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  1. Hi girls, I’m booked in with Dr Miroshnik for a breast augmentation in eight weeks and I’m not sure what size and shape to ask for. I am 50kg, 157 cm tall, I’ve had two kids and would love to get my boob size slightly bigger than what they were when they were breastfeeding which was a large C to small D. I want them to look full, but not fake, ideally and “are they or aren’t they” look. I have attach photos of my boobs and I would like to achieve. If anyone has similar stats a I would love to know what you went with. Any advice appreciated, thank you!
  2. Hi, So this is my first post but I've had tuberous breast all throughout my life and I'm really ready to do something about them. I have read amazing reviews on Dr M and I feel like he's basically the only way to go for tuberous breast surgery. Just wondering if anyone could share their story with the medicare rebate side of things? Like applying for one and how much they got (if you're comfortable sharing). I really need this as mine are quite badly tuberous so I'm hoping I can get just of extra help in the $$$ side of things. Also can anyone recommend a Adelaide doctor that would be good to go to for tuberous breast enquiries/referral to Dr M? Thanks Ladies!!!! P.S anyone thats had a tuberous breast surgery with Dr M- I would love to hear your stories !!!! thanks
  3. Hey ladies, I need some serious help! I've got my ba coming up in 10 days and I'm struggling really hard to choose between 245cc and 280cc. I've got a very small chest cavity and shoulder and I'm really worried that if I go with the larger that I'll look enormous. I'm 172cms and around 53kgs, I've currently got a deflated b cup. I'm going under the muscle, with Mentor textured anatomicals. I've read so many mixed reviews of other girls results. Some saying that small implants go a long way for petite girls and then some saying the complete opposite. My main goal is to have a full looking c cup without a bra. I want them to be as natural as possible because I really like my slim look but I just feel lacking with not having much going on in the chest area. It'd be ideal for me to be able to hide them if I feel like it but still have something that's going to look killer in bikinis and cleavage-y tops. Think Bella Hadid, she's pretty much my boob goals. So if there's any girls out there similar to me I'd love to hear from you!
  4. Hi all, I had a consult with Dr M late last year & was told I had tubular breasts. The consult was a whirl wind, I broke down right in the middle of Dr M telling me the news (just a tad embarrassing). I was overcome with emotion, finally someone had confirmed what I had suspected all along...that something just wasn't right. It was also emotional as I was hit with the hard fact my breasts would never be how I wanted them to be after surgery. i wanted to just fill out my C cup but Dr M suggested to go larger to fill the extreme gap between my breasts. It made sense, but part of me would rather have small tubular, than large fake ones that would still look abnormal. Feels like a lose lose situation! The breasts he showed me just felt gigantic! Did anyone else feel like this? And if so, how did you feel about your breasts after the surgery? i don't know what to do! I feel like I either stay with the small tubular breasts that I know and have dealt with so far, or pay a great deal of money to get breasts that aren't what I had dreamed of (before I found out I had tubular breasts) It's hard and emotional but I'm really open to people's experiences and what people have to say. Dr M was fantastic, but I'm getting a second option with Dr Harvey Stern next week as I feel it is a sensible thing to do. Thanks everyone
  5. Hi all, I'm all new at this forum and have been seeing some great feedback. I've just booked my BA consult with Dr Miroshnik and after enquiring by email the standard wait was 4-6 weeks to get an appointment which I was happy with. I called to book in and the earliest was 12 weeks! So if you're looking to get into Dr M I'd book in for a consult sooner rather than later.. I'm excited though! Dr M looks like he produces some AMAZING results and does just what I'm looking for in the 'Natural Look' BA. If anyone has booked in or has had a BA with Dr M I would love to know your experiences/ feedback etc.. I'm quite lucky to live in the area so won't have to travel far to get the surgery done.. Actually happy that there's a little bit of a wait as was hoping to get the procedure done in winter when I can cover up a little bit while the girls settle in Not sure if I'll go round or anatomicals yet as my shape looks good now, size B, just want a bigger to a full C to compliment the rest of my frame.. Excited to see what size he thinks would suit my frame!! Anyways any feedback would be awesome!! Cheers Ali
