then booked in dec for surgery at TCI with Dr Tang Just four weeks ago! on Sunday we arrived home for a night away to find my baby(my dog) had passed away. I don't want to go into details as I'm blaming myself. I felt like I lost a child(not meaning to sound insensitive) I have spent this past week a total mess. I loved her more than life! And just like I loved my children. So it out a bit of a damper on the week leading up to surgery. i flew to Sydney yesterday and had my consult. I walked into TCI and was greated by the most beautiful woman...lol. Seriously, they were all stunning...looked photoshopped! then met with dr Tang. I was so relieved that he spoke Aussie!! Like full Aussie, no Asian ascent, just Aussie lol. It calmed my nerves. He was so nice and I felt like I was immediately in good hands. I have slight asymmetry so my right will always hang a little lower. Fine with me. He suggested 520cc or 560cc textured Nagor rounds, under the muscle. i need to decide today. The nurse said that it won't affect me cup size, and it's about the difference of a shot glass....dr Tang also said I will end up a F cup. Holey sh*t balls. I'll just go with the 560cc. You girls have all taught me well. Also for u girls flying interstate...DON'T catch a taxi from the airport to parramatta.....it cost us $80 lol. Hire a care from Avis at the airport and it will cost u $83 for 24 hours and there is a Avis is parramatta to drop it off. We hired a car once we got to parramatta as its so far out or Sydney and we wanted to do some sightseeing before I was out of action. We have also hired a car to take us back to the airport on Monday. just wanted to say a few thank yous!!! -donatella, always giving me great HONEST advice from the start!!! -The fox (not on here much now) we both started our BA journey together and I was lucky enough to actually meet her and nicnac, they have been incredible and so knowledgable! -all my January girls!!! -Inde- you seem to always have such great advice and I truly appreciate all our honesty and how much u have chosen to open up to us in other topics!!! -bozogirl!!! Bahaha I love how funny, u are!!! Especially opening up to me about poo!!! There are plenty More I know, but I literally feel sick with nerves !! thanks everyone. I shall see u all on the other side!!! Hope I've been helpful so far in this friggin novel...I tend to blab on when I'm nervous. YOU GUYS ROCK !! love LOVER!! Day 1 to day 10 ok, so I arrived at TCI at my allocated time..1pm. I was sick!!! Shaking like a leaf and I wanted to vomit! After waiting about 30mins I was taken out the Back where I changed into my robe, booties as hairnet. The anethitist came in and spoke about a few things. The Moment I walked into that room I was calm! there was another girl in there so it was nice to talk to someone while I waited. Dr tang came in, drew me up and went over everything.Just after 3pm I was called into the theatre room. I laid on the bed and they all made jokes of my cupping bruises that I had all over my back. The anethitist came over and put some stuff in my IV. I don't ever remember seeing dr tang.next thing I know, I'm in recovery. The first thing I said when I woke up was "did I make a dickhead out of myself"?? I was afraid of saying stupid sh*t lol. And I just kept talking, the nurse told me to be quite because my BP was high lol. So I text "The Fox" instead and took a photo of my new boobies. once I got back to Fiori appartments at about 6pm I went straight to bed, took some panadine forty and slept. Hubby woke me up at 12am to have my antibiotic and some pain relief. I took. Endone and antibiotic and got up to go to the toilet. I spewed straight away. So I never bothered taking ending again! The pain was not too bad. As long as I didn't move my arms. It was so frustrating to not be able to arrange my pillows, get my drink, sit up....I was useless!!! I spent the night with ice packs on my breasts and condoms filled with wat and frozen in between my breasts. the next morning I woke with morning boob and refused to get out of bed till 11am. I just kept putting it off lol. I had a panadine forte, waited 20mins and got up. My poor hubby had to lift the toilet lid, Paul my undies down, and pull them back up again! Thank god the meds bound me up because there is was no way I would have been able to wipe my Ass!!! I spent the day nodding on and off and at about 4pm i had my last pain relief. i had a shower and my first look at my breasts. I managed to escape the frankenboob and had barely any bruising. Dr tang must have been very gentle! on dAy 3 I had to make our way to the airport and fly back to Melbourne! I slept the whole plane trip and held onto my u pillow. the first few days at home were tough as I had my 3 children. I haven't lifted a finger yet and I'm making sure I'm taking it easy, it's the little things that I found most annoying. Just not being able to reach to scratch my back, tie my hair up, reach my cupboards, wash my hair. I also feel like I have no strength in my arms lol. im now day 10 and started sleeping almost laying flat last night. I've cut back to 2pillows instead of 1000!! My breast are so much softer already and are taking a beautiful shape. My pain is almost non existent and my morning boob is only very slight. Lover xoxox
