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Found 30 results

  1. Just wanting to see if there is anyone out there that has had a breast lift with female Dr Sawjin Tew in Sydney and how your journey went/ costs and results! Thanks heaps
  2. Hi, I am 1 day post op on my breast surgery! Feeling okay overall aside from a very sore bruised feeling. I was wondering how long till the breast settles a little? The top of my breast are so full while I lack fullness at the bottom. I assume this is totally normal? Also for those who have had surgery how were you feeling on day 5? I'm curious at how I may feel on Christmas day. Thanks!
  3. Hi there! I wanted some advice and didn't know who to turn to, so here goes! I've made a tentative booking to have a breast augmentation in December this year (in about 7 weeks), and need to make my final decision by next week. This is something I have really wanted to do (since I was 18 - I'm 27 now), and I'm excited, however at times I feel waves of anxiety about: post-op pain, possible further surgery after kids, life after the boob job, etc. I want to know if anyone else was feeling the same, how they overcame these feelings, and how they feel now that they've gone through with their operation?
  4. I only started looking today, I tried one bra on that was somewhat padded and fit me horribly, sat too low, was tight and then gaping near the underarms.. Ahhh. Then tried on a non padded, basic lace underwire which fit me best. I feel like shopping for bras that will fit well is going to be tiresome. Any particular brands that you go for? Any style?
  5. I'm starting to get the tickling, slight slight burning sensation and is accentuated when I'm cold. When I touch them especially the nipples it's so sensitive. Anything you did to stop this? Warmth? Does this come and go or will remain for a year or longer?
  6. I am a little concerned one of them is a bit raised?
  7. It has not even been 12 hours since my surgery and when nurse changed dressing, I was so happy. I wouldn't say before I had a large gap. The heavy feeling, the pain.. oh I'm sure it's going to be so worth it though.
  8. Hi ladies, I was wondering if any of you Perth girls have had a breast lift without implants. A lot of the forum discussions on here talk about breast lifts with augmentation but I am struggling to find information about people who have only had a breast lift. I am currently looking into Mark Lee and Tony Connell as I've heard they're the best in Perth. Has anyone had just a breast lift done with either of these surgeons or any other surgeons in Perth? I can see from this forum that they're great at augmentation but not too sure how often they do a simple lift I would also like to know if you were you happy with the result? Did you regret not getting implants or are you happy with just the lift? I'm 22, 164cm, weigh 69kg (at the moment but will have hopefully lost at least 5kg before the op) with size D/DD cups. Unfortunately they have been this size since I was about 10 and gravity has not been kind to me Any information about breast lifts and surgeons in Perth will be greatly appreciated
  9. some of you lovely ladies might be able to offer some advice: I had a Breast Lift in May 2015 & am really happy with the results - my breasts are much perkier. However, the last couple of months, i feel like i have lost some upper pole fullness & they feel quite deflated, which is making my areola appear higher on my breast & poke out of bras etc.. I also feel like my areolas are too large for my current breast size. I had a consultation with my Surgeon yesterday & he is recommending either a lift revision which will tighten things up and reduce areola size. Or The above with small 200cc breast implants under muscle to give upper pole fullness.. I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who has had a BA post lift.. or any advice Thanks in advance xx
  10. Hi Ladies! I'm not sure if anyone is already familiar but I have a few amazing sites for holiday rentals in Australia if you are looking for somewhere to stay during your surgery: www.stayz.com.au www.airbnb.com.au www.homeaway.com.au Rather than a hotel you save a lot of costs and can rent out your own apartment during your stay! There are some breath taking places available. I am travelling to The Cosmetic Institute later this year and have come across so many gorgeous places in Bondi and my friend and I will definitely be going with one of these places when we book I just thought the alternative for hotels was way too good not to share. Hopefully this helps some of you x
