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Found 25 results

  1. Hi ladies! I'm booked in with Dr Boonchai for a BL, BA and ETT in October! Anyone have any advice? Or having surgery around the same time in Bangkok? Thanks
  2. Hey lovelies I have to apologise in advance, I know this may be the upteenth post on this topic, or at least on the round vs anatomicals thing! I'm a first time BA lady and I have done so much research I actually feel like my brain is boggling. I would love to hear your personal perspective or thoughts. So, I've booked in with Dr Boonchai for 5 June. When he saw my photos he said that I had glandular rather than true breast ptosis (which ... I mean, they are still saggy whatever you call them). They are a B-cup. I'm not a tiny girl, 5'4" and 63-64kg with quite a wide chest. He said 350-400cc dual plane anatomical or round. So here's the thing: anatomicals sound fantastic except for the rotation issue. I have to say, this scares me. I understand that it depends on the pocket the surgeon creates, and it must be very precise. Dr Boonchai seems very highly regarded and very experienced but ... I guess sometimes things can go wrong? Ugh. I'm sorry for fretting but this really concerns me. What do you think?
  3. Hello Ladies, Just a lurker finally posting my results. Almost 9 months post op now Surgery was on the 1st Nov 2015! 8A to 8FF
  4. Hi ladies, so I need help in making a difficult decision. I had my BA with Dr Boonchai 325/350 HP through the armpit just under a year ago. However, my implants have not dropped (the have not dropped into the lower part of the boob and you can see the top of the implant meaning I can't wear strapless bras or tops because they just slide down) PIAC have reviewed my case and have offered me free revision surgery Dr Boonchai has offered discount surgery at 4K and, the last option is spending 12k on dr Miroshnik in Sydney (a bit much as I am a student but would save up just to have that peace of mind) what would you ladies do in this case? Would you let the same dr do your revision? help me! Big decision!
  5. Hi Ladies I am seeing Dr Boonchai, December 2015 for breast lift with implants. I have read many great things about his work, but I am having a hard time finding recent photos of his work. This is is my first time posting in the forum so I'm not sure how this works. Are there photos available on this forum that I can be directed to or links to another website? I'm flying over with my partner and we've found a great place to stay at on Air BnB. I initially enquired with CosmediTours but they are a waste of money and draws the process out further. I recommend organising the trip yourself. It saves alots of money
  6. Any girls heading to Phuket between 20th Dec 2015 - 5th Jan 2016. I have a BL + BA booked with Dr Boonchai on the 21st Dec. My fiancé and I arrive on the 20th January and we are staying in accommodation quite close to the hospital. Would love to chat to some girls heading over at the same time
  7. Hey ladies just a quick q for all of you who have been to piac through whichever route. Just wanting to know if there was much variation in cost between the approximate 115, 000 baht roughly 4, 500 aud for ba compared with the quote given after physical consult. I'd just like to be prepared in case it does increase a lot or just a little. I know it depends on your anatomy and individual needs/wants but thought maybe there was a few who wouldn't mind sharing. I've sent photos for initial approval still waiting for response. Hoping to see Dr. Boonchai March 2016 ?
  8. Hi ladies, I'm hoping to get some reassurance from ladies who've gone overseas to get their BA in Thailand at PIAC. I'm going to be a Dr Boonchai girl soon and have my consultation with him in the next coming weeks. A few days ago my best friend found that I was getting a BA overseas and completely freaked out on me. I was really hurt by what she said. She told me that I would get butchered, that my body will reject the boobs, that I might die, that Thai doctors don't know what they are doing. It really hurt my feelings and put a lot of negative things into my head. I'm already nervous about this surgery (this will be my first surgery) and having someone who I consider close to me say all those things really scared me. She told me just to do the BA in Australia or Canada (I am a Canadian living in Australia). Now, I've done my research. I haven't found ANY negative comments about Dr Boonchai and personally love his work - his boobs look SO natural and 100% better than any surgeon's work I've seen in Canada. I guess what I'm looking for is reassurance. I don't want to be a case study about botched Thai boob jobs. Can anyone give me advice?