  8. Hi guys! I got around to it and booked in consultations with doctors. I have seen two docs but am torn now about which is the best way to go. I have a consultation with a third doc but thats not till the end of May. The first Dr suggested a breast lift + tissue expansion and the second Dr said a tissue expansion would not be necessary as these are used in breast cancer patients mainly & they already have a broad/normal breast wall, whilst mine is VERY narrow and my breasts are very far apart! His suggestion was to do a lift and place in a small round implant. I was wondering if any girls here had any experience with tuberous breasts and could shed any light about what they had done to fix theirs? I'm so torn at the moment as to what would be the best method!!
  9. Hello everyone Ive been looking around the site for a little while now but never really posted anything but since my consultation date is coming up i was wondering if i could get some advice on breast sizing for my body size and if anyone has had surgery with Dr Peter Sylaidis from the APSA. Currently my stats are Height : 162cm Weight: 64kg Current breast size : a weak unfull 12B Im not going to lie i was a cubby kid, and dealing with changing weight problems up into my early teens my boobs just never grew in, i was teased and it really lowered my self esteem. Every since i was sixteen (currently 21) i wanted to get breast implants and since i waited the long 5 years of contemplating the surgery i have decided to take the plunge. So i have booked my consult in on the 18th of February but im a little torn because from what ive read alot of girls wished that had gone bigger so i was wondering can anyone with similar stats tell me what size you got and if your happy with the size as im thinking of trying to get a (D to DD) and roughly how many cc's would i need to get to reach a D cup??? also has anyone had surgery with Dr Sylaidis and if so how was your experience with him? Thanks Guys <3
  10. Hey girls, I have a consult with Dr Miroshnik in 3 weeks time (eeek! ) and I was wondering what implant brands/types he uses. I think I remember seeing that some of you had gotten silicone mentors and furry brazillians by the lovely Dr M. Is this correct? Does he use any other types? as a side note: I'm pretty sold on the idea of silicone at the moment, but apart from that....? thanks
  11. Just uploaded some photos Day one post op. I'll upload some more in as week and then in a few weeks etc as they change (: 425cc Under the Muscle High Profile Brazilian with Dr Harwood at the Rejuvenation Clinic. Stats: 61kg, 163cm Add me as a friend if you want to see the photos (:
  12. Hi all This is my first post on here. Last year I tested positive for the BRCA1 (breast cancer mutation) gene, which means I have up to an 87% chance of developing breast cancer in my lifetime. To prevent getting the dreaded C-word, I elected to undergo a nipple-sparing bilateral breast mastectomy which I had done last week. During the same surgery, my fantastic PS also inserted tissue expanders as part of the first phase of reconstruction with the idea being that the expanders will eventually be exchanged for breast implants. I was wondering whether anyone on this forum has had this procedure done? I've got so many questions running through my mind and was hoping that someone may be able to share their experiences? - When should I expect the pain to ease up? It is officially "day 5" today and I am in agony, especially when I move. I am taking Tramal and Endone. - I'm going to see my PS this week for my first "expansion" - is this very painful? How does it compare to the post surgery pain? - Did your nipple sensation return, and if so, how long did it take? Right now I can't feel them. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing back. x
  13. Im loving this site and i wish i found it a long time ago as all you lovely ladies have helped answer so many Q i have had... Here is another.... How much did u pay for your BA??? All up with Dr, implants, hospital stay, assistant, anaesthetist ect...