  6. Ok ladies…I’m finally feeling well enough to type up my surgery story. In preparation for surgery I’d stopped working my chest at the gym and was getting regular massages and physio to make sure my muscles weren’t tight. This become important later during my surgery! The night before surgery I was feeling pretty relaxed. I was lucky to have to work late so didn’t get home until around 8pm, which didn’t give me much time to think about my impending surgery! I had to fast from midnight, which food wise doesn’t bother me, but I HATE feeling thirsty! So I stayed awake as long as I could (around 11.30) drinking water. I crashed hard but woke up super early at 4.30. I’d already packed the car the night before as hubby took the car to work for nightshift and I’d arranged to meet him at his work & go to the hospital from there. I caught the train from my place to hubby’s work as we had to be at Bondi Junction Private Hospital by 8am. We arrived in Bondi just after 7, so asked Quest if we could park our car in their carpark early (we were staying at Quest the night after surgery just in case I had drains). Quest were great and allowed us to park the car. Hubby & I walked across the road to the coffee shop near the hospital, where I watched him drink coffee & eat breakfast (torture!) and where I also saw Dr M getting coffee for all his staff members. I took this as a good sign of the day ahead. We went into the hospital shortly before 8 where I did the usual paperwork, checked names, DOB etc etc. Then I was shown to my room and given my sexy surgery attire. Haha. I had 2 visits from the post op nurses, a visit from Dr Lee the anaesthetist (who was hilarious) and finally a visit from Dr M to mark me up ready for surgery. We all had a chat about Dr M’s beautiful car (hubby & I are car obsessed) and by this stage I was called in to theatre. I kissed hubby goodbye and told him I’d see him soon. A lovely theatre nurse walked me into the theatre where I was given one of those heavenly warmed beds. Ahhhhh. Dr Lee inserted my cannula (OWWWW) and gave me some meds to relax. Then I was off to lala land….. I have vague memories waking up to having my bandages changed for a post op bra. I also have vague memories of being wheeled back into my room. I was then helped to the toilet (apparently I’d had 3 litres of fluid during surgery!) and given possibly the most delicious sandwich and apple juice I’d ever eaten! Hahahaha. I had a few more visits from the nurses and they rang hubby to collect me (he’d managed an early check in at Quest and slept all through my surgery, bless). We sat and chatted for a while and I drank a heap of water to get my blood pressure stable. Dr M came in for a visit and said everything went smoothly and that because I had a nice thick piece of pec muscle he was able to put in the bigger implant (390!)!!! Hooray!!! I also ended up having drains which I thought would be bad, but it wasn’t a big deal in the end. Dr M gave me a quick look at my new boobs as he adjusted my bra and that’s when I cried with happiness. It wasn’t long after that we left the hospital. I can't tell you how wonderful Bondi Junction Private hospital staff were. I'd recommend them any day. I managed to sit up in bed and talk to hubby most of the first night as I was whacked out on pain meds. I sent heaps of text messages and watched tv, even managed some sushi for dinner. I received a call from Dr M’s nurse to see how I was feeling and she said she’d call in the morning. I fell asleep around 9pm. Hubby got up every 3 hours during the night to feed me meds, take me to the toilet and to empty and record my drains. I woke up quite sore the next day and had to ring Dr M’s office about my drains anyway. I had lost a fair bit of fluid in the night so i was told I may have to keep my drains in until Monday. So hubby & i decided to return home (bumps on the road DO hurt!). I received a call later in the day saying Dr M was happy for me to have my drains out that arvo, so around 4pm we drove back to Bondi to have them removed. It didn’t hurt at all and it was so nice having a bit more freedom. This was also the first time I got a decent look at my boobs. Holy wow. The nurse had said try not to have too much endone as it can make you consitpated. AT this point I don’t care and am having them every 3-5 hours as the pain is quite intense. I am also having panadol every 4 hours and valium before I want to sleep. Plus antibiotics etc etc. I’ve been taking coloxyl and senna but it’s yet to work…the last few nights I’ve been awake every 3 or so hours in pain so am taking whatever I can to alleviate it. Last night I had several dreams about my boobs being on fire! It was awful. I remember waking up crying to hubby at one point. I took more meds though which got me through the rest of the night. Showering and going to the toilet are an ordeal still for me. Hubby is great and is the best nurse. I think he’s secretly glad to be home ‘allowed’ to play the playstation and build lego in between looking after ‘his’ new puppies. Hahaha. I’m still really tired and sore at PO day 3. But I know it’s going to be worth it. Thanks for reading this far lovelies. I’ll update my albums as time goes on.