  9. I've just recieved my first recommendation from Dr B based on the pics I sent via email, it was quite vague. Is that normal? He mentioned I have a wide gap between my boobs that he will 'try' to fix. Has anyone else had this? I don't fancy implants sitting on the outside half of my rib age! I have also noticed that my nipples are noticeably uneven, I asked if this could be repaired and he said that it wasn't something he felt very necessary to do as it is quite normal. Is it? Has anyone had a nipple realignment with this Dr? I have sent two emails with a few questions, nothing demanding but just a few things I wanted to ask about but the responses are very brief and vague. I feel confident I've chosen the right Dr based on reviews I've read but am concerned that he may be so busy that he will do a bit of a rushed consultation and then procedure. Any advice, reviews, past experiences, before and after photos of work from this Dr would be greatly appreciated! I have had three children, my eldest is 19 months and I am worried he may be only interested in dealing with fit, young women that only need an extra boost rather than have boobs 'ruined' from breastfeeding! I am 36, 175cm and 65kg. So not super unfit but the old body has seen better days! ? I am after a full C cup to small D cup. Any advice, tips, or past experiences would be great ! TIA x
  10. I thought I would write up my experience because I know I loved reading others. Yesterday at 1:05pm I was taken into surgery with Dr Boonchai for a BA. I was picked up from the hotel at 8am and went into my consult around 9:30. He went through all the risk and placement, size and all that stuff about the information and like the other girls have said he seemed like he had said that a thousand time and then I went into a different room and got to try on sizers in the sexy mumma bra! I ended up choosing 450 HP, round textured implants placed dual plane and through the crease. He had recommended for me to only go 400cc but said the choice was completely up to me. I wanted to go 500cc but he said that you would be able to see the implant on the side so we compromised at 450cc. I then went and got my first ever blood test, which wasn't as bad as I pictured it to be and then my boyfriend and I were taken into our hospital room and I was asked to remove all my piercings. They came in at 12:40 and put my IV in and then wheeled me off to the operating room. I met the anaesthetic guy and we chatted for a bit and he made me feel at ease. Then they gave me "oxygen" and that is the last thing I remember. I'm a little disappointed I didn't see dr Boonchai before the operation but I think they might have put me under early because I couldn't stop shaking and had a few tears haha. I woke up in recovery and they wheeled me back to my room and moved me onto my bed which didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I vomited quite a few times during the night and they had to keep changing my bandages and bed sheets but the nurses were so nice about it every time. I ate some food and then went to sleep and now I am here sorry if if this is all over the place I'm just trying to think of everything that happened. I can't wait to get the drains out they are killing me everytime I move! xx
  11. Hello all, am wAnting to book for a facelift, neck and eye lids top and bottom at PIAC in July 2015 am 54 years old and would just love to hear some reviews for above doctors . NIB wont cover facelifts but will for boob jobs......any advice gratefully appreciated...from Tasmania
  12. Hi everyone... I'm finally getting round to doing a write up on my surgery and recovery (so far) experience here in Phuket. Burasari Hotel (20th-23rd Jan) What a great hotel so close to the beach and in easy (15min) walking distance to Jungceylon SC, close enough to the heart of Patong but quite. The rooms and restaurant here are awesome and the pool winds itself around the complex, really unusual. For something special try a pool access room! PIAC (23rd - 30th Jan) supposed to be (23rd - 27th) Registration was a simple and fast process, then upstairs to the PIAC rooms where I was weighed (ahhh already 2kg heavier than when I left home 3 days ago) and had my blood pressure checked. I also met Charlie from Lotus Medical and I have to say what a great person Charlie is, not only does he put you right at ease he knows his stuff. He told me what to expect throughout my surgeries, hospital stay and recovery. He also gave me a phone to contact him at anytime, little did I know I'd use it quite a bit lol. His last bit of advice before I went through to see Dr B was to go with the largest size I'm offered ... it appears a lot of his clients (like the girls here) suffered from boob greed after the op! Dr Boonchai I'll try and impress upon you how happy I am that I chose this surgeon. After the niceties at the the beginning of the consult he just reiterated what he must have say over and over again to all his patients. We spoke about all the surgeries I would be having, I showed him pics of boob's and tummy's that I liked and some of what I definitely didn't want... even had belly button pics to show him lol . We had a good laugh after he told me he couldn't turn back time but he'd do his best . Then we went into the inner sanctum, this is the part where you strip down to your panties and he draws all over you (I had the TT & lipo too). Then the fun began, I was helped into what I describe as the ugliest granny bra on the planet... I will