  14. So i had to postpone my surgery a few weeks as the original friend i was going with can no longer go and the only friend that can take work off can only take it off in July so I am now a July girl. I'm still booked with Dr Boonchai at PIAC which will now be on the 10th. Any recommendations on accommodation? I really need to start looking for some good deals! haha
  15. Hello How are you? I'm new to this site and sorry if I'm asking a question that has been asked before! Still trying to figure out how to use this site! I'm looking at getting a lift with breast augmentation and wanting to know if anyone could tell me their experience? Any recommended Surgeons in my are QLD Brisbane/Gold Coast Is scarring really bad? What products to use to help minimal scarring? What type of breast implants are recommended? Don't get me wrong I've done research but would like to hear from any ladies that have been through the surgery or know handy info Thank you!!
  16. Hi everyone! I'm in the process of booking my breast augmentation through PIAC for late June and was wondering if anyone who has gone overseas has taken our any travel or medical insurance and who they took with? Also, do you take it before or after you book your surgery/flights/accommodation? I've never really travelled overseas before apart from when i was a young child so I'm really new to all this!
  17. Hi People I have a company that specialises solely in Phuket International Hospital with Dr V and 6 other surgeons, I created this company as both daughters have been and had surgery there, I would not recommend a hospital that I have not sent my own family to. The hospital is run by an Australian and it has all the accreditations and all surgery comes with a guarantee, I knew there was a need for people out there, once my own children experienced the professionalism, cleanliness and wonderful surgery from these doctors this is what inspired me to make Beauty Abroad, email: beautyabroad1@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from anyone who needs some answers and recommendations to deal with the best.
  18. Hi People I have a company that specialises solely in Phuket International Hospital with Dr V and 6 other surgeons, I created this company as both daughters have been and had surgery there, I would not recommend a hospital that I have not sent my own family to. The hospital is run by an Australian and it has all the accreditations and all surgery comes with a guarantee, I knew there was a need for people out there, once my own children experienced the professionalism, cleanliness and wonderful surgery from these doctors this is what inspired me to make Beauty Abroad, email: beautyabroad1@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from anyone who needs some answers and recommendations to deal with the best.
  19. okay where do I start.... I had my operation on 27th December so just 5 weeks ago.... directly after the op I could smell a medical smell coming from my boobs.. I thought it was the dressing and antiseptic solution... I wasn't worried... but now 5 weeks after I still can smell it!!( I wash myself thoroughly twice a day, more if I go to the gym!!) I was doing my yoga on saturday and my head was tuck in my chest and there is it again the medical smell!!! I never smell anything like it!!! so so so weird.... I google it and on breast implant forum some people say it is the GA... but why only my boobs does have that smell and not my whole body?? doesn't make sense to me if it was GA.. is it the silicon I can smell thru my skin??? arghhh!!
  20. hello everyone.. Im planning go to bangkok this end of the year,i been reading this forum for a week and OMG. this forum is really usefull and make me want get my boobs done as soon as i can. finally im 20 years old so can get my boobs done. cannot stand anymore have a flat boobs like plasma TV now after i do my research in this forum. i was making my decision definitely going with Dr. Preeyaphas since everyone so satisfied with his result. and then after i saw a picture before after Dr. Theerasit also quite amazing and then i found out that Dr. Pongsakorn doing a Endoscopic surgery didnt left any mark on the armpit. now im so confusedddddd... and sooo affraid making a wrong desicion.. if anyone have a advice please let me know.. i will so super appreciate it.. I also want to get my Nose/chin done. anyone do face plastic surgery with Dr. Preeyaphas or any other doc in bangkok?please let me know the result if someone have. oh yah 1 more question. is it will be an issue if i still wearing braces for breast implant? am i need to remove it first before surgery? thanks a lot everyone for sharing a knowledge.this is really cool forum xoxo..
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