  7. Hi all, I have my phone consultation with Dr Miroshnik next week for a Breast augmentation. I'm so excited, as well as very very nervous. I am 100% sure that i want to go ahead with the surgery with him from looking at his reviews and all the photos on his page. I'm 22, 5ft 1 and weigh 50kgs, - my cup size is (i think) in between an a and a b - i don't really fill out any bras, even with a push up- which i hate. I've wanted to get my breasts enhanced since i was 16 and have finally decided to do it! Initially, i was going to go with the cosmetic institute (had booked my surgery date and everything) but... it just felt too rushed (everything) from speaking with them over the phone, to booking the surgery and surgeon. the only reason why i wanted to go with them was... - i liked some of the 'natural' looks that had been produced, the price and the fact that its located in australia. i cancelled it pretty much last minute, as my gut feeling was a no. Also, it sounds more like a simple transaction for them. Patients in, patients out. Where the patients that have seen Dr M have all said it was extremely welcoming, not rushed etc. A few month had passed after i cancelled with TCI, and i discovered Dr Miroshnik on facebook. His work was/is amazing! - so then i followed him on all social media after reading reviews i found out that he charges between 10k - 14k (not sure if that included hospital/anaesthetic fees) which was over double of what i had saved for TCI and then i needed to think about flight costs (melb to sydney) and accomodation costs. - i found out that Dr Miroshnik offers corporate fees with QUEST bondi junction (so that's a huge help) i also looked into AirbNb, but it was still so expensive. I'm going to be taking out a partial loan to help pay for this surgery, i just really want it done, and done to the exact way i want - where it compliments my body as well. Just a few questions for past patients or current patients. - Where did you stay? - How long did it take for you to recover? - Under the muscle or over the muscle? - Where will the incision be? - What foods did you eat prior and post op? - Any general information that you could pass on? Thank you T
  8. Hi, I had my BA on Tuesday in Sydney. I know it is only a few days post surgery but I am really unhappy with how small they are. I didn't have my heart set on a cup size just a specific look that gave my body the right proportions and shape. I was a 34AA and had 330cc moderate plus mentor teardrop, dual plane - I left it to PS to decide as I don't consider myself an expert in sizes or shapes. I just can't believe how small they look and at the moment feel like it was pointless! I also understand that as all the swelling goes down they will only look smaller. Feeling really upset. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you approach it with your surgeon? eg. If I would like a revision. Thanks Lou
  9. Hi Ladies I pretty much set my mind to go with Dr Miroshnik after reading reviews etc. I have consultation in June. However, I still have major concern - I am already natural D cup, but I want to do implants to improve my shape - therefore I really dont want to loose the nautural feel of my breasts. (I rather to impalnts than lift, considering lift would have bigger scars) I have seen few jobs from overseas (Koreans) that some do amazing jobs - It felt like natural boobs. But I dont want to do them there as the legal responsibility of surgeons are not as regulated as Australia. Is there anyone went with Dr M and got similar result? I saw his before and after pics and shape wise I can see his great, but I am not sure his result is 'natural feeling' boobs. Please help!!!!
  10. Hi Ladies I pretty much set my mind to go with Dr Miroshnik after reading reviews etc. I have consultation in June. However, I still have major concern - I am already natural D cup, but I want to do implants to improve my shape - therefore I really dont want to loose the natural feel of my breasts. (I rather to implants than lift, as lift would have bigger scars) I have seen few jobs from overseas (Koreans) - some do amazing jobs - It felt like natural boobs. But I dont want to do them there as the legal responsibility of surgeons are not as regulated as Australia. Is there anyone went with Dr M and got similar result? I saw his before and after pics and shape wise I can see his great, but I am not sure his result is 'natural feeling' boobs. I am aware it might take about a year to gain that natural feel... I want to fool people after i have surgery done haha Please help!!!!