  11. Hi guys I am trying to get approved for a loan before August as I originally planned to have my BA done in August... now it's looking as though I might need to wait a bit longer but I'm feeling so impatient. I have banked with CBA for over 10 years and I already have a variable rate personal loan which has around 4 years left on it. I now want to have my loan changed to a fixed rate as I'm getting charged 16.9% interest! And would like to use the extra funds to pay for part of my breast augmentation and a few other personal things. I have never really had any savings but if I do I withdraw them as cash so that I don't keep transferring them back out of my saver account. I often also withdraw my spending money as cash when I get paid and let my account go overdrawn (silly, I know.) until my next pay. I wasn't aware that the overdrafts were affecting my reputation until I spoke with commonwealth bank about what requirements they had for me to get approved on the new loan. Commonwealth told me I would need to have a savings history for 3-4 months (they like to see over $2000 in savings), as well as have no overdrafts for the 3-4 months. Now this is no trouble for me but cba also told me they had a case like this with another girl who actually ended up waiting another year to apply for her loan and she was approved. I don't have that sort of time but they have scared me into thinking the 3 months isn't long enough! Has anybody else been told the same thing by a bank, applied the 3-4 months later and actually been approved? Or even just any advice on loans? I was hoping to start booking all of my accommodation and flights etc once I book my BA with TCI but now I am worried I will have it all booked in, get declined by the bank and then be screwed.
  12. Hi guys i have an appointment booked with Dr.**** in the 3rd of Feb! Im so excited and nervous!! Anyone have any pointers or questions i should ask?? This will be my FIRST consultation with anyone for Breast Augmentation!! Im so nervous!!
  13. hi guys, ive been searching the web and have found some surgeons/ surgery clinics in melbourne that i like: avenue plastic surgery victroian cosmetic institute cleopatra plastic surgery craig robinstein from cosmetic surgery for women i was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of these clinics and what the outcomes where both my mother (54) and myself (21) want to get breast implants. thanks
  14. Hi everyone, I looking at having breast surgery in thailand early next year. Im thinking of going with SOMNIO, I know they have an information night coming up on the 11th of October in Melbourne I think i will make the trip to get some more info. apparently the MAIN guy at the phuket international hospital is hosting the event which will be good to pick his bain about ALL my questions. ButI guess I just want to know if anyone has had good reviews/ experiences with somnio, or is thinking about attending the session? I know they will put my mind at ease but any personal stories/ recomendations about ln general about traveling with them/ surgeons they use etc would be much appreciated
  15. Hi Guys, I am new and super excited that i have joined the forums. My name is Anna, am 25 years old ready to have my first BA surgery. I have just had my consult with Dr Mark Kohout at Broadway and will also be seeing Dr Moradi at Silkwood in Bondi Junction next week, Dr Peter Val in March at Cosmetic Institute in Parramatta and i think i may see Dr Lim in Drummoyne as well sometime soon depending on when i can get an appointment. At this stage i have not decided who i would like to go with as i have two or 3 other consults but my experience with Dr Kohout so far has been comforting. He seemed really nice, did not rush me, answered all my questions, went through the pictures i took in, explained what happened to the types i did not like to ensure it does not happen to me. So, so far so good. Reviews on him are pretty limited and so far have only found 1 bad one with more good ones. I just wanted to know has anyone has their BA done with any of the above doctors mentioned? I'm a very very indecisive person and any help would be appreciate. I am 65kg, 163cm tall and Dr Kohout recommended 445cc under muscle high profile anatomicals. I wanted round 450cc however i don't want them to look too "fake" so he recommended anatomicals as he thought it would achieve the desired looked that i want. Size wanted is a large D to small DD. Thanks guys, look forward to your responses :-) Super super excited!!! Anna
  16. Hi ladies, Had my seconf consultation with my surgeon today and originally was going to go with 280cc but we decided that is too big fo my petite frame so have now decided on 245cc but am wondering whether to go with 260cc instead. Am going to go with high profile. Is there anyone out here who has photos of these sized implants. I am 50kg and 5 foot 1. Thanks so much xo
  17. How are all the September ladies feeling? Mine is on the 10th!! Mainly excited but slightly nervous aswell. Set on cc's or still deciding? FloralLove xo
  18. Total noob when it comes to laxatives, never had to take them before but from reading all the posts on here it's best to have them post op in case I need them! And as I'm travelling for mine I'd like to buy them before I go to sydney. Is there any certain brand to get??
