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Found 11 results

  1. Hey Guys It’s been a while as I posted a topic 4 years ago as to who would be the best doctor to use. I am male and in my mid 30's pleased and so happy to have had this done with Dr Pincock, I have thick skin which is a lot harder to deal with. I had a bulbous tip (big fat nose) since I was 16 which i wanted to make less noticeable and had some breathing issues which needed to be resolved. In all the research and consultations with surgeons, I was happy to go ahead with Dr Pincock. It took me four years to make a decision, I had seen Dr Pincock once but was not ready to do it mentally as I wanted to make sure I was going to make the right decision. It finally came this year where I made myself another consultation to see him as I was dead set serious this time, and I didn't let anything affect my decision as I was very confident mentally knowing that this was going to be the right thing to do. I got to say as well, you should really speak to like a psychologist or psychiatrist just to make sure that your head space is right, I dunno I feel that is important because it helped me over the years prior to do any type of surgery to understanding what happiness is. I could now be actually happy for once, reading a lot of books on positive thinking and audio books has shaped me to actually be happier person, and realizing that maybe I don't need a nose job after all. Just a quick background about me. I was teased as a kid with nose jokes and took things to heart I dunno maybe I was over sensitive but still whenever I was insulted whether it was a joke or not it would remain in my mind for life eventually creating a not so confident image of myself causing me to seriously not be happy with how I looked. I put up with it for years as you get older you learn to tolerate the occasional joke here and there from friends or family and just not take it to heart or at least I try not to and just laugh with them as well. Don't get me wrong it still dwindled in my mind to having the surgery done even though I was much happier in life, In the four years prior to my surgery I made it a mission to find happiness and learn about it and got rid of a lot of the negativity in my life and actually enjoy my life even better than ever. I Still decided I wanted to do it for myself not to make other people happy it didn’t come from an emotional self (hopefully I make sense there) so I knew my head space was in the right frame of mind this time. My point is you should at least exhaust every measure to make sure your making the right decision before undergoing such a surgery. some people who think that getting a nose job will make them happy, but then realize it doesn't and then things get pear shaped, get a lot of advice first someone with experience in that area first before making decisions. I understood like with any other procedure there were risks and not one plastic surgeon is perfect and you’re going to find bad reviews or hear something from someone who did this or that. Dr Pincock did have a situation which was posted in smh which you will find on the internet but i strongly advise you read the full details in the full details not from smh in which you can really hear the sides of the stories of the doctors, there is not hiding from it. In a nutshell, It was about a situation where a patient was given local anesthetic and before any incision was made had some sort of attack while under local anesthetic and then after recovery had further complications called takotsubo syndrome, yeh it sounds scary she went into cardiac arrest requiring CPR resulting in three defibrillation. Obviously not his fault, maybe it was a reaction to the anesthetic injection or something, but the issue was that he still did the surgery 45 mins later when he thought the patient was safe and stable because some expert group then later said that he should not have continued. So that’s that me personally I didn’t let that article affect my decision. I wanted someone who was going to do my nose well and finish it, I am interested to know what the patient thought about it. If it happened to me, I don’t know I guess just finish the nose job and be done with it, maybe you’re not supposed to but I don’t know that’s my thoughts, I wanted to get the job done period. I actually am the anxious type, I suffer from anxiety and palpitations from time to time, I was really nervous I thought I was going to have a panic attack or something leading up to it. Quite normal to be nervous. But im guessing there was more to it. At the end of the day just like any other surgery you got to understand the risks and I did so automatically I was at ease with that. I Strongly believe that these surgeons are not purposely wanting to botch your nose you would think that most Australian surgeons are not out there to botch a nose job. I believed I was in good hands with Dr Pincock. And I actually am proud to say that I feel good about myself. My experience with him was awesome. In the same building where Dr Pincocks office was situated. There is also an Allergy specialist in the same building (talk about convenience) who he refers you over as part of the consultation, he actually sent me over couple times did 2 different tests, which he never charged me. I am not sure if these tests are done if your just purely going in for Rhinoplasty as I was doing both, so his doing his duty as an ENT specialist as well. I notice some kids sometimes are sent to him as well with ENT issues so it’s nice to see that kind of trust people have in this guy. He showed me before and after photos which I did not focus too much on, I have had family members putting their whole life on the morphing of these images which I don't think is the best thing to do. I believe the photos are more of a communication tool between you and the surgeon and if you read up on it most forums will tell you that not to rely on photos. I wasn't after one of those flat looking or pointed upward looking noses which is what I had seen with some people with other surgeons I don't knows maybe that is what they wanted, sure he does amazing sculpted noses for women which I have seen on these forums and in his photos, I just wanted a normal looking nose for a man. I had it done at Easy Sydney Private hospital they were amazing there, just a day surgery. I had doctors come up to me prior outlining to me what was going to happen, Dr Pincock saw me before the surgery at the hospital and after he did the surgery. His assistant is wonderful, she even rang me over the weekend messaged me after the surgery to how I was, she is such a happy camper such a lovely positive attitude. She assists with the post opp stuff. Couldn't be happier.
  2. Whilst this doctor advertises rhinoplasties, he is an ENT. He introduced me to one of his post op clients during my consultation to prove that enlarging a nose instead of refining it creates a better outcome. Well unfortunately it proved the opposite and I would definitely keep your $240 consultation fee and save your money for actual plastic surgeons unless you intend to thicken up and enlarge your nose, not to mention also be ridiculed by the rude reception staff, who freely interject their opinions on what should be done. Easily the strangest consultation I have ever had. I will be consulting with only plastic surgeons from now on!
  3. Hi all, I'm kind of a newbie and very confused. I was initially looking at seeing Andrew Greensmith for rhinoplasty thanks to the lovely people on this forum who have kindly shared their wonderful experiences. I have heard nothing but good things about him. However, I have also come to the realisation that perhaps I cannot afford him as his prices are quite steep (from what I have heard from his patients that I have spoken to). Therefore, I am now looking at the option of ENT surgeons. Is this a bad avenue to pursue? Has anyone had a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure done with an ENT surgeon in Melbourne, or does anyone know of any reputable ENT surgeons who have experience in cosmetic rhinoplasty? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nora xoxo
  4. I need to have a septoplasty and also get my tonsils removed. My GP who has seen me seen I was born some 30+ years ago recommended Professor Alan Cheng. He is based out of Strathfield but also works at the Children's Hospital in Westmead NSW and is the head of department at Canterbury Hospital. I met with Dr Cheng who had a great manner, didn't speak to me condescendingly, and took his time to explain the process of the septoplasty to me. I have a bump on my nose and it is slightly crooked and have always wanted to correct it, but two plastic surgeons I saw in the past didn't sit right with me so I didn't go ahead. I am Middle-Eastern and I wanted something that still reflected my ethnicity somewhat. Dr Cheng says he can cosmetically enhance the nose, but in a modest, subtle manner - which is basically what I want - just a slight shaving down of the bump (even though as he explained, that's not how he does it). It will involve getting rid of the crookedness and bump, which will make the nose slightly narrower too. My issue is that I can't find any reviews on cosmetic work he has done, because he's not actually a plastic surgeon. But he has 20+ years experience as an ENT. He did my father's septoplasty and Dad was happy, but there was no cosmetic work done there. And there are a couple of reviews online from mums with kids who have loved his work. He also doesn't have a website, and even in clinic, doesn't have pictures. He says it's not how he operates, and how do I know that other surgeons are really showing me their work, or not showing me the bad photos. I am torn. I asked my GP again today and he said he would trust him with his own nose - medically and cosmetically. Does anyone know anything about this Doctor's work outside the typical ENT stuff? Would you go with an ENT or a cosmetic surgeon?
  5. Misssweety