say I did see another girls bra and it was different so they may have different types for different sizes. Anyway we started trying on different implant sizes and after listing to him about weight (with the lift) and what would look good and give me the result I was after I went with 450cc. He mentioned that he may not have to go from hip to hip with my TT scar... but it turned out we did in the end. He then clarified my first surgery (today 23rd) would be BL & BA and then all going well I'd be having the TT & lipo (Sunday 25th). BL & BA Surgery Well after waking up I felt wonderful, gotta love the cocktail of drugs because I don't remember a thing until being offered dinner around 5pm... my surgery was 9:30am! I can honestly say I've had a dream run with the boobies; except for finding out I'm allergic to the tape they use (lots of blisters), I've had no pain to speak of just some tightness in the cleavage and on top. The ice-packs you have in your own little fridge at the PIAC were great! Maybe I would have felt more pain in a few days but had the next surgery and another cocktail of drugs! TT & Liposuction (hips/flanks) Surgery I'm not sure if the universe is giving me some payback for speaking to soon about my 'easy recovery' from the BL & BA but holy moly this was very different from the last surgery, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck... thank God for pethidine and sleeping tablets!!!! It took me longer than was expected to get over this surgery due to the fact I had such a high fluid output, all up I spent a week in hospital being looked after by the wonderful nurses (only met one who was a bit iffy). Funnily enough the pain I've felt isn't from the wounds but from the muscle's which were sewn together. Even having the drains removed wasn't painful, it just felt yucky weird . Week 1 Recovery I've not been in much pain, more uncomfortable. At first I was quite hunched over and couldn't walk more than a few hundred meters without being out of breath, can't breath deeply or tummy muscles hurt... plus lower back really hurts to walk like that for too long. But it gradually got better and I was able to almost stand up straight (until Dr B told me not to ). I've been out shopping for a few hours at a time and had more than a few trips to the dentist, had my hair washed and blow dried and enjoyed a few manis & pedis. However just that little bit of activity has caused massive fluid retention, my legs are like tree trunks and my ankles have disappeared. So after my one week follow up appointment with Dr B yesterday I'm having a complete day of rest today. Royal Embassy Resort (Kamala Beach) (30th Jan - 6th Feb) What can I say about this place, it is the perfect place for recovery . Phil and Ari and their staff are amazing and can't do enough for me, I found them off of Trip Advisor. The resort is small 5 villas (I'm in one) and 15 rooms, all large. They have 2 pools and a friendly huge rabbit who comes and say's hi when he feels like it. They also have a free shuttle for use at anytime around the local area. This is no party place but the area is nice and quite, I totally recommend this place for anyone wanting to just get away somewhere warm, hospitable and quite. I'll let you know all about the dentist in my next post... Sorry guy's this seems to have gone on forever. I've put up a few before and after pics and will post again after my next appointment with Dr B on the 9th, just before I go home
  13. Hi Lovly Ladys Sorry for being such a pain with all my questions. Its Currently 3mnths until i fly out and im just browsing the net for things i need (travel pillows, support bras etc). I like to be extra prepared I'm not entirely sure what the weather is meant to be like in August but if anyone has been in that month before and could guide me in a good direction of clothes to pack that would be great I take it will be hot so was planning on taking flowy dresses, light singlets/ tops and cotton shorts plus a pair of yoga pants and jersey for my flight and for the hospital. (of corse i have other clothes packed, thats just ideas of what i will be packing) Also i was wondering if Dr Boonchai accepts the cotton on zip up the front sports bra? If so what size should i get. Im currently 155cm tall 53kgs size 6-8 Bra: 10b and would prob be getting D-DD. So would i need a size M or L in the support bra? Would love to hear your opinions Em x
  14. Hi guys - I recently had my online surgery consultant with the team at PIAC and Dr Boonchai has been my assigned surgeon (which I'm pretty happy with given all of the amazing feedback he's received on here). I'm just wondering if anyone has had both a BL + BA with him? I've seen a lot of glowing reviews for his BA work but nothing about getting a lift with him. Originally I was hoping I'd just be able to get away with a BA but he's come back saying to get the desired look I'm after, I'll really need a BL as well. I'm super concerned about the scarring too! But I figure it's probably a small price to pay to be confident in my skin! Any details anyone could give me would be great :-)
  15. I was in the process of booking my surgery and got a recommendation from Dr Boonchai through cosmeditour's and I dont feel like it went into much detail. He basically recommended round implants with duel plane placement under 500cc. I thought I would have at least got around a number like 350cc or something not just under 500cc. Have any of you girls gotten the same? What did he recommend for you?