  11. Hi Everyone I just signed up so I'm new to this forum. I am looking to read your experiences from your breast surgeries. It could be breast enlargement or breast reduction, just so I could find out about your surgeons from a service and results perspective. A bit about me, I am having breast reduction surgery late this year due to constant back aches and affected posture. My shoulders have come forward (after breast reduction surgery back strength training will correct this). I am interested in 3 surgeons. DR Miroshnik, Dr Tavakoli, and Dr Dona. I also have private health insurance which will cover some of the costs. Also, has anyone used their private health insurance for a reduction and how much did it cover from the total cost (please share what surgeon you chose and how much the total was). Thanks girls
  12. Holy moly. I just got fitted at Mary Holland for new bras. I'm now in an 8E. Totally gobsmacked. Will upload photos soon.
  13. Hi Ladies!! I need your help. I have sent my photos to both Dr Dona and Dr Miroshnik. Dr Dona has advised I would most likely need a lift, therefore costs would be upto $13,500. Dr Miroshnik has advised that he thinks I am borderline and that believes my chances are high with a straight forward BA to get a great result and that would cost upto $12,500. Question is... Do I go to Dr Dona and get the lift... or pay the same amount with a leading PS trusting him to achieve the result without the need for a lift. I am leaning towards Dr Miroshnik, but trying to convince my partner of my reasoning behind it is hard. What would you do? All advice welcome, also anything that I could say to justify the price differences between a straight forward BA with Dr Dona and Miroshnik. Images attached.
  14. I have officially handed back my membership to the itty bitty titty committee. Had an amazing sleep the eve of my BA, but woke up with a niggling headache. Probably stress. Headed to East Sydney Private for 9:30am admission and the traffic was horrific. Arrived at the hospital and saw a camera crew in the reception area. After paying and waiting to be admitted, Dr Andrew Rochford turned up...... Ahhhh that explains the camera crew!! Waited paitiently with a cold water bottle planted to my aching forehead for what seemed like forever (actually only 10 minutes) Admissions nurse was ok, a bit straight forward (not the nurturing type) Nice enough though. Went through all of the necessary paperwork and was lead to a changing room where I put on all the sexy attire ready for the op. Hubby then joined me in the waiting ward where I closed my eyes and promptly burst into tears. I was so worried about being selfish and putting my self at risk.The anesthetists assistant came in. She was amazing, really put me at ease. In no time I was saying bye to hubby and lead to a private waiting room for marking up. Unfortunately it was occupied by film crew and Dr Rochford. The assistant told them to get out it was an area for patients only. Sorry Doc. Lol I got a well know presenter kicked out. Rested nicely waiting in a comfy recliner reading the goss in Women's Weekly. Anesthetist came in and did the speel, then asked me some questions/advice about being an electrician (my job). A few minutes later Dr Miroshnik came in and drew all over me. I asked him to autograph his work once he was finished. Another few minutes and it was off to theatre. (this was about 11:00) Laying on the table I looked up and I had to tell them that the smoke detector in the room wasn't going to work as it still had the cover on protecting it from ceiling paint. Next thing I knew someone was calling my name and I was shaking uncontrollably. I then became aware of my aching ribs. It took longer than I expected to come out of the anesthesia. The nurse asked if I had any pain and she gave me some endone and valium for the ribs. I was then lead by a lovely male nurse (down the aisle as he said) to a chair, given some nummy sandwiches and water. Hubby then arrived. Left hospital at 2:15. I slept all the way home (1hour) then slept for another 2 at home. Hopped up for some dinner, didn't eat much and went back to my room for rest. Snacked on chocolate until 8:30 and had another endone and valium and antibiotic and crashed until 1am. Up for 2 1/2 hours as I couldn't get comfy. This morning hubby was gone at 5am so the kids were extremely helpful getting themselves ready for school and making me breakfast. Angels. Still sore and swollen around the ribs this morning but it is amazing for my extremely poor posture. I took off the bra to take a few pics and holy moley. They feel and look huge. No boob greed here. I LOVE them. (I put up a few quick pics.) Sorry for the extremely long and boring account, I had to get it all down before I forgot. Getting ready now to binge watch Chicago PD,