    Dr. Zenia Chow?

    Hi, I have seen Dr. Chow a few times and she is very nice and knowledgeable but I was hoping to hear some first hand experiences before I book myself in for actual surgery. I cannot find an reviews on her so anything would be much appreciated!
  6. Hello I require a septorhinoplasty due to a deviated septum but am also wanting the shape changed as well. I'm in Brisbane. I have had an appointment with Maurice Stevens and he was very nice and seemed very experienced. But I have also heard good things about Dr Scott Comen as well. Does anyone have experience with either of these doctors? Thank you
  7. I am looking for a Melbourne based / plastic surgeon or a great ENT to fix my nose ( drooping tip and large bridge hump ) I am thinking of seeing the following two surgeons: MATTHEW CAMPBELL (Well-educated and respected ENT that works/worked as a director of Head and Neck Surgical Unit at Austin/Northern Hospital) & MARK ASHTON (Well-educated and respected plastic surgeon that works as head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and is the consultant Plastic Surgeon to the Royal Women’s Hospital) If anyone has seen these two or knows someone who has or has heard any good/bad stories about them, please let me know?
  8. Hi Everyone, I have been reading all of these forums and gathered A LOT of information in my research for my own rhinoplasty. Everyone really has great advice so I am hoping you can help me with some specifics. At the moment I am looking to book a first consultation with a couple of surgeons. Dr Andrew Greensmith - I've seen nothing but great reviews. I am a little worried I won't be able to afford him so am also looking into both Dr Robert Thomas and Dr Perry Burstin. I have read lots on Dr Greensmith but not so much on Dr Robert Thomas and Dr Perry Burstin. I understand they are both ENT surgeons rather than Plastic Surgeons which is why they are considerably cheaper. From what I've read so far Greensmith (10K - 15K) and Thomas/Burstin (5K) Has anyone gone through surgery with either of them? I am looking to narrow my nose considerable on the front profile and reduce a hump on the side profile. Any information, thoughts and feedback would be lovely. Thank you Blake :-)
  9. Hey everyone, I recently had a consultation with A Greensmith who was amazing, very professional and personable and I knew straight away I would trust my nose in his hands. The only thing is his price, which although I think is pretty good for a plastic surgeon with his amazing reputation and reviews, I'd have to get a loan to cover the out of pocket cost of approx $12,750 which is including the anesthetic fees and there's a chance an assistant might rock up on the day which will cost me $400 on top of it! My hospital fees etc will be covered by health insurance and medicare will cover some too, but the cost is still pushing my budget a tad too much that I'm considering looking at an ENT instead whose fees I have read are usually less than half of what AG quoted. I know that you get what you pay for, but I have read good things about Perry Burstin although there isn't too much info on him, doesn't look like he even has a website? Can anyone tell me how you had to wait to get an consult with him, and then how long the surgery waiting list was? Also if you had anything cosmetic done at the same time as septoplasty by him how did that turn out? I want my bridge straightened and tip reduced, but I don't want to end up with a ski slope or piggy nostrils. Basically any information on him would be really helpful. Although I have my heart set on AG, I would really like someone less pricey who can give me a good natural result. I'd really appreciate any help and advice, thanks in advance! xx
  10. Hello, I am seriously considering revision rhinoplasty with Stephen Kleid in Melbourne for both breathing and cosmetic purposes. Has anyone had a positive or negative experience with him, or are aware of his results for both breathing and cosmetic? Is there anyone else in Melbourne to consider or avoid for the above procedure? Any help would be very valuable!! Thank you.
  11. Hi! Has anyone had Rhinoplasty by ENT Glen Burgess? Are you happy with the results? Thanks.