  16. Anyone had a TT with Dr Boonchai??
  17. :p Well ladies seem to be a few of us and the list is growing weekly! As suggested lets put all our dates and info on here that way we can follow each others progress and dealings with Doctor B. Will also be a great place to put updates about our surgery (we want to know everything at every possible minute and to help each other when we are nervously waiting in our swanky hospital rooms! Will be a great thread for other ladies who are interested in the same doctor to jump on and get lots of good info. Good luck everyone!!! xxxx
  18. I am currently booked in with Dr Narupon at PIAC for April... Problem is that since doing my research & being totally happy with my decision I have recently seen anothers results that they weren't to happy with... now I'm questioning my choice?? I am feeling so undecisive & worried now... what am I doing?? Can ANYONE that has had a BA performed by either Dr Narupon.... (or any other of the surgeons there) please FR me if your happy with your results... that's ok so I can have a look & put my mind at ease!!! Thankyou in advance to all the wonderful ppl on this site!
  19. Wow - 12 weeks has flown past. Dr Boonchai absolutely NAILED my dream boobs and created exactly what I was looking for, and I am SO happy with the results. For someone who had no breasts whatsoever and felt like a 35 yo woman trapped in the body of a pre-pubescent boy, I could not ask for more. I couldn't go any bigger due to lack of breast tissue, but they look 'natural', and fit my body size. I still have a bit of numbness to the back of my upper left arm, and still feel pretty weak in the chest & arms - there's still no way I could do a push-up yet (I tried again this morning), but started arm/chest exercises at the gym at about 8 weeks, so can feel my strength coming back. I'd rather take it slow and steady than push it and have something go wrong. Have been wearing crops during the days under work clothes - gives a nice shape, and hides them a bit. Have tried a few bras, but they don't feel as comfortable. Still haven't yet been properly sized - waiting for things to calm down, but I think I'm pretty much there. A big change happened at 10 weeks - boobs softened and D&F seemed to happen overnight. I can fit into 10DD, 12C or 12D bras, depending on the store, type, brand etc. Had my first day out wearing a low, fitted top with no bra the other day - met my friend for coffee and she said they looked awesome and 'natural' which is exactly what I wanted. Feels a bit weird having them on show and everyone looking - (guys and girls - girls actually look a lot more than guys!), but it's a good thing to have to get used to I guess I'm still wearing a crop to bed most nights (so comfy!!) but have noticed that the nights I sleep without a crop (maybe every 3rd night), they feel/look bigger in the mornings. I don't know whether we should be sleeping in a crop or not post BA? As I'm a tummy sleeper, I now sleep with either an arm across my body/under my ribs, or lie my arm out towards the wall and lean on that, hugging a pillow. It feels a bit weird on the bottom of the boob otherwise - feels like it is pulling the skin. Since I came back from Phuket (we went for a month), everyone has said I'm 'glowing'. I like to think this is from finally being able to relax after an absolute shocker of a year, but I really think it is because my self esteem has risen to where it should be, and I now feel so happy and confident. My posture has improved, and I think people can really tell when someone is genuinely happy. Also, the few people I've told, have all said "Good on you". I'm really surprised at this, as I was expecting people to judge me for wanting bigger boobs, but everyone has been so wonderful and supportive. Sorry for the long post, but I thought I would put down all the little details, as the girls on here have helped me greatly in my journey, and if I can help anyone else with theirs, I'd be gladly returning the favour. Feel free to send a FR to look at the album.