  15. I cant believe I am finally getting to share my story after reading so many of the girls experiences on here that helped me get through the booby obsession that has been my life for the last year. Thank you to everyone on this forum and I hope my story can be useful to someone. About me I’m a NZ-lander living in Perth, 24 years old, no kids, a-b cup bra, 169cm tall and about 55kg. I have a big booty and I’ve always wanted a nice rack to go with it. I didn’t consider having surgery until last year when I got a well paying job and started to build up some savings. Then I decided screw it I’m going to look into it. The consults (yes I had quite a few) To start off I did a free consult at a surgery in Cottesloe. I saw the nurse and tried on some sizers she recommended 350cc smooth round overs. She brought the surgeon in to meet me and I nearly fainted which was very awkward. I didn’t like the place much it didn’t feel right and I didn’t want smooth overs as I have a really bony chest and hardly any breast tissue and I didn’t want obvious looking implants. I saw Dr Briggs & Dr Lee in Perth but didn’t feel either were right for me. I was feeling a discouraged at this point and not sure where to go next. I decided to look into traveling for the surgery as I work FIFO and I travel most breaks anyway so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me to fly somewhere. I saw lots of great review for Dr Harwood but I had a terrible phone consult with him he almost put me off getting them, he told me I was too old to get them done as I would go off and get pregnant and ruin them?! Maybe I caught him on a bad day.. Then I had a phone consult with Dr Miroshnik and BOOM! The magic happened and I knew it was the right Dr immediately. He was funny and easy to talk to explained to me what would suit and why and I got off the phone saying hell yes I’m going to do this. The journey to surgery Flew to Sydney the morning after getting back from a 3 week stint at work absolutely EXHAUSTED and super excited to get me some boobies. The BF came with to be my caregiver (have to say what an amazing supportive guy he was through the whole manic boob-obsessed girlfriend phase) Arrived in Sydney to stay at the discounted accommodation (arranged through Dr M’s offices) and the accommodation was perfect and in the same building as his office and across the road from the hospital where I had my op. Chilled out in Sydney and enjoyed the sunshine for 2 days. Had my final consult with Dr M. I was given a few choices (can’t remember exactly) from 250-330cc options. I choose the biggest one: 330cc mentor anatomic textured implants, dual plane placement, inframammery incision. Dr M said this should give me a full C-D cup and good side boob which will even out my frame and make me more proportionate. Surgery FINALLY! I was told to arrive at the hospital at 3pm which was sucky as I had to fast all day and I usually drink a lot of water so I was hating life all day. As well having the late surgery time meant that they were running late and I waited 2 hours to get a room. When I went through to my room the anesthetist Dr Fernandez came in to go through the paperwork and he had a great bedside manner very friendly and what I especially liked was that he explained exactly what would happen when I went in to the surgery room so I knew what to expect and I stopped freaking out about the needles so much. I got all gowned up and Dr M came in to draw on me. Then the nurse was there to take me in the surgery. Everything happened at warp speed once I got in there. I didn’t even feel the IV going in which was such a relief. Then I had the oxygen mask on and Dr Fernandez held my hand and told me I could go to sleep. Not sure why but I was fighting it and I kept trying to open my eyes. But off I went to La La land and I woke up in recovery with a different nurse. When I came to I got the shakes really bad and it was making my chest even more painful. Once I calmed down she wheeled me back to my room and got me a toasted sandwhich and some apple juice. She told me she’d be back with some painkillers but I watched TV and ate my food and she didn’t come back so I buzzed the nurse and a different guy came in I asked if he could get me some painkillers and he went off the check my charts. He came back in his casual clothes obviously leaving for the day and said someone would be in to give me the meds. I was getting pretty pissed off at this point as obviously all the nurses were leaving for the day and were just forgetting about me haha. A new nurse came in and gave me an endone and some more water and my BF arrived (he never even got a call from the hospital to say I was out of surgery he just came because he was thinking it had been ages). I was so over the hospital at this point I couldn’t wait to leave so I got discharged straight away. Got back to my hotel and had a look in the mirror which gave me a fright as I think they look HUGE!! Haha I did freak out a bit but my bf thinks they look awesome and I had some soup and bread and lay down propped up in bed and got treated like a princess which was a nice treat. Had a weird on/off sleep that night, I used the travel pillow which was pretty good and had an audiobook on my ipod to listen to which helped me sleep. Day 1 Woke up around 7ish and felt pretty crap but had some