  19. I have just booked my surgery in for August so anyone else out there going to Phuket in August? Im having Breast Implant finally taken me 43 years and 3 kids later but now "it all about me" My surgeon is Dr. Narupon Rojanapithayakorn at PIAC anyone got anything on him it quiet hard to find anything although Mel at Meditravel who booked everything for me speaks highly of him and I spoke with a girl who had surgery in February with him and she raved about him so happy to go with that
  20. Hi girls! I was just wondering what positioning did you ladies choose? Under the muscle or over the muscle and why?
  21. Hello from Hospital Jerusalem, Breast Augmentation is aprocedure to enhance and increase the size of a woman's breast, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. We at Hospital Jerusalemstrive to assist you on achieving your goal weight, and improve your lifestyle, by providing excellent, personalized care in your new journey for a longer life of healthy living.
  22. Hi ladies, I am wondering how BDW really dictate the choice of your implant size? looking at all the pictures and reading everybody surgery experiences I am starting to think that implant size depends on some surgeons and personal choice i.e certain surgeons being more conservative and say "its the max I can put" and some others happy to fit whatever the patient wants. I know it is not good to compare yourself to others but looking at some patient (ie you ladies) who have very little almost no breast tissue at all and then end up with some +400cc implant... this make me thinking does BWD really matter? according to some surgeons I have seen, (Iam 175cm and have a small C cup) my BWD is 11 meaning I could fit 300c (this was for his specific brand implant) I asked him why if I want bigger he then replied ; " we don't want to go over the top don't we?" (gosh he was a weirdo btw) not sure what I am expecting from this post as this will depend from my surgeon, I hope he is not too conservative:p
  23. hey everyone! i blog for brayola, a bra service for women to find the right bra. this week we had a guest blogger who wrote all about her experience deciding to get breast implants and what she went through after. i wanted to share it with you because i thought it was a funny read, but you can also relate to how she felt during the entire process. definitely check it out, the read is worthwhile!
  24. Hi Guys.. So I've been visiting this site for a while and silently following your journeys (yes it's quite stalkerish of me! ) and thought it's about time I started to post as I'm getting closer to making my final decision. The shared stories have really helped in reinforcing my wanting this procedure. Being a mother of two lil girls.. and ending up with empty shells where my boobs used to be there is nothing worse than feeling guilty for wanting something that can cost upto $15k where this is one years' worth of school fees!!! Anyway I'm over that now.. thanks to you guys So.. my boobs are not the only prob.. my tummy is a huge issue! I ballooned up with my pregnancies and gained upwards of 35kg started at 55kg and ended at 90kg! So now.. my tummy is a wrinkly mess.. I soo want to iron it out!!! if I was to post a pic of my belly you'd think it belongs to an 80 year old and not a 27yr old meh! Anyway.. I lost all of the weight (took 2 years) and I am left with no boobs (gone from a D to an inverted A.. haha as in they are scooped inwards!!!!) and a wrinkly mess.. this kinda interferes with sex life.. who'd want to get it on with the above described?!?! My husband has not seen me naked since the birth of our first dd. So my question to you guys would be, would you do both at the same time? What is the decider between a mini TT and a total TT? I'm also really worried about the pinched skin at the ends of scar that you guys have mentioned and the other would be Furry Brazilian (can't stop giggling about the name) vs Normal Silicone? and THE OTHER.. under muscle or over the muscle? I am booking a consult with Dr Ben Norris in Sydney.. anyone had him for either op? THANKS GIRLS/Guys xx
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