  20. Hi Everyone, I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for a while there but when I got home from Thailand, I had my Mum up from interstate. She had been house/dog sitting (her Grandson lol) and she got on a plane home this morning so now I have the opportunity to update you on my experience :-) I have wanted to get boobs since back in school when the other girls got them and I never did. I have been with my fiance for nearly 10 years and he has always been supportive of my decision, although he has always said he would love me either way. A girl at his work got her boobs done in Thailand about a year ago and my fiance came home and told me about it and I started looking into the option. It suddenly seemed so much more possible and less of a ''one day...'' thing. I watched Shaaanxo's boob job vlogs on YouTube and from that point on, I knew it was what I wanted to do. Jump forward to I think July this year, when my fiance and I agreed we would go over in September. He booked in for a hair transplant to fix his hairline and I booked into PIAC to get a BA with Dr Boonchai. I actually sent in my photos and did the online consultation quite a few months earlier and had been sent a recommendation for round, under the muscle, 250cc-350cc, and possibly different sizes to even out the size of my boobs. I had tried rice sizers and had pretty much decided I wanted 350cc. I haven't told anyone that I was getting the surgery done, and I figure if people notice and I ask, I'll tell them (and maybe a select few close friends). I booked our flights (Jetstar) and accommodation (BYD Lofts in Patong Beach) and we stayed for 9 nights. The accommodation was amazing and the bed was really comfortable. I had no trouble with sleeping until returning home! Our flight to Thailand got delayed which was very stressful and I had to reschedule my surgery to a day later than planned. I dealt with Mel and Katrina at PIAC and they were both very helpful and quick to respond to my queries. I had no trouble rescheduling and they got back to me really quickly which was a huge relief. I was absolutely terrified for the 2 days prior to surgery. Before that, I had nerves on and off but mostly excitement. On surgery day however, I was still a little nervous but in a much better place than I had been! PIAC picked us up in a car on the morning of surgery at 8.00am and then I had to fill in some admission paperwork in the main part of the hospital. I was then led to the PIAC office (with a porter carrying my bag) and had a short wait before my consultation. In that time, my height, weight and blood pressure was taken. In my consultation Dr Boonchai was quite serious and straight to the point. He seemed a tad disinterested when doing his spiel about the types of implants, the risks etc, I guess because he has to do it so often. I had done a lot of research so there wasn’t really much I didn’t already know and I didn’t have any questions for him. We then moved rooms and he had a look, measured breast tissue etc and then I was given a bra and plain tight fitting white t-shirt to put on. I was then given sizers to try. We started at 300cc and worked our way up. I liked 325 and 350 but couldn’t tell too much of a difference, however Dr Boonchai said that I would be able to see and feel the edge of the implant with the 350 because of my body size so I chose 325. We also tried HP or Mod + and I much preferred the Mod + shape. It made my body look in proportion where the HP looked too narrow on my chest. After my consult, I was taken to have a blood test and a chest x-ray, both of which were very quick and easy. I was then taken to my room (with my fiance, he came along through the whole thing) and told surgery would be at 10.45am (at this point it was around 9.45 I think). Some nurses came in to change me into the sarong type clothing they use and set me up with the drip. I was wheeled out to the operating room at about 10.30. I found the scariest part was being wheeled to the operating room and lying in there while around 6 people were moving around, setting things up and chatting in Thai. The anaesthetist came in and said hello to me and started getting ready. I could hear my heart on the monitor going a million miles an hour and he told me to try and relax and everything would be fine. It seemed like it took a while to fall asleep and then I woke up drifting in and out in recovery. I have no idea how long I was in there and didn’t feel any pain at the time. I was taken back to the room and moved back into my bed, but I barely remember it, so not sure if it hurt. My fiance spent the day giving me sips of my drink (I was sooooo thirsty) and food as it was brought in to me. We watched a movie later on and the nurses kept bringing me drugs and checking my blood pressure now and then. I tried to get up and go to the toilet at one point and it hurt so badly that I felt dizzy, so the nurse got me to lay back down and got me a bad pan. You’d think it would be incredibly embarrassing but I was just glad I didn’t have to get up. During the night I managed to go on my own. I was fitted with a post op bra and checked out at 11am the next day. I had 3 days where I was out of action and day 4 was when we started venturing out into the streets of Thailand. I would get sore so we would go out for a couple of hours, come back to the room for a couple of hours and then go back out for dinner. I did quite a lot of walking around and I think this helped me to recover pretty quickly. I had my post op appointment on The Sunday just under a week post op. Dr Boonchai unexpectedly wasn’t available so I saw Dr Narupon. My stiches were removed and that didn’t hurt at all. Dr Narupon said everything was looking good and told me to remove the dressings in 3 days and start massaging in a week. He also said to wear the post op bra until I am one month post op. I am now 2 weeks post op and doing well. My left boob is sorer than my right, but neither is too bad. I have been able to drive and do most things I normally do at home. I am feeling like I could have gone bigger at the moment, but I then remind myself that they will look bigger once I drop and fluff. I am in a 10C post op bra so hopefully I should end up with my goal of being a D/DD in the end. Back to work Monday which sucks but oh well! I hate post-holiday blues. Sorry this has turned into a thesis lol. If you have any questions, let me know J Also, I have been so slack and not taken photos. I asked PIAC and they are going to email me my before and after shots and then I will start uploading some further updated pics from there.