brekkie and then went back to bed for a few hours. Got up again and went for a big walk around Bondi even did some shopping and then went back to the hotel and up to see Dr M’s nurse for a check up. She said the boobs are looking good and explained the scar treatment stuff and now I’m just lying down again with my icepacks on. I’m really bloated and look preggers but I had a coffee and that worked a treat and got me on the toilet if you catch my drift. Boobs feel like two giant rocks and it doesn’t feel like they are part of me yet (not sure if that makes sense)I think they look funny they’re sitting really wide but overall happy with them and I’m looking forward to them softening up and hopefully looking a bit more normal. I have a bit of bruising around my ribs too not sure what from but I feel like t-rex dinosaur I find it hard using my arms for anything and I can hardly open a door or do anything which is really frustrating! Anyway I will stop rambling for now and update as I go. I have put some pics up too J
  16. Hi ladies!! I've been reading the forum for about a month and thought I'd finally post and stop being a stalker lol. I've wanted breast implants for a few years now and only really got serious about it last year. I want it to mainly even out my asymmetry and a little extra fullness would be nice! The thing is I currently wear an 8DD BUT don’t be fooled- I just have a wide booby diameter so anything smaller and I’ll poke out the sides. But I think my smaller boob (right one) is probably the diameter of a C. In no way am I referring to fullness though. Anyway, I’m interested to hear of any girls who have the same issue as me and if so, did that mean that you had to have a large implant to accommodate the size of your chest? And, I've booked my first consultation with Dr Michael Miroshnik on the 14th May (so excited!!!) and I’d just like to hear from anyone who’s had experience with him. I've only read good things about him and I've seen his pictures but I’d love to see some "real-life" pictures that he is not personally advertising. Also, I've read he’s around the $12k mark? If all goes well I’m going to book in surgery for late June after my last uni exam! Would love to hear what anyone has to say! Natalie
  17. Hi girls, Just need some advice..... i cant choose between Dr M & Dr T I like both Dr's before and after pics... maybe dr tavakoli a little more.... but then i like Dr Mironshnik... i cant decide!! I am after natural looking, round cohesive gel, maybe high or moderate profile, for a full C/small D look. I am 160cm tall and 56kg Has anyone been to either of these doctors? How did you choose your surgeon? What was the worst experience you had? Any thing else i should know...??? Thanks!!
  18. Hi all! Im new to this forum I'm 24 5"10 and a A cup I have wanted boobs my whole life and I figure its finally about time to do something about it! I live in Adelaide but am not really that impressed by any of the surgeons here... I am thinking about going to sydney for the procedure and am tossing up between (have sent and received quotes from all three) Dr Miroshnik I loveee his photos, his work looks really good nice and natural and that's the look I'm going for... Dr Drielsma, a friend had hers done by him and they are really nice (he is actually cheaper too which I was surprised about) and Dr Tavakoli whom everyone seems to race about... Can anyone please give me some advice I have stalked all the forums haven't seen a lot on dr Drielsma... Please help me x
  19. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has had a combined Liposculpture & Breast Augmentation with: - Dr Tavakoli or - Dr Liew Or - Dr Miroshnik and would share their experience. Any info would be welcome! Thankx!!
  20. Ladies, I am looking for advise as I am so confused where to go for my upcoming breast surgery. A little background: I recently went to a consult with Dr Tavakoli in which he said my current implants had developed capsule contracture However he would be happy to do a review and replace with 460 - 560cc (I am currently a small C - Cup size). What are your experiences with Dr Tavakoli? A good friend swears by Dr Miroshnik for breast surgery - I have a consult appointment with him in a few weeks. Do any of you have an experience good or bad with Dr Miroshnik? Any advise or suggestions for a good surgeon in the Sydney area would be greatly appreciaed as I am a little stressed after my recent appointment x
  21. Hi Ladies So, I'm all booked and ready to go with Dr Miroshnik on the 9th of August:D! I'm SO scared,nervous,excited and happy all at the same time. What is everyone doing to prepare themselves? Any tips or advice for aftercare?? The thing I'm scared about which I'm sure everyone else would be is before the op (so being put on the surgery bed etc) and waking up to BOOBIES (I'm expecting excruciating pain!!) Ahhh! So any advice, tips or info would be REALLY appreciated. Even if there are any girlies here who have gotten a BA with Dr Miroshnik?? Thanks Ladies xxx
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