  21. Hi Ladies I thought I would start an August PIAC page. I have seen other girls start them for their Month and thought... why not. I am SuzieQ and from Qld. I am having a BA with Dr Boonchai in August 2014 and would love to hear from others going over there at that time!
  22. hi boobie ladies,in a week i will fly out and got a pair of new boobies, upper blepharoplasty, and labiaplasty. any advice what should i bring?? so far i just prepared for - neck pillow - sleeping pills.. (is it okay to consume sleeping pills after surgery??) - ice packs - button clothes, and some loose clothes - stretch mark cream and oil. - ipad mini - hard drive full of movie.. what else? im very excited and confused what should i bring.. i will fly out by myself. yes ALONE. if you have any opinion, i would like to hear.. thanks dear boobie ladies!
  23. hello ladies, it's me again.. i just have a question in my mind.. and i'm very confused....... i just had a consultation with dr boonchai's (via email) he told me that i should wait for 12 months / 1 year to get breast augmentation after i stop breastfeeding.. by the way i stop breastfeed since september 2013.. and its been 4 months now.. i already told him that my milk already dried, yeah i have a drop of breastmilk if i squeezed my breast so hard.. (i was take some medicine to dry my milk) and i just research that mostly doctor told the patient to wait for 3months until 6months, its even better if you wait until 12months. now i am just confused, i am less confidence with they way my boobies appearance.. it's okay if i should wait until september 2014, but if its done earlier i would be very happy.. sigh.. :'( and dr boonchai told me to sign waiver if something happened to me (capsular contracture because of the breast milk its not sterile and cause hematoma and bla bla bla) the hospital would not responsible for any costs or anything.. what if you being me? what should i do? because i am sure there's no more milk.. and i'm not lactating anymore.. should i sign the waiver or should i wait??? or should i find another doctor?? i'm already ask to get the polyurethane implants by the way.. does anyone in here had surgery after stop breastfeeding for 4months or 3months?? is it everything alright?? thank you ladies..
  24. Hey guys! So I'm just under 2 months away from surgery and I've book an appointment to see my doctor about getting any recommended shots when travelling to Thailand. What shots did your doctor recommend and how much did it cost approx.? Also, did you tell your doctor you were getting surgery over there? I mentioned wanting to get a BA a while ago to my doctor and first thing she said was "Don't go overseas if you really want to we can organise a good surgeon here in Australia for you" I'm worried about telling her I've booked it and am going through with it... help!
  25. Hi ladies After stumbling over this forum only a few weeks ago - the hours I have spent on here have amounted up to almost a full working week Needless to say, I thought I should introduce myself and ask a few questions that I've not found answers to on here. I'm 27 from Sydney and have wanted a BA for so long and I woke up sometime in March thinking, 'I'm going to do it...this year!'. Even since I have not stopped thinking about it and researching. Though getting the support of my hubby proved difficult at first he is now fully supportive so now I'm in the process of trying to make firm plans. I just want boobies already! BUT...am stuck on a few details and I would totally love to hear back from you all about your opinions, thoughts, ideas etc. 1) The decision to go overseas of local - I've heard good things about Dr Piyapas and Dr Boonchai (Hubby has said he thinks overseas is a good option due to the sheer volume of procedures performed by these surgeons - can you match scalpel experience with a piece of paper or being part of an accredited group or society?) 2) I'd like to have kids within the next 3 years and would love to hear about how breast implants are affected due to BA I really love Dr Rastogi's work - but if I am honest, price is definitely a factor. TCI seem like the obvious choice in Sydney. Would love to hear more from those who have had experience with any of the above. I'm 170cm tall and 60kg at the moment. Thanks again for reading and for responding (still figuring out how to use this thing....) Elle
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